Game of Thrones

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  1. New Episodes start TOMORROW


    Also, who is your favorite character from the series?
  2. [​IMG]

    This motherfucker. This little motherfucker right here.

    Tyrion is hands down the best character in the series. Entertaining, witty as fuck and well-rounded, it's awesome to see how he develops as the story progresses. I also love the way he and Bronn play off each other.

    Tomorrow it's my intention to watch as much Game of Thrones as possible leading up to the premier of Season Three, then watch the fuck out of that. Because fuck yeah, Game of Thrones.
  3. I second that. Tyrion is a BOSS on so many different levels.

    I like Jon Snow as well..but I think it's more I want to BE him than admiration for his character.
  4. I like Jon Snow, because he is so damned cute. >:[ That is the fangirl of me, though.

    Character wise, I have to agree about Tyrion. I just love that guy and how he's used his disadvantages and roughass life lessons.

    And... I like the Hound. o___o He's creepily weird...
  5. Isabellas like Tyrion too! he is cool.. all so Cersei because she is cute and evil!
  6. I hate Cersei. Absolutely hate. Would kill her I hate her that much.
  7. Arya, because, well, you know.

    Osha and Ygritte; just because you've never brushed your teeth or shaved ever, doesn't mean you can't be a sexy minx.

  8. Barristan Selmy's looking pretty juicy right now.
  9. Hey Hey Theon Greyjoy.
    Yeah, really. He's my favourite.

    Followed closely by Beric Dondarrien.
  10. I like Arya too. Perhaps I should try watching the tv series again, this is the third book that is being played now right? It is one of the better ones.
  11. I'm semi-new to this series, but I really like these two.

    Don't judge me. >:|
  12. I'm torn between Tyrion, Jon, Arya and Daenerys. D=
  13. The Mother of Dragons is my fav char.
  14. *grumps* I'm probably the only person on dis Earf who hates this show.
  15. Hi Fluffy, probably you are indeed
  16. Is it weird that Arya is my favorite?

    She just has so much spunk :P

  17. Ayra is a total beast.

    Also, the new episode last night. Geoffrey best watch is back cause he's about to get plaaaaaaaaayed. At least I think he is.
  18. Joffrey is the biggest douche ever.. Would like to invade Kings Landing and bring it's people into a socialist utopia! Ruled by Vandoosa's mostly benevolent dictator!
  19. Isabella should play the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2, because you can totally do something along those lines in that.

    Joffrey is a brilliantly evil character, and the guy who plays it deserves major kudos for portraying a villain so well.