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  1. Fire Emblem: The Exalted March l High Fantasy l Medieval l Romance l
    This is a written roleplay based on the lore and mechanics of a strategy-roleplaying game called Fire Emblem. No previous experience with the game is really needed as the most important things will be explained later on in this post. There is a bit of reading to do, but then again when is there not? Haha. :3

    On the continent of Aurelis there are six major kingdoms each with their own noble houses and distinct territories. Most are dominated by the human - or beorc population. In fact only one country has its shapeshifting population outweigh the Beorc and that is Rausten.

    Rausten is the second largest kingdom and considered to be a fortress because of the moutains bordering its only entrance from land (That entrance being an extremely long and confusing forest trail, memorized by all shapeshifters) and tall cliffs where land meets water. Its the shapeshifting capital.

    Then there is the triangle power of Frelia, Renais, and Grado. Though being considered one large kingdom ruled by a congress, the sheer size and differing culture would say otherwise. So in the map they are seperated.

    Renais holds the human capital. With almost no exisiting shapeshifters present except for a few most likely imprisoned for smuggling. Its characterized by long oceans of grass plains and rushing rivers. With few forests here and there as well as mountains. The congress of the Triangle Power live here. Renais has multiple villages sprawled around its territory and the capital city Vitali, is a long stretching fort with its back at mountains end.

    Frelia is an icy paradise. With soft beautiful snow and many stunning frozen lakes its the chosen area where the Temple of Naga, a large yet surprisingly peaceful city that also serves as the official place of worship for Aurelis's god. Almost all human population of Frelia live within its miles-long city walls while the rare wolf shapeshifters also called Laguz tribes roam nomadically in order not to be hunted for game. Frelia's icy moutains also are home to the Pegasi.

    Grado is by far the poorest of the triangle power. With rough moutain-desert terrain the people who live here are hardworking and strong because they need those traits to survive the hard life on the plateu. The people all live in different villages with no definite capital city. Everything like food, laws and supplies are all governed by those in Renais and the Gradonian people are powerless to rebel seeing as they are apart of the Triangle Power because they were defeated by the Renais in a war a few years ago. The only reason why Grado was allowed into said triangle power is because of the wyverns that come from their rugged mountains.

    Carcino is a common ground for both Beorc and Shapeshifters alike. It is a peaceful mountain area with chains of villages stretching its outline where prejudice was almost non-existant. Each village was to its own and governed themselves locally, trading amongst each other if needed. They have singled themselves off from the troublesome world seeking to live as peacefully as possible.

    Jehanna is not your typical kingdom. All of its social inhabitants travel together in a large brigand group. Almost nobody sets a step into their territory without getting out unscathed. They travel fast and are quick to swing their axes. But they do hold a some kind of hiearchy, there is a leader, lieutenants and soldiers. Aside from the humans, Jehanna is also home to the rarest and most sacred of the shapeshifters.

    Beorc -> Also known as humans, they populate the most of Auerlis's cities and kingdoms. Innovative and incredibly strong due to their numbers they are more or less the superior race. They have access to all choices of classes. In truth they are hardly natives of Auerlis. About two generations ago in fact they arrived from the distant land Ylisse and managed to repel the shapeshifting natives to their own kingdom.

    Laguz -> The Laguz is the broadest term for shapeshifters. They are the natives of Aurelia being completely indigenious. They are all the same race yet divided into sub groups by what animal they turn into by their purple orbs that allow them to shift.

    Cats -> The most common of the laguz, they are quick on their feet and pretty stealthy. They find themselves theiving or assasinating when untransformed. They have cat ears, eyes and tails. Whilst transformed, men take lion like figures while women take on panther forms.
    Cat Laguz Gallery (open)

    Wolf -> A rather rare Laguz found towards the north in roaming packs. They are quick and also pretty strong for their bite. They are prideful creatures who utterly despise humans for taking their homes. If fighting untransformed they favor melee classes. (Character Limit: 4)
    Wolf Laguz Gallery (open)

    Bird -> The laguz capable of transforming to birds are also quite the rarity. They are usually found in Rausten or soaring above Jehanna. The color of their wings actually also puts them into subgroups. White-winged birds laguz are usually peacekeepers and more akin to magic then melee. Black-winged birds are bit more rebellious and know their way around a spear.
    Bird Laguz Gallery (open)


    Taguel-> A form of shapeshifters seperated from the Laguz because they also arrived from another land. However they managed to become part of the natural community due to their shapeshifting powers. They transform into rabbits and though that might not sound intimidating wait till you see them fight. They are prideful by nature and ironically love carrots.
    Taguel Gallery (open)


