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    "Wait, you're just telling me this now? I've been living in a paradise for the last twenty-five years and you're just telling me this now?" Dante rose an eyebrow at his parents, the small family was seated at a table in their mansion's garden, having a nice, quite lunch, until Dante's parents dropped unexpected news onto him as if he wasn't going to react upon it.

    "Now now, this marriage has been planned for years, when you were just an infant to be exact, there's no way out of it even if you wanted to." His mother informed him as she sipped her tea, eyeing the scones slightly on her plate. "The wedding is going to happen in about 6 months by the way, so you and your fiancé can get reacquainted before your vows."

    "Reacquainted? I've actually met the girl before when I don't even remember her face, much less her name? You want me to get married to a complete stranger? Is that it?" Dante asked as he rose out from out his chair and slammed his fist on the table, startling his mother.

    His father gave him a stern look before speaking up. "Sit down, boy, everything is all set in stone, so there's no point at yelling at us like this."

    Dante clenched his fists before sitting back down in his chair, glaring at the two individuals he called his parents. "I don't even know who you both are anymore."
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  2. do you mind if i join in this? im not as detailed as you are but i hope that it will be enough. Please pm me cause im not very comfortable with people seeing what i write when i rp, that is if you want to rp with me))
  3. (( @Timeless Bunny Sorry but I'm already RPing this plot with someone else so... ))
  4. oh ok sorry to bother you then))
  5. [​IMG]

    Rose was sitting with her parents for an evening meal, when suddenly her parents said they had something to announce. From the looks of it, it was very important and maybe good news from the way her mother was smiling. "Rose, you're at the age were you should be getting married and thankfully we have good news." Confused by her fathers' words, she continued to let him speak before replying to anything. "Tomorrow we are taking a trip to a very close friend's home to meet your fiance." Hearing such news made Rose very upset, yet for some reason she couldn't go against her parents wishes. Her parents explained how this was chosen for the both of them when they were only infants.

    Although she was unhappy with the news, she couldn't say whether or not she and this 'fiance' of hers would get along. If they did and actually came to like each other, then maybe she wouldn't have a problem with the decision. Also she came from two families were it was very traditional to be married to some stranger that you hadn't met but once. Understanding her parents choice, Rose took a deep breath and replied to their news. "I hope that he and I will be able to accept this on behalf of her families." Taking her glass of wine in her hand, she raised it up over the dining table to celebrate the engagement. "Santé." Her parents joined in and took a sip of their drinks.

    "Jang Mi, I know you love him. He's handsome and quite successful." Her mother spoke only good things about him, so he may not be that bad. Fidgeting with her fingers under the table, Rose didn't know what to think about all this until she met the man to be her future husband.​
  6. "I hope you're on your best behavior tomorrow afternoon when they come to visit..." His mother whispered, but loud enough so the two men at the table could hear her.

    Dante abruptly stood up and gathered his things, looking at his parents and bit his tongue to refrain himself from saying an inappropriate remark. "I see. Alright then. See you tomorrow, Father, Mother." He shot them a scowl before leaving the garden, heading towards the front of the mansion towards his carriage.

    Dante's father sighed before looking over at his wife. "That went better than expected..."

    His wife smile slightly before setting her cup down on her plate. "It did, didn't it?" She pushed her chair back before standing up and flattening out her dress. "Come Calvin, we must make sure the dining room is prepared for tomorrow."

    Her husband nodded in agreement before standing up and gestured to the maids that were standing around the garden waiting to be called upon to clean up the area. "You're right, lets get to it Lenora."


    Dante crossed his arms as his carriage rode away from his parent's mansion. He wasn't mad per say, but if his parents had told him a couple years earlier, he would of generally accepted it sooner rather then later. He threw his head back and groaned, covering his face with the book he was reading and mumbled. "Have to be on my best behavior huh..."
  7. It was the afternoon of the day that Rose was to meet her fiance. Bags were packed into the carriage ready for the long ride to the family's mansion that they would be visiting. Her parents were inside their secluded mansion out in the fields, making sure that the maids and everyone did their jobs before heading off to their homes for the night. Stepping out of the large french double doors of the mansion was an older gentleman dressed in a butlers' attire with another younger man about the same age as Rose herself.

