Fraternizing With The Enemy

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  1. Name: Theron
    Age: 17
    DOB: 12/19
    Hair Color: Dark Brown/Silver
    Eye Color: Bright Silver/Blood Red
    Height: 5'10
    Species: Krusnik
    Other: Lean but Muscular build

    If you want know know what a Krusnik is:

    Basically since were doing opposing races for this...Vampires would be the opposing group. Hope you don't mind. Found this creature and Couldn't help but use it. =3
  2. Theron Sighed before he took a breathe of the refreshing morning, winter air. It had been awhile since he had been outside. His trainer had kept him inside all the while to train him after the accident the spring before. He looked around before closing his eyes and focusing on locating some prey. The young Krusnik was starving after only feeding on the Vampire slaves that were located within the huge walls of the sprawling mansion. There was nothing like fresh prey...prey that squirmed and begged for it's misirble exsistance. That is what he craved...

    The krusnick picked up a scent, trying to determine where it was coming from. He streached out his pitch black Angel wings as he found the location. It was some distance away but... he took a running leap off the edge, catching the wind currents. With these currents he would be there in no time...surveying land and buildings as he went, looking about for anything of intrest...
  3. Name: Kalia
    Age: 16 (just turned)
    DOB: 3/25
    Hair Color: Bright Auburn
    Eye Color: Gree
    Height: 5'8
    Species: Vampire
    Other: Thin and small but hides the powerful muscles she has.


    Kalia turned down an alley, following an unfamiliar scent. She looked up between the buildings. There was nothing here. But she could have sworn that she had a scent. She sighed. It had been a few days since she had fed and already it was becoming noticeable. She didn't want to think about what she would have to do if she didn't find an animal to feed on in the next couple of days.

    Kalia was still trying to get used to the new vampire thing. She had just been Turned a few months ago and her sire had been killed in a fight. She was left alone to wander and fight for herself. She didn't really mind. It wasn't all that bad. Besides, all the rumors about vampires not being able to go out in the sun were totally not true. The sun didn't bother her at all. And the garlic thing? Please. As if an herb could hurt her.

    She was just thinking about all the ridiculous vampire rumors when the sound of wings broke her out of her reverie. Her head darted up as she tried to figure out where the sound came from. As she looked, she darted into the shadows to try to stay hidden.
  4. All of a sudden he caught the scent of another, closer Vampire. Theron slowly decended and landed without being noticed. He tucked his wings against his back as he glanced around, taking a few steps through the narrow streets between the buildings.

    "Hello...?" he called.

    The Krusnick followed the scent but it was muffled by all of the other scents around him. After searching for a bit he walked up to the ally he concluded the scent was coming from. The boy's eyes went from Silver to blood red in the blink of an eye as he turned on his heel and stepped into the ally. Theron peered into the darkness at the end of it, deeper with each step he took. The preasance that he thought was there definitly was now...he was sure of it. Theron lunged into the shadows and grabbed ahold of whoever was there and pulled them into afternoon light. A look of pure suprise cross his expression as he saw a teeneaged girl in his grip. She smelt vampire for the most part but there was another scent lingering about her being. She had bright auburn colored hair and remarkably stunning green eyes. His grip loosened a bit. Theron opened his mouth to speak, his own fangs not very noticable at the moment, but nothing came out as he just stared in suprise by what he saw. She didn't look like the typical Vampire....

    "Vampire..." he couldn't help but say outloud to himself.

    The teen had to make himself believe that it was truely what he was seeing and his trained eyes weren't fooling him. The last thing he wanted to do was attack some innocent bystander.

  5. Kalia froze as the boy grabbed a hold of her. She saw the look of surprise cross his face as he stared at her. He spoke the word Vampire as if he wasn't quite sure what she was. Although she did see fangs in his mouth. He didn't seem to be a Vampire but she didn't know what else had fangs besides a werewolf and he was definitely not one of them.

    She felt his grip loosen and with her incredible speed that had only been amplified when she had been Turned, she spun around. Her fist connected with his jaw and she tossed him to the ground with an easy grace. She doubted that if he hadn't been so surprised that she probably wouldn't have been able to do that.

