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  1. Summer in Arendelle kept the entire kingdom warm to the point where most of the occupants could be seen playing at the beach or staying in doors for the cool. The only occupant who was able to stay cool the entire summer was Olaf, who was often seen playing with the younger children - running around and playing games with them. Under Queen Elsa's careful rule, trading among other kingdoms and communication had never been better. It was difficult to believe that the Snow Queen had once set an eternal winter and fled to lock herself away into total isolation.

    An isolation that I don't like to think about, Elsa thought to herself as she put a hand against the glass window in deep thought. She some times had nightmares still of that isolation. Elsa had been free, but she had also been alone. She was so thankful that Anna had brought back her sister, but the thought of being completely alone forever in that ice castle, with no one to love or care for her- what if the citizens turned against? She still wore the gloves, she could lose control at any second! What if she used her powers for manipulation? Elsa could destroy the entire kingdom with just one wrong move-

    Gasping sharply as she realized ice had started to grow around her, she hastily returned her gloves to her hands in hopes that the gloves might stop it. It didn't. Elsa took a deep breath, get a grip...that won't happen. And indeed, the ice melted away, but the fear was still there as her worried blue orbs looked over some papers and she reseated herself once more behind her desk.

    Elsa spent a couple more hours looking over plans, rolling her eyes at a letter from the Duke of Weselton - the man was persistent, that was for certain. Before she knew it the moon was in the sky and darkness was shrouding her office beside the fire that came from her lamp. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and stretched, finally deciding to call it a night. She extinguished the light and headed for the door, she had just grabbed the handle when she heard something behind her.

    Whirling around, her blue orbs swept the room carefully, the moon being her only light as she tried to find the noise, "Olaf? Anna?" She called out, when there wasn't a response though, she opened the door, the light in the hallway giving her better light to look - but she saw nothing. Frowning, she left, closing the door behind her and heading for her room. She shut the door to her bedroom after pocking her head in on Anna's room, she changed into pajamas and then crawled into bed, pulling the blankets to her chin. She stared at the light from the window, fixated on the light as her eyes slowly drooped closed as though clinging to hope. Hope that her dreams wouldn't be nasty ones once more.
  2. Pitch watched the young queen as she slept in her bed. He had kept an eye on her for many years, waiting for her to break beneath her fears. It had been so close. But then her innocent little sister saved her. Pitch hadn't backed away though, he knew he could build up that fear inside her again. It was just a matter of time. Those powers of hers could be of great use for him. After all, what goes together better than cold and dark. He had missed his chance with Jack Frost, but maybe that was to prefer. After all, with a bit of help, Elsa's powers could probably become much greater than that foolish little winter spirit's.

    A nightmare took form in his hand as he stood over her. Eventually she would be able to see him, and once that happened, the game would begin. The nightmare entered Elsa's dreams, fears spreading through her mind. Dreams of Arendelle freezing, and with it the people, and Anna as she whispered in her last breath "How could you."

    "This time I won't loose." Pitch chuckled as he looked out the window at the moon. This time it would be his victory.
  3. Elsa's blonde brows furrowed at the reoccurring nightmare in her sleep. Her hands clutched to the blankets as though clutching them for warmth as she tried to reason even within the nightmare that it was just a dream. But the moment she saw Anna, her sister's hair slowly turning blonde and her own skin crystallizing before her made Elsa gasp. Ice and snow spiraling around her and her bed as she whimpered in her sleep softly. People, children, even Olaf all freezing around her and Elsa all alone-

    "No!" Elsa sat up from her sleep, looking around her at the ice before curling her knees into her chest and starting to cry softly. Fear will be your enemy. There's so much fear. Peeking around her room carefully, Elsa wiped away her tears. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end and she scooted closer to her head board, desperately looking into the darkness for some sort of sign of the feeling. "You're being old are you," Elsa tried to scold herself to snap out of it, but the fear was still there, her heart racing was still there. Who's going to show up? The bogeyman? Elsa attempted at reason in her mind, but her body wouldn't listen to reason.
  4. Pitch was standing hidden in the shadows. Her fear filled him, and he felt how her inner shield started to crumble. Maybe this was the night.

