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Laura was new to Lakeshore high, and even though it was the first day of school it seemed like everyone had already formed their clicks from last year. from the outside looking in it made her feel pretty alone, but surely from people who had already been going to Lakeshore this was no different from last year. she hated having to find the group she most fit with which would more then likely be the semi preps. but she was in no rush to meet people. her fathers new job had forced the family to move out here. she picked up her schedule from the office and studied it "great." she said under her breath. gym first period. "she brushed her long jet black hair back behind her ears and began walking towards the gym. she hated it. even though she was skinny she was far from athletic. she hated push ups and sports and any other physical activity besides cheer leading which she hadn't done in 2 years. she went inside the locker room found a private area and began to change into her gym clothes.
"I heard there's a new kid in our gym class... A girl too. Great, isn't it Juris?"

Juris frowned, trailing a glare to a boy across from her who bounced a basketball to her direction. She caught it with ease, even though the force was agressive enough to hit her face and make her bleed. "If that's sarcasm, then I'll agree Richard." she told him, blowing auburn hair fashioned in a boyish cut away from her face. It was the first day of school, her (somewhat) bestfriend Richard and her had a reputation of being the earliest people in gym class. "She'll be a real joy." she sarcastically huffed, making Richard chuckle - his voice echoing in the whole room. It was them and a few people playing around the court for warm-ups, some of them were a year younger.

Due to the school's overpopulation, they had no choice but to have gym classes with the 16 years olds. It was a pain in the neck since they just stand around like lamposts - especially the girls, which annoyed her very much. She was a tomboy, and as a tomboy she wanted to prove herself to actual men - and these 16 year olds standing around the court blocking her way wasn't of any help at all. But even though with these obstacles, she managed to prove herself to men in her PE class, gaining a reputation amongst them.
As Laura finished putting on her sneakers and putting her sandals neatly away in her locker two girls came up from either side and had she known any better she wouldve thought they were about to jump her, none the less she put on the hardest face she could which probably looked silly because of her soft features the girls looked at each other then giggled. "we herd your new" one said, a light english accent you could tell was fading with time being here in the U.S laura hesistated at first then nodded. the girls gestured for her to walk with them. after they both took glances in the mirror they began walking towards the door, laura wasnt one for following, but she glanced at herself a little just so she wasnt standing there stupidly as they did so

when they got inside the gym each girl on either side hands crossed together with hers as if theyd known her forever they began to point at people and gossip about each person. They looked like twins on either side of her, their blonde curly hair and deep blue eyes. and in the middle as if the perfect sandwhich was laura, long dark straight hair and big green eyes. she untangled herself from the two but they hadnt noticed taking a basket ball from the sideline and bouncing it in a circle just half ass enough for the couch to not say anything about them standing around. "that boy over there.. his names richard. hes a sarcastic asshole hes also the side kick of that girl juris. shes beat up more guys then guys have" they both laugh at the same time in the same way "are you sure you two arent sisters?" laura pointed out as she threw the ball to one of them. "No. im stacey and shes brittney we are just close friends" They were annoying to laura already but as a new commer beggers couldnt exactly be choosers.
"If it isn't Stacey and Brittney..." Richard acknowleged, holding the basketball in his hands and looking over to the two blonde women as he walked over to them. "And who's this?" he inquired, his eyes lingering on Laura - examining her "The new kid, perhaps? Juris, I think this is the new girl."

He made a gesture for the auburn haired girl to come beside him. Reluctant, Juris walked till she was beside Richard with arms folded, and a bored face. She said nothing, not even a word. She only inspected the new girl boredly, her eyes going up and down lazily as if Laura was nothing special - which she really was. There was nothing significant about the new girl, but she had to note that she was slightly awkward in the arms of the two blonde girls. The only thing that came into her head was the fact that this girl, will certainly be the first one out of today's dodgeball game.
"yea shes are new friend" brittney said and a flirtatious way towards richard, brittney glared at her, laura knew what for, she had just gotten done talking about how much of a sarcastic twit he was and now she was batting her long mascara'ed eyes at him. Laura cleared her throat ready to talk for herself since she felt excluded from the conversation even though it was about her. "yea im Laura im from out of town nice to meet both of you.." she thought about holding out her hand to shake but decided against it at juris's glare. the coach blew the whistle and signaled everyone towards the dodgeballs. all the seniors began to walk towards them, she was about to join them when stacey pulled her back shaking her head "no no seniors and juniors are on different teams. and they get first pick at the balls "she said rolling her eyes as all the juniors slowly lined up behind them, left with only the dull flatter balls. laura took one, shaking a bit she didnt feel like getting hit today.. but maybe they would go easy on here since she was new...
"That blonde twat's a whore, watch yourself Richard." Juris whispered to him, grabbined the collar of his jersey and dragged him towards the other end of the gym for the formation of dodgeball teams.

