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I was wondering if there was A) any FMA fans and B) if anyone wanted to do a roleplay durring a certian war.

State alchemists and all that. And no uber-powered or people who went through a certian transmutation. None of that.

Any takers? The plot is up to you guys.
Squeal! FMA<3 I take it we're not having to use the canon characters, aye? I'd love to try and pull together a good alchemist idea myself ^^ I've not got any real thought on plot though...
Yep. This is an alt-universe of it for all intents and purposes, King Bradley is an npc.

Kinda vietnam inspired I want to think.... eh.
FullMetal Alchemist is fun no matter the universe ^^ If this happens I'll probably go for some sort of ice/water alchemy mainly, since I've been abusing fire rather a lot recently. Plus I'm nowhere near qualified to have an ability reminiscent of Roy Mustang for my character. Think the same sort of lines as Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist, I take it that'd be allowed?

I'd not be doing the blood alchemy or anything that he displayed though.

Cripes, I'm too into this, innit?

*Burns anyone who says otherwise with his circle inscribed lighter.*

And its fine for me. Hell, we could play twins who constantly fight. That would be fun.
totally in, that is all, well and now i gotta find alchemy fonts to make my own transmutation circle.
well i speak Latin for one and it looks cool in fonts, and alchemical symbols are simply archaic elemental symbols, combined say, the main earth fire water air, give you control over nature, specify it to oxygen hydrogen and you have further control over more specific elements, add spark gloves and tada you have fire. That and i am a very artistic person, bulding the custom transmutation circle lets me think of how to build my char around his powers.
*Simple looks at all the info he put down and smiles and nods.*


Tight Mini-skirts?


I'm consider myself a cinematic person. In short, I get some pretty awesome images in my head that I sometimes just can't give justice to. Thank you MPD and Dislexia.

Anyway, just give me the character idea of your's and I might ok it. Alright? You still get your point though. If you have a really good idea... Well, IT LETS YOU RAIL ROAD IT DOWN MY THROAT! LIKE A BURNING FIRE! BURNING LOVE!

I really shouldn't listen to Roy Mustang tributes when I write...
NO TRANSMUTATION! *scribbles away* populus non secundum artes....
Translation please.

And awesome XC.

Anyone got plot ideas? Other than its set durring the Isbalian Civil War, You know, the bloody thing that Scar resulted from?
Ahahaha, tiny miniskirts~ How I love the Colonel and his weirdness ^^

As for transmutation circles, I'm afraid I rather suck at that sort of thing. I may borrow one from somewhere else if i can find something appropriate. Strangely enough, I've already got a character image and an idea of her main powers. There's a lot of random stuff kicking about my mind. Also, all this talk is making me want to go and rewatch Brotherhood. I may well do that today.
Alright. Do you like the twins idea? Faternal. Hehe..

And on that note... *Hits the knock out gas and passes out.*
Hmmmm sounds interesting and im in a few too little rps.

*thinks of an alchemist type*

Hmmmmm. I think my alchemy will revolve around metal and electricity! I wanna be the TECHNO ALCHEMIST!!!

*puts on rave outfit for the pun*
Hmm, it really would depend on what age you're planning on having your character. I'm leaning towards late teens or early twenties, doesn't seem too odd by the standards of the colonel's team. I do like the idea of sibling conflict though, plus the opposing elements could be entertaining in a fight.

Lol @ Laha and his rave outfit, but that sounds like a pretty neat combination to use ^^

And maybe my girl can wear the tiny miniskirts as tribute to the canon Roy Mustang.
If you provoke me with that mini skirt i shall use all the tech in the world to get nonstop panty shots!
Haha, this is the reason Mustang wants them. I'll see how it'd fit with the character when I fine-tune her, I'm just getting basics down while they're fresh in my head. If we're looking at combat then she's probably gonna be wearing highly modified stuff to move around in. Mini and a uniform top with the sleeves hacked out maybe.

Anyway, I should stop speculating til I get basics done ^^

I came back on for just that.

Also, early 20s are fine. They won't be the focus... But somehow he always gets called upon when dealing with ammo dumps...

Maybe he likes to make things go boom.