Floor 13: A Tale of Psychological Horror

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    [size=+2]Home is a sanctuary, a place where it is said a person feels most comfortable. Home's where your heart is, where you go to unwind, to relax. It's the place you feel safest.

    What if that safety was violated?

    What if terror and fear came into your very home? If darkness invaded the place you come to rest at night and twisted it into a hideous mockery of what it once was? If you should be cut off from the safeties and securities of modern society, forced to rely upon yourself and your neighbours for survival?

    The inhabitants of the 13th floor of the Baynes Building are about to find out...​

    [size=+1]Game Masters: Grumpy NotaIrish
    Accepting New Characters: No, sorry
    Genre: Psychological Horror
    Atmosphere/Mood: Isolation, Claustrophobia, Fear of the Unknown, Paranormal

    ‘Floor 13’ is a Modern Horror RP, a tale of sanctuary’s violation. Taking place in the Baynes Building, a high-rise block of apartments in the middle of the city, the characters will quickly find themselves trapped in an increasingly terrifying and life-threatening situation. Cut off from society and exposed to unknown threats, they will be forced to band together to survive.

    • No Superpowers/Supernatural Elements - This is a Modern Horror RP about ordinary people. Characters must be NORMAL humans; no wizards, werewolves, fairies, anthros, or whatever else you may have had in mind. Think journalists, accountants and reporters, not knights, mages and vampires. On a related note, no powers or weird abilities; they just won't fit with the themes of the game.
    • This Ain’t No Action Game - Keep in mind the themes of the game; this is a story about ordinary people desperately struggling to survive. With this in mind, characters should not have access to a number of weapons. Keep things simple; a kitchen knife, a baseball bat, maybe a pistol at a stretch. Anyone who introduces a character who keeps a supply of assault rifles under his bed will be fed to the Rake.
    • Listen to the GM - There is a vague plot in mind for this RP, so please do try and follow what's going on and not attempt to derail the story too much.
    • Respect Your Fellow Players/Don’t be a Prick - No-one likes a power-gamer. Nor does anyone like chaotic-randumb characters, moody loners or characters who like to murder others for no readily apparent reason. Be a team player; this is about collaborative storytelling, not internet dick-waving.



    [NOTE: As this is a JumpIn RP, character sheets are not necessary. However, should you wish to fill one out to help everyone else keep track of who’s who, please feel free.][/size]

    [size=+3]SANCTUARY CRUMBLES HERE...[/size]​
  2. Name: Abigail Samwurst
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Physicist
    Personality: Abigail tends to be quite quiet, but, iif she becomes interested in something it will seem to posses her, turning her into an infatuated sadist.
    History: When Abigail was young, she loved patterns, numbers, logic. That also fits with her job. But, every night she sees a strange creature that she becomes more and more infatuated by. There is no explanation to it, and tthat's what draws her in. But how
    deep will she go into it's grasp before she snaps?
    Name: Jonathan Marshall
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28

    Occupation: Psychologist

    Personality: Jonathan is an intelligent and empathetic individual. A recovering alcoholic and reborn spiritual man, he is the kind of person who loves to do what he can to help others in need because it’s a means to better himself. His genuine, friendly personality allows him to easily connect with those around him. Jonathon is the kind of neighbor that will help you paint your apartment without a second thought.

    But there is a dark side to Jonathon, a resentful, fearful and violent personality which is only one drink away. Part of his desire to help others is that it allows hime to lose himself in the lives of others and not obsess about whats going on his head. Just because he hasn’t picked up that first drink doesn’t mean that he is free of trouble. Jonathan is still haunted by the ghosts living among the wreckage of his past. His faith in a higher power is the one thing that protects him from returning to that life of oblivion.

    If its alright, I'll pass on writing a history and see how this character evolves in game.
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  6. No need to write a history if you don't want to, mate. This is a JumpIn, after all; you don't even need to make a character sheet if you don't want to.

    Strap your RP up onto life support and get in here, Kate; be good to have you involved with this.

    Staci is now this RP's very own eldritch entity. The Lurker In Shadow.