    Coming over to her side, the older gentleman took her hand into his own, caressing the top with his thumb. "Miss Rose, it is so nice to hear you are getting engaged. I've been waiting since you were a baby to see you become a full fledged young woman." Smiling down at him, she quickly wrapped her arms to give him a big hug. The butler, James, had been taking care of Rose from the moment she was born. He, along with her parents, taught everything she needed to know especially skills a lady of her status wouldn't generally know. Such cooking, cleaning, taking care of a child and so much more. The younger gentleman with him was his grandson, Keith. Rose and Keith grew up together and originally Rose had hoped that she could possibly be married to him one day, but that was immediately put to rest when he introduced her to his wife just a year ago.

    The two of them hugged briefly before her parents walked out of their home and towards the carriage. "Master Roel and Madame Sojin, I wish you all a safe trip." James said as he bowed to his employers. "Safe trip, everyone." Keith said before following his grandfathers' actions. "We will see you as soon as we get back, James. Take care of the old man now, Keith." Her father said as he let his wife and daughter get settled into the carriage, then getting in himself. Tapping on the window of the carriage, the driver took that as the signal to go. Grabbing the reigns, he gave the horses a tap with them and they were on their way to her fiance's home.

    'I hope he is someone that I can come to like or else, I don't know if I can go on with a marriage to some spoiled immature boy..' Rose thought to herself, watching as the scenery from the window and having a few conversations with her parents.
  8. "Wake up Master Dante. Today is the day you will be meeting your fiancé, and you only have about two hours before noon." One of the maids told him as she walked over to the curtains in his room and drew them open. Sunlight automatically bathed the room as she pulled them apart and stopped to stare at the large lake in the distance, before turning around to face the man laying down on his bed.

    Dante groaned and rolled over to his other side, not wanting to face the light. "Go away... I have plenty of time..." He informed her before he raised his arm and made a shooing motion.

    "But Ms. Faye told me to wake you up right now..." The maid mumbled before she started walking towards his bed and shook his shoulder.

    "Urgh... Enough! Unless that women comes in here and drags me out of this bed herself, I'm not getting up!" Dante nearly shouted as the maid flinched, bringing the covers up to his head.

    "Well... Ok.." She left the room without uttering another word.


    A few minutes later, yelling could be heard from down the hall, vastly approaching Dante's room.

    "Dante Theodor Logan! If you don't get out of that bed right now so help me these maids just better hold me back!" A loud and worn out voice screeched, with a thick Spanish accent. An old woman with tan skin, greying brown hair, and wearing a black and white dress with flats strolled into the room.

    Dante sighed and slowly got out of his bed, scowling at the old lady. "See, I'm up, you old hag."

    "I feel much remorse for the unfortunate, young lady that will have to marry and stay tied to you for the rest of her life. Oh please Lord, let the Young Lady's soul possibly tame this savage beast!" The old women begged as she looked up at the ceiling, the maid from earlier walked through the door behind her.

    Dante glared before pointing at her. "You, you're fired."


    "You don't have the authority to do that! I am the head of cleaning in this house so I decide if someone is going or not." Ms. Faye turned to the maid and patted her shoulders reassuringly. "You're not fired sweetheart, go around and clean some part of the mansion or something." The maid nodded before scurrying out of the room.

    "You're lucky, this marriage is a blessing in disguise for you, if it hadn't happened, no one would want you with your savage behavior, you're lucky you're good-looking or else-"

    "Ok, bye! Thanks for stopping by!" Dante responded as he pushed the head maid out of his room and slammed the door in her face. He slapped a hand to his face as he realized everything the women had said was true.

    "Jesus Christ what's wrong with me..."
  9. The carriage ride from the Souxe mansion to his family's mansion was quite long and Rose had felt quite tired by the time they had arrived. Not wanting to make a bad impression because of herself being tired, she stole a shot of scotch from her fathers' hand, who seemed very surprised by his daughters' sudden decision. "Are you nervous, Rose?" Roel asked as he took the glass back from her hand, resting it on the his leg.

