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    I was finally able to bring everything to an end. I thank you for that. I think I'll spend some time now trying to find out if it's also possible to forge a new beginning for something once lost. Until we meet again.


    Her red eyes scanned over the words she had written on a slip of paper before handing it over to her beloved companion. It was time to depart from Sky Pillar after Hoenn's champion had mastered Lord Rayquaza and had utilized his power to save the world from the meteorite. But now that her duty as a Lorekeeper was complete and the world was safe... what would she do next?

    "Here, Aster, take this to *Ruby. It'll be more than enough to say goodbye... for now."
    "Mum!" Aster the whismur cried, gently taking taking the note from her owner before scurrying off.

    The ex-lorekeeper stood in the shadows as she watched Aster deliver her note to Ruby, Hoenn's champion, before flipping her tattered cloak over her shoulders and departing from the pillar. Once the little pokémon had finished delivering Zinnia's letter to Ruby, she made haste to follow after her owner.

    With her task complete, and feeling truly lost in the world, Zinnia rode on the back of her dragon companion Salamance so it could carry her to the only place she knew to go with her mission complete: to visit her grandmother at Meteor Falls.


    A sound woman of wisdom, Zinnia's grandmother told the young woman that it was finally time for her to lay aside the burden she had carried for so long and to find a new path for her life. She should rest now, and make peace with everything that had happened in her past. It was what her people, the Draconids, would have wanted. It was what Aster would have wanted. It was what her grandmother wanted. But...

    ...was it what Zinnia wanted?

    The uneasy dark-haired female hadn't the slightest clue as to what she wanted for her life. The only thing she had truly ever wanted was to be with Aster, but since that was an unattainable dream now Zinnia couldn't fathom what she should do next. But, thankfully Lord Rayquaza had blessed Zinnia; she wouldn't have to make a decision about what she would do next with her life.

    As the young, draconid woman would depart from from Meteor Falls she would hear a strange, unidentifiable noise behind her. She turned around, quickly crouched, and bent her knees to start her usual battle stance, reaching for a pokéball at her belt instinctually to be ready if she were to be faced with a threat.

    "Oh hohoho, don't be shy. C'mon out. Let's meet up face-to-face and--"

    Before she could even finish her statement, Zinnia felt someone hit her hard on the back of her head. She couldn't move or say anything as she blacked out against her will.


    When she awoke, Zinnia found herself unable to move or see anything. She was in a dark area and her arms were bound. Her red eyes scanned for any sign of Aster or her pokéballs, but she could see nothing. She tried to call out, only to realize her mouth was cut off as well. Deciding she wouldn't wait around for whoever had done this to show their face, she stood up and looked around. Zinnia could tell she was in a dark room of some kind, but was unable to decipher anything else about her situation just yet. But, one thing was for certain, she would be getting out of this and making the one who did it pay.

    *note: Ruby is the name I gave my PC on my Pokemon Omega Ruby game.
  2. [​IMG]

    Top Ranger Kellyn

    You know the worst part about being a Pokémon Ranger? The fact that every criminal in the entire world wants a piece of you. Every small time Pokemon thief, to the leaders of criminal syndicates, they all want to show their worth by fighting a ranger. It was a dangerous life and a tough life.

    But Kellyn didn't sign up so his life could be easy, did he? No, he signed up to protect people. He signed up for the Pokemon Rangers to travel, and meet new people, see new things. Kellyn was in it to protect the world and its inhabitants at any cost.

    He already saved it once from Darkrai and Team Dim Sun. He was already one of the most famous Pokemon Rangers in the world. He was a hero.

    And now he was on another boat. Every mission he had been on seemed to involve a ship. Taking down Team Dim Sun, there was a cargo involved. He had been stationed on The Union, the Ranger ship as backup during the operation to take down the Pokemon Pinchers. And now, Top Ranger Kellyn was on yet another mission on a cargo ship. This time, it was storming, so that was a new twist on Kellyn's old 'Get stuck on a Cargo Ship' mission. The ship was full of crew when he had entered, but the crew had slowly retreated towards the Bridge, or been "arrested" as Kellyn went through and tamed their Pokemon with his fine styler.

