Forbidden Creatures (Metal_Baby_Lulu x Raiden Brody)

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  1. Jason stood in the darkness waiting for his next meal. His skin a dark blue pigment, his eyes pitch black, his claws and teeth very sharp, and his hunger left to suffer. He hadn't eaten in's hard to get food when you are shunned by both sides of your race. You have to hunt for it as a baby, after being abandoned. Yeah Jason's life was hard and no one accepted him, but he was still hungry. He was in the city watching as cars passed by in a dark ally way. His human form was begging to come out, due to this form being active for literally about four days straight, looking for food that wasn't served in a restaurant. He saw a very tasty looking female male that seemed to be in his mid thirties. It seems he's now coming home from work. Jason's mouth showed a smile. It started raining and thundering a little, but that didn't bother him. It made his footsteps inaudible, which was perfect. He climbed to the rooftops to make sure no one was watching and no cameras were around. He jumped down and landed on the man claws first into his skull. The man didn't get a chance to scream. He was already dead. He bit through his clothes and onto his skin and started biting off chunks, and every once in a while drinking the blood.

    After finishing with the man, only leaving his bones to waist away in a gutter, his skin started to turn back to a human color. Caucasian. Normal. His black hair now turned to a dirty blond color, his eyes turning from completely black to dark brown, once more. He felt his skin and smiled. He missed his human form greatly. He felt his teeth shrink back to a normal size and dull down a little, same with his nails. The only problem was he only had on the black skinny jeans he had put on before turning. He needed a shirt...he took his meal's jacket and put it on, before walking off in the stormy night.
  2. Jovana stood at the edge of town looking towards the light that welcomed humans. Her nose slightly tipped to the air she breathed in deeply. She hadn't fed in over a week and the insatiable hunger was getting to her. If only a careless person strode through the outskirts of town just before the woods just once... she could feed and no one would know. Her long hair swayed in the violent winds that were picking up in the midst of one of the first thunder storms of the year. The scent of humidity fled into her nostrils and then a peculiar smell accompanied it causing her to snap her dark brown eyes searched the surroundings with hunger. She slowly walked backwards so that the overcast of the canopy completely hid her silhouette int he darkness. Someone was coming.

    Jovana did not blink once until she saw the figure. She smirked and licked her lips. Too easy she thought to herself when she saw a man with a large duffel bag hanging off his shoulder. As soon as he was no more than three meters away she attacked bringing him down to the ground with a single blow. The groaning noise rose her thirst even further. His eyes widened looking at the beautiful woman above him. Her light colored skin was almost flawless and her long black hair flipped around her. Her deep eyes boring deep into his soul as if beckoning him to give in to whatever she wanted. Before he could look her over a second more she sunk her teeth around his neck feeling the pulsation of the punctured arteries below. She inhaled sharply as the first drop touched her tongue and within seconds she bled him dry. When she was done she left the cadaver for the whatever creature lurked in the woods. She had felt the presence of eyes on her. She only wish they'd dare to cross her path.
  3. Jason was walking away rather quickly when he noticed a very beautiful girl walking some ways down the hidden street. He smelled blood on her. He bit his lip. My next meal he thought to himself. As he got closer he sensed something else...she was a vampire...his first instinct was to fight her, but no...something was different about her. Ignoring the fact that she was drop dead gorgeous, he tried to approach her. With out alerting her. He was ready to fight, because he felt he would have to. She looked rather hostile, but he still wanted to at least learn her name. He approached with a nervous step and tapper on her shoulder, which was the dumbest thing he could do. He was going to say something, but he was at a loss for words when she turned around revealing her beautiful, but bloody face.
