Godaial: The Elemental War

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  1. Here is the "Plot" reminder: There was a time in our world when there was balance. Peace was throughout and all creatures had learned to work together. We knew we needed each other, otherwise there would be chaos. The light was strong but it was over too soon.

    Darkness cam upon us as two beings who decided they were in the right descended upon the world. They believed we all did not need our Elements. That we were stronger and the old beliefs were outdated. They caused war and destruction. No one was sure who they could trust and what to believe. One by one, the Elements were taken out of our lives, leaving pain and heartache.

    What they didn't know was that the Elements were still alive and had gathered together to create a plan. They were planning to bring back peace and balance. Their followers were killed for still performing and holding the Old Beliefs; they had no choice but to hide until the right time. Water, Earth, Fire and Air acted as leaders for the Elements and came up with a solution. They were each to find a Mage. One that they can lend their power to. Mages together could stand up and bring back righteousness to our world.

    Now here is the question. Are you going to stand up and join us? Or are you going to sit back and watch it all crumble? We all may not be Mages, but we won't go down without a fight. We are the army to fight for us all. To bring back peace and balance.

    Now decide. Who's side are you on?

    Greetings to all believers and followers. We have an issue baring upon us that threatens us and our way of living but we have a plan.

    Each of us Elementals will have one representation for us. Each of us will bestow our power to one to help in this struggle. But we cannot have them do it alone.

    We need all of your cooperation. All to rise as one. There is strength in numbers, and this battle will not be easy. They threaten not only us, but those we love are being targeted and attacked.

    Mages, you do not know who you are, but soon we will reveal ourselves to you and start to show you how to use our power. And all others who are loyal and faithful, we still need your help. We cannot win this war without an army. Help us.

    Ubrahsane's ears perked as he felt a slight breeze pass him, catching his attention. This was not the normal dry air of the desert that he and his tribe had grown up with. This breeze had a different feeling - a different meaning - and he knew it was now time. There had been war in this world that not only affected his kind, but of all of Godaial. He had instructions that he needed to follow when the time is right. And that breeze, he is guessing, was his sign to start.

    He slowly stood up and brushed off the sand off of his knees and told the child to finish setting up the fire. He looked up and sighed as he prepared himself for his journey.

    It is time.

    Now where to start?
  2. The sun was just beginning to creep into the sky when Keevako realized what time it was. She had been in a trance, a deep meditation for a majority of the night, but did not sleep. She was sitting on her bed made of leaves, moss, and hay with her legs crossed and her mask in her hands, the painted face staring back at her. There were some scratches, some visible wear and quite a bit of blood but it was still in decent condition considering it was meant to be an antique. Keevako's mother Komako had told her the mask was of a kitsune, a fire demon, but the only reason she used it was because it hid her identity.

    Keevako stood up from her bed in her small home, hidden deep within the treacherous mountains that bordered the desert, and stretched. She placed the mask down by the swords that she had yet to clean of last night's battle. Yet another attack on the town about a mile from her at the mouth of a break between the mountains that lead from the forest into the desert. A simple market town home to a few hundred trolls who made their living selling goods to those traveling in and out of the desert. But in the past few months it had become a regular target for the enemy, a place to raid for food and supplies. During the first attack, Keevako and Komako were shopping when they struck. Her mother tried to hurry home, but could not keep up with the swift Keevako. Komako tripped and fell, and was grabbed by the enemy when Keevako noticed her mother wasn't with her. The girl hid behind a boulder and watched helplessly as the enemy murdered her mother and stole her jewelry, money, and goods.

    Keevako made it home with tears running down her face and her chest filling with a blazing rage that felt like fire. She stilled stayed in that house, as a hermit due to her being a freak of nature. She tried to carry on with her life, the way her mother would have wanted but it wasn't long before the enemy returned. She could hear their approach echo through the mountains and heard the cries of the villagers. That was when she grabbed the mask and the dual swords displayed on the wall, an antique decoration. Keevako had coiled her tail up, hidden within her clothes, and fitted the mask over her face which fit over her horns that were grind down the to numbs. Filled with rage and starving for revenge, Keevako arrived at the village and began the fight back. Once the Trolls saw someone fighting, they all decided to join.