    Kellyn looked at Pachirisu, his faithful partner Pokemon. Pachirisu had been with him through everything. He remembered meeting him one day on the bridge leading to and from the Ranger Academy, and how he bonded with Pachirisu that day. Pachirisu and Kellyn had been together almost their entire mission. From the first day as an official Pokémon ranger, to the defeat of Darkrai, to the logging of all the Pokemon in Almia, Pachirisu was there. He looked over the rest of his team as well: An Arcanine, A Starraptor, a Gabite, an Absol, and an Umbreon.*

    "Kellyn! Something just ran into that shipping container!" Rhythmi said into his earpiece. She sounded concerned. "It might be nothing, but you can never be too sure."

    "Got it, Rhythmi! Arcanine, go check it out." Kellyn pointed his Fine Styler towards the shipping container. The Arcanine followed the ranger's motion, and ran into the heavy shipping container. Kellyn waited for the dog Pokemon to come out. When it did, the Pokemon "Alright, it looks clear, Rhythmi. I'm moving on to the next room."

    "Reading you loud and clear. From the information provided, the next room should be clear. The other Rangers are on their way to your position." She sounded relieved that the fact that there was nothing.

    Kellyn dashed to the door, and opened it. He expected some sort of mastermind or boss, but instead he found Zinnia.

    "Hey, Rhythmi, I got something. They appear to have a hostage." He said into his mic. He walked over to Zinnia. He spoke in a soft tone so as not to startle her. "Hey, it's going to be alright, I'm a Pokemon ranger, I'll get you out of here." Pachirisu ran up next to him, and looked at Zinnia and then at Kellyn. It then ran towards Zinnia to do what a Ranger's Pachirisu does.

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Sorry it's bad! @Started on a ship, because Pokemon Ranger cliche @We can change if you want

    *My current party in Almia
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  3. Unconcerned with the ropes cutting into her arms, Zinnia struggled with them as she walked around to scout out the room. Even after her red eyes had adjusted to the darkness she could still see little, save for a door she noticed at the end of the room. She rushed toward it, stumbling to the side as the room seemed to... move. She wondered to herself where she was, but decided that could wait for now. She needed to figure out a way of the room before worrying over her present location.

    Attempting to rebalance herself, Zinnia slowly stepped towards the door. Once she was directly in front of it she lifted a leg and began to kick at it several times. When kicking the door seemed to do nothing, she backed up away from it and rushed toward it again at a great speed in attempt to knock it down. After her first attempt failed, Zinnia backed up and charged at the door again. She wasn't going to let this infuriating door beat her!

    As she rushed for the door the second time, something surprising happened: the door just opened up. Unfortunately, however, Zinnia couldn't stop herself after she had began running. She rushed past Kellyn and out the door. The lorekeeper gave it her all to skid to a stop, but was unable to stop herself until actually tripped over the ranger's Pachirisu, that had been running towards her, and slammed into a few abandoned shipping crates. It was a rocky start, but at least she was free!
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  4. "Are you- GAH!"

    Kellyn watched as Zinnia burst out of the room. It startled him, and he fell to the floor, a bit frazzled. After all, for all his heroics and ability, he was still a 16 year old Ranger, and someone bursting out of a room can startle anyone.

    "Ok... That sort of hurt..." Kellyn muttered to himself as he rubbed his elbow, which bashed against a crate. Arcanine came bounding towards him, tilting its head and looking concerned. "Hey, I've had worse, don't worry." he said, patting the large dog pokemon's mane.

    He watched as she tripped over his Pachirisu, and crashed into some shipping crates. Kellyn scratched his head, and stood up. He looked at Pachirisu, who seemed a bit dazed at the moment, but would be fine in a minute. Kellyn adjusted his Atonage Styler, brushed some dirt off of his shirt, and changed his voice back to his calm tone.