    She pinned his arms to the ground with her hands and straddled his torso, kneeling down so that her face was just a few inches from his. Her fangs had come out of their sheaths and they had punctured her bottom lip. She still had trouble maneuvering them in her mouth and would often bite herself. She retracted them and glared at the boy. He didn't look to be much older than her though he had an air of knowledge beyond his years. She stared into his blood red eyes. She hissed at the color.

    "What do you want?" She demanded. She tightened her hold on him. She wasn't taking any chances with him. She didn't like the feeling she was getting from him.
  6. As his grip loosend the girl spun around and her first connected with his jaw. Theron was thrown to the ground and she moved, straddling his torso. The vampire reached over and pinned his arms against the ground, leaning in close to him; their faces not far from each other. The krusnik could tell that the vampire had not been turned very long ago; seeing as she had trouble moving her fangs around in her mouth. Obvious observation by seeing the way she had bit her lip, puncturing it. She retracted the fangs and looked him in the eyes, hissing.

    "What do you want?" the girl demanded, tightening her hold on him.

    He closed his eyes for a moment and they shifted back to a bright, handsome silver as they opened. A small smirk came across his face. He shifted his jaw, moving it back into place.

    "Your have some power behind that punch vampire, it almost hurt."

    He easily shifted below her and changed the situation with a quick movement. Theron managed to twist his body enough to switch posistions with her. Now he stradled her waist and pinned her hands tightly against the asfalt. He moved his face close to her's like she had done to him. With his strength he made sure that the Vampire couldn't escape his grip.

    "What do I want...? Same thing any creature wants. To survive, to live. See...that is why I am so glad you came along...I am just starving. What about you, hn?"

    The Krusnik tilted his head and bit, looking her in the eyes; the smirk fading.
  7. Kalia hissed again as the boy switched the positions. She tried to struggle away but he was too strong for her. She didn't like him. At all. Plus, insulting her punch was just too far. She had a very good right hook, thankyouverymuch. She narrowed her eyes, turning them into slits. She could feel her fangs coming out again and blood trickled down her chin from her split lip.

    Then he spoke. And everything fell into place. The wings, the hair, the eyes. The beauty... She gasped despite herself. "You- You're- How-" She stumbled over her words. Her eyes widened to big green circles. The color had intensified when she was Turned and whenever people saw them, they could help but stare. That coupled with her extremely long red hair and she knew that she was unusual. Maybe not pretty but definitely unusual.

    Kalia strengthened her struggle to escape the boy's arms. If she had been human and so had he, this might have been an intimate position. But they were no humans and this was anything but intimate. A growl built up at the back of her throat that quickly turned to a whimper. That's when his fingers brushed against the long scar (one of the many that was on her body) on her arm and a memory started to surface.

    She had only been 15. She was walking down the road with her mom to her house. It was around 11 at night and they were walking home from the movies. As they turned around the corner, she sensed that there was someone there. She stopped abruptly and searched the shadows but saw nothing. That's when they had jumped her.

    Two hooded figures appeared from an alleyway and jumped in front of them. Her mom had screamed but Kalia was already drawing out the small dagger she always kept in her boot ever since she was mugged when she was 12. But they were just too fast for her. They pushed her aside and no matter how strong she was, they were stronger. She stumbled backwards and fell into a wall, hitting the back of her head. She pulled herself up and turned back to her mom. They were advancing on her and she was screaming for help. Kalia tried to go to her but her legs gave out from under her before she could reach her. She watched from the ground, unable to scream as they cut her mother's throat open and pierced her heart.

    Then they turned on Kalia. The watched as they advanced on her with their knives too delirious to do anything but watch. She started to cut her. First on her legs, then her
    arms, working their way up her body. She doesn't remember how long they tortured her for. Only that silent tears streamed down her face as she swam in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, the pain stopped and another pair of boots came into her vision followed by the sound of bones being crushed. Then, she blacked out.

    When she woke up, she was Turned.

    Kalia gasped and squirmed as his fingers brushed against another scar. She whimpered again and she felt hot tears prick the back of her eyes.
  8. She hissed again as he stradled her and assumed the posistion he was in now. The vampire narrowed her eyes as her fangs started to come back, blood dripped from her split lip. He bit his lip, looking down at the blood before looking up and seeing her stunning green eyes widen. She stuttered, perhaps realizing now what he was.

