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  1. Luke was excited. It had been a whole year since he had last seen a lot of people, including Octavia. He had been dying to see her since last year, and he really hoped he could find her before classes. Looking around, Luke wore his signature lip piercing which he had gotten a few years ago, a beanie, a pair of worn out convers, ripped jeans, and a loose sleeveless t shirt. He kept looking for Octavia around the halls of the school as people came and went by him. He was wearing a sleeveless nickleback shirt and some ripped jeans, a usual favorite of his as he kept looking for his sassiest and best friend in the world.
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  2. Octavia sat in her room as she wrapped around her knees. She bit her bottom lip. She got up and went to puke in her trash can. She looked down at her stomach. She sighed and went to brush her teeth and get dressed. She had showered the night before. Octavia was sad and happy it was the first day back. She would see Luke, and she would be happy to see him. She dressed in jeans a v-neck, boots and a sweatshirt. She grabbed her bag and went downstairs. Her brothers asked her if she was okay to go to school. She nods and told them to take her. She got in the car and sighed. Her head layed on the seat. She kept her hood up as she walked into school. She looked down as she walked. Octavia walked to her locker and put her stuff in it. Octavia checked her phone and started to walk. She stopped when she saw Luke. She breathed in and walked for him."Hey Luke." She said quietly.
  3. Luke was still searching for his best friend when a darkly hooded figure walked up to him, only to see it was Octavia after all. "Octavia, hey, are you ok?" He asked her, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You don't look to well. I mean, I haven't seen you in three months, but I know you aren't feeling well. What's wrong? Did Derek break up with you?" He questioned her, leaning down to get a better look at her. It had been a long time since he had seen a friend of his this down, and the thought of it made him feel sick to his stomach, which is how she looked right now.
  4. Octavia looked up at her best friend. She bit her lip and sniffed slightly. She shrugged as he asked if she was okay."I am okay enough." She said."Oh I see how it is I don't look good now." She laughed slightly it was quite."Yeah I been feeling sick, some type of flu." She said. She knew she was lying to her best friend, she didn't want to tell him yet. When he asked about Derek, her eye's fell. She rubbed her right atm and nods as she crossed her arms."Yrah begging of the summer, he cheated on me and went with the other girl instead." She said and looked up at him. She wiped her eyes,"I am fine, just feeling sick is all." She wanted to reassure him.
  5. Luke looked down at Octavia, worry burrowed into his brows as she said she had some type of flu. "If you were really feeling that sick you should have stayed home." He spoke gently, pulling her in for a hug. She was a little bit shorter than him, so her head ended up being in-between his chest and his abdomen, but he didn't mind much. Seeing her wipe her eyes, he lifted a hand and gently pushed her tears away. "We wouldn't want you to feel sick and being going to school. Want me to take you home?" He asked her softly, moving to the edge of the hallway so they didn't end up being stuck in the middle of traffic.
  6. "It's not contagious if your worried about that. I promise." She said. She hugged him and wrapped around him. She sighed,"I am feeling okay now, just on and off I get a little sick." She said to him gently. Her head basically landed on his chest. He lifted her chin and wiped her eye's. She sniffed and looked ar him. They moved to the edge of the hall way."No I should be fine to be here. I won't get anyone sick." She pulled out her schedule and showed it to him. She and him had basically the same schedule. She sighed and leaned into him. She took out her bottlfull of something to keep the morning sickness down. She also had morning sickness lollipops. She pulled one out and sighed."keeps me from being sick." She said. She was trying to not feel sick and this was the best way.
  7. Luke looked at her for a while, soothing a hand over her hood and placing a soft kiss on the top, he sighed. "Alright, but be careful, I don't want you to be loosing your lunch now." He mumbled, caressing her cheek slightly before letting go of her. "We have the same first class, so do you want to head over there now? I mean, it would be the only thing we can do." He chuckled, looking down at her. "How have you been, besides being sick, and the other thing?" He asked her, trying to lift her spirits since she seemed to have worked herself into a slump
  8. "Thanks Luke I will be okay." She said to him. She was feeling less aick and more and more like herself. She nods as he asked if they should go to class. She walked besides him. He asked her how everything else had been."Oh you know summer warm and spending time not doing my summer reading." She smiled and walked to class with him. They sat in the back together and Octavia sighed as her head layed on the desk. She sighed and groaned, she seriously wanted to hit her ex for getting her pregnant and leaving her. She placed a gentle hand on her stomach and shook her head. She lifted her head, when the teacher came in. She pulled out her note pad and gently wrote her name and the date like she did every class
  9. Luke smiled as his friend started to become more like her sassy self as he walked towards class with her. Sure, he wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab her hand, but everyone knew there was a three month rule, yet it had been almost three months. He knew she was probably over him, but maybe she wasn't. Heck, maybe she didn't even like him. He sat down next to her in class, seeing her groan. Furrowing his brows, she rubbed her back for a second before the teacher came in and he withdrew his hand, starting to take notes.
  10. Octavia thanked him for the back rub. She listened to the teacher and groaned as she sunk in her chair. She couldn't stop thinking about Luke. She looked at Luke, he was her best friend, but she liked him. She had always liked him they just never been in the same place at the same time to date. She slipped her hand down and moved it to Lukes. She was glad he was here and hoped he didn't pull her hand away from her. She wrote down what the teacher said with her right hand. She wasn't really paying attention, her stomach was in knots and her mind was on Luke.
