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  1. It's the year of 1866

    The year when frontier is booming everywhere along the American plains. The year when gold mining is most prospectors favorite pastime. The year when lawbringer and outlaw dukes it out as the town bells rung the 12th time. The year when having a homestead means you're one of the rich guy around.

    It is also the year when the modernization started as well. Coal mining, trains, train tracks, those stuffs, along with the more advanced guns and rifles. It is when the railroad tracks started to be build across the American plains, connecting most of the territory around, and is a much better alternative than the Oregon trail.

    Now then, on to OUR story. Our story begins in one of the frontier on the territory of Kansas, named Crystal Spring. It's one of the newly built frontier, only having one blacksmith, one general store, one saddler, one butchery, 3 tavern, one hotel, and one lawbringer office. It's still a small, but the founder, J.J. Smith, is one of the most ambitious one around. A shame that he actually spends most of his time back in New York, constantly telegraphing the expansion order and stuffs. Well it doesn't matters much anyway.

    The Frontier itself has everything you need to survive every single day. A gold mine not far from it, steady supply of fresh water from the river, nearby forest to hunt or gather foods, or the mountains near as well, if you're feeling like hunting some mountain animals, or outlaws. The general store provides most of your everyday needs, the blacksmith will take care of your guns and melee weapons, the saddler will take care of all for your horse's needs, and makes the saddle as well, along with some other leather goods, the butchery can give you some golds in exchange for a livestock, and vice versa, and the telegraph booth is not that far as well.

    Well now that we're here, why not enjoy the life in the wild west?

    Old John's Blacksmith
    Located near the edge of the town. Actually a blacksmith, but for some reason there's also a gunsmith residing here. The gunsmith and the blacksmith actually works together, which is probably why the two of them is in one place.

    Wesley and Winston's General Store
    Located near the taverns. It's 2 building that was merged into one. Provides utensils and material, both for cooking and for not cooking. Also known to stocks up some rare stuffs every month.

    Dan's Saddler
    Located next to the blacksmith. One of the staff that works here actually knows how to treat horses, which is why people also come here to have their horse treated, for a price of course. They also sell horse care products, aside from the whole saddler stuffs.

    The three tavern is located close to each other, with the Royal Flush is around 3 building away from the other 2. The other 2 is located across each other.

    Howling Jackal Tavern
    The place where you get drunk and hammered. Provide cheapest booze around, but the food is pretty much bad. The booze also known to be homemade, therefore have more knocking power than usual booze.

    The Cactus Tavern
    The 'normal' tavern. People came to this place to eat and drink. The food is definitely the best in town, albeit only above average. The drink choices is much more 'innocent' than the other tavern, therefore not many people come here to drink.

    Royal Flush Tavern
    Rather than a tavern, this place deserve to be called a gambler's den. J.J. Smith decided to make a tavern solely for the purpose of gambling, and from that idea came Royal Flush. Most gambler goes here to gamble their money away, along with drinking some quality alcohol. Everything they served here is on a whole different level of quality than the other two tavern, and also on a whole different price as well. The security here is also strict, having 4 guard everyday, albeit the size of the tavern isn't that much different than the other 2.

    Jackal's Butchery
    Located on the edge of the town, but not close to the blacksmith. Has a small fenced area to keep the to-be-butchered livestock or livestock (or horses) that people frequently drop there to be looked after while they're out of town.

    Haight Ranch

    Crystal River
    Named by J.J. himself, due to the fact that the river is pretty clean, and the surroundings plants flourish as well. J.J. placed a strict rules to not dirty the river in any case. He also named the frontier due to this. The river itself is pretty clean due to the fact that the water came directly from the mountain. Located on the east of the frontier, around 30 minutes walk from the frontier.

    Mount Stalwart
    J.J. also named the mountain. It's a series of not-so-high mountains that's located south of the frontier, around 3 hour horseback from the frontier. The valley often houses bandits.

    Forest of Hunters
    Named by the locals. Houses few gold mines, most of them still brimming with golds, some is even untouched. The reason of that is because that the forest's inhabitant is not so very welcoming. Either the indians, the bandits, or animals. Located through the river, 1 hour horseback from the river.

    Cig's Surgeon
    A clinic ran by Montisque Ciggen, or more familiarly called Dr. Cigs. Located near the center of the frontier, so most people can reach it easily. Despite being small in size, the clinic rarely looks empty.