    ""You- You're- How-"

    The vampire once again began to struggle under neath his body. All of a sudden a growl that she threatened to let escape came out as a whimper. He looked a bit confused...was she going to give in this easily? That wouldn't be any fun. Theron watched her eyes as a memory of her past came back to haunt her. What had he done to spark that? He looked down, seeing a long, large scar down her arm, his hand placed firmly against her arm just above it. As he shifted his body weight a bit she gasped and wiggled beneath him. He must have touched another scar...

    Tears threatened to spill over as his eyes traced over her body and back to her eyes. His eyes went from casual to more serious.

    "I am what? You know what I am? How...?"

    He leaned in a bit closer and noticably shifted his eyes to the huge scar on her arm.

    "These scars...Your just a baby...must have been horrible...You must miss your life as a human..."

    His grip loosend a bit, not enough for her to escape but enough so he wasn't hurting her...A bit of sadness entering his eyes.
  9. Kalia just lay there as the boy's eyes raked over her body. She saw him find the scars and then saw how he made the two things click. He loosened his grip and she was relieved that his hand wasn't over the scar anymore. He was right. She hated being a vampire but she had come to terms with it and was just getting over that she would have to live with this. She couldn't bring herself to kill herself. It wasn't possible for her. But now, here comes a boy, a Krusnick she figured, ready to kill her. She almost smiled in relief.

    "Yes." Her voice was scratchy from the threatening tears. "I do know what you are. And everything you said was true."

    She picked her eyes back up to his and stared into them. She saw all the different emotions in them. It was like he was an open book. She was always good at reading people and it had only heightened when she was Turned.

    "And I know why you're here. Like this." She gestured at their position with her eyes. "So just do it. I'm ready."

    She twisted a little in his grip and threw her head to the side, exposing her neck and the veins she knew were all too tempting to him. She had seen the hunger in his eyes. The need to kill something. Something that was alive. She had heard that Krusnick's had slaves that they kept to feed on whenever they wanted. Perhaps that was what he had been feeding on. He would be very hungry.

    She looked back at his eyes and waited for her torture to end.
  10. She admitted. Sounding like she was going to cry...Everything you said was true...Those words. The vampire looked him in the eyes. When she did it looked like she was searching his soul. It was odd...nothing he was used to. Honestly, it caught him off gaurd. He listened as she practically gave into him...then the vampire said words that imprinted on his mind.

    "So just do it. I'm ready."

    She wanted to die..? His awnser came as she twisted her head and exposed her neck. Theron looked down at the vein's running though her neck. He could hear it..the sweet red blood pulsing through her veins. His breathing became a bit heavier as he resisted the call to bury his fangs into the girl's neck. Theron was starving but, something about this seemed...wrong. The krusnik almost felt sorry for her. He pulled himself off her and tumbled to the side, landing on his rear end. His wings and body quivered a bit, blood sugar low. Theron reached up and grabbed the dogtag hanging from his neck from a chain. He sighed and looked over at her.

    "You...I-It's not supposed to work like that..." he bit his lip, one of his fangs cutting his lip.

    The look in the krusnik's silver eyes was confusion and unsure.
  11. Kalia sat up and frowned at the boy. He wasn't supposed to leave. He was supposed to kill her. End her wretched existence. She knew he was hungry; his fangs were fully out and he was shaking like a leaf. She almost felt bad for him. She had seen the way he had looked at her neck and the struggle behind his eyes.

    She sat up and shook out her long red hair behind her so that it cascaded down her back. She scooted backwards a little bit so that she faced him but had her back against the wall to support her. She felt weak all of a sudden. She tilted her head to the side in a look of confusion as he pulled on the dog tag necklace that hung from his neck. She had a sudden flash of memory from her human life of her big brother. He had been in the military and always wore his dog tag. She closed her eyes as silent tears slipped from her eyes and slid down her cheeks. She could never forgive herself for what she had done to him.

    When she had first been Turned, she was a fledgling and had no idea what to do. She was almost constantly controlled by bloodlust. One day, her master had left to do some hunting and left her alone in the old abandoned warehouse. She hadn't eaten in 2 days and she was constantly wracked with pains in her stomach and cold shivers in her body. Her master had been gone for a few hours and she was so hungry. She decided she was going to find her own food.

