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  1. A war is brewing across the multiverse...
    Armies are being rallied...
    Alliances are being forged...
    This shall be no ordinary battle of wits....
    This is a war of Gods

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    Every universe has its Gods. Whether or not those living in said universes chooses to call them gods means nothing; they are Gods non the less. Invincible forces of nature, some yearn for war, others art, others for love...however, the power each one possesses always draws their kind back to bloodshed. Many do not even know that they are Gods, instead taking subconscious mortal forms in order keep their talents secret....
    Yet destiny always draws them back to the impossible--they survive the in-survivable. They return no matter what.

    Every universe has its own hierarchy- the more powerful Gods rules the lesser Gods, and the lesser Gods rule the lesser beings.

    But these hierarchies are slowly falling apart. An evil greater than any the multiverse is massing in the darkness between worlds, finding followers within those exiled from the free dimensions. This evil is destroying the barriers that divide the universes with ease, basking within the chaos that is birthed as a consequence.

    They plan to start a war among the Gods of different dimensions; a war among immortals that shall never end. The only way that peace can be found is by preventing the war before it begins. You have been summoned from your own worlds, brought to the rift in reality by an unknown force in order to return order the creation.

    There will be blood.

    There will be death.

    There will be Gods

    All fictional characters are allowed, regardless of power level. If chosen characters are below "God Level Power level", they shall thus be raised to said level. Despite participants being called 'Gods', they do not necessarily have to be literal Gods; any powerful characters can be used, such as Thanos etc.

    Character Sheet-
    Cannon/World of Origin-
    Alignment-(Good, evil, chaotic, lawful etc)
    1. Normal Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. Despite the God themes, the personal religious preferences of participants shall not be questioned; for this Rp, the term 'God' refers to any powerful individual, not just deities
    3. Ironically, I don't appreciate God modding in the "Then he destroyed everything" sense. The fun only comes from the struggle; if you want victory handed to you on a silver plateau, you can go elsewhere. You'll win through blood sweat and tears
    4. Both OCs and Duos are allowed, with no limits in place. Preexisting characters from Fandoms are also allowed
    5. For plot reasons, I must ask you not to play as the following characters-
      1. Supreme Kai, Beerus and Goku from Dragon Ball Z
      2. Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean
      3. Zeus from Greek Mythology
    6. Other than that, Happy Rping

    Sign yourselves up bellow!
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