    "Nightmares?" He asked her with a chuckle. He was hoping for a response. She didn't have to believe completely, just the tiniest thought of his existence might give him room to speak to her, and if heard, then he might also be seen. "It's not just silly dreams, you know what you did. And what will one day happen again. If you stay here, they will all be in danger." He warned her from the shadows. Even if she couldn't see her yet, or hear her yet, those warnings was still etched into her nightmares. 'Just a matter of time' He thought with a grin.
  5. Her eyes widened at the voice, "who's there?" She called out warily. She'd been having these nightmares for weeks now, and now she was hearing voices? Clamping her hands over her ears as though to hide herself she closed her eyes tightly as she thought of Anna being Frozen, the image of her hurt face yelling at her for freezing the others, if it happened it was an accident, Anna would understand. Elsa even saw her father's disappointed look and his voice, you weren't supposed to let them in. You couldn't let them know. Burrowing herself into her covers she attempted to sleep again, but almost any noise had her bolting up in bed again. And she didn't want to sleep and have yet another nightmare, she hugged her pillow to her head as her mind raced with her different options, maybe she should go into Anna's room? Being with Anna might help.

    Elsa sat up in bed again, her eyes roaming the area warily for any sign of a person before kicking off the blanket and slowly stepping on the ground so she could head for her bedroom door.
  6. Finally. Pitch smirked in the shadows as Elsa responded. He had finally gotten through.

    "Do you really want to go to her when you are like this? You will only end up hurting her." He warned the young queen as she went for the door. It didn't take a genius to figure out that she were about to seek comfort from her sister. "And then they will blame you. How could they possibly understand your burden?" He continued as he stepped out from the shadows behind her. "They will never accept you."
  7. Elsa had only reached for the door handle when the voice spoke once more,t his time she blindly shot ice in a random direction, completely missing him as she pressed her back to the wall, her blue eyes sweeping her room a second time for the source as she forced herself not to panic. The thought that there was something there, she knew something was there in her room was what finally revealed Pitch to Elsa's eyes.

    "Who are you," Elsa demanded, trying to sound strong as she spoke, "who let you in here?"
  8. Pitch glanced at the ice Elsa had tried to aim at him. "You let me in, by accepting my existence." He explained even though it would be impossible for Elsa to understand just from that. "I have always been beside you. Ever since you were a child, ever since you were forced to hide yourself from the world. From your sister. I have seen your pain and fear through all these years." Not a single world were false, as the boogeyman, he would always be with her as long as she feared. And which human was ever completely fearless?

    "You have gone back to where you started. Afraid, and alone. They can't understand the gift you have. And the smallest mistake will make them turn on you. It has already happened once." He knew she might not listen to him immediately, but he had time. He was an immortal being after all.
  9. The Enchantress scrunched her eyebrows together as he spoke cryptically to her, her frown deepening as she pressed her back to the door, keeping her distance from the man. He had said he had always been there, and her gaze immediately moved around her room, as though she might be able to spot a trap door that he had entered from or where he spied on her, to see if his words were true. This room after all had always been her room, ever since she moved out of Anna's room when she was just eight. And how else could he have known that? It wasn't as though Anna and Elsa spoke about Elsa's hiding days, she held her hands close to her chest as though protective of them as she shook her head.

    "No, no you're lying! Anna came after me once, she forgave me once, she'd do it again," Elsa yelled at him, though it sounded more like she was trying to forgive herself. Anna could forgive her, but what the people that she had learned to care about in her rule? She bit her lip nervously, before realizing she never caught his name, "Who are you? Why are you here?"
  10. Everything was going just as planned. He knew Elsa was doubting her own words, and he would use every ounce of doubt to his advantage. "She might forgive you, but what about everyone else? Would they dare to trust you if you did another mistake? Even if they forgive you, even if Anna forgives you. Why do you think they're doing it? Because they understand you? Because they know you didn't mean it? No.. They're afraid. And they're keeping up the facade so that you won't hurt them. They don't understand." He told her, before he paused for a second. "I am Pitch, Pitch Black. And I am here to help you." He then continued to tell her.