    She had left the warehouse around midnight. She would find some deer in the woods or something. As she headed to the woods that bordered the back of the property the warehouse was on, she caught scent of a human. Her fangs slipped out of their sheaths on their own and her throat screamed for blood. Against her own will, her body followed the scent. She entered the trees and saw him standing there with his back to her, a rifle pointed at a young buck. She could see the pulse in his throat leap as he turned to look at her as the buck fled. His eyes widened as he looked at her.

    "K-Kalia?" He looked scared as he saw the fangs in her mouth and the hungry look in her eyes. She would never forget that last look. She ran at him then and in a blink of an eye, her fangs had punctured his throat. It wasn't until she had almost totally drained him that she had realized what she was doing. Her fingers brushed against his dog tag that still hung from his neck and was broken out of the blood filled daze. She had stumbled back with her hand on her mouth staring at her brother's slack face as she backed up and ran.

    She looked back at the boy as her memory ended. She saw the confusion in his eyes. She wondered if he had realized what she was thinking. Belatedly, she realized that he had said something.

    "Why not?" She pouted like a scorned child. She knew she was being petulant but she had honestly wanted him to kill her. "You drink my blood. You kill me. I'm free." She looked at him straight in the eyes. Unwavering in her resolve.
  12. The dog tag he held in his hand...It was who he was; or atleast that is what he had been told. It held his name and medical information for the condition that came along with him being a Krusnik; Hypoglycemia. As he looked back over at her he saw tears dripping down her cheeks. What was the matter? Was she that upset that he didn't kill her? After a little while it turned into a scowl. She asked Why not and gave a reason. Theron looked at her in the eyes and glanced at the blood from her split lip.

    "You don't smell...Well your blood doesn't smell like it's been contaminated with Human blood...Plus it's no fun when they don't put up a fight. You want to die...other Vampire's that I have killed didn't want to die. They were proud of their exsistance. And...I'm not...Hungry..."

    The last part was a lie. Theron was starving...
  13. Kalia laughed. It was a bitter, scornful laugh. One that was full of pain and cruelness. She gave him an icy stare that could freeze over Hell. He was trying to lie about his hunger. Why? She had no clue. It was obvious he was hungry; his fangs were out and he was eyeing the blood on her chin. Kalia looked him straight in the eyes.

    "Bullshit." She shook her head. "You know just as well as I do that you are extremely hungry. Don't even try to hide it." She sighed. Why was it so hard to just kill her? She was a vampire. He ate vampire blood. She wanted to die. He wanted to kill. It was extremely easy. Except he wanted a fight.

    She sheathed her fangs and stood up. She was a little bit shaky but it didn't really matter at this point did it? She walked over and looked down at him, her eyelashes casting long shadows on her cheeks in the moonlight. Now she could see him clearly. He was gorgeous. But just in a way that if you tweaked some of his features, he would look butt ugly. All of it just seemed to work for him, fitting in to place perfectly. She couldn't help but appreciate that she would die at the hands of someone who was this attractive. She shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. She wasn't here to think of how good looking he was.

    "You want a fight? I can give you a fight." She stuck out her hand to pull him up. "I want to die. I'm not proud of my existence. I'm a killer and I always will be." She tilted her head to the side. "We both are." She wiped away the dried up tear stains on her cheeks. She hated to share secrets or show weakness in front of anybody and here she was doing both of those things to a boy who was going to kill her. She would have laughed if it had been any other time.

    "And if we're going to go down fighting we may as well know each other's names." What was she doing? "I'm Kalia." She mentally scolded herself. It was as if she wasn't in control of what she was saying. Good job, Kalia. Make friends with your mortal enemy. And while you're at it, why don't you go get some pizza and ice cream and watch a comedy movie with him. She scowled.
  14. An Icy stare eminated from the girl's striking eyes. A cruel, bitter sounding laugh escaped her lips. She shook her head, uncovering his lie. He knew she would...The vampire stood up, her fangs being sheathed. Her body was shaking in weakness. As she looked down at him he looked back up at her, further admiring her features. She was lean, hair long and Beautiful, her eyes were a shade of green he had never seen before. They were mesmerizing. After a little while she told him: "I can give you a fight." and "I want to die. I'm not proud of my exsistence. I'm a killer and I always will be."

