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  1. Hey everyone. Here is the link to OOC thread for this RP. Any questions you have, you can ask me there and I'll be happy to answer, or you can message me the questions you have and I'll answer there as well. Also info on how to sign up an OC character, or request to be one of the canon characters from Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, or if you want to roleplay both a canon character and your OC characters, is in the OOC as well.

    Now let's get this RP Started

    Shane Mustang, the child of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, whom they had but were never told about, continues doing his research and investigation on a recent case he took on, in which Meas Hughes, since Shane was 4, had tutored and taught Shane how to do real thorough investigations and helped develop Shane's research skills to a really high level. Shane had just turned 18 just 6 months ago, making him old enough now to join the military ranks alongside his mother and father, whom are high ranked officials in the military, his father also being a state alchemist, and one of the most famous ones at that. Shane due to being old enough has been talking to his friend Edward Elric, whom is also a famous state alchemist, about coming to the central branch at the end of the week to meet Fuhrer Grumman, and bringing with him all the information original copies, and all backup copies as well, in which he's made 30 back up copies of each piece of the information that he recorded on all the investigations he's done over the years, not knowing that since Sheska incinerated all of the info books she redid for Meas Hughes on a order from Frank Archer who was a superior of her's at the time he gave her the order, they are in great need of the information he has and he'll be doing they a majorly huge favor by bring all the research he's done in with him, including the research he's done so far on the case that he's currently investing.

    Shane hopes that when he joins up, to become a state alchemist, like his father Roy Mustang, and his good friend Edward Elric are. Shane's alchemy element, considering Roy Mustang is his father, has been known to come as a surprise to many who witnessed him using his alchemy. Shane's great aunt Madam Christmas, gave him the nickname Tidal Ranger, and soon after seeing him using his alchemy, everyone in the village his great aunt and him used to live in, and everyone in the next village that they moved to, started to call him that. He was also know as that by many of the police officers in his and his aunt's new and current home town in the second village that they moved to, as Shane's helped the police, of his and his aunt's current hometown, patrol the streets and haul in criminals to jail and also haul inmates who escaped back in to jail as well. Shane though has never used his alchemy much at either the eastern headquarters where his father Roy Mustang and his mother Riza Hawkeye used to be based at, nor the central headquarters where his father and mother were based when his father got promoted. So unlike his great aunt, the villagers of his and his great aunt's hometown, the police of his and his great aunt's hometown, Meas Hughes, Envy, who on King Bradley's/Pride's orders, spied and kept an eye on Shane while Shane grew up and progressed in his alchemy, and then started sparing with Shane when he reached age 10 in order to test and to rate Shane's battle skill level, Izumi Curtis, whom Shane came across from time to time back when Izumi was instructing Ed and Alphonse, Edward Elric, and Van Hohenheim, whom Shane also met up with from time to time while he was growing up, Fuhrer Grumman, Shane's mom and dad, and the rest of Shane's parents' friends, have no clue about Shane's alchemy element.

    Off over in another location, a 17 year old orphan named Harold, is doing work and helping out a family with their farm that reaches over several miles of acres of land. His alchemy element being agriculture, has gotten him a lot of recognition and spread his reputation across to many farmers, landscape officials, and lots of others, to which he's gotten requested to do various types of jobs by many of them. Due to this, even though he hasn't had a family since he was 5, due to his parents being killed in the crossfire of one of the attacks made during the war between amestris and ishval, Harold's managed on pretty much just survival skills quite well. While he was working a job for someone, he would sleep somewhere on the property, say in the loft of a barn if he was working on a farm, or if he was doing a landscaping job, he'd make himself a fort out of small logs that were nearby that the other workers weren't using and leaves for the bedding and sleep on them.