    She didn't have to listen to him immediately, that was just to be expected. But eventually she would realize that she couldn't stay among the others, that she were too dangerous. And then she would leave. Lonely and frightened, whom else would she be able to turn to than the only one knowing of her troubles? Pitch Black. And as he slowly gained her trust, he would also gain her powers.
  11. Elsa frowned as Pitch continued to speak, how did he know all of this? Were people truly afraid of her? She thought she was ruling with a kindness that showed people that she wasn't the heartless enchantress she was thought to be? He finally introduced himself, Pitch Black. She frowned at him, finally having enough of him as she opened her door and pointed down the hallway, "Well, Mr. Black, I don't know how you got in here but I suggest you remove yourself." Elsa demanded firmly, if scared by him she'd probably throw ice and bolt into Anna's room in an attempt at some sort of safety.
  12. Pitch chuckled, never had anyone called him Mr. Black. "Of course, if you want me gone I'll leave. But remember, if you'd need me, it's just to call." He told her as he entered the shadows and disappeared from her sight. There was no need to push her, he had already done that mistake with Frost. Time was the key, and she needed some more of it. He already had her where he wanted her, so there was no way he would loose her now.

    He had been quite lucky, or maybe unlucky depending on how you saw it. If she had called the guards then she would have noticed that no one else could see him. It could work for him, but it might also be a disadvantage if she thought he was only a work of her imagination. So that revelation could wait for a while until she might accept him as real even though others say differently.
  13. She watched him disappear, unable to stay in her room though she fled into Anna's room. Her sister was sound asleep but didn't object as Elsa childishly slipped into bed beside her sister and curled into her shoulder with a sigh. Her sister's very presence relaxing Elsa once more into a semi-peaceful sleep. In the morning she would have to explain to Anna in embarrassment that she had a nightmare before she returned to her room, warily looking around for Pitch. When she didn't find him, she dressed into one of her dresses and pulled her hair into a bun and prepared for her day.

    Pitch's words couldn't escape her mind though with every responsibility she fulfilled. As she met with each citizen to help settle differences and come up with a proper solution, she wondered just how much they feared her. Were they truly only allowing her to rule out of fear? Would her actions truly not be as easily forgiven as her sister had forgiven her? Was everyone afraid of Elsa accidentally hitting someone with ice in their chests? She would be ran out of the Kingdom if she did, forced to officially live in isolation. And what of her sister? She would probably follow her, could she honestly force Anna out of the Kingdom with her?

    Maybe you should step down...before something bad does happen. Anna would be a better queen, Elsa mused to herself as she stared outside a window.

    "Elsa," Anna's voice cut her off and Elsa whirled around, smiling with relief, "are you okay? Are you sick?"

    Anna placed a hand on Elsa's forehead, she smiled and took the hand away, "No, I'm fine. Just...thinking."

    "Come on, let's go do something fun. We haven't done anything fun in a long time," Anna insisted with a smile, pulling at her sister's hand. Elsa followed. The two walked through the Kingdom and past the gates, enjoying the summer and the peace. Elsa was still pondering what Pitch had said when a firm hand had grabbed her, the image of Pitch touching her made her yelp in fright as she put her hand out just to push the person away, but ice immediately spiked from the ground at the movement making the man jump back in alarm and some of the citizens gasp in alarm.

    "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Elsa said, diminishing the ice quickly as she stared at the shocked man, "I-I, you surprised me was all."

    The man looked at her a moment and then said, "maybe another time, my Queen."