  11. Luke was still thinking about Octavia and writing with his left hand when he felt something warm in his plam, and the familiar feeling of fingers brushing his palm registered in his brain. Quickly, Luke returned the grip and meshed his fingers into hers. The feeling of his heart racing returned as he tried to concentrate on the teacher while holding her hand. He was sure glad they had double desks at this school, because it made everything easier to reach her when she needed him. He wished he could have dated her for so long, but it had never worked out for the two of them. Maybe now it could.
  12. Octavia felt relief when he held her hand. She felt less sick about all of this. She held his hand and they had double desks so it made it easy to hold his hand. She held it all the way through class. Even when the bell rang she didn't let go. She looked at him outside of class and sighed."I have to go to my next class."see you at Lunch." She said and kissed his cheek. She bit her bottom lip and slipped her hand out of his reluctantly. Octavia went to her next few classes alone. She texted him on and off. They talked and she was feeling better. She debated telling gim or bot. She probably shouldn't lie about this. She would have to tell him at lunch. She hated her last few classes before Lunch. At Lunch, she grabbed an Apple, juice, and water. She went to sit in her normal spot, but hid in the shade. She fanned herself and closed her eye's as she waited on Luke
  13. Luke smiled as Octavia kept her hand in his, and he was suddenly very glad he was left handed so they could continue to do work like this for the whole time. Eventually, the bell rang and he packed up his stuff, looking over at her. "See you at Lunch." Luke said softly, returning the kiss to his cheek before letting go of her hand and watching her leave. As soon as she was gone, Luke clutched the fabric of his shirt above his heart for a moment before walking to class. He was sure that his heart would have pounded out of his chest as he stood there with her before going to his next classes. Eventually, Lunch came along and he grabbed a sandwich and some juice before going to sit with Octavia outside. Seeing her under their tree, Luke smiled, and sat down next to her. "How are you feeling?" He asked, brushing away some of her bangs.
  14. Octavia looked over at Luke and smiled gently."Eh still feeling sick to my stomach, and not enjoying school. However I am glad you're here." She said gently. She felt him move her bangs and she blushed. She breathed in and her lip quivered. She wiped at her eye's."Luke.. I Lied. I don't have a flu. I was embarrassed to say anything at all to you. I know your my best friend but this is hard." She said and broke down in tears. She sniffed and wiped at her eye's."I am sorry Luke, I am... I am pregnant." She said to him. She bit her lip afraid he act just like Derek at the news. He heard and left her he had shouted at her and blamed her.
  15. Luke smiled at his friend, patting her head. "Good to hear you are ok ish." He said, before she started quivering and he dropped his hand. Looking at her, Luke's eyes scanned her worrying expression, his heart slamming strait into his gut when he heart those fateful words. Truth be told, it hurt that she had lied to him, but it was with good reason. He could feel an emotion build up inside him, causing him to clench his fist. It was all that slime ball's fault for making her this way. He was the one who caused it. Luke kept his fist balled tightly, raising it, and hesitating, before he let go of his own hand and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly into his chest and soothing a hand over her back to let her cry it out.
  16. She flinched slightly as she saw him ball his fist and raise it up. She wiped her eye's. She understood, she lied to him and she was pregnant. She sniffed and was about to burst into tears. When he let her hide into him. She hid into his chest and sobbed. Her emotions were running high. She finally settled down and breathed in. Her head lay on his chest."I am sorry, so sorry." She said gently to him. Her body wasn't moving from his. He felt nice and was comforting. Being pregnant ruinned everything, he probably want nothing to do with her now that he new she was having a kid so young.
  17. Luke sighed though his nose as she sobbed into his chest, feeling his shirt stick to his chest as he held her for a long while. He placed his chin gently on her head, and closed his eyes. "It's alright, you had a reason to be scared." He whispered, holding her close to his chest, and tightening his hold. "I won't ever let you go because of something like that." He mumbled, looking down at her and rubbing away some of her tears. "Don't cry now, you are strong." He whispered, drying her tears.
  18. She sighed and looked up at him. She felt comforted by him and nods as he wiped her tears. She sighed,"Sorry I didn't mean to cry on you." She said and sighed. She stayed leaned into him and offered him her apple. She wasn't hungry but she wasn't nauseous either. She sighed and kissed him on the cheek and took a sip from her bottle that made her feel okay to walk about."So what are we doing after school." She asked him wanting to change the subject. They always hung out, but this summer she needed to keep to herself for a while." Unless you have something to do." She said
  19. Luke smiled as he looked at him, and he planted a soft kiss on her forehead, taking her apple and taking a bite. "You should probably eat something, you need to eat for that little one." He said, gently placing a hand on her stomach. "And we are going to head to my house and watch movies, because you need someone who can make you laugh." He said, smiling at her. Sure, this was shocking news but he was going to keep himself as calm as possible for her.
  20. She sighed and looked at him."your right,"she pulled out crackers from her bag. She put her hand on his as he put a hand on her stomach. She couldn't believe he wasn't running screaming for the hills. Like most guys, though Luke wasn't most guys. She looked at him."Hmm movies at your place, sounds good to me." She said as she slowly ate her crackers. She was tiny and her having a kid scared her a lot. She bit her bottom lip and sighed."How were your classes today?" She asked him
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