Give In To Me

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  1. Joshua panted, as another blood sucker's head hit the wall and rolled on the floor. He had just finished slaying three other vampires and he knew there was still one more. He could see it cowering in the corner. He held his sword against the vampire's neck. "Stand up blood sucker," he ordered, he had a gun at his side and he had a few other weapons that he could use against the blood sucker. He could see that the boy was a weakling but he just waited, wondering if this vampire was a new born or something. Why else would he have been with all of these older vampires, in this common hunting ground. They were in Harlem, one of the five burrows of New York City.
  2. Unbeknownst to Joshua, there was one more vampire watching from the shadows. This vampire was keeping very still, his brown eyes set on the cowering vampire in the corner. He felt for the childe. He really did. But there was nothing he could do for him. Even if this hunter hadn't come here tonight, the pack that was as good as destroyed would still have needed to die.

    The vampire watched as the childe lost it, trying to attack the hunter in his panic. There was no hope for that one. If this hunter was strong enough to kill three other vampires, the remaining one stood no chance. Still, the watcher needed to stay and make sure the kill was dealt. His own instincts were telling him to flee from the hunter, but he ignored them. So long as the hunter didn't know he was there, he was in no danger. Then again, he'd heard that some hunters could see through the obfuscating tricks of vampires like him.

    Much to his surprise, the childe actually got past the hunter in a burst of unexpected speed. The vampire actually looked like he was going to get away, and the watcher inwardly sighed. Well this was lovely...

    Leaving the safety of his shadow, he lunged at the escaping childe. His scimitar leapt forth from its scabbard into his hand, and in one devastating strike he cleaved the childe's head clean off. Of course, this meant that the hunter could definitely see him. Instead of fleeing immediately, though, he turned to look at the hunter. It would be a great honor if he managed to kill a hunter, but he was no cold-blooded murderer.

    "I'd recommend letting me leave," he said to the hunter, his words lightly flavored with a Middle-Eastern accent. Indeed, the vampire himself looked to be from that part of the world. His olive skin tone gave it away, along with his dark hair and eyes. "I'd prefer not to kill you. I just wanted to thank you for making my job easier tonight."

    He shifted his weight slightly, ready to act if necessary. His black trench coat shifted along with him, revealing a throwing knife still sheathed at his waist. This vampire was well-armed, though he didn't carry a gun with him. Guns weren't all that effective against vampires, anyway. Not unless your aim was good enough to get a headshot each time, and even then it would take a handful of shots to take a vampire down. Probably not kill them, but perhaps knock them out for a while.
  3. The hunter had reached for his own set of throwing knives but the child was suddenly the least of his problems. The figure had cut the child's head clean off. Joshua watched the vampire wearily. He'd heard of these vampires before. They worked for the vampire government he had heard and knew many secrets. He listened to the vampire speaking to him. He was thanking him? That was the first but he didn't seem fazed as he looked up at the vampire. He needed more information so maybe the vampire had some. He smirked and pulled out a match. He struck it, letting the flame cumbust, before he dropped it on the ground. It seemed to spread so quickly around the area. He had covered the area with gasoline to burn the bodies and evidence.

    Joshua was gone at a glance and was suddenly at the vampire, shoving a silver stake through it heart and smirking, knowing it would be paralyzed. He knew that silver would burn the vampire, but it did a good job of weakening it. "You'll be useful to me," he said. He was one of the best hunters he knew and even ancient vampires were surprised by his actions. He was able to get the vampire out of the area and police sirens went off, having used special binds to bind the vampires hands behind his back. He made his way to where he had been staying for a few nights. He put the vampire into an old meat locker, the warehouse being an abandoned butchery. The smell of old blood was everywhere but Joshua didn't mind it.

    He set the vampire down, removing his weapons and hiding them out of sight. He then did something odd. He knew the sun was coming up and he knew that the huge hole in the ceiling would cause the vampire to be nervous, since the sunlight would pour into the little room, and the vampire wouldn't be able to move to get out.
  4. The vampire watched the hunter cautiously, but he was taken by surprise by the match. The fact that the floor went up in flames was an even greater shock, and he felt his instincts flare up in protest. He started to flee, but he wasn't quite fast enough. The hunter caught up to him, and even shoved a stake through his heart.