    "Hey, calm down!" Kellyn said. He walked over to Zinnia at the shipping crate. "I'm not here to hurt you. My name is Kellyn, I'm a Pokemon Ranger." He kneeled over her, and began untying the ropes binding her hands. "My name's Kellyn. I promise I'm to get you out of here." As he spoke, his hands worked to untie Zinnia's wrists. If he had a smaller Pokemon that could cut, he probably would have had them just cut the ropes. But for now, he had to stick to untying them with his hands.
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  5. [​IMG]

    After crashing into the crates, Zinnia's ears rang and she felt rather dizzy. She turned around toward the sound of a voice she could hear, but could hardly make out anything he was saying from being temporarily disoriented. But the time she could comprehend what was going on, she realized someone had been working at the ropes around her wrists and had freed her. She rubbed her wrists and arms, which were covered in painful rope burns, and questioningly glared at Kellyn with uncertainty. Reaching up, she pulled the gag off her mouth so she take a quick breath of relief before speaking.

    "Okay, ranger boy. Talk. Where am I? What's going on? I just woke up in some room with my hands tied behind my back and with all of my pokémon missing." She didn't even give Kellyn so much as a thank you, but Zinnia never really had been know for having great manners. A flicker of anger appeared in her red eyes. She wasn't afraid or worried about who her kidnappers could've been, but she was pissed off that they had tied her up and took her pokémon away from her--especially Aster! When she found them, they'd be in trouble for what they did!

  6. [​IMG]

    The Ranger sighed, and scratched the back of his head. It's not that he minded her not thanking him, after all, it was a Ranger's job to help those in need. It was more at her anger towards him. "It's Kellyn... And I'm not sure what's going on at all either. I'm just here on a mission to collect some stolen Pokemon and investigate some leads on some members of Team Aqua as well as some survivors from a group in Almia called Team Dim Sun. I didn't expect to find anyone else besides them here at all, especially not a hostage." Kellyn rubbed his hurt elbow again. "Anyway, let's find your Pokemon, and get out of here."

    "Kellyn, you need to get out of there. Several Team members are converging on your position." Rhythmi's voice came through the Vatonage styler. Kellyn immediately tapped something on it.

    "Got it. Thanks, Rhythmi. Let me just finish up in here." Kellyn said into the styler. He looked back at Zinnia. "Well, uh, we should get going now, shouldn't we? We'll find your Pokemon on the way out." He looked at the Absol, who was poised and facing the door.

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  7. [​IMG]

    Zinnia's eyes darted around wildly as Kellyn spoke, scanning every crack and corner to see if her pokéballs could've been anywhere close-by. She eyed up his pokémon as well, but stayed a good distance away from them. "I don't really care what you're here to do, but at least you got me out of here. So, it appears you're somewhat useful." Her words, actually kind of a compliment, were accompanied by a rough slap on the back. It was as close to a thanks as he would get for helping her out.

    "So, some pokémon were stolen, huh? Well, have you found any pokémon at all yet?" she asked, so impatient for an answer that she didn't wait for one. The wild lorekeeper approached Kellyn and gave him a pat down to see if he had any extra pokéballs on him. It was a treatment that definitely would've made any average guy blush. "Hm, nope, you don't have any," she concluded, stepping back from him. It was then something else he said clicked into her mind.

    "Wait a second, did you say... Team Aqua?" A sheepish smile spread over Zinnia's lips. "I think I may know why I was kidnapped by them. I used to work for Team Aqua until they caught me betraying them and I ran off. I guess they aren't too happy with me for working with Team Magma--their enemy--behind their backs," she said with a laugh, not really caring what the organization thought of her now. "On the bright side though, I still have their uniform and it looks pretty darn good on me, if I do say so myself."

    "Oh yeah, I look hot!"

