Getting back together again.

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  1. This is private for Lexie and myself so please do not post :3

    Name: Hunter

    Age: 22

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Personality: Will be seen throughout the rp though Hunter is described to be kind, gentle and extremely sensitive at times.
  2. Name: Brianna

    Age: 20

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Personality: Will be seen throughout the rp though Brianna tends to be shy, protective and sweet.
  3. Hunter woke up the next morning, he sighs as she rolls over on one side and looks at the empty space where Brianna used to sleep. He sighed and stood up, starting to get ready for the day. It felt strange without her there, though he tried to put the thoughts of her to rest and continued with his day.

    (Hunter is also a wolf)
  4. Brianna groaned as she felt the sun on her skin. Frowning, she sat up, deciding she hated this kind of silence. With Hunter it had been a good silence but now it was just lonely. She stood up and took a quick shower before pulling her hair back into a ponytail, securing it with a green bow and dressing in a pair of shorts and a green tshirt. She looked down at her stomach and sighed softly shaking her head.
  5. Hunter saw that he was put of some food and figured that he would need to go grocery shopping, it wasn't like he had anything other than sit in the house alone for the rest of the day. He pulled on a jacket and left the house.
  6. Might as well check to be sure Brianna thought as she frowned, knowing there was a good possibility. She had already taken a test and it had said that she was I deed pregnant but she couldn't wrap it around her mind. She forgot about her jacket and instead walked out after putting her shoes on.
  7. Hunter was walking with his eyes on the sidewalk, his hands in his pockets loosely. He felt himself bump into someone, "Sorry" he mumbles and looked up, startled to see Brianna.
  8. Brianna felt herself hit something hard and stumble backwards. Catching herself, she straightened up and saw Hunter. Dropping her jaw slightly, she felt her eyes immediately begin tearing up as she looked down and continue walking, not wanting to say anything. She didn't know what to say.
  9. Hunter continued to walk though he turned on his heels and began to catch up with her, feeling guilty to ignore her any further. He soon caught up with her and began walking beside her, his hands dig in his pockets. "Are you okay?" he asks, softly.
  10. "Fine," Brianna said simply as she began to speed up. She wrapped her arms around her waist as she looked away from him and began to look for a store of some sorts.
  11. Hunter just sighs and took hold of her wrist gently, "Are you sure there wasn't anything you wanted to talk about?" he asks gently, worry clear in his eyes as he drops her wrist gently.
  12. "Besides your unborn child? No," Brianna said though her voice didn't sound as angry as she had meant for it to sound. She sighed and turned before walking, deciding to go at her normal pace.
  13. Hunter was shocked by this though he continued to follow her, he took hold of her wrist again. "U-unborn child?" he repeated, merely confused though anxious.
  14. "Exactly what it sounds like. There's a child that hasn't been born yet that is growing inside of me and is yours," Brianna said as she walked, ignoring the feeling of his hand on her wrist. "Where's your skank anyway," she said coldly, her eyes never moving from ahead of her.
  15. Hunter sighs gently though not letting go of her wrist. "Well, we had better get that thing out of you" he says and regrets it, though he shoots her a look "Please do not talk about my new girlfriend that way" he says firmly.
  16. "Don't talk about your child like that," Brianna said and yanked her wrist from his grip as she sped up, going into the first store she saw. She didn't want to deal with him right now especially if he was talking about her child like that.
  17. Hunter follows her with a sigh, "Brianna, I'm sorry. Please can we just talk about this?" He says softly as he catches up with her, "Please?" He asks again, though he seems both truthful and desperate as he sighs lightly, his face sad.
  18. "There's nothing to talk about, Hunter," Brianna said as she began picking out some snacks for herself.
  19. Hunter just slumps his shoulders, "I have to be a part of this babies' life too" he mumbles and then turns on his heels to leave. "Though, you seem to not feel that way, so I'll just go" he says sadly with a shrug and begins to leave the shop, he sits on a bench and places his head in his hands and begins to cry.
  20. "Couldn't be more wrong," Brianna whispered to herself as she bought the snacks, unaware of the tears falling down her cheeks.
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