    Immediately the vampire went limp, able to offer no resistance as he was taken away from there by the hunter. He was very much aware of what was going on, though. And he was scared. This hunter didn't seem to be intending to kill him, but there were plenty of other things a hunter might do with a vampire. Torture came to mind, which didn't make the vampire any happier about the situation. He'd probably wish he'd just been killed.

    Once in that small room, the stake was removed and the vampire could move again. He glared up at the hunter, fear gnawing at him from the awareness that the sun would be up very soon. The hole in the ceiling wasn't promising. If he stayed in this room, he'd be killed.

    "Let me go, human!" he demanded. "There are plenty of worse vampires than me that you can kidnap!"
  5. "Shut up, or I might not block out the sun from burning you to ashes, blood sucker," Joshua said in annoyance. H brought in a lantern and set it down, pulling in a chair. The sky was getting lighter slowly but surely. "I'm going to ask you some questions, and you will answer them or die, simple enough for you?" he said looking at the vampire. "I know very little about what I hunt and you are going to tell me what else can kill your kind. Sunlight and chopping off the vampires head, is a given. And stabbing them in the heart paralyzes them, this I know. But I know that can be all the ways," he began, setting the lantern in front of him. It gave off a flame and lightened the otherwise dark room.

    He pulled out an amulet and held it up. He had gotten it off a new born and he wanted to know what it meant and who would own it. "What does the marking on this mean," he said to the vampire.
  6. The vampire frowned. "I don't take well to threats, human," he said. "You're lucky that I try to avoid killing humans. Otherwise, you'd be well on your way to dying by now." It was within his capabilities to kill the hunter, even right now. It would make things difficult for him afterward, of course, because he was bound and the sunlight would be coming into the room soon. Still, he could manage it.

    He'd play the hunter's game for now, though. Just to keep himself alive. He wanted to survive the day, and if that meant answering a few questions, he'd do it. He wasn't so keen on dying right now.

    "For a human like yourself, sunlight, beheading, and fire are probably the best ways for you to do it," he answered with a sigh. "You lack the abilities of a vampire, so therefore your methods are limited." He looked at the symbol presented to him, genuine confusion on his face at the sight of it. "I honestly don't know what that symbol means. It's a pentagram, obviously, but I don't know if it has any vampiric significance. Sorry. I'm not a scholar."
  7. Joshua sighed, this wouldn't help him get anywhere. He stood up and left the room. Suddenly the hole in the ceiling was covered and the room pitch black now, except for the flickering of the flame that kept the lantern on. He came back into the room and looked at the amulet. "I got this off of a newborn in Coney Island. He had kept trying to hide it along with a few others. Everyone I've asked about, doesn't seem to know, except for the other younger vampires. They freak out or don't tell me so they die. I've killing a lot of Newborns lately, 12 this past month. Why are there so many newborns, especially in this area," he said. He pulled out about four other amulet, all exactly the same to the one he had shown to the vampire. "I've found only two older vampires in this area, other then you, and they each had one of these. The rest I've gotten from vampires in Maine and New Jersey," he said looking up at the vampire. "Has there been any word around why there have been so many newborns?" he asked. He made it a point to hunt down vampires. He didn't kill all of them, some didn't kill humans often, others did, so he killed them.
  8. The vampire seemed a bit amused when the hunter called him an "older" vampire. Truthfully, he wasn't that old. He'd only been a vampire for about a decade now. Compared to the vampires he frequently associated with, he was little more than a childe himself. He wasn't going to mention that to this hunter, though. The human didn't need to know.

    He was a little bothered that there had been so many new vampires made lately, according to this hunter. The vampire himself hadn't been in the city for long, so he wasn't yet aware of the local happenings among his kind. If they could really be called his kind. He knew that this city was largely under the control of the vampires he refused to work for, and it honestly didn't surprise him that this sect was making a bunch of offspring. They tended to do that sort of thing, from what he'd seen. But this deal with the amulets was a mystery to him.