    "But, anyhow, you're right, we should probably work on getting out of here," Zinnia said, her red eyes returning to the door. "You're the one with the pokémon, so go ahead and send them to scout ahead and make sure nobody has spotted us yet before we start making our way out," she suggested.​

  8. [​IMG]

    Kellyn was a bit startled when Zinnia started giving him a pat down. It was both completely unexpected and completely unwarranted. "H-hey, stop that." He responded trying to keep his composure. When she was done giving him a thorough pat down, and after he came out of temporary shock, he responded to her question. "Most of them are upstairs. I'm assuming that's where yours are." The Pachirisu climbed up onto his shoulder.

    Kellyn kept turning his attention to the door. He was getting paranoid that any moment, a bunch of Team Aqua members could swarm in and ruin this exchange. When she mentioned why they might have kidnapped her, he nodded. "So, as some form of revenge, then? Maybe you had some information they needed?" Kellyn shrugged. He didn't know any reason why Team Aqua would do something like that. After all, the Ranger Union had just gained Team Aqua as a threat. He hadn't even heard of them until this mission.

    He looked at his Arcanine. "Alright, Arcanine, go see what's up, and report back." The Doglike pokemon immediately went to the door. They had a moment before it would return. "So, what's your name?" He asked awkwardly.

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  9. [​IMG]

    Once Kellyn had snapped out of his shock and finally replied, Zinnia graced him with a reply as well. "Hm, good to know. You'll have to show me where to go. I have no idea how to navigate this area since I was kidnapped and forced to come here." She rubbed the back of her head. "And yeah, I'm pretty sure they've kidnapped me for revenge. I doubt there's any information I have that I could give them anymore, but I'm sure they'd looooove to punish me for betraying them." She laughed nervously. Zinnia was pretty sure that's what they wanted, but she really didn't want to stick around to confirm her suspicions.

    "Name's Zinnia," she replied when he asked her for it, "like the flower. But, anyhow, if your pokémon says the coast is clear, let's hurry up and get out of here. Team Aqua won't exactly fight fair if they catch us down here. I know exactly how they work, and they're not a friendly bunch..." Sure, Team Aqua had reformed a bit after the incident where Groudon and Kyogre had been revived, but they were still criminals. Zinnia was through dealing with them anymore.

  10. [​IMG]

    "Don't worry, I know the way back out. Just follow me!" Kellyn said. "Your Pokemon should be in a room near where I came in. He ran a hand through his hair. He was trying to think of contingency plans in case something went wrong. He looked at his styler. "Alright, yeah, I marked it on my map. Now we wait for Arcanine." He leaned against the crate, Pachirisu chirped on his shoulder. "Anyway, nice to meet you, Zinnia! Let's get you out of here, and then we can figure out what Team Aqua is up to."

    The Arcanine came bounding back in a minute later. Kellyn crouched down, and said something to it. He then turned to Zinnia. "Alright, it's safe. Come on, let's go!" Kellyn stood up, and began heading for the door. "A helicopter from the Union should be on its way to get us out of here."
  11. [​IMG]
    "Perfect!" replied Zinnia, grateful when Kellyn seemed to have the situation under control. She rocked back on her heels once or twice, eager to get going as they waited "But I'll tell you one thing, Team Aqua is definitely up to getting their revenge on me," she said with a nervous chuckle. "At least, that's one of the things they're up to."

    When the coast seemed clear, Zinnia followed Kellyn out of the area, her eyes darting all around. "Okay, hurry up and show me where my pokémon are," she hissed, quickly growing impatient. I need to make sure Aster is okay.
  12. [​IMG]

    Kellyn smiled at Zinnia. "We'll find out more after we get your pokemon and get out of here." He readied his styler, tapping something on it. He looked at the group of Pokemon surrounding him. "Ready to go, guys?" He seemed to ask the Pokemon. He then headed outside of that room.

