Genes of a Goddess (IC)

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    "I'm off," came a meek sounding voice, the owner of which soon coming into view as the wooden door slide open, sending in the rays from the bright morning sun. The shoulder length white haired girl inside flinched and raised her pale hand to block out some of the light as best as she could. Cicada chirping was heard from within the multitude of pink leaf trees surrounding her home. Was the outside always this annoying? Well whatever, she wouldn't let that stop her duty. She stepped nonchalantly out onto the sidewalk and turned to face the rest of the family standing in the doorway. Her father, a tall muscular bald man with a small grey beard, who she could tell was doing his best not to cry, was standing "stone faced" and with a broadsword clamped in both hands pointed upwards. Words from his language were engraved onto the metal saying something to the effect of "Do your best". She tried her best not to roll her eyes. Her mother, having black hair with a hint of grey creeping in, who appeared to be like a dwarf compared to the man standing beside her, was bowing with a warm smile on her face. She held onto the hand of the girl's youngest sister, a seven year old with long white hair reaching all the way down to the floor. She was waving enthusiastically while giggling. "Bye bye! Don't mess up too badly!" She called out in an innocent tone.
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    "Ai," she replied in an unemotional manner in the native language of people from Altresia, where her mother came from, called Altruusian. Ai meant yes in a nonformal way. She already knew about how she was expected to mess up by a lot of people due to only getting a spot in her new school because of a vacancy left by her other younger sister, the middle child, who had dropped her application for this year due to a bad case of pneumonia. If her younger sister was supposed to get in instead then what did that say about her? Well, it didn't help her to worry about that now so she brushed the statement aside. After all, she had scored a 225 when all she needed was 200 points to pass into this prestigious school, so what did she care? So what if her younger sister happened to be a prodigy who made most other people's scores look like child's play?
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    "Don't let anyone bully you anymore, you hear me En'Shurra?!" Her mother said with an expression that had now changed to that of worry. She gripped her longest daughter's hand a little tighter now, as if to say "Oh no you didn't". That little brat was sometimes cute, but other times she could be a demon in human skin and hit where it hurt, sometimes in more ways then one.
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    "Ai," she replied again, then turned to leave. "I'm fine."
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    "Be brave and true, my child!" Her father shouted to her as she was walking away, stepping outside and raising his sword even higher into the sky. She gave an inaudible sigh as she slung her blue schoolbag over her shoulder and continued on her way. She was dressed in a white and blue colored school uniform consisting of a short sleeved gold buttoned up fancy t-shirt, long sleeved jacket, skirt reaching down to mid thigh, knee high socks, and slipper style shoes with a blue tip at the toes signifying that she was a first year student. Sticking her hands into her jacket pockets, she traveled alone and looking straight ahead as she passed through the beautiful looking scenery on her way to her school called Unity Hall, which was having it's reopening after a tragic event struck three years ago involving the death of seven classmates and the wounding of twenty four others. For a prestigious school with an occupancy of around 200, this was clearly a massive blow to Unity Hall. As En'Shurra approached the school, she could see the portion of the building that had been rebuilt during this time. It was made of golden colored brick while most of the school was silver colored and showing it's age, having been built far before it was turned into the school it is now. It looked like a mix of gothic, medieval, and eastern style as well, showing that people from multiple cultures had gotten together to build it, which was indeed the theme of Unity Hall.
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    It's name was chosen to show the sense of unity that the five nations of Erose, who had previously been at war, were expected to show to each other now that they had experienced the recent unification where they had all become prefectures within a single nation. Those with the highest combined score for the magical girl aptitude test, which applicants submitted from all five prefectures, were sent into this school to work together. This lovey-dovey unity was needed for many reasons, which was why all of the prefectures had no choice but to agree to this. Although New Erosia has the makings of powerful nation, right now they are in shambles despite what propaganda says otherwise. There are many aggressive neighboring nations that would need the full cooperation of New Erosian prefectures or else they wouldn't even stand a chance in their current war torn state. These magical girls with great potential can help turn the tide of battle to the favor of New Erosia, and with that in mind the school was formed very soon after the unification took place. It was a four year program, and at the end of it the students were expected to graduate as battle ready magical girls who would help fight for their nation against any outside threats. In this case it was the Murdarian Empire, the one's said to be behind the attack on Unity Hall that had killed so many. With the current situation as is, many were wondering if they students would be getting "on the job training" by taking part in certain battles in order to relieve the stress on the Grand Magical Girl Army of New Erosia currently fighting in a greatly outnumbered situation that some would even say was hopeless. En'Shurra wanted to be useful either way, so wouldn't mind taking part of the action ahead of schedule.