    The only school around these parts. People in the frontiers rarely have the chance to get a proper education, to their situation being somewhere in the large plains of Wild West. Run by the mayor's daughter, Elizabeth, herself. Located not too far from the town hall, around the greener part of the town.​

    *No limit of character, just make sure all of them, i repeat, ALL OF THEM are active
    *If you want your character to become a couple with another person's character, please discuss it with them here, or PM, just don't just pairs it.
    *Cursing and swearing is allowed, but please keep it to minimum.
    *Please, by all mean, use english. It's fine if you got the grammar wrong, as long as it's understandable.
    *Fighting is allowed, but no killing other character unless discussed first.
    *In the RP, if your character is having a conversation with another, please wait until they post. If they are offline, you can edit earlier dialogue into something that can have your character do something else. Monologue is fine, but get too far with it.
    *No god-modding, meta-gaming, and power-gaming, play fair here
    *If you going to post your 'Act' please make it as long as possible. I don't want to see like; "X eats lunch" then post. Try to make a whole story involving your character and the current situation.
    *Don't stray from the current plot, and if you have idea on how the story advances, post here
    *Rules is not final, it could be added, deleted, or changed.
    *Time-skip is not allowed until i acknowledge it

    Elizabeth "Liz" Steele; Freelancer
    Buck Maston; Bounty Hunter
    Victoria "Tori" Chanes; Gunslinger
    Sid North; Leader of the Bloodshot
    Elora Haight; Owner of the Haight Ranch
    Ituha Santanta - Henry Day; Ranch Hand at the Haight Ranch
    Dr. Cigs; The Doctor
    Enrique 'Chuco' Armando Ortis; Hired Hand
    Elizabeth 'Eliza' Jane Grayson; Teacher
    Carmen 'Jewel' Elana Del'Vega; Saloon Girl at the Royal Flush
    Running Wolf; Indian Outlaw
    Austin Marsh; Ex-Train Robber
    Jane Pritchett; Bounty Hunter
    Antoniette Hinges; Bar Maiden
  2. Application Form:

    (try to make it as historically accurate as possible. I don't want to find any semi-automatic stuffs)(melee weapon can also be included, or can be forged by the blacksmith)
    General Appearance:
    (Paragraphs or Picture)(Picture preferred)(Mix is allowed)
    Detailed Appearance: (some details that the pic misses)
    Clothes and Garments: (paragraph or picture, both works)
    Job: (Are you a prospector? A cowboy? The sheriff? Put on any jobs here if you want to. Note that there can only be one sheriff in town)
    Short-Bio: (Not a must, but it's better to have one)​

  3. Elizabeth Steele
    Elizabeth "Liz" Steele



    Engraved 6 chamber Smith & Wesson .32 Rimfire, Henry Lever Action Rifle with mounted scope, and a pair of dagger.

    Laid-back and happy-go-lucky. Tend to hide her girly side and replace it with a crude boyish side that looked more like a tomboyish girl than a boy. Generally lazy and tends to do something just for the fun of it. Liz have a strong sense of justice however, and won't just stay still if she witnesses someone breaking the law. She's really lazy, but if she actually tried to do it, she would actually succeeded in doing it.

    General Appearance:

    Detailed Appearance:
    Her breast is much flatter, while her hair looks grayer than in the picture.

    Clothes and Garments:
    The usual man wear. Black trousers, dark blue shirt, leather jacket, and a scarf that covers left half of her body. She's also usually seen wearing a cowboy hat to covers her face.

    Freelancer, doing whatever she likes, when she likes it. Mostly a cowboy job thou, since prospecting isn't such a job for a woman.