    After several hallways and flights of stairs, they entered another storage room, slightly smaller than the one Kellyn had found Zinnia in. He struggled a bit with the door, but finally got it open. His hands were now somewhat red from gripping the door. " They should be in this room. Check the crates." Kellyn said, walking over to one. "There was a whismur here earlier, was that yours?"
  13. When Kellyn lead the way, Zinna darted after him. She dashed down the hallways and darted up the stairs, nearly tripping a few times, before they arrived at the door of another storage room. The lorekeeper anxiously paced in front of the door, chewing on her lower lip while she waited for the ranger to get the door open. Once he succeeded, Zinnia shoved past him and went inside. She looked around, unsure where to start until Kellyn approached a crate. Zinnia began to rifle through it, instantly beginning to find some of her pokémon. ​


    "Yes, that whismur is my Aster. But I don't see her here. She isn't kept in a pokéball so maybe they moved her somewhere else?" Zinnia wondered, gathering up all of her pokémon. "But, other than Aster, it seems all of my pokémon were kept here." She glanced to Kellyn, worried. "Aster is my very precious girl so I can't leave this place without her. Unless you have any ideas where she's being held, we may need to capture a Team Aqua Grunt and drag them back here for questioning. I can't leave without Aster."

  14. [​IMG]

    Kellyn had a determined look on his face. He struck a heroic pose with his vatonage styler. "Don't worry, Zinnia, we'll find your Aster." He said. "Helping people and their Pokemon is my job! We will do what it takes to make you happy and get out of here." Kellyn stepped forward.

    When Zinnia suggested kidnapping a Team Aqua grunt to find out where Aster was, Kellyn's face changed.


    "A-alright... I was going to say we spend some time looking around, but that's fine too." He didn't seem too comfortable with the idea, but would go through with it anyway if it meant helping somebody. "They're mostly gathered on the top deck. I... Released a lot of their Pokemon when I fought them, so they're mostly defenseless. Do you have any rope?" He was talking nervously at this point. It seemed kidnapping somebody for interrogation wasn't something he did often.

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    A thin smirk curled at Zinnia's lips upon seeing Kellyn strike his pose. "Talk about corny," she teased, shaking her head. "I hope you're serious about this. Aster means the world to me." He did seem serious, but the lorekeeper couldn't help but tease someone when she had the chance to. She walked after Kellyn, chuckling at his reaction when she suggested they kidnap a Team Aqua grunt.

    "I take it you've never kidnapped someone before? Heh, well, don't worry Mr. Hero. It's not as difficult or scary as it sounds. And, like you said, you released most of their pokemon so this should be a snap. Let's head on over to the deck and get this train rolling," she said, turning to head in that direction.

    Once they had reached the deck, she smirked at the Team Aqua grunts scrambling around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. "Hah! This is gonna be too easy." Zinnia then took a pokeball off her person and released one of her companions.


    "Go, Goodra!"

    After being released, Zinnia's large, slimy friend waddled toward her, halting when she gave it a command. "Go capture one of those Team Aqua grunts for me," she explained, gesturing toward one of them. The Goodra immediately turned and headed for one of them, picking him up in his jaws.

    "Ack, put me down!" the grunt exclaimed, squirming in the Goodra's gooey mouth.

    "Hah, we got him. Told ya it would be easy, didn't I?" she said to Kellyn, grinning from ear-to-ear.

    @Minerva @lol, poor Kellyn. XD​
  16. [​IMG]
    Kellyn looked shocked as the Goodra picked up the grunt. He turned off communication on his styler for a moment while he prepared to reprimand Zinnia. "Zinnia! Wh-what the?" It took him a second to regain his composure. We have procedures to go about this! Techniques! We just can't go about this like that!" He waved his arms in the air for a second. Pachirisu stood on the ground, looking at him a bit confused. Pachirisu jumped onto a nearby crate and then onto Kellyn's shoulders to make him feel a bit better.


    "That's not how I would have gone about this." Kellyn said as his face paled somewhat. He muttered to himself. "If anyone at the Union hears about this, I'll face a reprimand for sure." He scratched the back of his head as he looked at Zinnia. He sighed, and stepped forward, his boots clanking on the deck. "Alrightn, I'm gonna make this quick. Zinnia here is missing a pokemon named Aster. He's very special to her. Now, if you tell us where Aster is, we can be done here, and you might get a lighter sentence." He looked down at Pachirisu and sighed again.