    But all that was months ago, and last night a similar attack took place that she was still trying to wind down from.

    The young Dragonian mutt picked up a hand weaved basket from the table. She needed eggs and milk from town, but mostly she just wanted to see if anyone got hurt during last night's battle. In this town, everyone knew who she was but no one judged her. They all knew she had horns that she filed down and that she had a thick, reptilian tail that she didn't need to hide while in the market. Keevako headed out of her cottage and quickly traveled down the twisting, confusing path to the market.

    She inspected the damage as she headed to a certain shop. Only one stand had taken quite a bit of fire damage but it wasn't anything serious. Everyone was already up and moving around, greeting the sun with a smile and that spirit all Trolls seemed to have. Keevako arrived at her favorite shop, run by a very hefty Troll named Gork who she considered to be a friend. He was busy setting things up on his shelves when she entered, a little chime ringing out as her head touched the cloth hanging from the doorway. Gork turned to see who was entering and his face lit up with that big, goofy smile of his. "Well, if it isn't Keevako!" His voice was deep and thundering, and if he wasn't smiling it would have been quite intimidating.

    "Good morrow, Gork. How are you fairing?" She asked softly.
    "Ah, we had another attack last night, but those funklberries didn't stand a chance!" Gork gave off a hardy chuckle. Keevako smiled although she wasn't sure why he used a terrible smelling berry to describe the enemy, she decided he meant it as an insult.
    "I see, so everyone is doing... sparkingly?" She busied herself filling up the basket as she spoke, trying to recall that strange word Gork had used a few times before.
    "Emberly. And yes, everyone is fine, especially since that warrior with the mask showed up! That guy really kicks ass!" Gork always was eager to mention that warrior. That mask she wore during battle had brought hope to this whole town, and enough courage to stand up to the enemy and defend their homes.

    Keevako gathered her goods, paid, and bid Gork a good day and then headed back home. She set her things on the table and looked over at the swords and mask, and let out a sigh. Picking up the antiques she headed outside and walked a few minutes to the creek nearby and knelt down, dipping her mask in the clear water to begin cleaning the blood from that her her weapons.
  3. Ven wakes up in the early morning to feel a gust of wind flow through his window. Ven shivers.
    "(what?... it was warm why is it cold suddenly...)"*sigh*
    he gets up, walks to the window, and shuts it.
    "well I guess I should go outside since im awake."*yawns*
    Ven goes outside.
    "I wonder how my home village is"
    He smiles with a childish chuckle, and runs to the cliff house.
    "Hey Jikoyi"
    Jirokoyai is working on blades for their army(jirokoyai: former earth warrior who settled down in the cliffs, he is a blacksmith as you can tell)
    Jirokoyai-"hmm? its Jirokoyai idiot.... whats up Ven"
    Ven makes random gestures"do you think we can reach Kharims down here"(kharims: big bird like beings kinda like those birds from skyward sword lol)
    Jirokoyai-"I think but you have to go to our second highest peak atleast"
    Ven-"Great! where is it!
    jirokoyai points at the horizon"in the water country"
    Ven-GAH! (-_-|||)
    Jirokoyai-'sides you need a weapon to get through the midsection safely
    Ven-well lets get moving former knight!
    Jirokoyai- nope
    Ven-darn...well see ya
    Ven packs up to start his route to the water country.
    (i hope this wasnt too little....)
    Edit -(oh btw Ven doesnt talk as civilized as a normal elf because,being a half elf and living around his brother he eventually ended up talking like him,just to clairify somethings.)
  4. Rays of sun crept into the mouth of a small cave, warming the now-cool ashes of a dead campfire. A blonde elf sat against the wall, draped in a rough-looking green cloak that was clearly rather too large for her, eyes closed and a frown on her face. Her eyes fluttered open at the first few fingers of sunlight that found her face. The pained expression in their depths faded as the sounds of nature all around pulled her from the nightmare and into reality. Blinking sleep from her eyes, Arya sighed and found the corner of the cloak with a thumb and forefinger. A small smile grew on her lips as she rubbed softly at the coarse material. It was part of her home, and still retained the faint woodland-smell she associated with her people. It was the only possession she loved with a fierce passion.

