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  1. Glimmermaids
    Glimmermaids are women with magical abilities to control the elements. Each is born with an affinity to a single element, with the strongest and rarest women having an affinity with two elements. The Maids are taught, from a young age, to control and harness their magical abilities and to use their abilities in the service of the empire, which is comprised of five different countries. Throughout the empire, girls with these abilities are searched for and many are brought to the temple by their parents and relatives. Most girls are found by the age of five, with the oldest being seven when they arrive to the temple. The Glimmermaids are more like priestesses than wizards or witches, and gain their abilities through Tantra meditation and an empathic connection to nature, their immediate environments, and the people surrounding them. When paired with an Eldritch Knight, the abilities of a Glimmermaid are greatly increased due to their ability to directly draw upon the shared empathic bond. In return, the Eldritch Knights gain the ability to control a single element and heal faster, not to mention the fame and glory gained from pairing with a Glimmermaid.

    Eldritch Knights are the most elite warriors throughout the empire and are the only ones capable of pairing with a Glimmermaid. Each of the five countries have their own Order of Eldritch Knights and every five years each Order sends their best Knight to the Glimmermaid’s temple in order to create a union with a Maid.
    This is a high fantasy game centered upon two Glimmermaids and their Eldritch Knight companions. The game will begin with the Eldritch Knights journey to the Glimmermaid’s temple and will depict the bonding ceremony. Then, we’ll explore the world and write the adventures of the group.

    We’re looking for two players who are willing to play Eldritch Knights. I’m also looking for players who are willing to help polish the setting, propose story ideas, and inject positive energy toward the story.

    IC link:

    Rules (open)

    1. Please post 2-3 times per week.
    2. Know what godmodding, power-gaming, and metagaming is and DON’T do it.
    3. Respect each other.
    4. Communicate with each other.
    5. Remain positive, if possible. Communicate with me if you’re having difficulties or something is bothering you.
    6. Put any “sexy time” scenes in spoilers and clearly mark them.
    7. Follow the forum’s rules.

    Character Sheet (open)

    (18-22 for Maids, 18+ for Knights)
    Appearance: (What do you look like. Please write a brief description and include an animated picture)
    Accessories: (What non-clothing items does your character wear? Bracelets? Necklaces? Toe rings?)
    Dress Style/Wardrobe: (How does your character commonly dress? Elegantly? Gothic? Mismatched?)
    Symbol: (What symbol helps identify your character? Family symbols can also count. Again, descriptions are fine.)
    Equipment: (What equipment does your character carry with them? A gourd? A toolbox? A bag of hair?)
    Most Prized Possession: (What item does your character have that holds the most personal value?)
    Most Valuable Possession: What item does your character have that holds the most monetary value?)
    Personality: (At least 5 adjectives that describe the character)
    Abilities: (If a Maid include your elements. If a Knight include the combat skills they are known for. Also, include any non-combat skills the character has learned.)
    Country: (Where is your character from? Note: you will be asked to create details about your country at a later date.)
    Motivation: (What motivates your character to do the things they do?)
    Accomplishments: (What has your character accomplished already?)
    Greatest Achievement: (What has your character already accomplished that they are most proud of?)
    Failures: (What has your character failed at in the past?)
    Biggest Failure: (What does your character consider their biggest failure?)
    Earliest Memory:
    Fondest Memory:
    Worst Memory:
    Favorite Dream:
    Worst Nightmare:

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  2. (Hey! I'l be playing the second Glimmermaid along with Calliope)