    @Finally, I'm done! @Kellyn's going to get Court martialed, I swear...
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  17. "Good job, buddy," Zinnia praised her Goodra, gently patting its side as the man in its grasp continued to scream. In her opinion, Goodra had done an excellent job--exactly as she instructed. She glanced back at Kellyn over her shoulder, eyes bugging narrowing after hearing some of the things he said.


    "Procedures? ...Techniques?"




    She walked over to Kellyn, giving him a few rough pats on the back, also using her touch as an excuse to wipe some slime off her hand from patting her Goodra. "Did your procedures or techniques help you catch this grunt? I don't think so. And why would you be reprimanded? It was my idea in the first place. You had nothing to do with it."

    When Kellyn finally began to interrogate the grunt, Zinnia roughly elbowed him in the side. "He? How rude. Aster is my daughter. She isn't a boy, thank you very much."

    The grunt continued to struggle in Goodra's grasp, shaking his head. "I don't know any pokemon with names! We shipped a crate of pokemon out of here earlier, but I don't know what any of them might've been called. Now let me go!" the grunt exclaimed.

    Zinnia frowned. "Ugh, are you kidding me? So Aster isn't even here." She glared at the man. "I aught to have my Goodra crush you," she grumbled.

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  18. [​IMG]

    "They've gotten me this far at least..." Kellyn mumbled about Zinnia's procedure comments under his breath. "A-and I had a hand in assisting you with this, so I'm technically liable." he stammered.

    At this point, Kellyn was beginning to regret untying Zinnia. He was glad Rhythmi, or any operator, wasn't able to listen in on this. When Zinnia corrected him about Aster his face went pale again. He knew how he would feel if Pachirisu was gone.

    "S-sorry. She is very precious to Zinnia." he said. He immediately thought of something, and he turned to the Aqua grunt they had captive, and was about to ask his question. Then, Zinnia then said something that made Kellyn a bit nervous. He would try and calm her and keep her from crushing the Aqua Grunt.


    "Now now, let's not be too hasty. I'm not done with him."He cleared his threat and stepped towards the grunt. "Is there a cargo manifest on this ship? Something that lists what's on board and where everything's located? Kellyn asked. "I mean, you all have to get through Customs somehow, as well as what you're taking to your boss. It should tell us where everything is located." He turned to Zinnia. "Last resort, we ask the captain."

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  19. [​IMG]

    Zinnia breathed, the smirk from before still on her lips. "Adorable, that's what you are," she added, wiggling her eyebrows. "Acting like this is your mess. Don't even worry about it, ranger boy. You can blame it all on me. But if you don't think that will work, I could hold you hostage. That should make you look innocent enough," she joked, stifling a laugh.

    When Keylln then suggested she back off for a moment so he could ask the Aqua grunt a couple more questions, Zinnia scowled and folded her arms. She wasn't exactly the most patient person in the world, and she hated people who were a threat to her Aster. In her opinion, anyone who even slightly threatened Aster deserved some kind of punishment.

    Despite her feelings, Zinnia decided to hold herself back and see where Kellyn was going with his idea. The grunt continued to squirm in Goodra's grasp, a deepened expression of panic growing on face with every passing moment. "Y-Yes, we have something like that!" he exclaimed in reply to Kellyn. "I don't have it! You'll have to look for one of the admins."

    "Huh, I guess you were onto something after all, ranger," Zinnia said to Kellyn before speaking again to the grunt. "Spill it. Where exactly do we find one of these admins, huh? Shelly or Matt, right?" Zinnia hated the thought of running into one of her former bosses, but she was willing to do anything it would take to find Aster.

    "M-Matt is probably in his quarters," the grunt explained.

    "Well, I hope, for your sake, that you're good at giving directions. Either that or you carry a map on you," the lorekeeper replied, shooting him a glare.

    "I-I have a map, just let me go!" he called out.

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