    "The sect that holds the majority of the power in this city has a tendency to do that," he said, choosing his words carefully. He didn't want to say too much, but he also didn't want to say too little. Keeping his mouth shut would just get him killed. "They create new vampires in bulk."
  9. Joshua looked at the vampire as he spoke. "You know more don't you? Where is this sect? A lot of human children have been going missing lately," he said, looking angry about that. Children were so young to be thrown into this darkness and left with other that did not know half of what they were doing. A lot of the kids were from poor families he'd notice and the police weren't doing much about it, probably being paid off by the sect. He'd seen it happen before. The vampire seemed like he was genuinely confused about the amulets.

    "Look... I know I'm a hunter and your a vampire... but your superiors must have noticed about all of this to have sent you. You had been sent to kill the vampires. I'm offering you a truce, to get rid of these vampires. They keep making it hard for me to make sure the other humans don't know or find out about your kind. I know it's stupid to think like that, but less the humans know, the better.
  10. The vampire shook his head. "You have the wrong idea about me," he said. "I'm an assassin. My superiors didn't send me to kill those vampires for any sort of prevention or political reasons or whatever. I was sent there because I was hired to kill them. My employers wanted them dead." That probably wasn't helping his case at all, but perhaps the hunter would see that he and this vampire were not so different. They both killed vampires for a living. They just had entirely different stakes in the job.

    He didn't want to answer the question about what sect they were talking about, but having the hunter actually wanting to strike a truce with him made him more willing to talk. Except for the fact that the sun was almost up, and therefore the vampire could rapidly feel his consciousness slipping away.

    "Look," he said drowsily, "I can't stay awake much longer. If you want more answers, you'll have to wait until nightfall." He wasn't going to force himself to stay awake just to talk. It was exhausting, and he needed his rest. So long as he could trust this hunter not to murder him in his sleep. It was a stretch, but he felt it was safe to rest. So long as they truly did have a truce.
  11. The hunter could see the vampire getting sleepy. "There is an extra bed in the other room," he said. He stood up and leaned down, picking the vampire up with more ease then most would have. He was a vampire hunter and worked during the day, when he wasn't hunting, at a dojo so he was strong. He carried the vampire out into the large room and then set him down on one of the beds. "The sun light can't get into this area," he said simply. He pulled out a knife and reached behind the vampire, cutting the binds. "I hope your still here when I come back. If your not then, next time I see you, I won't ask you questions," he said, just stating it not threatening the vampire. He then stood back, letting the vampire sleep. He smelled very good up close, like his blood would be delicious to drink.
  12. The vampire felt a little weird being picked up again by the hunter, but he didn't complain. He had to admit that the hunter was stronger than he'd thought. Was the hunter a former ghoul? That would make some degree of sense, he supposed. Or maybe the hunter just worked out a lot. That was equally possible. Oh well. He was too tired to think about it more right now.

    "Where would I go?" he asked after his hands were freed. He had a point. Going out in the sunlight would kill him, so why would he try to leave? He didn't have a death wish. If he had one, then he wouldn't have cooperated with the hunter's questioning. He would have just refused to talk.

    He closed his eyes, thinking to himself that the hunter smelled nice. It made him feel a little thirsty, but there was no time for that now. He'd think about drinking once he woke up again. And with that thought, he drifted off to sleep.
  13. Joshua just chuckled. He let the vampire go to sleep, before he covered the vampire with a blanket. He stood and went up to the roof, making sure no light would get through. He then went back to where he had left the vampire and went to his own bed. He had many scars on his body, as he pulled his shirt off. He knew he'd be safe, since he had already set up booby traps all around the area and he wasn't stupid enough to live an an area with too many humans or vampires. He laid down, holding a knife in his hand and laying on his back. His other weapons were at his side and he kept his boots and his pants on, just in case.
  14. The vampire slept clear through to nightfall before slowly opening his eyes. The unfamiliar room he found himself in surprised him for a moment before he remembered what had happened last night. Right. He'd been kidnapped by a hunter. Not good, but it could be worse. At least the hunter wasn't actually doing anything to hurt him. Even the hole in his chest from the stake had healed during the day.