    Manakete-> Desecendants from the god of Aurelis, they are like shapeshifters yet so much different. Instead of being able to transform into animals, Manakete have the ability to transform into dragons like Naga once was. They are extremely rare. Women Manakete's more times then often have Green hair and green eyes whilst men have red hair and red eyes. Women manakete's are leaner and capable of flight while male manaketes are much larger and sturdier
    Manakete Gallery (open)

    Auerlis was the home of all shapeshifters. They all worked in harmony as human were miles and miles away from them. They fought, yes. They hunted each other, yes. But they also worked together at times. Everything was in a completely naturally vicious cycle that worked, there was a sense of balance. Naga had created them to live this way, he watched them through different reincarnations of special manaketes with his blood. He had thought them to be perfect, they killed only when needed and nobody did something entirely selfish. They were extremely different from his first creations the Beorc. He favored the shifters for the humans were sinful and disappointments in his eyes. Maybe it was that what caused them to seek more land to conquer and eventually find Aurelis.

    The Beorc brought things foreign to the shapeshifters. They were used to claws and fangs, not swords and bows. The innovation of humans allowed them to fend back the said ferocius animal warriors as they fought for the new land they discovered. It wasn't long until it became a full out war. Naga and his perfect creations fought against their army with all the vigor and strength they had but it wasn't enough. Out-numbered heavily they were forced to retreat to Rausten and Naga was captured. And for the first time the humans saw the god which had abandoned them, left them to murder and steal from each other in their homeland without intervention. So they publicly executed him. They decided that they had no need for some dragon with obvious favoritism. They would create a peaceful country

    And the war continued on. But for so much longer then anybody would have predicted. Three kings have already passed on and their ancestors still fight today. There aren't as much big open field battles like before but there was constant clashes when the two races met. But the shapeshifters settled for Rausten and defended it tirelessly while their human enemies continued to transform Aurelis into their own. The shapeshifters had not given up hope however. They waited for the right moment to strike and for the moment that Naga's new body and soul would surface.

    This RP will follows as three young lordlings, one from Frelia, Renais and Grado as they form a vigilante group specifically meant for hunting down shapeshifters and how they would soon become much more involved in the war tearing their home apart.

    These are simply so people have an idea of what you are and how your character might be able to fight. Nothing really DnD is involved. :3


    (Starting from the top left, horizontally)
    Lord -> The title given to a fledgling royal. Fights using a sword, lance, or axe.
    Myrmidon -> Warriors who specialise in the blade. They overcome enemies with their swift movements.
    Mage -> Magic tome wielders who fare well against armoured foes. (2)
    Mercenary -> Professional sword-wielders with excellent abilities all around.
    Knight -> Knights encased in heavy armour and with heavy lances. Has high defence, but is weak against magic.
    Manakete -> A fabled race said to be able to take dragon form. Powerful when shifted, harmless otherwise.
    Wyvern Knight -> Knights who soar the skies astride a wyvern using axes. Vulnerable only to bows and magic.
    Fighter -> Savages who fight with axes and dish out mighty blows with their high strength
    Barbarian -> Fiends who raid and destroy villages. Has high strength and speed, but low defence.
    Dancer -> An enchanting female whose beautiful dances invigorate allies and who's speed helps with her swordplay.
    Archer -> Bow-fighters who attack from a short distance away
    Healer -> Healers who aid allies with their healing staves. Cannot fight.
    Dark Mage -> A wielder of dark magic. Sturdy, boasting high defence.
    Cavalier-> Horseback knights who wield swords and lances in combat. A well balanced class.
    Tactician -> A mysterious tactician-in-training who can wield both swords and magic. (1)
    Pegasus Knight -> Knights who soar the skies astride a pegasus. Strong against magic, but weak against bows. (1)
    Troubadour -> Mounted healers who possess high mobility, but cannot fight.
    Thief -> An underworld dweller who lives off thievery. Weak at fighting, but good at picking locks. (2)

    Since this is a roleplay based off of a game, I've decided to include a very prominent feature of the game into this. Essentially in Fire Emblem you control a bunch of different units with different personalities, classes and growth capabilities. As you become their tactician and protect them from perma death you help to know each other and eventually marry. Then halfway through the game you'll control the kids of your pairings. It'll be the same thing here. 1st generation and 2nd. Haha.