    Name: Olivia Nowi
    Appearance: Semi messy blonde hair with a kinda face and rather fair skin. The best way to describe Olivia's body is probably with the word petite, being a little short and generally skinny all round.
    Accessories: None
    Dress Style/Wardrobe: Being from a wealthy upbringing Olivia doesn't have any real common looking clothes, most of her outfits being rather elegant dresses.
    Symbol: Each member of her family is born with a symbol of a claw as a birth mark, Olivia's is found on her right hand.
    Equipment: She carries a large staff that was passed down by her mother, though she doesn't seem to see it doing much it's something to remember her home by.
    Most Prized Possession: Her staff, mainly because of all the stories her mother used to tell of her adventures with it. Not too mention it's the last thing she received from her mother before she died.
    Most Valuable Possession: Though she has no idea of it's real value, apart from her things at home it's probably her staff
    Personality: Sweet, caring, over trusting, timid, enthusiastic, joyful.
    Abilities: Element/s: Nature and ice. As for training Olivia is trained in healing, herbalism, tracking and map reading.
    Country: (I'l figure it out once we've discussed countries)
    Motivation: Olivia is ashamed that she got the upbringing she did when so many others lived in poverty or just didn't get to live like she did. Her main goal is to just help people and maybe find some stories of her own like her mother used to tell her.
    Accomplishments: nursed a dog back to health, saved a village, was found to be a glimmermaid
    Greatest Achievement: Saved a small village near her at a young age, using her unknown powers to make a blockade with trees to stop a large body of water from ruining the village. Doing this without her training knocked her out, but when she awoke Olivia found herself at the temple.
    Failures: wasn't strong enough to stand up for friends, isn't already out helping people, thinks her father is disappointed
    Biggest Failure: No big failures yet, though it's the small ones adding up that hurt Olivia the most.
    Earliest Memory: Exploring and playing in the woods as a child
    Fondest Memory: When her family was all well, taking a long walk in the woods together for the day.
    Worst Memory:Hearing the news that her mother was on the brink of death and then returning home from the temple briefly just to see her die.
    Favorite Dream: Sitting in bed with her mother, back from a long day and talking to her about the amazing things she had done in the day
    Worst Nightmare:Being chased by an angry mob for being a menace, or a dream in which she finds out she's killed a village of innocent people as she watches them slowly die
    Likes: Food, company, helping others
    Dislikes: Brutes, bullies, being disappointing, the inability to help others, not being liked, the dark.
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  3. Ill be makiing a character sheet, but what is the age of the other maid (So I can make a character near one of their ages o3o)
  4. Totally willing to do a Knight-- is there any special character sheet for that, or just use the one above?
  5. @JextheShadow - My character will be 18, as well.

    @Din - The above character sheet, should be able to copy and paste it from the first post.
  6. Name: Jexxal Briarbane
    20 years
    Appearance: At 6'2 Jexxal towers above most people. His body is honed and well mucled, being raised as a weapon since a young age. He has a piercing green gaze, his eyes are both cold and unreadable. Gray hair that is a trait throughout his family is cut long hiding his face when let loose it is usually found bundled together in the back of his skull.

    Accessories: Three rings, two on his sword hand the other on his off hand.
    Dress Style/Wardrobe: Jexxal prefers dark clothing, usually the cloths of a commoner despite his regal ranking. Unless in high society he is never seen without his worn traveling cloak.
    Symbol: His personal symbol is a golden crown alight with grey flames. He was awarded it when he killed his family.
    Equipment: Light leather armor augmented with steal plates upon his gauntlet and chest plate. He carries a large broad sword that he wields with one hand. A smaller short sword and several throwing knives. Camping gear and food and water rations.
    Most Prized Possession: The ring on his offhand, a simple bronze loop.
    Most Valuable Possession: The two rings on his sword hand. Though pricey seperate they are extremely valuable sold in the pair.
    Personality: Sarcastic, kind hearted, intelligent, Mischievous, Quick witted
    Abilities: His skill with his weapons are well known but so are the his skills at using his body, skilled in martial arts .
    Country: Vutal
    Motivation: His need to distance himself from his family name and prove himself a true hero.
    Accomplishments: becoming a Eldritch Knight and the murder of his family.
    Greatest Achievement: Nothing yet
    Failures: Nothing yet
    Biggest Failure: The Murder of his family
    Earliest Memory: Hiding in the woods
    Fondest Memory: Laughing with his sister
    Worst Memory: Abuse
    Favorite Dream: Walking through the forest at night under the bright stars
    Worst Nightmare: Walking through the same forest with shadows chasing him
    Likes: Music, Nature, Parties.
    Dislikes: being forced to do something, lies
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  7. Name: Archer Brooks.
    Age: 23.