    "No, now's a good time," she assured, but the man was already running. She looked at everyone else's faces who looked worried and a bit afraid. Elsa pushed her bangs back in a bit of panic before hastily returning to the castle and locking herself in her office as quickly as possible to be alone. Did he want this? Or was Pitch only trying to warn me..? Elsa wondered in confusion as she sat in the chair, ice growing around her as she continued to worry.
  14. He knew that it would eventually happen, but not that it would be so quickly. But what a great scene he had witnessed. Given, Pitch had fueled the mans fear a tiny bit, but even without that he would have at least backed away. Those silly humans couldn't help but being scared, but they also forgot and forgave quickly. He just had to make sure Elsa didn't notice that last part.

    "They're only humans, they can't help but fear what they don't understand." Pitch told her, with a slightly sad tone to his voice, as he stepped out from the shadows. The eyes grew around Elsa just as it had so many times before in times of doubt and worry. He knew her emotions way too well.

    "And you can't do other than hurt them." He finished. She might get angry, she might become furious with him, but anger and fear would show her how little control she had over her powers. And that would only make her realize that she couldn't stay where breakable, vulnerable humans were. Because she was the greatest threat to their safety.
  15. Once more the man from last night appeared to her and made her jump in her seat, she was panicking already, ice crawling around her feet as she stared at him with wide eyes. She narrowed her blonde eyebrows, her first reaction was indeed anger as snow started to swirl around in the room as she yelled at him, "I can control it! You don't know what you're talking about!" She snapped and pointed at him accusingly, "you had something to do with it, didn't you?" Part of her reasoned that that was complete nonesense, he had been nowhere in the area when she had freaked out. She pushed back her bangs nervously and hugged herself, the snow swirling faster, ice crawling up windows and trapping Elsa in the room and keeping others out. She clenched her fist, projecting her hate onto Pitch was a lot easier though.
  16. Pitch raised a questioning eyebrow at her accusation. "How could I possibly have had anything to do with it. I'm not in control of your powers, nor of their human minds." He defended himself. It was amusing to see his plans going forward faster than expected, and he barely had to do anything to make fate turn to his favor.

    The ice was covering the room at a very fast pace. If Pitch had been human he would probably escaped immediately, but he had his shadows so escaping if she, against all odds, could become a threat to him wasn't hard. "You're in complete control I see. And what would happen if anyone else saw this... control of yours." He motioned his hand around the room, making his point clear. "Do you honestly believe they would stay? You saw it yourself. They don't believe in you." His voice almost sounded pained, as if he actually were saddened for her. "How could they? When not even you can believe in yourself."
  17. Her shoulders fell as he pointed out the truth, he was right - he hadn't done anything at all. Elsa bit her lip as well as he gestured to the ice, as though seeing it for the first time as she jumped from her seat and looked around, ice thickening as she started panicking at the mention of some one else seeing this. He sounded sympathetic to her, part of her was yelling at her to think logically, she didn't know this person. It would be just like falling in love with someones he just met, trusting a person that just showed up out of the blue? But everything he was saying was true, her chest tightened at her own conflicted feelings as she eyed Pitch warily with uncertainty.

    "W-what should I do," she asked more to herself, could she make this right? Was there a way to make this right? Part of Elsa wanted her younger sister in that instance, someone to help her understand and comfort her. But then the last person she wanted to see was Anna at that point, she didn't want her younger sister to see her like this. "What can I do," she asked as she started pacing in a defeated tone. Completely forgetting about Pitch for a moment as she looked out the icy glass at the Kingdom, some citizens looking at the castle with worry, but worry for what? Her? Or of what she could do?
  18. For every minute that went by, he seemed to get closer and closer towards his goal. The young queen would soon not dare to stay, and once she had left her kingdom, he would be able to use her as he wished. Because who else than him would she then be able to turn to?