    "Good morning, my brothers." She was silent for another moment, as though awaiting a response. When none came she folded the cloak lovingly and pressed it into her pack, pausing to brush stray green threads from her customary pink outfit. A breeze rolled through the cave, and she breathed it in deeply. A warm feeling curled through her body even as the wind tugged at her hair. The last traces of the nightmare faded and Arya stood, swinging her pack onto her back. Her fingers fitted perfectly into the grooves on the straps, worn away from years of use.

    "It's about time we set off, don't you think? It feels like a good day for travelling. The wind smells promising." Though she knew she would never get an answer, she liked to think her brethren could hear her and would whisper conversationally to them in the solitude of the mornings, or the sleepy moments before she slept. The smile now firmly planted on her face, she stepped out of the cave to start the journey for that day.

  5. In the depths of the great underwater expanse of an ocean, Nereus Ourano swam quickly, weaving past the tendrils of aquatic plant life that teemed all around him. With the beams of sunlight falling from above creating dancing waves of light, Nereus swam silently and quickly, poisoned spear in hand. In front of him, a large aquatic creature was dwelling. It looked like a large mass of smooth grayness with some flippers and eyes. It sank its large head down to devour some of the plants before lifting it back up and chewing slowly. Nereus watched the creatures for a few moments before finally going into action.

    He threw his spear at the side of the beast, watching as it sank it and let blood flow from the wound. The beast let out a pained groan as it turned around slowly, trying to find its attacker. Nereus swam back some, watching at the beast tossed and turned while more blood leaked out of the hole in its side. Sand was now stirring up and fogging the water with many grains. The beast finally began to slow down and with a small roar, fell onto the ground, the poison having stopped its heart.

    Nereus swam over to where his spear lay lodged in the creature and pulled it out quickly. He smiled to himself.

    "The market will pay good for this prize."
  6. It's been three years since the death of Nahem's parents. He searched for the killers but failed, he no longer blamed the people who did it but the elements. He never did truly believe in them and he believes that his parents blind faith is what got them killed and now he wasn't all that sure if he wanted to avenge them. He was now staying in a troll village in the desert. He didn't hide his wings for unlike the humans the trolls didn't seem to care. He lived in a room above the local tavern and worked as a hired sword to who ever was willing to pay. When not working he would spent most of his time in the tavern drinking and listen to the locals gossip. He had only one friend here, a troll named Litherion. Litherion strongly believed in the elements and Nahem was one of the few who knew. Most time they would argue about their beliefs and try to prove the other one wrong, but both would always fail.

    " There's been talk about a town not far from here, that keeps getting raided." Litherion said one night. "Y'know I bet anything it's those people looking for believers again. When will they stop, they done killed our beliefs."

    "I doubt it's those people." Nahem chuckled a little. "From what I keep hearing, sounds more like a bunch of bandits. And if they killed your beliefs then how are you still believing." Nahem Laughed.

    Litherion rolled his eyes. "Let's not talk about THAT now.' He said while scanning the room. " But back to the point I was getting at whether it's bandits or not, something defintly is going in that town and it's only a matter of time before it happens here. A good man who knows how to use a sword pretty good would do something about it."

    "Well when I see this good man of yours. I'll send him there." Litherion started to say something but Nahem quickly cut him off. "I told you before I'm not a hero. My help comes with a price."

    Litherion leaned back in his chair sighing. "Well, how about another drink?"

    "Now that's something we can agree on." Nahem gave him some coins. "This round is on me."
  7. Axel yawned, bored out of his mind. He had spent the better part of his day in the fores, just doing nifty tricks with his fighting skills. It was hot out, and the earth hadn't put up a good fight. Sure, he'd slain a few of the larger wild animals, but it just wasn't the same. The raids, however, were fun. No, not for the people who couldn't fight back, but the fact that he could hide amid the shadows and use his hair to kill those he could. Bandits and the enemies of the elements alike would come and try to take over.