    There's nothing much to know about Liz. She was born in Oregon, and lived her life as a nomad like her parents, way before the railway tracks was accepted. Both of her parents was killed on a raid on their caravan while heading to Kansas, leaving the young Liz alone with the caravan driver, unarmed and penniless. Seeing that she won't survive long in the wild, the driver decided to put her in an orphanage in frontier somewhere in Nevada. In that orphanage, Liz grew up admiring the cowboy that came and go through the frontier. When she was old enough to ride a horse, Liz decided to take on the cowboy life.
    It wasn't a pleasant life though, due to the fact that she's a girl, and she's still young and inexperienced. After several occasion of being raided, mugged, robbed, kidnapped, and attacked, she managed to survive the wild, and arrived at Crystal Spring. In Crystal Spring, Liz managed to learn a lot of things that she needed to survive as a cowboy, or a cowgirl in this case, under the tutelage of J.J. Smith himself, back then when he was still the sheriff.
    The engraved peacemaker and the winchester rifle was actually a gift from J.J. Smith himself, as a reward for helping him taking down a group of outlaw raiding the frontier.
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  4. Name/Nickname: Buck Maston

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Single action Colt .45 on his right hip.
    Browning Bolt Action .22 and a break action double barrel Shotgun on his back

    Personality: Buck is a very short and gruff individual. He tends to lookout for himself mainly and only interacts with others when he has to. If he does speak to other at any length he tends to have a very dry sense of humor and doesn't take to pleasantries or small talk well. He is, however, a decent person at heart. He always tries to do what's right and while he may not help everyone he comes across, he won't let anyone suffer needlessly if he can help it.

    General Appearance:

    Detailed Appearance:
    He always has a scruffy appearance no matter how often he shaves (which is rarely).

    Clothes and Garments: Brown flat brimmed hat. Red poncho over a brown duster. White undershirt. Tattered tan pants and tanned cowboy boots.

    Job: Bounty Hunter

    Short-Bio: Buck was raised as a rancher since birth. Joined the military at an early age and was dishonorably discharged at 20 when he refused to kill an innocent civilian for refusing to give up her father to the authorities. Since then he has wandered around as a bounty hunter to make ends meet.

  5. Victoria Chanes

    Name/Nickname: "Tori"


    Gender: Female

    Weapon: Twin Smith & Wesson Scofields that she keeps in holsters at her hips, double barrel shot gun slung behind her back, simple combat knife hidden in her boot

    Personality: Tori is a loud and boisterous individual. She is often called childish which she can be. When in work mode she becomes very focused. Has her own set of morals when it comes to right and wrong. She enjoys drinking men twice her size under the table, will never refuse a drinking contest or a gunfighting one. Likes to unnerve quiet or soft spoken individuals. Do not try and rip her off uses you want to look down the business end of her "babies"
    General Appearance: image.jpg

    Detailed Appearance: She has a mole under her left eye and very light freckles.

    Clothes and Garments:
    see picture except she wears her button up undershirt normally, so it covers her stomach and most of her cleavage. She also wears a movable pair of blue fitted pants and brown boots.

    Job: Gunslinger

    Short-Bio: Tori's father was a well known outlaw and taught Tori everything she now knows. Tori, didn't want to be in the gang with her father. She was sick of just being Chanes "pretty blue eyed daughter" so she struck it out on her own. She earns her coins now as a hired gun. She's known for hanging out at the tavern waiting for something interesting to kick up.
  6. ~WANTED~


    Sid North
    Goes by 'Ember'
    Duel Colt Navy Revolvers and a stolen cavalry sword, often heated up or dipped in poison.
    Always carries bottles of flammable liquid and a matchbox to light them. Also known to use dynamite in dire situations.
    Clever, manipulative, and holds no value over human life. Will do anything to achieve his goals, even if that means burning down a town or throwing his own men into certain death. A psychopath and a pyromaniac, loves to watch buildings and people be reduced to ashes. Very particular about who he trusts and quick to deal out a death penalty. Also has a certain air of superiority that he will kill a man to maintain.
    General Appearance:
    Black leather boots with gold spurs and a black cowboy hat. Not quite as handsome as this artist makes him out to be, has burn scars all over his body and running down the side of his face with the patch. Missing several teeth.
    Leader of the 'Bloodshot' bandit group.
    Past life unknown. Started his criminal life with a bang by holding up a gold mine then killing all of the miners by torching them. The Bloodshots were quickly formed from outlaws and nomads with promises of immense wealth. He now keeps them at gunpoint with a constant threat of being murdered purely at random. Now looks upon Crystal Spring with intentions of taking it over and having the residents work in the mines like slaves.