    Character Sheet
    Physical Characteristics can be skipped if you have a photo. ^^

    Basic Statistics


    Physical Characteristics:

    General Appearance:
    Weight: (Doesn't have to be a number, lean, built, etc.)
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Skin color:
    Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.)
    Greatest flaw:
    Best quality:

    Personality Characteristics

    (Just answer these simply.)
    What is your character's general personality?
    How does Character see himself/herself?
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?
    How self-confident is the character?
    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?

    Emotional Characteristics

    What does the character want out of life?
    What would the character like to change in his/her life?
    What motivates this character?

    Accepted Characters

    Beorc Characters

    Galric V'Nyle - Thief
    Rae Lawrence - Pegasus Knight
    Annto Elsphyre - Myrmidon
    Soma - Thief
    Mina Bryndis - Wyvern Knight
    Greg Lunarshe - Dark Mage
    Eligor Varg - Mercenary
    Adelaide - Lance Lord
    Rian - Sword Lord
    Freyja Velarius - Axe Lord

    Laguz/Shapeshifting Characters
    Lenore Jane Ria Angelo - Bird Mage
    Requiem Dominus Mortalis - Manakete Tactician
    Miruru - Taguel
    Carte - Taguel
    Ferrus - Branded Dark Mage
    Gwenaviere De'lanoire - Manakete Dancer
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  2. Basic Statistics

    Name: Sylvan G. Barret
    Age: 21
    Race: Beorc
    Talents/Skills: Wields the elemental power of air
    Class: Mage

    Height: Roughly about 5'6.
    Weight: Lean.
    Eye Color: Emerald.
    Hair Color: Liight blonde hair.
    Skin color: Snow white skin that most women are jealous of.
    Habits: Plays with his hair.
    Hobbies: Reading variety of books that interest him; practicing his power.
    Greatest flaw: Not a people's person.
    Best quality: Intelligent and has an elemental ability.

    Personality Characteristics

    What is your character's general personality?: A noble who's independent. He is graceful with his movements and has an eloquent way of speaking; though because of that, most people finds him to be stuck up. Has a sharp tongue and an honest mind. Reserved and is generally quiet. Intelligent.
    How does Character see himself/herself: A noble who is used by his parents for fame.
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?: A tolerable man when he minds his tongue.
    How self-confident is the character?: It depends.
    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: He is ruled by logic.

    Emotional Characteristics

    Strengths/Weaknesses?: For his strongest point, he is a fearless man who would never run away. But because of that, in his weakest area; he is stubborn about his decisions, which leads to miscommunication with other people.
    What does the character want out of life?: Friendship
    What would the character like to change in his/her life?: A new family.
    What motivates this character?: What benefits him.​
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  3. Basic Statistics

    Lenore Jane Ria Angelo


    Laguz - Bird

    -Leans towards thunder magic.
    -Able to transform into a bird form.


    Physical Characteristics:



    Slim and Lean build.

    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    Skin color:

    -Chewing her lip.
    -Observing others.


    Greatest flaw:
    -Fear of chaotic weather.
    -Occasionally she will get distracted and loose touch on reality.

    Best quality:

    Personality Characteristics

    Lenore is often distracted by things that inspire her. From nature to images she will become entranced in anything she wishes to draw that it will result in her ceasing whatever she is doing. She is generally observed as having quite a soft nature and merciful attitude to anything. However, she has been occasionally seen to actually present anger and loathing.

    Lenore sees herself as quite an average creature, nothing more and nothing less. She thinks that every single person remains equal, including her. She does occasionally perceive herself as a little bit idiotic and air headed.

    If asked, Lenore would probably say that she is perceived as an easily distracted idiot. This is mostly due to being called this multiple times. She does understand that a lot of the time she forgives and trusts to easily which is probably how others see it as well.

    Depending on the situation her confidence will rise and fall. She does not think little off herself other than the few moments of unpleasant feelings when she will remain negative she is normally quite the positive person. She does not think highly of herself either.

    Lenore would clearly be controlled by her emotions but she does know when to control them.

    Emotional Characteristics

    • Transforming ability.
    • Control of her emotions.
    • Magic.
    • Enhanced senses.

    • Far to merciful
    • Trusts easily
    • Easily distracted
    • Not the most intelligent creature.

    Out of life she would only want to have the choice to remain settled. She observes far to much violence and her eyes have seen to much that she only wishes to be able to witness the end of this if she can.

    In her life she wishes to change the fact she is easily distracted as it often leads her into trouble during battle or every day situations. This is why she would change this if she could.