    Not on Axel's watch.

    Why they kept coming? It was because none of their allies ever made it out alive. And because of Axel's affinity with the earth, they were buried in short order, swallowed up by the earth. Their tactics became redundant and soon enough, he was training some of the men to defend their own. Besides, there may be a time when he would not be there and they would have to take up arms of their own.

    The green eyed elf yawned again, lounging lazily in a tree in the middle of the village. He thought about going for a drink; but for once it didn't appeal to him. It was unusual, but not all that uncommon. He had his moments, and this happened to be one of them. He could go and help the baker...or maybe even the butcher for a while to pass time. Cut something or just do something with his hands.

    He needed to get out of town. Bandits were too common....they didn't vary anymore. Axel scowled at the sky, waggling wisps of his dark hair for the hell of it. There was no wind today, either, so if he wanted a good fight with no resistance, today would have been perfect.

    Axel turned half lidded eyes to wander over the village.

    Boredom sucked.
  8. Over. Under. Loop-dee-loop. Pull.

    It was a familiar mantra, one that she had came up with in the days of her childhood. It never did die out, even at her current age. Tying your shoes was a skill that one could not forget, like riding a bike or breathing. Was breathing even a skill? Kharma whispered the same chant as her fingers fluttered over the left show now that the right one was secured in a tight not. The white shoelaces were now constricted and intertwined with each other. That just meant she had less of a chance of tripping than she did if they were hanging loosely. Straightening out of her bent body, she pushed her dirty-blond hair out of her eyes for the umpteenth that afternoon. She really had to do something about that hair.

    The wind outside had picked up gradually and she had to constantly keep pushing the strands from her eyes. With an obscured vision, Kharma's chances of tripping and falling were great. Tripping and falling was always on her mind, if one could tell. All minutes of the day, she would be careful to cross over cracks or tenderly step down from a curb for fear of her body hitting asphalt in a matter of seconds. The fears of falling did not come unwillingly. No. They were all tied into the strange feelings she received when she lay in bed in the late hours of the morning. When she wouldn't move for minutes on end and did nothing but stare at the ceiling, feeling as though her body would levitate and float away...

    Either that, or she was just going crazy.

    Kharma closed the door behind her and took in a breath of air. There was a cacophony of smells that bombarded her sense, bringing her brown eyes to open in wonderment. There was a sweetness mingled in the natural smell of her garden, something like a pastry being baked nearby. She call also catch whiffs of the fresh water lake that was some feet away from her backyard. The sun pelted down on her hair, which was still spinning and whipping relentlessly against her pink cheeks, and bathed her in its light. Today was going to be good. And different, she told herself with confidence.

    Today...was the day she may actual talk to someone.
  9. Ven gets his bag and packs it with non perishible food and water
    "this should be enough"
    He then heads home to get his brother's sword"...this will have to do... its getting of noon, i should train near the forest before setting in for the day...."*stretches*"too bad this is the only thing i have to protect myself with.(refering to the sword)
    Ven walks back outside and looks around*nods* "alrighty time to train" *heads to the woods*[this earth village... its too silent]...*sigh* "whatever its not like they would ever plan to host a big festival or what not"*heads into the woods and practices swinging his sword*"...its bright, i better set up and leave before the elder finds out that i went back...,yeah he'd give me annoyance for sure.[sorry jiromie jirkomai...jirokomai...haha finally got your name right... seeya]"I wonder if our friends are worried aout me" ven grips his sword and heads for the water realm(lol these places need names)
    (sorry again for the shortness of this post)
  10. Sometimes there was nothing left to do but prey on the deer that came to get a drink. Honestly, there wasn't much of an option for Cinnaret. Sure, there were still fish in her lake... but they were pretty boring, and their numbers had gotten a tad small in the past months. Turtles and snakes weren't tasty, and birds had a habit of mocking her gleefully when she failed to snatch one of them out of the branches of one of the trees hanging over the lake. Deer were easiest, and most tasty. They were rare, though. Streams were everywhere, slithering all throughout the forest to give the deer more convenient places to drink. But when they did come to her lake... it always turned out to be a fantastic day. If she could catch one.

