Fire Emblem: Saints of the Dragon

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  1. The continent of Velja is a changed place after a civil war that divided its largest nation, the Empire of Zigraes, and gave birth to a kingdom formed from the dissenting aggressors. This new land, the Aliod Kingdom, is headed by the war hero turned king Leontes, formally a general of Zigraes, and he proves that his political ambitions are unmatched with each passing day, working fastidiously to form a working relationship with the merchant republic, and religious powerhouse, of Catugan. Aliod burns with a defiant hatred against its parent nation and longs to wipe them from the map. With the far still fresh in the continent's mind, bandits have begun to harass the weakened borders of the empire while the citizens within fear attacks from the fierce military to their west. To make matters worse, the beloved empress passed away soon after the war's close, leaving Zigraes in the hands of her eldest son, Immanuel.

    Though Immanuel tries, he is not nearly as charismatic or compassionate as his mother, and the people have noticed how he strains to keep order. With the threat of invasion and structural collapse, nobody finds themselves at ease within Zigraes. However, Immanuel has extended an olive branch to the lands of Pryocor, filled to the brim with laguz, manaketes, and scions as it were, in hopes of strengthening their bond in this trying time. While Aliod firmly stands behind backwards beliefs regarding the superiority of beorc, Zigraes has always been interested in forming a bond with these mysterious neighbors. From several meetings, a marriage was arranged between Immanuel and a powerful manakete clan head named Nasara. This ceremony is seen by many as a beacon of hope for the future of Zigraes.

    As a result, Leontes wants it stopped.

    Rumors and threats have circulated regarding the wedding, but Immanuel refuses to loose the army on the populace. His younger sister, Aria, however, believes that the risk is too great to simply ignore. She has implored her brother to prepare for the worst, but her request fall upon deaf ears. She mourns the loss of the once-safe countryside and wants more than anything for Zigraes to be able to recover and stand tall once more. After much consideration, she has decided to form a private battalion and clear out some of the worst bandits in preparation for the upcoming ceremony, eventually joining the group to provide protection against saboteurs. Immanuel finds this plan incredibly foolhardy and refuses to address it, and Aria sneaks out with her small band to do what she believes is right.

    The group may not consist of the most well-trained knights or the highest-ranking sorcerers in all the land, but even so, a great fate rests upon their shoulders. If they can survive the treacherous passage through the decimated border of Zigraes, that is only the least of their concerns. The schemes of Leontes are not so easily untangled, and it is perhaps not even his machinations which the heroes must fear most.

    The Empire of Zigraes

    Lord LV 1



    The younger sister to Emperor Immanuel, Aria is a kindhearted but impulsive girl with rudimentary sword skills and big plans.​


    Mercenary LV1

    HP: 18
    STR: 4
    SKL: 2
    SPD: 4
    LCK: 6
    DEF: 3
    RES: 3
    • A family heirloom, Silfrsál, a silver sword with his family’s crest emblazoned on the hilt.​
    • A composite bow of fine but unremarkable make, with a quiver of arrows strapped to his waist.​
    • His armour, a cloth shirt, overlayed with a thin hauberk and a protective, padded gambeson in livid blue and pale grey. Pieces of strong but flexible leather and tougher plate armour are pieced onto his armour for further protection, with metal gauntlets, boots, and most of his left arm up to his shoulder clad in steel, pauldron included.​

    With a head full of dreams and his family’s silver sword in hand, Trystan is determined to live up to his family’s legacy as a true hero and knight, but worries he might never match the exploits of his ancestors.



    Spear Fighter LV1

    HP: 16
    STR: 3
    SKL: 6
    SPD: 3
    LCK: 3
    DEF: 5
    RES: 4
    • A decorative steel halberd is her weapon of choice, the smaller axe-head lending it more towards acting as a thrusting weapon. Her family crest is embellished into the head of the weapon.
    • A set of slim, silvery plate mail built for her smaller form, matching her halberd in efficiency and decoration, the grey-blue cloth of her undertunic forming a skirt where it reaches the top of her thighs. A shawl in the same blue colour wraps around her neck and shoulders.
    • A set of three vulnerary vials and basic medical supplies.

    The youngest sibling of Trystan, Isabelle was raised the prodigy child of the family. Constantly cleaning up after her brother’s antics, she finds herself acting more like his guardian than his sister.


    Mage LV1

    HP: 12
    MAG: 6
    SKL: 5
    SPD: 3
    LCK: 3
    DEF: 2
    RES: 9
    • A burgeoning tome that acts a personal memo, containing notes on history, politics, and the arcane, and most importantly contains the mystical incantations for Magnus' spells. Favouring fire and wind magic, his most potent spells take these elements.
    • A simple, comfortable set of robes for travel in deep purple and with gold trim traditional for an archivist of Magnus' rank. Pouches and satchels are strapped to his clothing to carry his numerous notes and trinkets.
    • A single, seemingly inert metallic orb. It is in truth Magnus' dragonstone which, for reasons unknown to him, has ceased allowing him to harness his true draconic form. Reactivating the device is one of Magnus' highest priorities.

    Far older than he looks, Magnus is an archivist and record keeper for the manakete people, and while he seems apathetic towards the plights of others he has a great deal of faith in the proposed alliance and would like nothing more than to see peace in Velja for the first time in his life.

    The Empire of Zigraes

    Emperor of Zigraes

    Softspoken, deadly serious, and a little moody, Immanuel is not well-respected by the people, but he clearly has the empire's best interests at heart despite his inexperience.​

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