"But---" Richard's reluctant reasoning made Juris confirm that he had a liking towards the woman, Juris scoffed. Boys taste in women are so shallow and plain, it's mostly because of their body parts - that's why their drawn to them. But it's not like she cared about Richard's preference, it was just a thought. They got in formation for dodgeball, it was juniors against seniors - this is going to be fun.
as the formation began, and everyone waited for the whistle the seniors looked like a pack of wolves ready to attack. smirks on there faces and sweat dripping down there skulls. Laura tried not to look too intimidated she crouched down a little as if she knew what she was doing. and locked eyes with every player though on the inside she was diying for an escape route. she looked around the room, maybe no one would notice once balls were being throwed if she slipped into the locker room. No. it was too risky, if they caught her it would be like social suicide. forever being known as 'that new kid who ran away from dodgeball' No. she had to stay. and avoid as many balls as she could. she glanced over at brittney and stacy who were both bent over trying more to look cute then anything else. but how cute would they look when the whistle sounded? the couch raised the whistle to her mouth and blew, as soon as she did so Laura threw her ball as hard as she could not watching where it would land or on who it would on
"I'm betting 20 bucks." Juris said to Richard, grabbing a rolling dodgeball from the floor and gripped it firmly. She eyes Laura competitevely, but it came off as menacing. It was never her thing to torture new kids, she mostly ignored them. But since it's dodgeball, might as well have some fun "This ball I'm holding will get the new kid on the bench for sure..." she threw the ball across the court with sharp speed and accuracy - darting towards the direction of Laura.

Juris stood and smiled, knowing for sure it will hit her.
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She didnt even see it comming. everything happened so quickly she hardly remembered hearing the words "your out!" the ball came from no where and it had knocked fire from her right on her butt. she was sure if anyone else besides the coach richard and brittney and stacey had seen, she wouldve been the lauging stock of the school but everyone was too dertirmined to beat up one another. "chill juris is mean but im sure she didnt mean that much harm" stacey said looking out at some of the players still in the game laure shook her head "No that was intentional and im gonna confront her about it after class cause i dont appreciate it." stacey sighed "just let it go.. like i said it was probably an accident, im sure juris doesnt even remember your name" just then the bell sounded for clean up, but laura wasnt about to clean up she went straight for the locker rooms to change out of her clothes, she furiously took off her shirt looking at the small bruise on her hip and shook her head as she began to change into her regular clothes
Juris changed into her striped v-neck white shirt and dark denim skinny jeans, proceeding out of the change room as quickly as possible. Richard was surely waiting for her outside, but as soon as she exited the change room - Richard wasn't there. "Asshole." she muttered, slinging her back on her shoulder, heading towards the lockers.

It was such a great gym class, once again her throwing skills proved it's significance.
Laura felt nervous about confronting juris so she decided against it. she began walking down the hallways alone since brittney and stacey had caught up with richard and his boys and laura wanted no part in it. she wanted to avoid anything that might bring her closer to juris. she planned to avoid the girl all day, by the end of the day she felt great she hadnt seen her all day. she walked into her last class with confidence, it was phsycology something she was good at. she sat in a seat the teacher had pointed out for her with a smile on her face as she watched other students enter the class room. on the board it said they would be doing an activity that involved partners and she wasnt too thrilled about that she had had her share of meeting people at lakeshore for the day but it was the last period so she wouldnt complain
"You're late, Ms. Reed." acknowledged the psychology professorm watching her entered the classroom.

Juris rolled her eyes and scoffed, propping herself on one of the seats a row back from the front and the same row to where Laura was "What's the difference?" she said coolly, not caring at all - she can talk the way she want to anyone "You haven't even started class's not like I missed anything."