    As she got closer to the school she could begin to make out the faces of her fellow students. The girls moving around within the school grounds were quite diverse, but still most of them belonging to Altresia. Altresia and Versai were the original nations of Erose and also, debatably, the ones who still hold the most power. It's hard to tell the two apart just from looks due to them having common ancestors, but the Versai often times have far more toned down hair colors yet more exaggerated Asian looking features (not that Asia exists in this world). The Altresian students were the shortest among the groups. The girls from the other prefectures stood out far more. The one's from Syndey had naturally darker skin tones, the one's from Ciol were Caucasian, and the tallest and must muscular of the bunch definitely belonged to the one's from Ranmael, who towered over the Altresian girls by at least one full head in height, sometimes more. These last three groups haven't beenin Erose as long so they had far less large of a population size and less political power then the first two even though all the prefectures were considered to be equal on paper. En'Shurra didn't care about race, herself being from a mix of Altresian and Ranmaeli, but unfortunately it was still a hot button issue due to the Unification War still fresh on everyone's mind, in which they had fought viciously against each other. She could see that a lot of the different groups were sticking to themselves and eyeing each other distrustfully, ironic due to the school being called Unity Hall, but otherwise they didn't appear to be causing any trouble at the moment. While she didn't like such separation based on nationality, she just shrugged and continued on her way to class, ignoring all the different groups equally.
  2. As the sun shown through the Inn's window a young girl squinted her eyes open. She got up slowly and took a bath then dressed in her uniform (a white and blue colored school uniform consisting of a short sleeved gold buttoned up fancy t-shirt, long sleeved jacket, skirt reaching down to mid thigh, loose socks that covers most of her shins but not her knee, and slipper style shoes with a blue tip at the toes signifying that she was a first year student).

    She pulled her backpack on and put her sword handle in an easy to reach place. She walked out and payed the Innkeeper then began walking to Unity Hall, she missed her family and village back in Ranmael, she stopped by a bakery and bought a small roll and ate it on the way. She sat on one of the steps, crossed her legs, and ate her roll slowly. She looked at all the buildings, admiring the culture.
  3. After barely passing the entrance exam, Tetsu had to convince herself with the firmest fervor to attend Unity Hall and not wimp-out. She knew she’d be surrounded by strong, confident girls who understood their Essence, fighting and magical skills. The redhead couldn’t even comprehend her ability to control blood—not of herself or others. The only thing that helped her through the test was her love for solving problems and her tactic skills. The results of her test were embarrassing, so badly so, that she hadn’t even been able to share them with her family.

    Repeatedly, she’d told herself she got in and needed to move on, to find a sense of buoyancy and take pride in the fact she made it, if even by a hair. It was hard despite her practicing every day since testing.
    The mocha colored wood against her forehead was cool and soft. She looked up, staring at the door frame hopelessly. She could walk in and take the test, so why was it so hard getting out of the dorm room and joining the others? With a shake of her head, Tetsu smacked her cheeks and shut her eyes tight.

    “I’m going to make friends, learn how to harness my Essence and…” She swallowed before exhaling slowly, “Make a difference.”
    Before she lost that pinch of strength, she grabbed her leather school bag and twisted the doorknob. A small breath and she was in the hallway, locking the door up behind her. The halls were nearly empty as Tetsu watched the other girls talking, making their way to Unity Hall.
    The redhead picked up her pace and continued on. The shaking in her knees was gone, and for that she was grateful. However she’d worked herself up, she didn’t know, but wasn’t going to be so bad.
    She blinked against the sunlight just beyond the exit.

    Upon nearing the entrance to the school, Tetsu’s ears were filled with the chatter and laughter of girls. It made her smile softly. At home it was always just her and her sisters. ’This really won’t be so bad!’ She thought.