    If this dude is problematic with any of the preplanned plot please inform me. He also won't be constantly in my posts and I'll have a town resident up soon.
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  7. Name: Elora Haight
    Age: 65
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: keeps a lever-action rifle in the house, but normally goes out with a small revolver
    Personality: An opinionated woman, but not unbending. She is wise to reason and careful with whom she shares her thoughts for reason of past betrayal. She seems to some a stubborn old woman, but others see a sadness and melancholy in her, which is true. She misses living in town and being around people. It would be the best thing for her to go back, but there is much work to be done on the ranch and she isn't ready to leave it to her last son. He has much to learn.
    Appearance (open)
    Appearance (open)

    Elora has long silver-gray hair which is usually half tied back with a wooden clip and needle. She wears a long skirt and tall boots, tied up with a brown belt with a white button-up shirt.

    Job: Ranch owner
    Short-Bio: Elora inherited the Haight Ranch from her late husband. Many children ran around their 160 acres at one time, but there were a few deaths to cough and tuberculosis, to accident. One son still works on the farm, Abraham Haight, though Elora does not plan to relinquish ownership of the ranch to him soon. A daughter is married in another town and does not call on her mother often. Now only a handful of hired hands help her work the fields. In her youth, she was never a secluded woman, always loved to laugh and live with others, but life hasn't given her to that way. She goes into town with her wheat and corn and sometimes live animals for sale, but ultimately minds her own.

    Name: Ituha Santanta - Henry Day
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: tomahawk, large knife
    Personality: Ituha in his current situation has been very quiet. He doesn't say much when he talks, which initially led to men thinking him stupid, though he quickly proved them wrong by figuring the jobs out one after another. He harbors an anger which most of the time he works very hard to keep in. At night, alone in the barn where he sleeps, he paces back and forth thinking about the things that anger him and what to do. He is stuck in a limbo. Not quite healed and owing debts to more than one. This inactivity and captivity bother him most.

    Appearance (open)
    Dark skin, though only compared with white men. He is rather light next to other members of the Kiowa. He has cut his dark hair shoulder length and taken to wearing clothes like the white men - coarse white shirt which seems somewhat too large and plain, brown work pants. He never rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to hide the tattoos on his body. He also wears a wide-brimmed hat in the fields.

    Job: Currently working on the Haight farm, ranch hand
    Short-Bio: Ituha is a member of the Kiowa tribe, which has been pushed to spread west and south into Oklahoma since white men have started settling in Kansas. He had been a warrior, but has since been banished from the tribe for his transgressions until his debt is paid. He went, against the word of the chieftain, with some other warriors to take care of some trouble with a gang of white men who were pushing into their territory despite warning. This un-ordered raid resulted in the death of the chieftain's son, also a dear friend of Ituha. The men were bandits and Ituha has been sent out to settle the score and bring home proof.

    Ituha caught up to the men rather quickly, but followed, waiting for the right time. Himself alone against three men; he wanted to be sure of himself. As it turned out, the men were meeting others and it was the others who came upon Ituha in his hiding. There was a fight, but he made it out alive, wounded though he was.

    This is when Elora Haight found him, wandering through her fields, and took him in. When he grew well enough to work, she asked him to work with the livestock and in the fields to pay his debt to her. She let him borrow clothes and sleep in the barn. She told the other men in her employment that his name was Henry Day and all they needed to know was that he was here to work, same as them.
  8. Yep, i don't see any problem from the application so far. So yeah, you guys are all accepted.

    Oh and Crono, don't make the raid TOO often.

    I'll get the In Character thread ASAP.

    Oh, and due to the nature of gunfighting, when gunfighting against other character, do not kill, unless agreed upon. Grazing and disabling is fine, just make it believable, no stuffs like 'ricochet' or stuffs like that.

    For piercing shots, i am pretty sure it doesn't happens way too often with the state of the firearms, so yeah.
  9. Is it still okay to make my character? Are you still accepting?
  10. Name: Montisque Ciggen or 'Dr. Cigs'

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Black ivory cane-sword and Derringer pocket pistol

    Personality: A refined gentleman. Polite, knowledgeable, and friendly. However, he looses his cool in threatening situations and tries to avoid bloodshed. Can grow frustrated when he doesn't understand something. Doesn't like to talk about his wife and is so addicted to smoking that it sometimes slips dangerously into his work. Has a odd fear of cats.

    General Appearance:
    Ignore the clothes and the cleaver, couldn't find a good western doctor picture. Wears a dark gray suit and pants with polished black shoes and the hat shown in grey.