    Tall, lithe and well built, Archer's light armor allows him to move fast on his feet, channeling his weight into heavy hits with his sword. His eyes are Kandrak's common green-gray beneath arching eyebrows of a regally dark shade. His hair is short and somewhat spiked, appearing whitish or silver in most lights, framing a sharp and expressive face and a charming smile.
    Accessories: A burnished white-gold bird pendent with cheaply cut opals for eyes. Wears it under his clothing/armor. Sometimes, a red scarf.
    Dress Style/Wardrobe: Rustic and casual, with warm colors. Typically something tight and form-fitting, but allowing free movement at the same time. Nothing constricting.
    Symbol: A diving bird, or an arrowhead. Both are symbols he identifies with.
    Equipment: His longsword and shield (he is left-handed). His armor is of well forged steel and iron, plated with silver and specks of gold. Fairly light.
    Most Prized Possession: The aforementioned pendent.
    Most Valuable Possession: His armor set, most likely. His sword alone was finely crafted and folded, and forged by one of the best.
    Personality: Cool-headed, determined, noble, amiable, adaptable.
    Abilities: Archer is an adept swordsman, skilled in both talented quick-strikes and the utilization of brute force where necessary. Over the years, he has also learned to play a variety of instruments-- whether he is good is up to his audience.
    Country: Kandrak.
    Motivation: Archer is naturally a noble fellow with a calling to heroism. He wants to help people from all spectrums of society, whether they be poor beggars or rich bureaucrats. Becoming a knight was one of the best ways he could think of accomplishing that.
    Accomplishments: Overcame his broodiness after leaving his family, rescued a young girl from the side of the road on his fourth week as a knight.
    Greatest Achievement: Once orchestrated the rescue of a besieged village not far from his home. It's the only thing he won't openly speak of, for various reasons.
    Failures: Lost a bet once, couldn't save a friend from getting his neck broken. Other than that, not many.
    Biggest Failure: The reason he doesn't speak of his greatest achievement is because of the death of a single young boy, lost on the way out of the village. He blames himself for the loss.
    Earliest Memory: Swordplay with his father.
    Fondest Memory: Receiving his first iron sword on his eleventh birthday.
    Worst Memory: The loss of his sister a month before said birthday.
    Favorite Dream: A meadow surrounded by great oak trees and high shields. He remembers whistling.
    Worst Nightmare: He sometimes has dreams of a red dungeon.
    Likes: Sparring, mornings, sunrise, twilight, fire, and honesty.
    Dislikes: The smell of the ocean, very young children, dishonesty.
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  8. Holy cow you two are fast. :)

    @JextheShadow - you're gonna need to clue me into why killing his family was a "good" thing.

    @Din - looks good. Feel free to start fleshing out Kandrak
  9. I sent you a Pm explaining things in a basic sense
  10. Wow ^^ Glad we could get you two in! I can't wait to get started!
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  11. Ill just say here what I sent to Seeking. Since in the kingdoms it would have been pretty big news.

    WELL you see, my idea is Jexxal is from the the country of Vutal where is family was part of the ruling class. His family of nobles though were not on the up and up, they were not only traitors they were acolytes of a demon worshiping cult. They not only where planing of unsurping the throne of the country but had sacrificed his younger sister in an attempt to summon a demon. the attempt failed but the son not only outed his family he also killed them. For this he was awarded the emblem of the purifying flames cleansing the crown. To this day he still searches for the rest of the family that was swept into night hiding and plotting.
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  12. Currently fleshing out Kandrak's culture. When finished, I'll post it.

    Can't wait to begin. Archer feels fun to write.
  13. I guess the biggest thing now once @Seeking Calliope finishes the character sheet is to see who pairs up with who... I like both your characters and think Olivia would do good with the both of ya! I guess waiting for the second maid and then seeing who would be best should be for each?
  14. Name: Cordelia Brimlad
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Cordelia has sandy blonde hair which falls to her waist and is usually worn in two long braids. She is a statuesque young woman, standing at an average height, with a gentle, natural beauty. She is athletic and fit, and carries herself with an air often found amongst royalty. She is quick to smile, one that makes her blue eyes sparkle and dimples her cheeks.
    Image (open)