    As for motivation there are many things. The main thing to motivate her would be other people. She has always experienced a strange desire to help people regardless of the situation. She wants most people to experience peace.​
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  4. Sorry its not the best x-x
  5. I'm in again :D
    Same Male Thief and Female Pegasus knight as the last time if it's ok.

    Basic Statistics
    Galric V’nyle (Gahl-rick Ve-nile)
    Age: 26
    Race: Beorc
    Talents/Skills: Stealthy, picks locks and pockets, Assassination style combatant (striks before he’s seen)
    Class: Thief

    Physical Characteristics
    Weight: Average build, Fit and limber
    Habits: Drinks on occasion and can hold his liquor, Tells wild stories, extremely light sleeper. He’ll gamble on pretty much anything.
    Hobbies: Cards, Weapons Training, a good story, Riddles and brain teasers.
    Greatest flaw: Claims armor hinders his ability to move and so he refuses to wear any. He also enjoys spinning truth with lies and watching people pull the two apart.
    Best quality: An excellent listener, to everybody regardless of his personal feelings. If you need information he can get it.

    Personality Characteristics
    What is your character's general personality?
    The world in general may see him as overly friendly, rather talkative, and something of a trickster. He can be charming when needed, but he also knows when to push a point home.
    How does Character see himself? As a tool. He had no purpose except to fulfill his Lord’s requests. His life, like his knifes and lock picks, exists only to do another’s bidding. His loyalty can be bought. Though he would never betray his own personal code of honor.
    How does Character believe he is perceived by others? He’s been noticed? He’s not supposed to be noticed, and if it is he should just be a vague memory of a average guy who was “nice enough”. Oh you mean by his friends? Does he have friends? Well if he does he supposes they’d say he can tell a good story. Those who could claim to know him well (like his employer) expect him to lie, and would never ask him a serious question and expect an honest answer. Unless Galric’s own safety was on the line, and even then it’s not a guarantee.
    How self-confident is the character? Extremely self confidant to the point of arrogance.
    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? At times it may seem as if he does to something based entirely on emotion, however he is just that good an actor. The logic always pans out in the end. He believes that emotion has no place in his line of work unless it’s being used as a tool.

    Galric almost never loses his temper because doing so could disrupt the results of the end game. On the very rare occasions when he does grow angry, it’s a very cold sort of anger.

    Emotional Characteristics
    Both observant and intelligent (and rather proud of the fact) he notices details others may miss, and is extremely good at getting information from people who have no idea they've even told him anything of value.

    He enjoys answering questions with tales so ludicrous that the listener can't help but accuse him of an obvious lie to which his usual reply is, “Yes, but wasn't that tale more entertaining than a simple ‘I can't tell you that’?” What one believes Galric said is very rarely what he actually meant, and he’s perfectly capable of wrapping a grain of truth in a story so full of believable lies that listener wouldn't be able to discern the one from the other. Even his accent is a lie as he can shift easily from one dialect to another no one is really sure which is the original.
    What does the character want out of life? A comfortable bed, a good book, a strong drink, and maybe someone to share it with that he doesn't feel the need to lie to.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? Changing his life implies he’s ashamed of it. He’s not.
    What motivates this character? Profit. What is it he’s going to gain? And it need not be monetary.

    Basic Statistics
    Raymond (Rae) Lawrence
    Age: 23
    Race: Beorc (actually branded, but she's pretending to be Beorc)
    Talents/Skills: Riding and scouting terrain, excellent head for heights, Can use a lance and Javelin, can travel long distances quickly.
    Class: Pegasus Knight

    Physical Characteristics:
    Weight: Short and light (more petite than slim), but strong
    Habits: bites her lower lip when worried, hums when taking care of Marko (her Pegasus) or other horses, talks in her sleep.
    Hobbies: Riding and training horses, enjoys sparing with the boys, enjoys cooking.
    Greatest flaw: She’s stubborn and insists on always doing the right thing, even when doing so could cause problems.
    Best quality: She’s got a kind and compassionate heart.