    He muttered something in Farsi before slowly sitting up to look around. Surely the hunter would be somewhere nearby. He doubted the human would be away when the vampire was due to wake up.
  15. Joshua was right across from the vampire, still sleeping as well. He always slept through the days. He had a dagger in both of his hands and when he heard stirring, even if it was extremely slight, his eyes opened. He looked over and looked at the vampire, as he woke. "Good evening..." he said simply. He was shirtless and he stood up. His body was littered with scars, all of which were from vampires. It seemed he had been around a long time and had fought his share of vampires. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it on, concealing the scars once more. He looked over at the vampire, hiding the blades that had been in his hands. "Well, I believe introductions are in order. I'm Joshua," he said. It was a familiar name. He had been around the world and back. He was also known as the halfling. He had been bitten by a vampire to be changed but he never changed fully. He has more strength then a human and he could be as strong as a vampire if he drinks blood. Which he does when he fights stronger vampires. That how he is known. The halfling hunter Joshua.
  16. The vampire had never heard of Joshua before. Then again, that really wasn't saying much. He'd only been a vampire for about a decade, and vampires didn't tend to associate with hunters. Unless it was to kill them, of course. That kind of association was pretty common, comparatively speaking.

    "Reza," the vampire introduced, giving his name at last. "So what happens now? Are you going to continue to question me?" He didn't remember what exactly Joshua had asked before Reza had needed to sleep. The hunter would have to repeat the question, if it mattered to him that much. At least Reza was willing to give some answers, which was more than most vampires would do without being tortured first.
  17. "No, that's alright," he said softly. He yawned then, his fangs poking out from his own thirst. He usually sheathed them, but they came out when he was hungry, which he could eat human food or blood, but he had blood from a coven he had killed that were robbing blood banks. He opened the fridge and grabbed two packets. "Thirsty?" he asked Reza. He wouldn't kill the vampire. He had no need to do so, Reza and him had a truce. "Come to think of it, your not that old are you... Maybe a decade or two. I should have noticed it last night but I have been hunting for three days straight." he said handing the blood packet to the vampire. He poured the blood for himself into a glass and then drank it. His eyes turning black, although not noticable since his eyes were already a dark brown.
  18. Reza was startled when he saw the hunter's fangs. His eyes lightened into a pretty honey-gold hue as he observed the hunter, seeming extremely confused. His eyes returned to normal a few moments later, and he asked, "What are you? I thought you might be a former ghoul, but you have fangs... You're not a vampire, though, and definitely not a werewolf. So what are you?" He didn't even consider that this hunter was some kind of partially-turned vampire. He'd never heard of that kind of thing happening before.

    He looked down at the packet of blood, frowning slightly. "What kind of blood is this?" he asked, making no move to drink it despite his thirst.
  19. "I'm a halfling. A vampire Lord tried to change me and left me to die without completing the transformation. I had a strong will to live so I only changed enough to live, not become a full vampire. That was a very long time ago, when England was still in power and the people were leaving for the new world," he explained, sipping the blood in his own glass. "That's why my heart beat is very slow. It's slow enough to be mistaken for a human heart beat," he said shrugging as he took another sip. "This used to be the home of a starting coven of five vampires. One that had been changed a few years ago and four newborns. They had been stealing blood from the blood banks," he said, pointing to the fridge. "That's all that is left of the blood they stole," he said shrugging. His muscles seemed to contract underneath his skin as he drank more blood. "I know your thirsty so you might as well drink," he said, finishing off his glass. "I can live off of blood or human food, but my heart still pumps my own blood through my veins. I don't absorb the blood into my blood stream only into my muscles," he said looking at Reza.
  20. Reza just stared at Joshua in shock. "That...shouldn't be possible," he said. "Did the vampire not drain all of your blood before giving you some of his own?" That was the only way Reza could think of that happening, and even then Joshua should have been dead. He'd never heard of someone becoming a partial vampire like this. Not unless the blood of their sire was incredibly thin, in which case the childe would be closer to a human than other vampires. Still, those thin-blooded vampires weren't able to go out in sunlight and the like.

    He looked down at the blood packet, having no further need to stall. He started to drain it, though the taste wasn't all that good. In fact, it tasted terrible. He didn't complain, though. It was nourishment, and he needed it.