    She tilted her head: "We both are."

    The vampire wiped away what remained of her tears and suggested they might as well know each others names if they were going down fighting. Then she offered her name; Kalia. For some reason she seemed to scold herself internally and scowled. Theron sighed and looked her in the eyes, eyes narrowing a bit.

    "I'm not fighting you anymore. It isn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, I've fought and killed many of your kind that are strong and have a will to live. But you? Look at yourself, honestly. You are shaking like a little child. Your body is weak. I don't make pity kills, if a person is miserble then too bad. They live with it! Killing you won't take away what You've done Kalia..."

    He caught himself as he used her name. Theron clenched his jaw and looked away. What was he doing?! Here was a vampire standing there, begging for him to kill her and indulge on her delicious smelling blood. No...It somehow didn't seem right! He knew his father would be after him for not killing his prey but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Shakily he got to his feet.

    "See...I'm weak too and if I don't feed on something soon I'm going to collapse...but if your offering yourself, your life I will indulge you."

    Theron walked up to her and pushed her against the wall of the nearest building.

    He leaned in a bit and whispered when his mouth was close to her ear.

    "My name is Theron..."

    Slowly he leaned in closing the gap, biting into her neck. The blood...It felt wonderful going down his parched, aching throat. There was nothing quote like feeding like this...nothing in the world. His tense body relaxed and he indulged on her blood but only enough to take the pang of hunger out of his belly. When he finnished he pulled away, wiping his lips of any excess blood there might have been and looked her in the eyes...
  15. Kalia watched as the boy got up. He was shaky and she could see his resolve wavering. He was much too hungry to refuse her offer. She smirked a little as he admitted it. This was it. She would finally be free of this dreadful life. She set her chin high so that her neck was fully exposed as he pushed her against the wall. She closed her eyes as he leaned in, ready to die. Sure she was a little scared. Who wouldn't be scared to die. But ever since she met him, her decision became more and more clear. She knew this was what she wanted.

    She shivered as he whispered in his ear. Theron, his name was. It meant "hunter", she thought. A suitable name for a Krusnick. She wondered if he knew. As he closed the gap between them, her pulse quickened. Then, his fangs had slid into her neck and she let out a groan of pain. It hurt a lot more than she had thought. Then, the endorphin's kicked in and the bite quickly turned to pleasure. She moaned as her legs gave out from under her. She would have fallen down the wall if he hadn't been there pushing her against the wall and keeping her up.

    All too soon it was over. Why was she still alive? He had said.... But he hadn't said that, had he? He had never said he would kill her. Only that he would "indulge". She had assumed that he had meant to kill her but that was obviously not the case. She looked him in the eyes, hurt and furious that he had not helped her.she looked up at him with all the hatred and resentment as she could muster up at this moment. How dare he not kill her when she had asked him? She was also sure that all the hurt was evident in her eyes but she didn't have the strength to care at this point.

    As she looked at him, her vision blurred and she slumped forward into his arms. Her breathing became labored and she rested her head on his chest. She was limp as a rag and her vision was spinning as was her head.

    She tried to push away from him, determined that she could hold herself up but she only succeeded in falling back again, hitting her head on the wall and making herself see stars. She moaned again, this time in pain as her eyes fluttered and she looked up at him again trying to tell him that she needed help but she was too proud to say it.
  16. As he fed from her, she let out a moan of pleasure. Although he was used to his kind of response it made him flush a bit red. After he finnished feeding and pulled away she realized she was still alive and gave him the most resentful look he had ever seen. She looked hurt and frustrated as she slumped forward into his arms. Her muscles and body were limp and weak. Kalia's breathing became labored and she layed her head against his chest. He looked down in suprise. This was new...He swallowed the lump in his throat and made sure she wouldn't fall. His skin tingled and his heart beated faster. What was going on?! She was the enemy...A krusnik's mortal enemy. Kalia pushed against him and she feel back, hitting her head against the wall. As she looked at him he reached out and pulled her back up against him. He scooped the rest of her up in his arms and looked down at her.

    "You need to rest and then feed...Your going to kill yourself this way...."