    Currently the young Siryhn sat in the shallows, pulling the raw meat off of a rack of deer ribs, one rib in each hand at all times. Her upper half felt warm and tingly and she thought herself a princess, basking in the sunlight, soaking in the cool blue water, and delicately using her sharp teeth to rake fresh meat from the bone. Quite blessed, she felt herself to be. And gifted, to have caught that particular deer.

    Although she knew she was a beautiful, cunning, marvelously violent Siryhn, occasionally she astounded herself with her own brilliance. Becoming human was one of the most trying tasks she had ever undertaken, but after a few years she had become more acquanted with the process. And just an hour ago, she could have cried at the unquestionably skilled kill she had made when she attacked the deer.

    For maybe the fifth time since her meal began, Cinna relived that glorious moment... She had waited for hours just under the surface, hidden in the shadows of the trees to observe the creatures that came to rehydrate themselves, playing with one of her only weapons to amuse herself. The long, sharp bone was not quite a knife, but a few more hours of carving and it could be. Cinna stared at the surface... bunnies... some sort of cat... a very ugly canine, perhaps with mange. All of these came and went, completely uninteresting. How could she kill a bunny, anyways? They were one of the only animals she refused to harm. Then the long-awaited beast came! The deer was large, proud and completely male with a large set of antlers that she immediately wanted to use to decorate her home. But first she had to eat, and even before that she had to catch the beast. He was fast... very agile, and intelligent for a deer, but that really wasn't saying much. Foot by foot, she crawled along the bottom of the shadow-shallows, watching the buck that stuck his nose into the water innocently. Right where he needed to stay...

    Unfortunately the beast must have spotted a ripple or two on the water and become skittish, because he suddenly backed away from the lake when Cinnaret was just feet away from lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, and a nice decoration. He was going to run, and that was no good at all. Unacceptable.

    So naturally she devised a plan, already acting it out before the thought was complete. Burst out the water with the power of a strong tail, land close to the beast... on human legs! She hadn't thought herself capable of such mastery over her human form, but about eight feet in the air Cinnaret had assumed her human form and landed in front of the buck right as it turned to skitter off. Ha! Perfect.

    From there it was an easy matter to jump onto its back to avoid those sharp-tipped antlers, using her sharp bone weapon to stab dozens of holes in the beast's neck. After stabbing it in the eyes, of course. Prey was nothing without sight. It was a fight she would not soon forget; at one point she had almost lost, but her grip on her bone-knife that was lodged deep in the creatures body saved her from being trampled.

    And that was how Cinna had rightfully earned her meal for the next day and a half and what would become a great bedside decoration. And, admittedly, a few ugly dark bruises on her ribs and back in the shape of hoofprints and several puncture wounds in her forearms... but that was beside the point.

    The point was that she was quite a magnificent creature indeed. In the midst of her meal, she smiled a proud bloody smile in honor of herself.
  11. Sam lifted his head, sniffing the air a bit. There was a change in the winds. A different kind of change, the kind he had carefully been waiting for all this time. A careful smile touched his lips, before a sleepy female voice distracted him.

    "Baby what's wrong? Come back to bed." The woman by his body nuzzled into his chest, breathing his scent deeply. Sam looked down and stroked her auburn hair with gentle hands, giving her a warm smile. He leaned down to kiss her cheek slightly, soothing her until she fell back asleep. Months have waited for this day. This day when their carefully laid out plans would finally be given life. This woman would be the first of the many to fall. Yes. The first of many. Then the One True Element would reign, and all the rest would collapse like the pathetic inferiors they always were. He felt her warmth with his hands, embracing her body. She didn't even know she was dead. What a fool.