"Detention after class for you too, Ms. Reed."

Laura kept staring at the clock not paying attention to the teacher one bit, until she called on her to answer a question "huh?" she replied and the whole class burst out in laughter. the professor eyed laura "you know laura dear i couldve dress coded you for how short those shorts are or even that tank top however because your new i decided to let you off the hook, but i have very little patience for students who dont pay attention escpecially new students who'se upmost concern should be getting on my good side" laura felt embarassed as all eyes were on her "i understand" she said quietly. "youll have to stay after school anyways because i have a few exam packets i want you to look over because your not excluded from tomorows pop quiz." Laura sighed and nodded this day couldnt get much worst. as the bell sounded the kids rushed out. Laura watched them all hopelessly then she turned to the packet and begin looking through it not really playing attention just waiting till enough time past that she could says she read it and get the hell out of there.
The teacher stepped out of the room for a while, having a chat with the principal by the doorway so they were technically alone - in one room. Juris didn't mind of course, she'd been in detention - in this class particularly - multiple times. She thought od detention as a way to pass time, it's not like there was anyting interesting at home, just her mom arriving home around every midnight - drunk and bankrupt.

"Lovely, for a first day - new girl joins me for detention." Alex said thoughtfully as she raised her arms over her head, resting her hands at the back of her neck. She stared at the empty whiteboard, trails of the teacher's writing can be visible through the eraser marks. "You must be disappointed."
Laura tries not to but she cant help but glare at juris, why the hell didnt she like her so much? what had she done to make her hate her the way she did? she avoided asking these questions along with eye contact "mustve been a real good day for you. if your intentions were to make my first day a living hell you succeeded. "she said playing with a strand of her long black hair twirling it looking out the window then back at the paper trying hard to focus on anything but who she was stuck in the room with. unbelievable.
"Not really...I usually ignore new kids. But seeing how you're in detention right now isn't my fault..." she stood up, walking passed a few seats - sitting on the seat at Laura's right, leaning slightly to meet her gaze "Aren't I right?" she continued, gazing at her - enough to make Laura uncomfortable. That was her intention anyway, plus no one's there to disturb her torture. The teacher was at the hallway with the principal, if Laura tries to run away - she'll get caught. "You got yourself mixed up with me yourself."

She never knew it was this much fun to torture new kids, she should do this more often.
Laura tried not to look at juris. they were too close for comfort.. she had no choice no real escape route so after her eyes wandered a bit more she decided to meet this gaze. it was a shame. juris was actually really pretty for a tom boy type of girl. you could tell she was tough but still had soft features like a girl. laura blushed a little but it was more of an angry blush, mad she was even giving juris compliments even if they werent allowed. she cleared her throat and broke the gaze. "it was your choice to say something to me first. you could just go sit in silence. detention works much better that way" she said crossing her arms at the sudden change in temperature. the air began to blow and she was right under the vent without a jacket. perfect.
"It was your choice to reply back, you could just go sit in silence." she retorted, folding her arms across her chest, throwing Laura's words back at her. God, she easy. No, this was all too easy. Girls like her, girls like Brittney and Stacey - they were all so easy that Juris could cry a river in laughter. She was a lot meaner than boys when it comes to girls - probably becuase it's her own kind. But as a girl who acts like a guy, she was doing a better job than most. "A shame." was all Juris said after a long silence.
laura tried hard not to respond, because that would be entertaining juris. they say the best way to get rid of someone bothering you was to not even give them the time of day so crossing her legs as well as staring straight ahead watching the clock she pulled out her cell phone and began to play a game of solitary anything to make the time go by a little faster, she looked up after while and it had been as if time had stood still. "ill tell you the shame. the fact that your still messing with the new kid.. havent you had your fun? are you done? " she said finally looking at juris again.
It was 2 minutes till this whole detention madness was over, but Juris like taking her time. Smirking she stood up from her seat, digging a hand on her right pocket and the other one pulled out an index finger and placed it under Laura's chin, tilting it up to make her meet her eyes. "I'm just beggining." she teased, drawing her hand away from her and gave her a wink before turning away to face the approaching teacher - telling them that they were free to go.

"See you then." she bid Laura farewell as she stepped out of the classroom.
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