    Accessories: A single bangle ornamented with turquoise stones and white feathers that seem to never become dirty or decay. Two pieces of black silk ribbon which she uses in her hair. A simple rope belt with a large silver clasp which is decorated with a single long golden feather.
    Dress Style/Wardrobe: Cordelia is most often seen in her Glimmermaid uniform, a simple yet elegant kimono-esque robe which does not seem out of place in a small village or the high court. When not wearing the clothes of her station, she wears simple dresses that allow for freedom of movement, but also accentuate her feminine curves.
    Symbol: She typically wears the Glimmermaid’s crest, a golden circle with a field divided into five which prominently displays the symbol of the five countries which compose the empire. Her private symbol is a lone silver tree growing from a pool of blue on a black field.
    Equipment: Cordelia carries an herb pouch which contains remedies and cure-alls; a water skin; and a walking staff which stands a foot taller than her, has a large red jewel encased in silver metal work upon the top, and two black and white tail feathers tied by leather cord near the hand grip.
    Most Prized Possession: Her friendships.
    Most Valuable Possession: A small black swaddling blanket with the symbol of the silver tree growing from a pool of blue.
    Personality: Energetic, adventurous, compassionate, mischievous, and feisty.
    Abilities: Elements: Water and Light. Cordelia is fluent in the various dialects found within the empire, has been instructed in diplomacy, customs, and etiquette, can survive for a short time off the land, and has passing skill with a bow.
    Country: Araxie – a river land located in the southeast of the empire.
    Motivation: Duty, her compassion, and because this was what she was taught to do her entire life.
    Accomplishments: One of few Glimmermaids to attain an affinity for a second element, Cordelia has also excelled in her studies, and begun to nourish a reputation for being a good diplomat.
    Greatest Achievement: Guiding two warring noble houses to a peaceful and lasting resolution after four years of fighting.
    Failures: She had a great mental block, due to her compassionate nature, to use her abilities aggressively. She has yet to master the more advanced and efficient meditation practices which would allow her to regain her spiritual energy, which depletes when using her magic. She tried to smuggle in a liter of kittens when she was much younger and was strictly reprimanded. Coredlia has attempted to run-away from the Glimmermaid’s temple on two separate occasions.
    Biggest Failure: During her second attempt to run-away from the temple, she fell from the top of the southern wall and broke her left clavicle and dislocated her shoulder. The worst part was the girl she was running away with broke her neck in the fall.
    Earliest Memory: Being brought to the temple by her parents.
    Fondest Memory: The times she and the other girls snuck into the orchards and stuffed themselves full of apples and peaches and the midnight swims in the lake.
    Worst Memory: Falling from the wall and waking to find her friend dead.
    Favorite Dream: Flying over the temple walls and being free.
    Worst Nightmare: Her dead friend talking to her, falling from the wall, sometimes pulling Cordelia with her, and dying over and over again.
    Likes: Music, dancing, laughing, pulling pranks, hot baths, running barefoot through the grass, and climbing trees.
    Dislikes: Unreasonable people, war, death, blood, studying, failing, and being locked away or trapped.
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  15. (I have to go soon so if we haven't picked who's with who by then I'm good either way ^^ All the apps look amazing!)
  16. @ SteelMoon, Din, JaxtheShadow - please include a small description of your characters' appearance with the picture.

    A note about the Empire: I kind of picture this as a feudal society where each country is ruled by a Lord at the allowance of the Emperor. To use Jexxal as an example, if he hadn't stopped his family he would have been dishonored, stripped of his lands and titles, and been branded an outlaw, even if Jaxxal wasn't a part of what his family was doing. Since he preserved his honor and righted the kingdom he was rewarded.

    Let me know if you have questions about that.

    Also, in case it wasn't clear, you're all approved. Just add those descriptions, if you don't mind. ;)

    One final thought, should we open this to any more players or just keep it as is?
  17. Ahh, no prob! Sorry, I got so wrapped up in everything else I forgot. Will do.
  18. Adding more characters and people would be cool, becuase i would lead more diverse interaction BUT it would open up to a a bigger problem of people not being active and ruining the roleplay
  19. Keep it small for now, so we can set it up and get things moving. I'd hate to have too many people and then completely lose track of progress because people are opting out or getting lost.
  20. Fair enough. I'm not going to worry about pairing the character, yet. I want to see how the characters interact and see if anything happens in the story that would make sense for the characters to be paired. If we get to that point in the story and there's no obvious IC leanings, I'll likely just flip a coin.
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