  4. Jovana had heard the footsteps long before he had the audacity to place his fingers on her. She turned slowly exposing her features. She was still a mess from the feeding and had not had time to clean herself of the evidence. She did not think that someone would be following her so far out of the town. Her body tensed instantly ready for the fight. She raised an eyebrow slowly. This wasn't a human and it sure as hell wasn't something she had ever met before. His scent was different and she narrowed her eyes at him. He was handsome in a way that made her curious. She stood posed waiting for his next move. She would tear his head off if he so much as moved a hair belligerently. She took in his features. Blonde hair and dark eyes that held a deep story. She noticed he had been wearing black jeans and a jacket that was a size to large. He had just fed the faint smell of blood tickled her nose and she smirked only slightly before jumping into the air her wings expanding and taking off deep into the woods that bordered the city. No chances Jovana. She told herselfas she fought to keep herself from blowing around in the wind. The storm was just picking up. It was going to be at least a full day of this kind of weather. She barreled against the rain and landed on her feet upon a large branch of a tree slightly hidden beneath it's large foliage she nestled against the trunk her wings returning to nothing. She held her hand out catching water in the cup of her hands wiping away at the remnants of dinner. Her saturated black blouse clung to her chest and she brought her rain soaked jean clad legs up against her chest hugging them placing her chin on her knees. She closed her eyes as visions of her family haunted her once more.
  5. Jason thought it would be a risk to follow her, but he was willing to take that risk. He was curious about her, and who could stay away from a creature as fine as her. He smirked at the though. He took a deep breath and took off the jacket he had inherited from his food. His eyes started to turn pitch black once more. His teeth became sharp as needles and his skin began to turn a dark blue. His blond hair turned back to a jet black color. He roared loudly into the night. And chased after the girl who was now in the air, with graceful like...He ran at an amazing speed and stopped a branch away from where she now sat. In this form Jason couldn't speak, he could only let out roars and growls. He swallowed and growled a little bit, wishing and hoping that it would actually sound like a nice growl and not growl you would here from a wolf.
  6. Jovana's eyes snapped open as she heard the gutteral sound from the tree beside hers. Her eyes became near slits as she glared at him. Her arms flexed as her nails dug into the bark. The sound of thunder cracking the sky rumbled loudly. She stood up on the branch bracing herself standing her ground her fangs exposed glistening in the flash of lightning. "Who are you and what do you want?" Her voice heavy with a poisonous note. The black blouse that clung to her chest dripped water droplets from how drenched it was hugging the curves of her chest and waist denoting every centimeter of her body. Her hair stuck to her face at parts and swung in the wind in others. She stared at the man who had shape shifted into a creature she had never seen before. He wasn't a full fledged were wolf, She had fought with many before and he wasn't a normal vampire... not even a half blood. He was a hybrid and for the first time in her entire life, she wondered if she would have to fight without certainty of winning. She had never lost a battle, that was what she had been trained for from birth. She was bred to kill and she was absolutely fabulous at it.
  7. Jason tried his best to speak words, for he didn't think it would be a smart move to change back. He would get demolished by this beauty. He took it one word at a time. "Me.....follow you" was all he could get out at the moment. What he was trying to say was "You're too beautiful for me to just leave you alone. I kind of had to follow you." Jason thought about what he just said. That wouldn't have come out right at all in human form. He would've probably gotten nervous and choked up, so he was actually thankful that he was in this form. He nodded and growled a little on accident. He hoped she could understand.
  8. Jovana blinked rapidly for a second a blatant look of confusion plastered her features. Her muscles released the tension and she stood up straight, relaxed watching him carefully. Who was this strange creature. She had been running for so long, vagabonding from town to town she had become used to being alone. She couldn't even remember the last conversation she had with another person. She jumped down from the height of the tree landing on her feet semi crouched down one of her hands touching the earth. She stood back up holding her hand up so the torrential rain could wash away the mud. She looked up at him still in the tree and fought off the urge to take off once again. She hadn't heard from anyone in a while and had become wary of strangers. One doesn't simply deny a coven leader's wish to have someone dealt with. She had arrived at the home of her next victim as scheduled but when she noticed it was a small town farmer and his wife and children she couldn't think of why they had been targets to her leader. She had disobeyed a major rule and had been on the run when her own father said she had become a disgrace and would kill her himself if he caught up with her. What he didn't expect was for her to be so damn good. He had been known as a legendary tracker and killer, but she learned from the best and was even better. She raised an eye brow as he moved his shoulders in a sense that he would be joining her down on the ground soon enough. "What do you mean?" she said her voice less venomous this time around. "Follow me for what reasons? What are your intentions?" She pulled the length of her hair to one side of her neck to keep it from blowing around in the gusty wind. The side of her neck exposed a delicate looking clavicle and a small chain hung from her neck a light colored crystal dangled against her chest and she clutched it when his eyes centered on the jewelry. Her jaw clenched when he finally joined her on the ground. He was only four feet away from her and even though she didn't want to seem anxious, it was in her wiring. She stilled her breathing acutely aware of every breath he made.
