Game of Thrones; Season 6 Trailer

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  2. yay I love GoT
  3. My life has meaning again.

    Even if the cliffhangers are better that the resolve I get from watching the show.
  4. I want so many people dead this season
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  5. *Can barely contain excitement*
  6. Frame by frame of the trailer

    Spoiler alerts for observations:

    -Looks like houses loyal to the Starks are siding with the wildlings against the Boltons. In those frames with the archers, it looks like House Umber's sigil, which is the house Rickon was sent off to with Osha before Bran went North of the wall.

    -Euron Greyjoy is standing on a rope bridge, which as book readers know, is how Balon Greyjoy falls to his death after a freak storm. This implies it might be Euron who murders his own brother.

    -Looks like a flashback sequence with someone wearing Kingsguard reminiscent armour with the Targaryen sigil on the breastplate fighting two Northmen. I'm going to go out of limb and say this is where Ned and Howland Reed fight Arthur Dane outside of the Tower of Joy and find Lyanna Stark on her death bed. This may be what confirms the R+L=J theory, and if it wants to fuck with our minds even more, R+L= Mira.

    -Kingsmoot? Kingsmoot. But where the hell are Naga's Ribs? Don't tell me they got lazy with set design.

    -The scene with all the soldiers standing in formation at the foot of the Great Sept are an armour we haven't seen before, but I'm going to assume they're Tyrell soldiers who want Margaery and Loras Tyrell back from the Sparrows.
  7. Nope! I refuse to believe Jon Snow is dead! REFUSE!

    All and all though, I'm totally pumped for the new season. I'm probably the only person in the world that wants to see Cerisei get her revenge, but that's because I want Arya to come sweeping in to chop her fucking head off just when the bitch thinks everything's going her way.

    This reminds me.....I really need to start reading the freaking books. I've got over a month, I can do it!
  8. It's okay I am only the person besides my husband who wants to see Sansa dead as a door nail
  9. Who here thinks that undead (I think) giant that Cersei was shown is actually Tywin Lannister?
  10. Look at Johnny boy come storming back from the dead to put the hurt on the boltons
  11. it's the mountain
  12. The Mountain, bro.

    Did you not catch all the weird necromancer shit Qybern was doing to him?
  13. I'm pleased by all the Davos in this trailer.
  14. That would explain the grunting.

    But then why would he need another special introduction like that? He never died or anything.
  15. Nope. I'd love to see Sansa bite the dust. Should have been her instead of Jon. I have no idea why everyone makes a fuss over her. She outright abandoned her family when her father was killed, then pretty much acted like a pathetic wuss ever since.
  16. But, he never died.
    What Necromancer shit? o_o
  17. Honestly I hated her the most before Eddard died.
    Because at the start she was nothing but a spoiled, arrogant brat who swooned over Joffrey just cause of his title.
  18. The hype is too real. I want it now. >:[
    Pfft, no way, that's The Mountain after going through Qyburn's fucked up ministrations. Just look how huge the guy is.
  19. right but close to death he got a bloodtransfusion
    OMG yes she basically told her family to die and go fuck themselves. Look they do. She crys boo hoo dumb whore, then she complains about being in the castle everyone says they take her but no she won't go then complains about it I hate her
  20. also I have a feeling the red Priestess will bring snow back he isn't dead at all. he has kings blood and she needs kings blood
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