    He made friends with the younger Elric sibling, Alphonse Elric, while he was growing up. They were only pin pals at first, and just communicated through letters and other ways of responding through mailing options. They started meeting face to face after Harold himself and Alphonse had turned 12. Harold, while talking with Alphonse in person one time, heard about a man named Alex Louis Armstrong, one of the state alchemists that Alphonse had mentioned running into a few times before the time he told Harold about him. The stories that Alphonse described to Harold about Alex Armstrong fascinated Harold, the part about how Alex's strength, determination, loyalty, and Alex's protective nature of his friends and family and all the people around him as well as all the people within his country, greatly inspired Harold. Harold, due the admiration he felt towards Alex, decided shortly after his conversation with Alphonse, to look into all of the information about the Armstrong family. While he was doing research on them he came across another who was also in the amestrian military, Olivier Mira Armstrong. Harold was intrigued when he saw she was at Major General Rank so he read what it said about her. He read on the type of leader she was and that she never backed down from anything. He read of how she took on the enemy with massive force behind her hands and that her men were trained to do the same. He also read about her loyalty torwards the military and her family and friends. And Harold, after reading about Olivier, started to admire her as well. So much so that Harold one day hopes to meet Alex and Olivier Armstrong and with their approval meet their parents and get adopted into the Armstrong family. In the meantime after reading about them, Harold, along with doing the farming and landscaping jobs he was requested, started training to improve his alchemy combat level, using what he heard about Alex's and Olivier's reputations to drive him into getting stronger and improve his survival skill level as well as his combat level.
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  2. Azelia had been traveling, or was it hunting, maybe just running away; to be honest all of it combined. Since a child she never really understood her mother until she was included in the research. Well she was the patient and her mother seemed to have lost all bits of humanity in her. To Azelia it tore her apart, no mother or father to depend on and being locked away in a house, well a cage, wasn't something you can call love. She didn't understand her mother at all and had many questions to ask her. Within the last year she had been searching for her mother. Azelia needed answers and she was going to get them one way or another.

    After her escape from home she met Maes Hughes. He was kind, caring and made her laugh all the time and allowed her to stay at his home with his wife and daughter. Well until him and Mustang figured out what to do with her. Yet that house was different than what she felt growing up. It wasn't cold and devoid of all vitality and happiness, just the complete opposite. Azelia missed that house and so sometimes visits while Maes was away from home. Beings close to central was a bit tempting. Without much cash for a place to stay and actually wanting a warm bed for the night made the risk less dangerous. Maybe she'll stop by for a night or maybe not. For two years Azelia was running away from the military and an unknown women that she see every now and again. But being on the run had it's pros and cons. While running she came to terms with her accursed ability and started training her alchemy when she found the time. She was also willing to learn more about healing alchemy and tried helping those who couldn't afford medical help.

    Azeila was last seen in The Nameless Village taking a breather from running and investigating. She was still debating on where to go next, either follow her mother's trail or gain new information. Maes still had the last few pages of information that her mother had left behind. If they could give some clue about anything maybe her questions would be answered. Yet that meant going to him, to a state Alchemist, thats the military. They had been trying to find her for possibly the same reason the lady was following her. Or maybe they were looking for her mother, trying to gain a reason for her actions. Either way Azelia was at a cross road and tired of always running.
  3. Shane who is commuting on foot to the central headquarters to meet up with his state alchemist friend Edward Elric, is current taking a rest break while on his way to his 5th underground base, in which he kept secret as well as his other underground bases. This is due to the fact that Shane stored all his research materials and all the information of the investigations he had performed with the assistance of his tutor Meas Huhges, and had recorded and wrote down the original record of the investigations he worked, as well as 30 extra copies of each and every investigation, in notebooks over the past 14 years, and locked away in the 7 underground secret bases Meas had helped him build for the research notebooks of Shane's safe keeping, the 7th base being the closest to central.

    Shane, while resting up next to the four 3x10 crates containing all his investigation research notebooks, notices Azelia, and it seems to his eyes that she's taking a break just as he is. He wonders where she could be heading if she's going the same way he's going, considering that the village that they are in isn't known to very many civilians on the outside, as many of the families of central military based operatives are most of the inhabitants of this town, as the town is just right outside of the central military base headquarters. There are a few civilians living in the town that are unattached to the military, but not many that aren't at least a relative of one of the soldiers or a relative of one of the state alchemists.
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  4. Celore walked down the road, a large sack being dragged behind him. The contents within thrashed about and loudly uttered various profanities to anyone who could hear. The townspeople that were close enough just kind of shied away, knowing better than to get involved. As he neared the castle steps to the palace, the voice inside the sack grew in volume as it was drug up the multitude of stairs.

    A couple guards stood at the entrance of the palace and greeted him as he approached. "The rogue alchemist as requested by King Bradley." He dumped the bag on the ground, the thrashing inside grunting and suddenly ceasing completely. "Good, no doubt he'll be executed soon as possible." Now the thrashing and the cursing resumed with a fiery passion. It didn't bother Celore much...he had finished his part in this. "Your payment will be delivered as usual."
    Celore let the guards take the battered man out of the sack and inside the palace, his hands already chained. Celore Zelani made his way down the steps and towards the local tavern. He wanted to get some relaxation in before the next job.
  5. Celore had just started on his second helping of alcohol when a lushous female voice behind him whispered in his ear. "On your break?" His head slightly turned to see lust behind him, her body even the most beautiful woman would envy. "Why are you here?"
    She sat opposite him, gazing smugly at him. "You have a new assignment. Bradley wants to see you."