    "Nothing, love. Just an odd dream. I'll tell you in the morning." Sam kissed her deeply as he reached for his bedside knife. Her screaming died on his lips and her body bled out in his arms as he comforted her frightened eyes. "Sssh. It's okay. It's going to be okay, love..." The woman's eyes began to dull over, looking up at him with those desperate and fearful eyes, still unable to believe the death that took the shine out of them. He whispered comforting things to her until he no longer felt her heartbeat against his chest, then closed her empty eyes. It was best they leave while the corpse was still warm. The night was young and they needed to find the others, track them down, and find where they are at their weakest. Sam changed his clothes of the blood, putting them under the covers so it looked like he was still sleeping there by her side. Then he decided not to, it would make people who come across the body suspicious of him. So instead he made it look like there was a ruckus, with the bloody cover half thrown on the floor and his equally bloody clothes on the floor. Then he wrote a small letter to whoever would find the body. In case I don't come back to avenge her killer, assume the worst. Give my beloved a proper burial. -Sam There. Perfect.

    He tip-toed to his little sister's bed. "Hey my favorite little sister~ It's time~ Let's go find our new friends~" His voice was teasingly friendly, but a hushed whisper that urged swiftness.
  12. When Sam tiptoed to his sister's bed, a pewter bow flew at him, a common occurance. "Do not belittle me. You are to address me as Princess, Misstress or the Beautiful Almyra or else I will have you lashed until your dragon form is all scars." She was already awake, not surprising given how long it took for Sam to kill just one woman. The little girl, looking to be no more than eleven, was already dressed, her wings disguised as a little covering cloak for her, giving a distinct look of finery to her. The shoelace of her left foot was untied, an obvious trap so that she could kick him with her right, though she couldn't do much damage, if any.

    "I have heard our patron whispering in my dreams. I know what we must do, though apparently you do not, given how long it took you to kill that harlot." A little monster no doubt.
  13. "Okay, Beautiful Almyra." Sam's voice was difficult to tell, although she could probably check that he's being terribly sarcastic. Anyone who didn't know him to the extent she did would assume he was being incredibly doting, his voice filled to the brim with affection and adoration. "You forget that I felt it too, Beautiful Almyra. " His adoring words held a kind of tolerance to her bratty behavior, but it also was bratty itself. The way it mwas spoken spoke volumes of how highly Sam saw himself when compared with this younger sister. No matter how many times she would be superior to him, no matter how far she may grow, he would always be better. So, it was alright if she acted bratty, just like the king of worms may lord over its mount of mud while he flew highly in the sky. In that manner, Sam's adoring gaze was more than just brotherly teasing, it was a kind of prideful sneer unique solely to him, the man who looked down upon others by being equals with them.

    "I have everything packed, Beautiful Almyra." He spoke like a butler, carrying what little belongings they had. Clothes, food, some 'family memoirs'. They had to keep up their ruse of being poor, kind travelers after all. An excess of objects would increase their suspicions, so he brought with him almost nothing. When this was all over, he would surely have everything in the world, so he would bear this small shame of nothing... for now. Sam's wings were hidden as usual; it was rare that he would ever show them, even as a cloak or something similar. Unlike his sister, he remained cautious until victory was a certainty, then he would strike with an elegance that would leave his victims with no anger or sadness, merely respect and awe for his cleverness. Then, they would not be able to fight him further, and it would be easier for him. Those that struggled always died pitiful deaths, and he was equally pitiful for being the one who produced such an unrefined execution. This would be perfect, dazzling, so intricate that all would respect him. A gentle, loving smile was brought to his lips. Surely, if Almyra didn't know him so well, she would mistake that expression as that of a loving, gentle person, incapable of any harm and only desiring a comfortable life.

    Sam headed out into the darkness, expecting Alymra on his heels. It was time to hunt.
  14. The Element of Fire looked upon Keevako with a passion building inside him. This was the girl. This was the person to be his mage. And it was decided. He watched excited and could not hold back any longer. His voice came to her faint, like a hot breeze in this dry desert sun. "Keevako, do not feel alone anymore. I have a great plan for you. Stay strong, and let the passion continue to burn within you. He will visit soon and explain this all to you. Do not worry. You will recognize him from another village that is nearby the one you have helped. It will be time before he arrives, but do not fear, for I have chosen you."