    Personality Characteristics
    What is your character's general personality?
    At first Rae may appear to be shy, but it’s quite simply because she wishes to gauge her companion’s personalities and not give off a bad first impression by making mistakes. Once she knows a person she carries a conversation without worry, and both smiles and laughs easily.
    How does Character see herself? Rae would classify herself as a realist, that is the glass is neither half full not half empty it simply contains 50% of its volume in water, however, she does prefer to look for a silver lining so she can have something to hope in.
    How does Character believe she is perceived by others? Rae is a classic tomboy, and just as good as the boys when it comes to soldiering and living off the land. She is very dependable if given a task but doesn't like to be in a leadership role herself. She's also quick to act when needed.
    How self-confident is the character? With the armor off or on? As a soldier and scout Rae is completely confident in her ability to do her duty and protect her comrades. However, because she was raised to be the son her father never had, once she’s in a social situation where she’s expected to act like a lady, Rae starts second guessing everything she does.
    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Rae can be completely logical when the occasion calls for it, but generally speaking she is far more likely to be ruled by her heart.

    Emotional Characteristics
    When it comes to battle Rae is perfectly capable of turning off the emotional switch, but in everyday tense situations she may just have to sneak off for a moment alone before she blows her top. Rae also thinks she’s just as good as the boys when it comes to most things, or if she’s not she thinks she can at least keep up. She also fears someone will learn she's actually branded and tries to avoid situations where the brand might be seen (it's on her back)
    What does the character want out of life? She wants her father to be proud of her and to someday be accepted for who she is and not what.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? It'd be nice if she had a brother, as much as she hates to admit it she’s not really cut out to be the man of the family.
    What motivates this character? She does what needs to be done.
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  6. Basic Statistics

    Name: Annto Elsphyre
    Age: 30
    Race: Beorc
    Talents/Skills: Skilled Shamisen, and Pipa player, and an accomplished jeweler. He is also developing his own personal style of swordsmanship.
    Class: Myrmidon

    Physical Characteristics:

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Height: 5;11

    Weight: Wiry

    Eye Color: Amber flecked with purple

    Hair Color: Black with streaks of grey

    Skin color: Pale

    Habits: Touching each of his fingers to it's respective thumb, whistling, and running his hands through his hair. Attacking bells, and charms to his clothing, resulting in his movements sound like music in battle.

    Hobbies: Studying music, writing, and studying culture.

    Greatest flaw: Suffers from insomnia.

    Best quality: His flexibility, speed, balance, and coordination.

    Personality Characteristics

    What is your character's general personality? Humble, and ever conscious of the world around him. Annto is often the one to play devil's advocate when no others voice the alternatives that could become due to the actions of an individual. Though he isn't overly serious, there definitely is a maturity about him that should be possessed by someone far, far older than him. This lends well to the nurturing nature he has towards those younger than himself, and he tends to take towards the makings of a big brother.

    How does Character see himself/herself? He views himself as a man who hides behind cryptic answers rather than dealing with his previous failings, and that he is ultimately destined for a grim fate as punishment.

    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? That he is hiding something about his past, and is loathe to admit what it is.

    How self-confident is the character? Very, as he believes he is capable of anything so long as he's willing to pay the price for such confidence.

    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Annto is ruled by a mixture of both, but tends to lean more towards logic. Emotions are messy, and can lead to places people wish to forget. As in time you will always return to such places. Best to try, and live a few moments without the extra weight.

    Emotional Characteristics

    Strengths/Weaknesses? He is capable of voiding himself of baser emotions, allowing the cold logic of things to dictate action. Though when emotion does take control of him, it's often rage, and it drives him into a frenzy as he re-lives past events in his life.

    What does the character want out of life? To kill the men who murdered his deceased wife.

    What would the character like to change in his/her life? Nothing. He would rather live his life as it is now, and serve his penance for failing his family.

    What motivates this character? Revenge, and the hopes to fill the portion of his heart that fate carved from his chest. Either with forgiveness, the warmth of another, or with the remains of his enemy.​
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  7. Basic Statistics

    Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis
    Age Of Appearance: 23
    Actual Age: 2214
    Race: Manakete
    Talents/Skills: Shapeshiftingm, Dark Magick, Swordplay
    Class: Tactician

    Physical Characteristics


    General Appearance: Under his mask, Requiem keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed in a Balbo like style.
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Eye Colour: Dark Red
    Hair Colour: Dark Red, long, kept tied back in a ponytail
    Skin Colour: Pale Caucasian
    Habits: Gambling, Drinking
    Hobbies: Singing (He has an Excellent Singing Voice), Gambling, Writing Poetry, Riddles
    Greatest Flaw: Extreme Depression makes him question himself frequently, also complete disregard to royalty.
    Best Quality: Compassion for others makes it easy for him to read how people will react to certain things.