    He sighed, slightly thankful there were very few people here. "Bradley can kiss my ass. I just got back..been tracking that alchemist for 8 days. Finally found him and find out the intel was wrong. Fire alchemist my foot...he used earth alchemy! Took me 3 more days to finally wear him down and get him weak enough to capture. I know you're loyal to him, but until my break is over...he can wait."
    Lust smiled. This alchemist had much more guts than Bradley did..even if he was a homunculus like her. He also wasn't affected by her womanly charms like most men. It only made her more attracted to him.
    "Don't keep him waiting too long Celore. He might not be too pleased if you do." He nodded and took another sip of his drink, watching lust leave the tavern and presumably heading back to HQ.
  6. Harold who had stopped into the tavern to get the only type of soda, it also being the only other allowed drink for a minor the tavern had other than milk and water, that being root beer, in which he always got the refrigerated bottled root beer, while on his way to meet up with his friend Alphonse Elric, had overheard Celore and had glanced over hearing him to see who he was talking to, and seeing it was the female homunculus known as Lust, Harold adverted his eyes looking away as quickly as he looked over to see them engaging in conversation. Having not only heard of the state alchemists from Alphonse, including two particular state alchemists in which Harold admired, but having also heard about the enemy force known as the Homunculi, including Lust, he hopes that he didn't get noticed, as he doesn't feel he could face Lust by himself if she had thought he heard to much, even if he had only been paying attention, and only halfway paying attention for that matter, for a brief 45 seconds to a minute tops.
  7. Azelia felt the eyes of someone watching but not paying much attention to her. She felt relieved, she already ran through a town to get to this one and she really didn't want to run again. To her today as really a breather, and sat in the shade. The sun was becoming too much for her eyes and so decided to close them a little to help alleviate the pain. Now where to go exactly? If she followed the trail it would mean going to the capital of East, and avoiding Central all together. Why would she go there, with everything already packed away it would be pointless. Maybe her mother wanted things to be pointless, have her run around on empty leads until she burns out. To be honest, Azelia was burned out. With a lady chasing her and leads being empty the Hughes household sounds better to be around.

    Azelia got back up and headed for the train station, but with it so bright she was simply feeling against the wall to help her walk. She hated resorting to blind mechanics, with no walking stick it was hard to see where she going. Azelia sighed and listened out for the sounds of the smell of burning coal. She knew it would be quite a walk considering the fact that the city was like a hill. Walking on a slope which meant taking her time to get there. Well she had time, the train ran on clock work. Two hours to get there wasn't so bad it gave her plenty of time.
  8. Celore sighed as he finished his drink. Bradley never was one for tardiness or blatant disregard of his authority. As he stood and made his way to the military HQ. As he entered the meeting room, he cocked his head to dodge a cup that had been chucked at him. "You're late Celore!"
    He looked at the end of the table to see King Bradley and Lust already waiting for him.

    "I was taking my well deserved break. Forgive me for needing one." He sat down. "So who do you need me to hunt this time? Rebels? Rogue Alchemists? Monsters?" King Bradley narrowed his uncovered eye. "I do not like your tone Celore. Do not play smart with me...I will not tolerate it!" Celore sighed as he waited for his orders, then decided that he had enough.
    "You know what? I don't even want any more orders. From here on in, I hunt my own targets on my own terms. If I decide that someone is worth killing, then I'll kill them."

    King Bradley stood, his features red with rage. "How dare you!" Several guards rushed into the room as Bradley unsheathed his sword. "I have nothing against you Bradley...but I'm done. Consider this my resignation." He clapped his hands together and slammed them into the ground, his alchemy destroying the floor until he made a clear drop into the sewers. He gave a final look to Lust before he took off into the smelly underground. "Send teams! Tell the other Alchemists that Celore Zelani is now a fugitive from justice and is to be considered highly dangerous. Take him down if spotted!"
  9. Harold who is heading to where Alphonse is at within the central headquarters building, suddenly hears Celore and King Bradley and comes immediately to a hault when he hears their argument. He backs up a few steps wondering what to do. He stumbles a bit at the ground floors underneath his feet breaking open as Celore does his alchemy and leaves, to which Harold loses his balance and falls backwards being thrusted back a few feet, just enough to where he wouldn't fall, and lands onto the edge of the floor opening Celore made.
  10. Celore made his way through the sewer systems. He silently wished he didn't have to go this way, but Bradley wasn't about to let him leave peacefully. This was the only way and the quickest way to get away from the guard and out of town fast as he could.
    As he neared a sewer grate, he could hear the commotion above.
    Guards were speeding patrols through the streets and shouting at anyone around if they'd seen Celore anywhere. This is going to be a little harder than I thought.