    The Element of Earth looked upon his followers with a smile. They are true and strong. Though they do not realize all of what they do, they will be a great army. "My people," he whispered to Axel and Ven, "I will see you soon. There is one who will represent me coming when the time is right. But do not fear. You have been called to be a grand amry to bring our old way of life back! Be strong as the tree trunks in an ancient forest. There will be a troll who will visit you all one by one when the time is right. Be strong, for I have faith."

    Light smiled and brought a refreshing warmth to her follower. "Arya, continue to shine. The time is coming when we will shine bright. Just a little longer. There is someone who will bring light unto your situation after he is done speaking to those others. But the time is coming."

    Ice laughed as he watched his follower. "Nereus, great catch. Strength is a thing you posess. I have someone coming to visit you soon. Don't let all freeze over with the wait. He may be slow, but he's coming. We will rise soon, just you wait."

    The Element of Air breathed past Kharma to let his prescense be known. "The time is soon. Just wait. Though you believe in none, we believe in you Kharma. He will visit soon. He will see you."

    The Element of Water looked upon Cinnaret with a sense of pride. "I have a beautiful follower. And it is you I have chosen to be my mage. We will cause a ripple in this war and have affect over all. We are powerful. More powerful than most realize. We are life. There will be a troll who will try to come find you when the time is right. Let him find you, for he has a depth of news you need to hear. It is time to rise."

    The man the elements had been talking about stood strong as he knew his mission. It was definitely time, and he knew the first person he had to visit. One who had lost faith when he had lost his parents. He was not quite sure what he was supposed to say to him, nor did he even know if he was supposed to convince him to join the side of the Elements, but he knew he was important and had to tell him of what is coming. Ubrahsane had heard from his fellow villagers that there is a Dragonkin nearby and knew he was the one. He spotted the Dragonkin with ease, and talking to one of Ubrahsane's kind. He slowly walked over and nodded to Litherion, and spoke to Nahem. "Good day Dragonkin. May I have a word with you?"
  15. The sun was setting and the drinks pouring. Nahem and Litherion been in the tavern since mid-day celebrating the birth of Litherion's new born son. Litherion was in middle of telling a story when Nahem saw a troll walking toward them. Nahem grabbed the hilt of his katana, pulling it out slightly. This troll didn't look dangerous but Nahem didn't exactly make friends where ever he went more like the opposite. So he always stayed cautious. "Good day Dragonkin. May I have a word with you?" Nahem and Litherion exchanged looks before Nahem said to him. "Shall we finish this story some other time?" Litherion nodded in approval and got up and left.

    " I am Nahem." he said while gesturing to the chair recenlty vacated by Litherion. He poured Ubrahsane a drink and offered it to him. "You have my ears."
  16. When there was little else to do, Cinnaret slept in a shallow pool behind the waterfall, and at the "head" of her bed there was now a large rack of antlers sitting proudly. And while she slept before the sun had even gone down, she had a dream that was surely not a dream. She never had dreams, and when they were they were usually very strange and very obviously dreams.

    But this was no ordinary dream. Cinnaret sat up slowly, awakened by the voice that had echoed inside her head. Instead of ignoring the commands from the Element of Water and pretending that nothing odd had occurred, Cinna complied with request she was given. "Let him find you" the voice had said. Until the troll came to retrieve her, she would be more visible than usual instead of concealing her presence. But for now she went back to sleep, encountering no dreams this time around.
  17. Keevako closed her eyes for a moment, listening to the shrill of the insects in the forest nearby, and the tricking sound of the creek washing away the past of her mask. That was when she felt the breeze waft onto her. Silence slowly descended upon her, muffling over the noise as the breeze she felt continued to roll in. It smelled like the center of the desert, drowning in warmth and sunlight. Someone spoke to her, faint, but she clung to every word. The voice was not unfamiliar, though she had never heard it before. It was as if somehow, someway, that voice had been with her all this time.