    Recovering from the brightness of the sun, Tetsu noticed a girl sitting on the school steps, eating a tasty looking roll. Her stomach grumbled, and she involuntarily placed a hand on her waist, as she realized she forgot to eat breakfast.
    “Umm… sorry to bother you…” Tetsu approached the raven-haired girl, “May I ask, where did you get that?”
  4. She was staring at the marble white slabs for tiles that lined the entire perimeter of her room. It had been a courtesy of the shop owner who lived in the house next door and also runned the cafe where Amelia herself had started work for the past few weeks before the Unity Hall classes were to open. That would be today, and she knew there was going to be no way to keep the baker woman from forcing her out the door if need be. Not that she would allow her pride to be so extinguished. No, she would go by her own free will. Who cared what all the other girls would say about her? Who cared about where she was from? Who cared about her M.E.S? She did. No! She would not let such self defeating thoughts enter her mind today.
    Before she could decide otherwise, Amelia slipped on her shoes with the blue tips, slung on her camouflage print bag over one shoulder and with a flip of her bleached hair, marched determinedly out the door of her room and down the steps in perfect silence. Remash, the baker woman who ran the shop and had been her late mother's nanny, was already downstairs with a brown paper bag lunch on the counter with a mug of something that smelled spicy, even from here. They smiled at one another, wished each other a good day and then she was gone, out the door and only a few blocks from the noisy school that could be vaguely heard as she ran towards the gate. She loved how her body got warmer as the sun's light hit her skin and her blood rushed through her veins.
  5. The girl blinked and looked at the girl grabbing her wrist. She was shocked as she didn't expect to talk to anybody before she entered the school. "Um... I bought it at the bakery.. down the street. Over there.." She pointed at a street behind the girl. "Would.. you like half of mine?" She spoke nervously and with a Ranmaeli accent, she then looked up at the girl.
  6. When the raven haired girl had pointed to the bakery, Tetsu made a mental note. The roll looked delicious. Visiting this bakery would be a must for starting her day off tomorrow. It wasn’t what the other girl said next, but her accent stole that Tetsu’s attention immediately and she hesitated, “Are you from Ranmael?”

    Tetsu then proceeded to look up at the sky and frown before waving a hand dismissively, “Sorry if that was out of line or personal or…” She laughed lightly then at her unconventional behavior. ’I should just shut my big mouth now…’ She thought, gritting her teeth. Tetsu didn’t know much about Ranmael or their people and what was seen as rude. Being over presumptuous of a fellow student could very easily be taken that way. But her embarrassment passed when the notion that this girl might be eating alone because perhaps she hadn’t made any friends yet. After all, she was from another country.

    “I’m Kagutsu Tetsu,” She bowed, deep red braid flopping over her shoulder, “But Tetsu is fine.” She looked up with a sheepish grin.
  7. "Thank you, sensei!" she called over her shoulder as she ran. Her teacher shook his head in amusement as he watched her go. Just yesterday it seemed, she was a child who needed her hand held in everything. Now she only came for advice on the most advanced techniques. He thought back to when she had first arrived, a lost little duckling. The rain had dripped off her pale face, framed by sodden ponytails. She had been crying, and her nose was still red from the tears. She sniffled as he led her inside, out of the downpour. That tiny girl had become a daughter to him...

    His thought were interrupted by a the whisper of a blade slicing through the air. He whirled, dodging the blow. His attacker wore a mask and bodysuit of dark material. The figure swung at him again, and he ducked. His foot shot out in a fierce kick, but didn't connect as his enemy-

    Morrow nearly missed running into the two girls, managing to stop just short of walking around them. Her book flew out of her hands as she toppled forward. She hadn't been paying attention, walking with a book held open. She used to read and walk at home, but she knew her way around and rarely even stubbed a toe. "I'm sorry! I didn't see you, because I was reading and I normally can do that without falling but I guess not today..." she tried to explain unsuccessfully. She looked at the girls. One had black hair, and the other a deep red. Both wore Unity School uniforms like her own. "Sorry." she repeated, ducking her head. "I'm Morrow Kotoba. I usually don't meet people like this..."
  8. The raven haired girl giggled at the deep red haired girl. "It's quite alright Fraulein, I am-" Before she could finish another girl stumbled around her. "It's fine Fraulein, I don't meet people like this either. I am Kazuna Alcazar." She looked at both of them, "But you can call me Kaz". She smiled.
  9. The title Fraulein had echoed through the redhead’s mind; she’d never been called that before and it seemed so old fashioned, but it had a nice ring to it. Her attention was also pulled to the girl with light blue hair. Tetsu couldn’t help but take a glance at the book in her hand, quite curious. Once things got rolling, her hesitance grew less and less and Tetsu was able to center herself and engage. Aside from not munching down breakfast, the day had started off fairly good. She already managed to meet two pleasant, interesting girls.