    Personality Characteristics

    What Is Your Character's General Personality?
    Varied, typically he's very laid back, he doesn't lie, but he can bend the truth any way he pleases as he believes there is always more than one truth to any situation. He is very compassionate and tries to take care of others before himself, and carries the burdens of others without complaint, or in all honesty, without any problems whatsoever. He believes that all are equal, from the homeless and destitute to royalty. No one is inherently better than anyone else.

    How Does Your Character See Himself?
    He questions his ability to command properly, seeing others as more fitting of it, while simultaneously believing that he knows the right way to do things. He sees himself as a paradox.

    How Does Character Believe He Is Perceived By Others?
    Likely as a Madman

    How Self-Confident Is The Character?
    Not at all, but at the same time entirely.

    Does The Character Seem Ruled By Emotion Or Logic Or Some Combination Thereof?
    Primarily logic with a good deal of emotion

    Emotional Characteristics

    Creativity, tact, and knowledge are his strengths, however he's also unknowingly manipulative, can be exceedingly cruel in dealing out his 'justice', and often lets things go to coin tosses to keep himself feeling morally clean.

    What Does The Character Want Out Of Life?
    Absolute Freedom, and knowledge.

    What Would The Character Like To Change In His Life?
    Most of it

    What Motivates This Character?
    The desire to learn what he can from the world, and be entirely free from the constraints of laws and nobility. Also, finding someone to spend the rest of his life with would be nice too.​
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  8. Random hype makes me happy.

    Thanks everyone for joining omg. :D

    Remember multi-charactering is encouraged and we still need people to play the three lords. :p

    (And on a note, I think I'll be making two roleplay threads, one for the shapeshifting group and one the human-hunter group. Same world, same storyline as they'll merge later on. You don't necessarily have to be in both groups if you don't want.)

    I think four humans (excluding lords) is good enough while shapeshifters will probably need like three-four more characters.

    Thanks again. ;___;

    EDIT: Also Requiem. Manaketes live a really long time. By the age 23 it should be appearance wise. While in reality he'd be more like 2300 years. ^^
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  9. Claiming a lord again! *goes searching for old character*
  10. Yeah, sorry, I usually just go by appearance age when referring to long lived, although 2300 seems a bit high
  11. Eh?

    2300? Derp on my part probably was to sleepy last night but I meant for that to be 230.

    Yeaaah sorry.

    And yay Lulu. :D
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    I already submitted a banner request, hopefully that will help. :)
  14. Name: Soma ((AKA: 'Red'
    Age: 18
    Race: Beorc
    Talents/Skills: He is good with a dagger and aswell he is quick on his feet and agile.
    Class: Theif

    Physical Characteristics:

    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: (Doesn't have to be a number, lean, built, etc.) Soma looks rather slim but fit.
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair Color: white
    Skin color: Tanned
    Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) He likes to drink occasionally and of course steal things.
    Hobbies: Stealing money/ items and praticing his knife skills.
    Greatest flaw: He is reduced to a life of crime and petty theivery.
    Best quality: He's good at survivng and he can get himself out of a pickle when he needs to.

    Personality Characteristics

    (Just answer these simply.)
    What is your character's general personality? He is generally nice unless you get in the way of his work.
    How does Character see himself/herself? Soma sees himself as an amazing theif and sneaky man he would usually cling to the shadows.
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? He thinks when people see him with the hood on they just think he's a theif but with the hood off they look at him like he is just another low life.
    How self-confident is the character? He has a very high self esteem but he wishes he wouldn't have to steal things.
    Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? He will never steal from someone that is just as poor as him.

    Emotional Characteristics

    Strengths/Weaknesses? Good with a dagger but he is rather weak with other weapons he is fairly fast and agile and he can climb buildings rather easily.
    What does the character want out of life? He wants to live life out of the fullest so he wants to steal enough money to get out of the slums and the theivery buisness.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? To not have to rely on stealing things every day and risking his life.
    What motivates this character? Survival.
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  15. Added the characters to my first post. Same characters more or less, new format :)
  16. I feel like Galric and I would get along pretty well
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  17. I think they could have a lot of fun together once they're no longer on opposing sides. Especially if a game of cards is involved :)
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  18. You'd have to know immediately what he is to know he's not on your side, hence the lovely mask and stuff, with and stuff meaning the cloak
  19. True :)
    There's also a good game of riddles, I noticed we both put that in too.
    Is your character the type to engage in a drinking contest?
  20. Potentially, although to do so he'd have to take off his mask, which is something he'd be loathe to do in enemy territory
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