    After a few seconds the breeze faded away from her, and all the sound came back. Keevako opened her eyes and blinked, as if waking up from a daydream. She took deep breaths and stared into the distance, still caught in a daze as she recalled the words she heard. Keevako had been chosen for something great, and she would be expecting a visitation in due time. She came back to reality, and looked down, seeing that she was holding her mask on her lap. The mask stared back and her, and she felt something stir within the depths of her chest. It burned like fire within her, determination, and hope. Something had awaken inside of her, and as she stared at the mask, she knew. She was the kitsune, the phoenix, the fire. Keevako now had a destiny, but how her journey would begin was up in the air. Keevako thought about
    this while she finished cleaning her blades. All she needed to do was wait just a while longer, then everything would be revealed.
  18. "...huh?" Ven says nervously as he looks around.
    "grand army?"[hmm weird its sounded as if it came from inside my head]"...but thats not possible is it?, ... I'd better not go...what if they get attacked or something if I leave..."
    ven scoffs"..."heads back to his earth village (or whatever haha) ven sits on the top of a tree and looks around.
    [wait I may have just thought it up, but... who's this Axel...] He lies down then falls out of the tree and hits his head. *TT~TT* "OWOWOWOWOWOWOW

    "oh kid there you are, where the heck were you"Jirokoyai says sounding worried.

    "nowhere important"ven rubs his head =:1

    jirakoyai shakes his head amused"silly kid didnt you say you were going home or have you forgotten"

    Ven exclaims"nononono ...look ... I wanted to go but the I heard a voice in my head that said-"

    "voice in your head? dont tell me youve become like your broth-"

    Ven quiets"dont talk about him..."

    "right right well lets go you havent had dinner yet have you?"

    "mmm nnn no" [...my brother was a liar dont you dare talk about him...]he walks with jirokoyai back to the village[I should look for this Axel guy if he's around here maybe he'll shed some light on this] Ven yawns and nearly drops his sword

    ven thinks of his brother
    "sorry Ven having you kill me is the only way i'd know you could take care of yourself when-"
    valen stops as if almost telling ven something he wasnt supposed to hear
    "......well, Sayonara little one...leave your little sister with Rune.."Valen says weakly then falls and appears dead

    Ven is silent

    Jirokoyai smiles"dont worry kid its over you have to move on things happen for a reason"
    "I ...I know"[that fool... he cared about me more than himself or anyone else...., I guess I'll stay here for a while longer just to see if this person comes]

    Edit-(if there still are problems with my style of posting sorry, I made quite a bit of editing and tried to make more sense, well just a bit, but yes I am sorry about that english isnt my birth language.)
  19. As Arya had wandered, the voice of a female spoke softly into her ear. A strange, new voice that Arya didn't recognise. Quiet, gentle, little more than a whisper, it sent shivers down her spine and wrapped a tender warmth round her body. Now at the entrance to the next little village, Arya was glad of the tingling feeling that lingered there. The kind voice would be something to smile at, should she be turned away again.

    Awkward glances followed her as she made her way hesitantly into the middle of town. She tugged self-consciously at her ears; humans judged for the silliest things at times, and she'd been chased out of more than one settlement just because she was different. She swung her pack off her back, setting it to rest at the foot of a tree and leaning back against the trunk herself. A few moments of silent daydreaming later, the shuffling of leaves above her caught her attention. She turned her gaze upwards, then smiled at the sight that greeted her.

    One of her own was in the tree above her, all black hair and green eyes, but definitely an Elf. He was staring out of the tree with seemingly unseeing eyes. Surely it wouldn't hurt to talk to him, would it?
    "You look kinda bored there..." Arya tilted her head back and spoke up to the man. "This village is pretty, though the people don't seem to like strangers too much." The smile didn't falter, though a wistful expression still managed to flit across her face.
  20. "Hm?"

    Nereus's ear fins perked up. He could've swore...He frantically scanned his surroundings. There was no other people here; only swaying plants and schools of fish swimming around. And yet...his fins twitched with confusion. He thought he heard a voice. It was calling out to him...he could barely make out any words but he knew for a fact he heard his name. Nereus.

    Fins twitching, he began to prepare his prize for the market while saving some of the meat for himself. The giant chunk out of its leg would lower the cost down, but he could still get a good price for it.


    His fins twitched again.