    “I’m Kagutsu Tetsu, but Tetsu is fine.” She looked back and forth between her fellow students, “Nice to meet you, both of you.”

    Being the third child, she’d grown used to paving her own path. The eldest always had a way of creating a road for the others, and the second seemed to follow in suite, however, Tetsu had never been very good at accomplishing the same things as them or following their lead. And although she was close to her sisters, she had to find means of finding her own road. It was when the bell rang that she looked towards the school doors, “Oh! I guess it’s time.”
  10. "I guess so." Kaz stood up. "Here." Kaz pulled her roll in half and offered it to Tetsu. "Have you eaten?" Kaz looked at Morrow, offering the rest of her roll.
  11. Amelia had her head ducked down, concentrating solely on her feet as they softly pounded against the ground, listening carefully to her breathing to keep everything inside her in check. She finally slowed down to a brisk walk as the school bell went off, signaling to all students that the first hour of classes were starting soon. Up ahead were three girls standing on the steps, partially blocking the doorway without realising it. Most of the other girls didn't really seem to care though, just going around them. She, however, wasn't about to do that, seeing that keeping straight would be the fastest way. Not necessarily the safest or nicest way, but definitely the fastest. Picking up her speed again, she jogged directly at the trio until the very last second where she skipped neatly to the side, having come alarming close to stepping on the toes of the girl with raven black hair. She had only gone half a dozen strides though before knocking straight into the back of a girl with shoulder length white hair who seemed to be keeping to herself, despite the crowdedness of the hallways. Amelia muttered something that could of just as much been an apology as an insult, now being stuck at the same pace as the rest of the pupils.
  12. She was a special case. Homeless, without family, unique. They was tested her, prodded her, tried to make her remember but there was nothing there to remember. When that had failed they had trained her, helped her harness her power once again and give her a new life. Never once had she smiled, never once had she complained, and now as the car stopped outside of Unity Hall and the caseworker got out to set around and open her door Necrosia's eyes were staring blankly at the leather apholstry and she showed to interest in the school.

    Natasia, her case worker offered a hand. "Here we are, your new home. It's just opening up again after the... incident."

    Necrosia didn't move other than to adjust the front of he M.E.S. that was always in place and then place a hand on the softly glowing gem on her chest.

    "Come on Necrosia, we discussed this. Here you will continue your training, I'll be close by and moniteri..."

    "Why?" Her voice was soft, no excess energy wasted on the breath the propelled it out of her mouth.

    "We talked about this, you want to train don't you?"

    "No, not that. Why are you staying?"

    The smile faded slightly from Natasia's face and she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Because, you might need me if you remember something. I told you, you can think of be as your big sister."

    The corner of Necrosia's mouth twitched and she turned and stood and stepped out of the way of the car door as it slammed shut. "You're more than ready for this, the teachers already have the reports on you, they'll tell you where to go from here. Maybe you'll even make friends while you're here."

    "I am here to train. I do not eat, I do not drink, I do not sleep. Thank you for your concern Natasia but friends are for those who are still alive."

    She stepped forwards without prompting and passed through the gates into the school and the gathering of students one careful step at a time. There was no need to rush, there was no need to call attention to herself, there was no need to look anywhere but forwards. Maybe she wasn't ready...
  13. She had to think about the question. "Yes," she finally replied, once she had gotten to her feet. "But not this morning." She smiled at Kaz as she took the pastry. After a few bite, she thought to ask, "You did mean I could eat this, correct? I don't want to just knock people over and take their breakfasts." She glanced at Tetsu. "Or make them late for class. Do you think we'll be studying together?"
  14. She nodded. "Yes Fraulein, you can eat that, I already ate my fill. I hope we have the same classes." She looked at the school doors. "We should probably get going.."
  15. Another hollow growl rolled through to the bottom of her stomach, Tetsu took the offered pastry gratefully. She gave Kaz a ‘thank you’ just before a pale blond student almost ran into Kaz, then knocked into Morrow. The other girl muttered something, but Tetsu couldn’t make out what it was. She gave a quick glance around: they were sort of blocking the entrance. Despite hitting into Morrow, the blond had good maneuvers. She wondered if she was one of the prodigies at the school?