    "As long as you stay here, all you can do is hurt. If not others, then yourself." He reminded her as he also looked out of the window, knowing that no one else could see him. All the worried eyes that stared up towards the window would turn into stares of fear in the girl's mind. It was a beautiful sight. "Is it worth it?" He asked her, trying to make it seem like she had a choice, even though he were manipulating her into choosing one direction rather than the other.
  19. Her breath hitched at the sight and she moved away from the window as though it burned, she looked at Pitch with teary eyes as she thought of leaving Olaf and Anna. But she didn't want to hurt anyone. She shook her head to his last question, removing her crown from her head and resting it on her desk gently. Would Anna understand? Should she write her a letter telling her not to come after her? No, she'd come anyways.

    Inhaling deeply, Elsa ran from the room, yanking open the ice covered door with ease and racing down the hallway. Some maids and knights greeted her but looked at her with worry, but all she saw was fear as she descended the stairs by two and then ran out the front door. "Queen Elsa?" Citizens questions worriedly, but once more all Elsa could see was fear as she hastily ducked around people and ran, where could she go though? She slammed into a body, the two falling, she had made it outside the gates, but hadn't been watching where she was going.

    A gentle hand helped her up, "Queen Elsa? What's wrong," Kristoff's voice asked gently, Elsa tried to run but Kristoff held onto her more firmly, concerned for his girl friend's sister, "Hey, did you and Anna get in a fight? Elsa?"

    "I have to go," Elsa forced out, trying to pull herself free physically.

    Kristoff held firmly, "go where? I'll go with you-"

    "No," Elsa said quickly, Kristoff looked at her worriedly and finally Elsa hugged him. Kristoff relaxed his hold and instead hugged her back. "Take care of her, Kristoff," Elsa whispered, she took his surprise as the oppurtune moment to run again, Kristoff calling after her as she ran into the forests. She had been heading towards her ice castle...but Anna would think to go there first, instead she stayed in the forest. Running until she couldn't run anymore and fell to her knees, covering her face with her hands so she could cry, ice and snow quickly surrounding the Enchantress protectively as she sobbed quietly.
  20. Pitch smirked as Elsa ran, he knew he had succeeded. He kept watching from the window and soon saw the queen run out of the castle. The boy she ran into worried the nightmare king a bit, if he said the wrong things Elsa might decide to stay. But she didn't. Once she had released herself from Kristoff's arms she continued to run through the forest. Pitch had finally won.

    With an malicious laugh he entered the shadows. He wouldn't go after her immediately, that would be foolish. She would need time, she would have to realize how much loneliness would tear on her heart. But at the same time she would know that she couldn't go back. And that's when he would be there to help her. Everything was going as planned.


    Jack Frost was far from the cold countries he were used to be in during that time of the year. He had gotten into a fight with his fellow guardian Bunny just some hours earlier, and at the moment he just wanted to be alone. It would have been too easy for the others to find him if he had gone to Antartica or any other cold place. He wasn't sure if they were searching for him, but he knew that Tooth worried too much and probably would want to talk to him if she knew about what had happened.

    As he walked around in the deserted forest he suddenly could hear something. It sounded as if somebody cried. A girl. Maybe it was his brotherly instincts that kicked in as he fast flew towards the sound. There in the middle of nowhere he found her. A girl surrounded by ice and snow which seemed to still be growing. Did she have the same powers as him? Was she a spirit?

    "Hello? ... Can ... Can you hear me?" No response. So she was human. And obviously too old to believe in Jack Frost. There was barely any children believing in him either so he shouldn't be too surprised. He sighed frustrated. What could he do if she didn't even see him?

    Then he remembered Jamie. "Well, it's worth a try." He whispered to himself. He didn't really think about making her believe in him, he just wanted to cheer her up as he had done with Jamie. He created frost on a tree beside him and started to shape it into a small snowman. Then he made it walk up to the crying girl. Jack might not be able to show the girl his concern, but he might be able to do so through his creations. The small frost-snowman patted the girls arm and gave her a confused look, as if to ask 'why are you crying?'. He just hoped he wouldn't scare her away.
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