    Job: Doctor

    : Recent addition to Crystal Spring's residents. Was born and studied in England but was brought to the Americas to live with his lover. Formally lived in New York until his mentally unstable wife committed suicide, causing him leave the city and settle down somewhere he could forget her. Now owns a small surgeons office on the edge of town, frequent accidents in the mines and the constant gunfights giving him plenty of business.
  11. We are still accepting, it's fine.

    And Crono, yes, accepted. What would be the name of the place he run?

    P.S. I am not replying yet to give time for the rest of the RPer to post a reply. So that no one gets left out.
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  12. Cig's Surgeon.
  13. Name/Nickname: Enrique 'Chucho' Armando Ortiz
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: M1851 Brass Griswold, a Bowie knife with a 7 inch long blade.
    Personality: Enrique is not a cruel man but he can be a hard one. Otherwise he is often happy to help people around town and is rather comedic. He is capable of killing and will likely threaten someone, but he does not enjoy making the innocent suffer.
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Detailed Appearance:
    He stands at a solid 6 feet and wieghs roughly 170lbs. He has a few scars but is mostly unscathed. Often times his hair is pulled into a bun behind his head with two strands hanging around the front.
    Clothes and Garments: Often wearing a worn out pinched front grey cowboy hat, a simple grey vest, and a pair of worn pants covered by chaps.
    Job: Hired Hand, he works for whoever needs his hands. Sometimes he unloads the wagons for the general store, sometimes he helps the butcher's move the meat, other times he will help the taverns clean up.
    Short-Bio: Enrique was born in Sante Fe, New Mexico. His father was a once a profitable white rancher, he married Enrique's Puerto Rican mother when she was young and he was rich. Through age his father got meaner, and his mother got sweeter. When he was born there were already 3 children in the house and another came after him. When he turned 18 he moved away, couldnt stand being in the home anymore. His 3 brothers helped his mother while his sister grew into a little lady. Enrique worked his way around the lower Western states, for a while he worked in Colorado where he got his nickname Chucho. Eventually he worked his way back East and found himself in Kansas. He's been living in the town for some time now, many people know his name but call him by his nickname instead. While it is used as a term of endearment with most people some use it to insult him.
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  14. I'm still going to make a teacher and a saloon girl girl :D Some might be RL pics though!
  15. Hellhound, your character is accepted

    Shayla, yeah you can use RL pic. 2 of us already used RL pic anyway.
  16. I tried so hard to find some illustrations that matched what I wanted, but I just couldn't find any.
    I think finding a good illustration is more difficult than finding a photo. :/

  17. Name/Nickname: Elizabeth " Eliza" Jane Greyson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Keeps a small dagger strapped beneath her skirts to her right upper thigh.

    Personality: For being born of wealth she truly doesn't act like it. She is extremely humble and kind to all that she meet's. She always puts other's before that of herself no matter the case. She can be extremely bold when she wishes. She more than likely is one capable to kill someone if the time call's for it because she believes in standing up and fighting for what is right. She is also a hopeless romantic at times even with her father attempting to force her into an arranged marriage.
    General Appearance:

    Detailed Appearance: She has paled green eye's that almost honestly appear as if she is blind.. She is extremely petite and seems tiny to most in height. She is well defined n her curves.
    Clothes and Garments:
    Daily Outfit:
    Off time Outfit:

    Occasion Outfit:
    Job: Town Teacher ~ Founder's/ Mayor's Daughter
    Short-Bio: Eliza grew up in the life of glamour and bliss. She was a child whom's parent's constantly doted on her and her brother , Jackson. Yet , when she was a girl she never allowed it to go to her head on her wealth and social standing. In her mind she saw all as equals and treated all the same. As soon as she came to the marrying age her father began to force the idea of marriage down upon her with love or not. She stood her ground against him and said she'd only ever marry for love. So to keep her mind off what her father's intentions were she sought to a new life of teaching the children of the own with much happiness in her heart.

    Name/Nickname: Carmen " Jewel " Elana Del'Vega
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    Pistol ~ Always keeps it nearby incase a customer takes it to far.
    General Appearance:

    Detailed Appearance: Exact as what is shown.
    Clothes and Garments:
    Free Time Outfit:
    Work Outfit:

    Oufit 1
    Outfit 2
    Job: Saloon Girl
    Short-Bio: WIP