    “Are you okay?” Tetsu asked, to both Morrow and the blond. She realized then that she got distracted from Morrow’s question.

    Studying together would really fun. It was hard for her not to feel curious about the other girls. What were their skills? What kinds of magic did they possess? She thought about her lack of control, her failure to understand her Essence and wondered if they’d later find her inept and unworthy to attend Unity Hall. ’They’re much to nice to be like that!... Right?’
  16. Kaz looked at Tetsu, then at Morrow. "So, what kind of magic can you do? If you don't mind my asking."
  17. Amelia nodded slightly and adjusted the paper bag in her hands to make sure the drink hadn't spilt inside. It's hadn't, thankfully, although the bag had become quite hot. "I'm fine," she said eventually to the red haired girl that had asked. "Messed up my timing is all..." Another girl, the one who's toes she almost stepped on spoke up next, seeming to be curious on the other girls' powers. Amelia went silent again, looking impatiently at the crush of girls that were swarming around doors, trying to squeeze into class rooms, while actually listening to the trio, surprisingly curious as well. It was self defense, she reasoned with herself. The more you knew about someone, the more likely you could learn to get along with them. Or kill them. She twitched uncomfortably at the last thought, regardless of how true it was.
  18. Kaz’s question sent a tingle down Tetsu’s spine. Having the potential to manipulate blood wasn’t the most charming gift; however there was more to it than that, more that even the wielder herself didn’t understand. Perhaps she could make it sound prettier and less… creepy? Tetsu tilted her head as they walked, contemplating cool ways to explain her abilities. It really was hard when you didn’t know much about them to begin with. She moved along side the platinum chick and realized she was coming up on her homeroom. Would they be entering as well?

    “Well, I can…” as they walked and talked, they were upon the door, “Oh, this is me.” She opened the door with a twist of the knob and paused before stepping into class. Tetsu looked to the platinum blond, “I never got your name. I’m Kagutsu Tetsu, but please call me Tetsu.” For a first day, she’d done pretty good at meeting new girls.
  19. "What do you know, that's my homeroom class too." Kaz stepped in then turned to the "platinum" haired girl. "Be seeing you." She waved her good-bye.
  20. Getting bumped into wasn't all that surprising given how crowded it was and with all the girls excitedly darting around. The flood of young hopefuls here proved that there was many more magical girls around this time then the two hundred accepted into the very first class at Unity Hall. The school's standards have even been raised since then and yet more got in, showing that a lot of progress has been made in "making" and training magical girls far better then in the opening days of their existence. With the excitement of the re-opening, the school had apparently gotten so successful that it was now packed like sardines, but she expected that with the difficulty of the classes a lot of them would end up dropping out by the end and have to join the normal magical girl army. This wasn't a pleasure cruise if that's what some of the girls had in mind judging by the looks on their faces. There would surely be blood, sweat, and tears shed from every single girl here by the end of this ordeal.
    While distracted with her thoughts she got bumped into again from behind. Without looking behind her, she thought to herself, "Hmm...slightly taller chest height but not as tall as Ranmael...possibly...hmm maybe not as large as Ciol, probably a girl from Versai," she pondered to herself. As the girl who bumped into her mumbled something and darted in front of her, En'Shurra let out a knowing grin. "Bingo," she muttered to herself. The margin of error on her analysis was enough so that it could have steered her wrong, but it appeared like her breast observational studies hadn't failed her this time. "Wait, now's not the time for this. Let's 1-C. Here we go," she thought to herself as she maneuvered down the hallway. She heard the Altresian girl introducing herself to someone clearly from Ranmael in front of the doorway. Nice to see the different races getting along here, but they were blocking her way. Go get along somewhere else.
    "Pardon me," she said in a soft manner as she squeezed past the Altresian's front side. She wasn't waiting for her to get out of the way do to wanting to find a good seat near the back before it was taken by someone else.