  9. As Jason started to get closer he put his hands up. He was pretty sure he had persuaded her enough not to hurt him, so he started to turn back to human form slowly from his head down so he could actually talk. "I wanted to follow you, because you're bea..." his voice trailed off, he realized what he was saying and stopped immediately. Now that he's not in his hybrid form his confidence sank. "Uh...b-because um...i-it looked like you were um....kind of...l-lonely?" Stupid. Very stupid. Why would Jason say something like that. He looked away in embarrassment and anxiety, although what he said was probably the worse thing he could have said, other than beautiful, he still wanted to know what she had to say back. Who knows she may have the same feelings toward him. He was always labeled a very attractive being. Very lean, but muscular. A handsome individual, but who knew.
  10. Her mouth hung slightly agape as he turned before her eyes. She had witnessed other creatures, werewolves especially turn from human to beast but had never seen this kind of transformation. She was intensely curious about the man before her but for all she knew he could be a hired assassin the coven had called upon the price for her head. When he spoke she relaxed even further. His words left her stunned and when he choked on a word she found herself fighting off a smile. It was such a strange emotion she blinked rapidly trying to focus on him once again. Was he really going to say what she thought he was going to say? She had been called many things in her life but never ones of kindness. Her own father raised her over a cold shoulder. There was no caring relationship in her past. She looked up at the sky the rain was still pouring down on them unrelenting. "Lonely huh.." she said with a tone of amusement in her voice. "A woman walks alone in the woods and that makes her lonely. Could I say the same for you?" She asked her eye brow twitching upwards. Her dark eyes brightened as the fear of an attack dwindled away.
  11. Jason smiled a little. "Um...I'm quite lonely actually....I kill each of you every day of my life. You and the werewolves, but I think I want to hold off...I actually want to talk to you," he said. He smiled at her sweetly and got closer slowly. Telling by her smile she was willing to take the compliment. "And yes...yes you are beautiful." He got a little closer as he said this.
  12. Jovana nodded slowly. She too was lonesome. She would never admit it to anyone let alone a complete stranger no matter how handsome he was. Her jaw clenched when he mentioned killing vampires. She too had murdered countless werewolves and vampires alike but he was neither... maybe? She nervously ran her fingers through the ends of her hair laying on one side of her neck. "Why do you wish to talk to me when you kill so many of us... why do you kill? Better yet... what are you?" she had so many questions for this man they buzzed round her skull rather noisily. She stared wide eyed at him when he mentioned her beauty and she fought off the neuronal buzzing that sparked within her. No one had called her that without falling prey to her. For the first time someone was calling her that just because they believed it to be true. She knew she was attractive but she felt her past transgressions had tainted her of every truly being beautiful inside or out Her body was riddled with scars from past battles thankfully none too close to her face. She stared deep into his eyes as he moved closer. For a reason unbeknownst to her she spoke, "I'm Jovana Jenner."
  13. Jason smiled. "Jovana...a real name... a name of pure beauty," he said with a sweet smile. "I'm only answering one of those questions. I'm a vampire werewolf hybrid," he said with no hesitation. "Born to both families, as well as neglected by them." Jason looked her in the eyes. "I've been told that I am more powerful than both races combined. I'm apparently not supposed to know that yet..."
  14. Jovana's eyes twitched slightly as he spoke explaining what he was. "I've never heard of anything... anyone... like you." She tried to ignore his comment about her name and slightly bit her lip looking up at the sky. They had been standing in the rain for quite some time now. "I don't know about you... but i'm going to look for somewhere to get dry. I know what it's like to be neglected by one's own family, that's why I stay alone. It's better that way." she thought to herself that's the only way you don't get hurt. You can't ache within if you have no one. She opted to walk instead of fly since the rain had gotten too bad to try and fly in. She turned and started walking deeper into the woods. She knew of some caverns she had used for shelter before. She wanted to get there and hang her clothes up to dry, maybe start a fire to aid in their drying. She hadn't invited him but for some reason she felt he would try and follow her. Maybe he had gotten the hint that she traveled alone. He hadn't answered all her questions he hadn't even given her a name, she knew nothing other than he was stronger than her, that was enough to want her to leave. Before the darkness of the inner woods swallowed her she looked back at the handsome stranger.