    "More uneasy than nervous really.." How could this possibly be easy. Meeting your fiance for the first time, knowing that you are to be married in less than a year and you're expected to be happy about this when you don't even know what the other person is like. It's honestly a recipe for absolute disaster, but not to their parents. Arriving at the gates of the mansion, the carriage slowly made it's way down to the front of the grand home that belonged to the family. It was just as gorgeous as her parents home, but of course the styling of both homes were very different as well.

    Stopping the carriage, the driver made his way off his seat to the door of the carriage, opening it for the family to exit. First out was her mother and father, then finally Rose dressed is short white laced dress with a pair of white kitten heeled shoes. Although it looked like she was already dressed for a wedding, Rose was the type who was considered very simple even at the extravagant parties, she stood out in a good way.
  10. The front doors opened as Lenora walked through them along with her husband, Calvin, instead of waiting inside for her guests to come to them, she liked to take a different approach and come to the guests instead. "Welcome to the Logan Mansion! Oh it's so great to see you all! I hope you'll truly enjoy your stay!" Lenora greeted as she hugged Sojin, Roel, and Rose last, before pulling back to get a good look at her face. "Oh Rose darling, you've grown into such a young, beautiful flower!"

    Calvin chuckled at his wife as she gushed about how beautiful Rose looked and gave Sojin a hug and a friendly kiss on the hand, Roel a strong handshake and a brief hug, he couldn't get to Rose as his wife still had her in her grasp. "If you persist to be like this Lenora we will be here all day, Dante will be arriving shortly." He said as the various servants of the mansion went to get their bags and place them in their appropriate rooms.


    Dante was sitting in his carriage five minutes away from the family mansion, anyone could tell from the expression on his face he was in a sour mood. Ms. Faye had lectured him to wear his glasses throughout the day cause she said it made him look more 'sophisticated'.


    Like he needed anymore of that.

    What he did need was something to get rid of this anxiety, he glanced at the bottles of alcohol near him before shaking his head and decided against it for now. Maybe after all of this was over...
  11. Startled by the voice coming from the home, she turned to see a refined couple exiting and making their way towards them. From what Rose could tell, they must have been the Logan's. Roel and Sojin happily greeted the Logan's in return until Madame Lerona came to Rose. Rose wasn't used to someone staring at her like she was. "Thank you, but I couldn't possibly be as beautiful as you say I am." She replied.

    Roel and Sojin laughed at their daughter humble reply, thinking that this would definitely be a good thing for everyone. Roel patted Calvin on the back, glad to see that the both of them were doing so well since the last time they saw them. "Well I can't to see how Dante has grown. I'm sure he's a fine young gentleman now." Sojin said as she thought back to the adorable young Dante, who was now a distant memory.

    Wanting to greet Lerona's husband, she excused herself from her grasp, allowing her mother to take over her position and reminisce about the past. "I was very happy to be invited to your wonderful, Mr. Logan." Giving him a quick hug, she then pulled away to show a sweet smile to the older gentleman standing next to her father.
  12. Lenora smiled at Sojin's compliment about her son. A gentlemen? He was far from it unfortunately when it was just her and his father. But in the presence of others, she didn't quite know how he would act. "Oh yes, I can't wait until you see him." Appearance-wise that is.

    "Thank you and it's not a problem at all my dear. I'm glad that you all made it here safely without any problems or intrusions." Calvin smiled at Rose in return as Dante's carriage could be seen in the distance.

    "Ah, speak of the devil here comes our son now." Lenora announced as she clasped both her hands together.


    Dante's carriage slowed down as it came to a complete stop in front of his family mansion. His driver hopped out of his seat as he went to open the door for Dante.

    Dante stepped out of his carriage and approached the two families. He wore a black suit that complimented him nicely along with a white tie and black shoes. If you asked him, he thought he cleaned up rather nicely. His hair was done up the same way he always had it and his glasses completed the whole 'gentlemen' look he was trying to accomplish. Even Ms. Faye had complimented him on how the way he had dressed could possibly entrance the girl in only seeing his appearance instead of his ugly personality.