    He backed away and continued through the sewer, trying to find a place that wasn't so covered that he could get out and continue moving. The sewers weren't the best place and not the most fun either. He sighed as he continued along.
  11. Harold was still in his position, sitting on the edge of the only opening that was free of guards, Harold himself being the only one there, and Harold not being affiliated with the military as of yet, considering he's only 17 years of age. He sees the guards swarming the whole area but none are near him at the moment. He wonders what to do as he knows Celore is bound to be getting to his location where the least guarded opening is. On one hand, Harold knows Bradley wants to capture Celore, having heard the argument they had with eachother. But knowing how strong Celore is, Harold has a feeling he's not exactly strong enough to where he'd be able to face Celore in battle, much less facing him long enough just to hold him off until the other guards got there. But on the other hand, he knows the two state alchemists he looks up to, Alex and Olivier Armstrong, wouldn't back down from any challenge. He also knows that his friend Alphonse Elric wouldn't back down either. Nor would his other friends Russell and Fletcher Tringham. Not being sure of what actions to take, Harold stands up and just watches for Celore to reach his location, not sure of what he's going to do when Celore gets there.
  12. Azelia made it to the train station counter and was happy to have not bumped into people. Being under some shade she was able to keep her eyes open and looked at what ticket to get. As she thought the only train headed to New Optain City was long gone and wouldn't be back for quite some time. So fate made a decision for her and the only train available was to Central City. With a sigh of possible regret she bought the ticket. Azelia only had enough money for food when she arrived there. She looked towards the train and saw that they were loading things on like crates of some kind. They were most likely for the military and as such only meant guards. Which was ok they were easy to take out but it was the alchemist she was worried about. They know how to put up a fight and right now she was in no condition to fight. Azelia hoped on the train to central and found a good window seat. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. All she had to do was visit, eat a small meal and be on her way before Maes even came home. Azelia had a plan, it was better than nothing.
  13. Celore wandered through the smelly sewers until finally he felt the gust of fresh..well, freshish..air gusting through the tunnels. Finally..the exit. It'll be good to get out of here. As he got to the exit, he saw what he was expecting. No guards patroling or in the vacinity. What he did not expect was the 17 year old Alchemist Harold Armstrong.

    "Harold..this is a surprise." He got out of the sewers and stood up, his clothes now soaked with sewage water. "Are you here to follow Bradleys orders through and kill me? If you are, I won't hold back just because you're a kid. You're blocking my exit out of tell me. What are you going to do?"
    He didn't know much about this kids talents, but he had heard of him from various soldiers and alchemists in the academy including Alphonse Elric. He steadied his hands in case he had to fight.
  14. Harold "Bradley wants you dead? I just thought the two of you argued and he wanted you caught after you stormed out. And of course you quit on him. But Edward quit on Mustang. Now of course he came back in the end but..oh boy.." Harold stops talking for that moment and thinks to himself ~Oh man..What should I do?..I've cornered Celore..Bradley wants him executed..But I don't know if I'm strong enough to even take him on..much less do that to him..But Alex and Olivier would never back down..I know they wouldn't..~ Harold looks up at Celore. He doesn't know if he's even near ready to take Celore on. He gulps nervously but then Harold takes a deep breath. He looks to see if the guards are anywhere nearer to them yet, and then he turns back to facing Celore.
  15. "Whatever you're thinking of kid, I'd advise you to rethink it..." He stood up fully and began walking towards him slowly. "Obviously you know of me since you mentioned Bradley and that probably makes you either a alchemist or one in training. Let me say this kid...."