  15. Jason wondered if he should just leave the beauty alone, but he was naturally drawn to her, she had a leash no him and he didn't want to bite it off. He followed her slowly, but when she turned around to look at him he took that as a signal for him to follow. He walked in behind her almost bumping into her from behind as she stopped. He didn't know if that was such a good idea...yet.
  16. Jovana took an unwanted step forward when he bumped into her. She looked up at him and shook her head with a smirk on her face. "I'll start a fire." She said retreiving some wood she kept in the caverns she had used before. She piled it up and used some rocks to light the dry leaves and grass that sat atop the twigs. She had forgotten he was in the cavern as well for an instant as she went to pull off her dripping shirt. She lifted it up past her stomach revealing a flat abdomen but skin that had many scars. She saw him from the corner of her eye and dropped her shirt back down. No sense in getting naked with him there. She remembered that further back into the caves where stragglers would not dare to venture into she had kept a small pack of survival needs nestled into a crack in the wall. She walked back into the darkness and returned wearing a white v neck tee and blue jeans. She placed the wet clothes on boulders beside the fire hoping they would dry. "I have none for you, sorry." She said nodding her head over to his wet frame. She sat with her back resting on the wall of the cave her fingers wrapped lightly around the only piece of jewelry she owned. She didn't know what his plans were but she knew where her road was aiming next. She needed to travel far east and track down a man named Zenith. He had fled their coven long before she had after killing her mother. He was next.
  17. Jason was realized how exhausted he was and sat down in a space to the side. The minute he looked up he noticed Jovana pulling her shirt up, and Jason felt his heart beat race. He wasn't disappointed when she pulled it back down, but he was a little saddened he didn't get to see more. He stayed quiet watching her the whole time. She was attractive....she was sexy enough in the rain and now that she's dry she's just pure beauty in his eyes. He stayed silent, because that's all he could really do at the moment.
  18. She stretched her legs out and pulled on a leather jacket she had in the pack. When she was warm enough she leaned back looking over at him. What were his secrets? Why was he out in the woods? She wanted to know more about him but felt like having someone open up would only lead to her own unraveling. It frightened her that she was even thinking about such things. She blinked her eyes sluggishly and slid down the side of the wall laying up against it her head resting on the ground. She wrapped her arms around herself and fell asleep her eyes closing the last thing she saw were his deep eyes. She dreamed with the woods and running. She could hear heavy panting and a growl, familiar yet foreign at the same time. From the brush ran out another hybrid, it wasn't this stranger it was someone else and he looked angry. Jovana stirred in her sleep as her dream deepened.
  19. Jason relaxed, not exactly ready to sleep yet. He looked outside and thought about what could have been if his mother and father actually stayed to raise him. He could see himself worshiped. Treated like royalty. One of the top-notch soldiers. He delved into that though a lot before actually deciding to go to sleep on the other corner of the room. He watched her sleep, before actually dozing off himself. She was a sleeping beauty. Something that you only saw once in a life time. Or hundreds of lifetimes in their case.
  20. When Jovana woke up she blinked at the harsh light peering in from the cave's opening. She groaned as she rose from the ground. She looked over at Jason still asleep. She cocked her head to the side taking in his much more relaxed features. He was very handsome. He had a muscular lean figure with broad shoulders and smooth skin. She put the fire out and cleared her throat for him to wake. He stirred and his eyes snapped open as she disturbed the silence. I'm heading out... just thought it was only fair to give you a notice instead of vanishing." She smiled meekly. Jovana placed the pack back into the crack in the cavern wall and pulled the hood of her jacket up. It wasn't like vampires would disintegrate in the sun like in the olden days. They had evolved over time and could now walk among humans one of the happiest days for her kind. Now a meal wouldn't have to wait until the veil of night. She looked at him once more wondering if he had any place in particular he was heading towards himself but squashed the thought. You keep no company, you know better. She thought to herself as she began walking in the direction towards Zenith's village of residence, a secluded town a few weeks journey away. She kept all her belongings in her pockets, money and cards to help her on the way. She wasn't going to travel modernly by plane or car, she liked being in the solitude of the woods and earth itself. She extended her hand brushing the leaves of some berry bushes as she passed them.