    Whatever the hell that meant.

    Dante greeted his mother and father first as he kissed his mother on the cheek and gave his father a firm handshake. Then, he greeted Rose's mother and her father as he kissed her mother on the cheek and a kiss on the hand, complimenting her on how lovely she looked, he moved on to her father as he gave him a handshake as equally as firm as he gave his father and made small talk with him, smiling at him politely before he greeted his fiancé.

    "And this must be the gorgeous Rose I've been hearing so much about, pleasure to make your acquaintance," Dante smiled as he placed a slow kiss on her knuckle and winked at her, making sure she was the only one who caught it.
  13. Seeing the carriage come into view and stop near their own, Rose watched as a tall and rather handsome young man came out. Dressed quite nicely, Rose had to admit that his glasses made him look intellectual and sophisticated. Sojin couldn't believe that the young boy she knew once before had become what she always expected for her beautiful daughter, probably even better than that. Roel didn't seem disappointed at all either. Watching as he greeted his own parents as well as hers, Rose began to think that maybe just maybe he wouldn't be so bad.

    Finally meeting for the first time in years, her eyes followed every move that Dante made towards her. Upon having her hand kissed and being winked at, Rose wasn't quite sure what to think about him but she didn't let it show. Smiling at the man, she then pulled her hand back to her side and replied to his greeting. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm surprised to see that you are much more handsome than what I've been told. I can't wait to get to know you more."
  14. "Oh, why thank you for the compliment, and l can't wait to get to know you better as well. Hm, I do clean up nicely don't I?" Dante asked her, his narcissistic personality showing a bit. The words rolled off his tongue as if it naturally came to him, truth be told it was sickening to him just to be in these people's presence, so he had to put up a polite façade.

    Lenora inwardly sighed as Dante seemed to calm down following yesterday's events. Either that or he just cared too much about his image. She assumed it was the latter.

    "Now that we have all gotten reacquainted, why don't we move this little party to the dining room and enjoy some lunch?" Calvin suggested as he placed his hand on the small of Lenora's back and lead the group through the front doors of the mansion.

    Dante scowled slightly at having to stay longer than he intended, quickly replacing his expression with a smile before anyone noticed and extended his arm for Rose to take. "Shall we?"
  15. Listening to his last comment, Rose got the feeling that he was a little vain and maybe it was just nervousness out of meeting each other for the first time really. Ignoring it, she watched as the older couples went into the mansion to have a nice lunch with each other. Yet out of the corner of her eye, Rose could see a glimpse of Dante's face before he offered his hand to her with a smile replacing a displeased one.

    For some reason, she could already feel the uneasiness she had before becoming much stronger. She made it a point to keep a close eye on Dante during their time together.

    "We shall.." She responded softly, placing her hand into his and letting him lead her to the dining room. Arriving inside, Sojin complimented Lerona and Calvin on the decor of the home, knowing that it must of been quite the hassle making it all work because she knew it was for her. Especially when Rose was growing up through the years. Making it into the dining room, Rose took a seat close to her parents, but let room in case Dante decided to sit next to her.

    Once everyone was settled, Rose was curious to see what his own parents would say about him, so she asked a simple but informative question. "I was just wondering, what kind of child was Dante? Like from when he was born to his adolescence."
  16. Out of all the damn things to ask...

    Lerona's face lit up as Rose asked her that question and looked off into space in deep thought. "Oh! Where should I begin, well he was such a crybaby for as long as I could remember when he was child, but he kind of stopped that kind of behavior when he turned 7, and then when he was 8, he wouldn't do anything unless I was by his side, I actually thought it was kind of cute but it was so short-lived however.."

    "Mother." Dante interrupted as he clenched his hand under the table.

    "But when he was 11, he was exceptionally well in doing absolutely anything on his own, he was the top of his class in everything, all his teachers loved him, but when he turned 16 he became such a Debbie downer..." Lerona trailed off as she told Rose more and more things about him that contradicted everything on the man he was now.

    "Oh Lerona, you're embarrassing the boy." Calvin laughed as he noticed the expression on Dante's face.