    He now stood directly in front of Harold looking down at him. "If you do not move and let me pass, I'll kill you, leave you here for the guards or animals to find and escape anyway. You can move, let me go and come after me later if you so choose....either way, I'm walking out of here. Now make your choice or I will choose for you..."
    He could hear the guards closing in, scanning all the homes and alleys. He was running out of time and he had to hurry.
  16. Harold "Um..Well I am an alchemist but as you know I'm only 17..So I'm not a state alchemist..Listen..Yes I know of you..Probably just like you know of me..You know like by things that are said and spread around..information and stuff like that..Like how I dream of being adopted into the Armstrong family and Bradley's heard from Alphonse about my dream and me wanting to officially be adopted into Olivier and Alex's family and Bradley's introducing me to Alex and Olivier little by little with Alphonse's help..But yes I know about you too..And given I know about your reputation, your power and skill, honestly I'm not sure at all if I'm ready to take you on..So given that, I may be willing to let you pass..But please..Don't let Olivier know about it if I do..Alex may understand me letting you go because I'm not sure if I'm ready to fight someone of your caliber yet..but I know Olivier wouldn't understand..Considering she didn't even understand Alex backing down in the ishval war..and that wasn't even because Alex was afraid of the war like she says he was because he didn't think it was right to fight down the ishvalan children considering even if the grownups wanted to betray us, or at least those of the ishvalans who did..but the children were innocent in it..the children themselves didn't do anything wrong..that's why Alex backed down.."
  17. He smirked. "Smart move kid. Give my regards to Armstong. He's a weird one, but a goodhearted sort. Perhaps I"ll see you again...but hopefully not." He walked out of the alley and rushed down the street for the nearest gate. He grabbed a cloak from a nearby stand he passed and threw it around himself, giving him a small disguise to try and assist in getting through the gates.

    As he approached the gate, the guard looked at him suspiciously as he hobbled past, trying to give the impression of a beggar and a crippled man. The guard waved him along and he hobbled through the gate and out of town. Thank the to get as far from here..and I can before they learn I'm gone.
  18. Harold watched as Celore left the alley way. He then looked back at the guards who were still looking around for Celore.

    Shane's at the gate getting permission to enter through it, bringing with him his 6 3x10 crates containing all the information and research he's done, including as well additional copies of case work and research that was already in the military's system that Meas asked him to do while tutoring him. He glances up while talking to the guards and sees someone walking torwards them, and then takes a look quickly to his left at one split second and sees Celore, whom Shane had run into several times while tagging along with Hughes in the past years, seeing Celore pass right by the guards, but sense Celore is cloaked, Shane doesn't know it's him, nor does Shane know that Celore deserted from the military just hours ago. He watches him pass through though and keeps watching until Celore gets far enough away where Shane's eyes can't see him anymore. Shane then, after getting the guards' permission, starts to head for the main building of the central base's headquarters.
  19. The train came to a slow halt with the creaking sound from the metal and the releasing blows of steam. The train stop was bustling with life yet it seemed to be guarded more than usual. It wasn't because of her and she knew this. Didn't mean she could be reckless and screw things up. Azelia took her bag and made her way off the train. Following the flow she made her way out and into the city. If she was right the apartment wasn't far away and counting calories at this point was crucial. The train ride allowed plenty of sleep and since she was conserving her energy she may have enough to get there. Pulling off he black hood she made her way through the narrow streets and bustling city of life. The heart of Amestris was truly working.

    Making it all the way there she hesitated about knocking on the door. After all she rarely visits and leaves when the chance was present. Azelia sucked it, right now they were all she could call family and being away so long never made them change their hospitality. With a few knocks on the door she held her breath a little before Gracia had opened the door. "Azelia! It's wonderful to see you again." She said with her usual warmth and happy smile. Azelia rubbed the back of her head a bit before coming inside. "I know its been awhile but I decided why not stop by." Azelia sighed a little with relief, maybe just maybe spending a few extra hours here wouldn't hurt.
  20. Shane, passing by Hughes' house, sees Azelia entering inside after Gracia greets her at the door. While he's hauling behind him the seven 3x10 crates from each one of his 7 underground secret bases, each one of the crates harboring all of the records and information logs that were lost to the military due to Archer's order to Sheska to incinerate all of it, and also including other records and information logs to which he had done from the many investigations he performed on his own, each and every record and information log within the crates having 30 extra backup copies, Shane thinks about his wanting to visit Gracia and Elicia as well, considering he hasn't spoken or made any kind of contact to neither one of them in months, but knows he has a task to complete at the moment, that being to deliver the seven crates he's hauling to the military's central base headquarters as soon as he possibly can get there, as he was requested by his good pal Edward Elric. So a few short minutes later, Shane continues to walk on towards the central base. As Shane makes his way closer to the Military's central headquarters, he starts to think about Meas Hughes. The memories of his time with Meas Hughes and each of the skills that he had learned from his father's deceased best friend, play like a picture book through his mind and thoughts as he walks.