    He walked out of the Ally and looked around, spotting a Hotel down the street. Slowly he started towards it, making sure that she lay still in his arms. He hoped that she couldn't hear his heart pounding in his chest but with his luck...she probably did...
  17. Kalia was too weak to protest when he picked her up into his arms. She did manage to say a small "Let me." when he said she was going to kill herself. She didn't want his help to make her get better. He was her enemy! It was bad enough that she was letting him carry her but she didn't have a choice at this point. It wasn't like she could fight him. She did try to punch him in the arm but only managed to land a tap with her fist that was weaker than a toddler's punch.

    She sighed and lay still as he carried her, looking up at him as they walked. His heart was beating abnormally fast and he was flushed red. "Was this a common thing when he fed?" She wondered. He looked even better now that he fed. "On my blood." She couldn't help but think. But it didn't change the fact that now that he was stronger(and he was very strong) he was even more beautiful. His long eyelashes and big eyes made his silver eyes seem even more striking. And his dark brown hair made the contrast between them that much bigger and... "Hotter." Her eyes widened at the unwanted thought. Why was she thinking like this?! It had to have been from the bite. All of the endorphin's must have gone straight to her head. Yea... That had to be it. If she wasn't all high on the pleasure from the bite then she wouldn't be have these forbidden thoughts.

    She looked back up at Theron. She hoped she wouldn't get caught staring but she couldn't help it. He had an angular face that was every bit as attractive as the sexiest movie stars. She looked at his arms that were cradling her with a gentleness that she wouldn't have thought he was capable of. They were very strong, she could tell. And pretty muscular. Then she looked at his wings. They were gorgeous. Pitch black against the night sky. Even darker than the darkest black if that was even possible. They exuded an air of darkness though. She looked back at Theron and felt her eyelids drooping down. She didn't want to lose consciousness in his arms. She didn't trust him not to keep her alive. She focused on his bright eyes and nothing else and forced herself to stay awake.
  18. Theron walked into the Hotel, getting them a room and walking up five flights of stairs. He took the card to the room in which they were going to be staying in from between his teeth and opened the door. He looked around and went over to one of the beds, laying her down gently. He looked down at her, his silver eyes piercing the darkness. She looked tierd...In a gentle, warm tone he didn't expect to hear from himself he said:

    "You look exausted...sleep...I'll find you something to eat when you wake..."

    He went over to the door and closed it before going over to the empty bed and laying down with a exaussted sigh. His wings streached out a bit, relaxing at his sides. He looked over at the girl...examining her features even further.
  19. Kalia's head throbbed as Theron laid her on the bed even though he was gentle about it. He had carried her up the five flights of stairs to get to the room. She had figured he would just dump her here and leave but he had laid down as well and relaxed. She felt weird being in a locked hotel room with a guy. Even if he was her enemy. Or so she thought. She actually wasn't so sure at this point.

    She could feel the sleep pulling her as soon as he had laid her head on the pillow but had tried to stay awake, not wanting to let her guard down around him. But she knew that she would have to sleep and it was hard to stay awake when she was lying on a really comfy bed. She could feel his eyes on her even as her eyelids began to fall. She turned herself and looked at him right before she fell into a deep sleep full of night terrors.
  20. He remained vigilant throughout the night, watching her as she struggled through her night terrors. Theron bit his lip. There was nothing he could do about matter how much he wished he could...Wait. The krusnik halted him train of thought and thought back on the events. He had spared the vampire...Brought here here...let her he wanted her to be comfortable and free from terrors as she slept? There was something seriously wrong with this picture. He mentally kicked himself. As soon as he returned...his family was going to tear into him with questions and icy glares. He hadn't killed his prey..

    Theron continued to watch her throught the night. Despite her terrors he could do nothing for she looked...beautiful. He shook his head at the thought. Krusniks were supposed to be annilating the Vampire race...not joining with them...certainly help one and call her beautiful. As the run rose he got up and went into the bathroom, locking the door and showering. After awhile of just downing out his cares with hot water he got out and dressed back into everything but his shirt and sat on the edge of his bed with a sigh. He looked out across the city from the Hotel room...The sun had just risen. He streached his wings out half way....letting the morning sun coming in through the window warm his bear torso and wings...It felt wonderful. He closed his eyes, relaxing, almost forgetting the Vampire girl was in the room.
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