    Lovecraft would have dug it.
  7. So much fun..

    I can't wait to see where this goes.


    Character Name: Ernest Vandorf
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Security Guard

    Personality: Ernest has always been a hard working man. He doesn't get angered very easily, and remains calm in most situations. Able to socialize and get along fine with others. When something puzzles him he grows curious and thinks of every possible solution to what it could be. Ernest's weakness is he over-thinks and gets too worried over the little things.

    History: Ernest has been a security guard for the nearby asylum for 7 years. He's always took pride in his work and loves the good folks he works with. However, one day..There was a break-out and many of the inmates escaped, Ernest along with his friend, Rufus kept many of the inmates from escaping except one who surprised Ernest and Rufus causing them to drop their weapons and resort to hand to hand. The inmate knocked Ernest aside and focused on Rufus, choking him with his very own belt. Ernest crawled over and tried save Rufus..But it was too late.

    Rufus' death has never left Ernest and now haunts him now of all times..
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  9. Yay!!! We have our own eldritch entity! Can she please be part of the plot?
  10. [size=+1]Name: Tom Harrison
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27

    Occupation: Photographer

    Personality: A chronic over-achiever, Tom is the sort of artist who throws himself heart and soul into his work to the point where it can become unhealthy. Failure to get the results he wants (the 'perfect' shot) leaves him frustrated and difficult to be around. As such he can very often be an ill-tempered individual, with a sarcastic sense of humour. His anger isn't focused upon others, however. It usually comes to rest upon himself.

    Despite this he's not an antisocial figure; he gets along with people most of the time and knows how to work well with others.[/size]
  11. Alrighty guys, gonna try and keep the momentum going since we've just started. This is the third time I've tried to run this story, so it'd be awesome if we could actually succeed this time.

    The characters all live on the same floor of the building, so everyone is going to start hearing the whispering and scratching coming from the hallway that's got Tom so freaked out.
  12. Name: Danielle "Dani" Robinson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Illustrator for Children's Books

    Personality:Optimistic, quirky, a bit too nice for her own good, Dani has felt what it is like to be walked all over. Not literally, of course, because dirty shoes kind of scare her, her knack of being naive has led to a couple of downfalls in her life. Every time, though, she picks herself back up and smiles. Often she can be distracted easily, as she finds beauty and wonder even in the most common, insignificant objects around her.

    History:Danielle moved to her current apartment after her mother had passed away exactly one year ago. Having spent most of the year tending to her mom in the hospital, it felt odd to actually be back in a normal swing of life after she took time off to heal and mourn. As a promise to her late best friend, she didn't hold herself back and jumped back in to her job, which she loves so much.
    Her art is what calms her, and keeps her feeling relaxed in her room on the 13th floor.
    So far, she really has felt this place could become her new, true Home.

    Ahem (open)

    I couldn't help it. ._.

    Sorry it's so long, my first post, btw. :C
    It's been a while. I just let my fingers fly.~
  13. I have absolutely no problem with long posts. Glad to have you involved, Staci.
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    Excellent, excellent. I'm liking where this game is going already. Welcome aboard, Kate.

    Alrighty, Abigail is screaming her lungs out and poor Danielle's imitating a turtle on the hallway floor. Remember to read the other players' posts closely, guys; it's easy to miss details sometimes.

    Hell, I'm guilty for it more than most.
  17. Name: Eleanor McArthur
    Gender: female
    Age: 24

    Occupation: Aspiring Writer/Barista/Part time Librarian

    Personality: Most have described her as a quiet mouse. She has a fascination with observing the world around her, often using it to inspire her to write short stories. She's had some past troubles that sometimes make her a little edgy and spastic, and she sometimes has a tendency to exaggerate things (blowing small things way out of proportion), but she takes medications to calm her anxiety. She thrives on creativity and inspiration and sometimes that can drive her to do questionable acts, but generally she means well. Her observations of the world around her can be slightly skewed, some say due to her past troubles, but she tries to keep a mostly positive outlook on things. At the very least she sees a therapist on and off when things get too rough. She's really just your average run of the mill girl...really.
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