    He wasn't embarrassed. He was upset and irritated, it slightly showed through his expression as he had a small frown on his face and his eyes holding clear irritation towards his mother.
  17. Rose could clearly see how happy Lerona was as she spoke about her son and when she began on what he was like after sixteen, she knew that things were being told truthfully. It was even more obvious when she looked at Dante. Anyone could put up a front, but when it came to asking the parents, they would always give you the real story. "Well I'm sure he's changed quite a bit and isn't much of a Debbie downer anymore." Rose didn't want it to seem as if she wasn't interested in him anymore, yet she wanted to give him a chance.

    "Well I would have to say that Rose was quite the child as well." Sojin said before continuing on. "I don't know what I can say that has changed in her personality. At least Dante had a few phase. Rose, on the other hand, has always been and will most likely always be shy. Amazing grades, the perfect young lady and yet she was only friends with our butlers' grandson. Even at parties too, she tends to be off somewhere quiet. No matter what you can find her in the garden, especially at night." Sojin couldn't believe the type of child she had, although it was easy taking care of her, she worried often if she would ever change. Maybe the marriage would do so.

    Roel laughed noticing the disappointed look on his wife's face as she spoke about their daughter. He may have felt the same in some ways, but he was actually glad his daughter wasn't like many other daughters who did whatever they wanted and gave their parents hell. Rubbing her back gently, he then spoke up. "But I know you're happy as well, because she spent so much time with us and showing us so much love." He tried to cheer up his wife and from the looks of it, it was working.

    It was interesting to see how things were going so far, hopefully she would be able to be alone even for a little bit after all this. Yet she wondered that if she was alone with Dante, would he actually show his true self.
  18. Lerona smiled as Sojin described her daughter, if only Dante was a little more like her, now he was just a temperamental mess, less of a Debbie downer but more withdrawn and seemed to care more about his work then anything else. "I'm sure Dante here will slowly but surely get her out of shell, right Dante?" His mother asked him, looking over at him.

    "I hope so, I'd love to see more sides to her as the days go on until our wedding." Dante chuckled as he looked at his mother.

    Wedding. The word felt foreign on his tongue and he hoped he wouldn't have to say it ever again.

    He shifted his gaze down on the empty space where the food was supposed to be. Boy were the chefs in the kitchen taking their damn sweet time... If it was up to him he would fire them on the spot immediately.

    "Oh good the food's finally arrived." Calvin spoke up as six servants placed their plates in front of them. The food consisted of an appetizer of lobster risotto, while the chefs in the kitchen would finish preparing the main course for lunch.
  19. As soon as the appetizer came out, Rose was some what relieved because now she didn't have to talk much at all. The server placed the food in front of each person before moving away from the dining table for them to eat.

    It looked so delicious, she couldn't wait to taste it. Unfolding her napkin to place it in her lap, Rose took her fork into her hand and scooped up a decent amount of risotto, then took a bite. "Mhmm.." She moaned softly from how amazing it tasted. "It's delicious.. I'd love to know how your chef makes it." She said. Taking a couple more bites out of the dish.

    Setting the fork back down on the table, she then took a sip of water to clear her throat. Placing it back down on the table, Rose then asked another question. "I'm curious about the wedding itself. Are we to plan it ourselves or have you and my mother come up with the details from the ceremony to the reception?" Honestly, she hoped that she could design the whole thing herself, but seeing as it was arranging she highly doubted she would.
  20. "I'll inform the chef of your compliments." Calvin said as he sent one of the servants in the room to tell the chef.

    Lenora set her fork down as she listened to Rose's question and looked over at Sojin. "Well me and Sojin thought about organizing everything ourselves... But if you want to do it on your own alongside Dante we wouldn't have a problem with that. Right Sojin? Or do you just want us two to do it instead?" She asked as she looked over at her close friend.

    Dante had hoped he wouldn't have to par take in the organization of the wedding and was silently praying that they wouldn't have to do it after all, he resisted the urge of sighing by eating his risotto and taking a sip of his water. He grew up all his life eating the same recipes by the chef so the taste really wasn't anything new to him.
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