Finders Keepers

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  1. FINDERS KEEPERS the_room_by_Dahlia_Ruin.jpg "Shh. They don't know you are all here, so please keep quiet. Daddy doesn't like loud noises. If they knew you all were here...they wouldn't let you go."

    "But I want to help. Can we be friends?"

    "My name is Molly. I don't want to talk about Mommy and Daddy right now...they'll be very mad if I talk to strangers. I don't know how you all got in my room. Maybe they meant to bring you all here. That means you are all going to die soon."

    "You guys are my friends. I don't want you guys to die. I'll help you get out. But if you open the door, they'll get mad."

    "I like you guys. I want you guys to live. I'll be back."

    You all awaken on the floor of Molly's room. You heard her: Make no noise. Her parent's are listening. And her parent's aren't the nice neighborly ones. They're spirits here to eat your souls. Since you all are here in this house, you are all fucked.

    Luckily, Molly wants to help.To exit, you must head her cues and closes and always STICK TOGETHER. The parents can only devour one person at a time and they always separate: Mother goes one way, Father another. Pair yourselves and you'll save yourselves from some deep shit.

    Rules (open)
    -Don't 'magically' find the exit or way to go just by saying "I've found the key!" Molly (aka yours truly at times) either says something specific or may hint it off in her words. It is always a riddle to know how to get out of the current rooms.

    -READ OTHER'S POSTS. Read your players posts; they may help you figure out the right answers.-At least post once a week. At least.
  2. Angie woke up and pulled herself to a sitting position. When she opened her eyes she noticed that this wasnt the sweet pink and cream bedroom she had fallen asleep in. Why did this hard wooden floor replace my soft bed? she asked herself. She remained seated on the floor trying to figure everything out, many thoughts ran through her head. Kidnapped, sleep walked, black out, in any case though she knew she shouldn't be here. Her biggest fear was what her mom would think of her not being home tucked away in her bed, turning her alarm off and rolling back over looking for another five minutes and getting a hour. Angie pushed herself onto her knees and stood up onto the creaky floor. The sound of the floor surprised her, if she wasnt supossed to be here she would rather leave unnoticed than have to face an embarressing confrontation with the owners of the house. At the other end of the room she sees Molly telling everyone to be quiet. Now Angie is certain she has been abducted and the parents are convincing Molly to relay the orders. In fear of anything she did just so and backing up she slid down the wall to the floor.
  3. Jake awoke with a trobbing headache and a confused look on his face. "Where am I?" He thought to himself. His eyes were blurry and he could only make out shapes for the time being. His long black hair that covered one eye didnt help with this matter either. Slowly he started to move around using his hands to guide him through the flew when he heard a shuffling noise. Looking over he noticed a figure, a figure of a female. "Who are you?" He said to her.
  4. Nick woke up he was feeling pain in his chest like someone has stabed him with a knife, Nick slittle standed then he toke off his shirt he was muscular, tall, he got his shirt off to see if anything was stabed at his chest, there was nothing he was just feeling pain. Nick didnt notice at first that he wasnt at his home, he just watched around when he noticed he was somewhere else.He though to himself was he drunk last night he didnt remember anything or was he kidnapped he didnt care much he just wanted to get out from this place. Nick was heading for the door when he saw a girl standing at the wall. Nick though did he knew this girl he couldnt remember, he went were she was with his shirt in his hand still feeling pain and asked her "Who are you?" Then Nick notice a dude was next to him he was confused then he said "What is going on here"
  5. Angie looked between the two guys, "Angie" was what she replied with not really knowing what else to say and with the typical response in introductions she asked "And who are you guys?" as she sat there many more questions filled her mind, "do either of you really know what is going on?" this seemed to be the most important question to ask. Angie crossed her legs she looked over at the shirtless one and said "If this situation was not so strange i would have asked you sooner but are you alright?" Angie looked him up and down "Can i ask why you would have your shirt off?"
  6. Nick looked at the girl confused then he shouted "could you stop with all this questions" he was alittle mad but he got calmer, then he said to Angie with a calm tone "Im Nick, and i have no idea wats going on here" Nick then sat on the ground cuz of the pain he was feeling the pain was geting worse he puted his hand on his chest and then he started breathing hard. He was feeling like he was going to die
  7. Angie crossed her arm "Well sorry for wondering what the hell is going on but if im bothering you than i apologize" clearly showing her instant displeasure in him. But when he sat down on the floor in pain, Angie quickly got onto her knees, her arms slightly reaching towrds nick but not quite in fear of bringing him more pain. "Hey? Whats wrong? Will you be okay?" she said quickly. A panic came over her and she looked back at the other guy wondering if he knew or at least could do something.
  8. Nick was getting worse he couldnt say anything he just watched at the floor, he tried to say to her "I.. dont kno.." he then fell over Angie not being able to stand anymore. Nick was getting weaker he couldnt stay awake anymore his eyes were getting closed he tryed to stay awake by looking at the girl he tryed to say something to her but couldnt
  9. Angie lossed her balance slightly when nick had fallen on her but she was able to bring him to the floor being mildly gentle which was surprising givin the situation. she was shaking in fear, she never seen someone get sick to this extent before and never has she ever watched someone die. "Hey N-nick say with me here, umm..." What do people normally do in this situation? Call 911 but of course she didnt have her cell phone on her. All the movies she watched witch taught her everything about life always had people yelling dont go near the light but in the end the person would either die or a doctor would save them. Neither situation seemed to work here. Angie took his hand and looked around, she was no doctor and had no idea what was going on. Many things she had seen on tv went through her head, cardiac arrest? she thought.
  10. Nick watched at her seeing that she is trying to help him he couldnt say a word he couldnt move at all he was just looking at the girl. He then tried with his last breath to reach his phone but the phone wasnt at his pocket then he tried to say to the girl "d-dont worry... ill be f-fine" he said this then his eyes started closing he couldnt stay awake anymore
  11. Jake looked at angie. "my names jake and no I have no idea what's going on."he said looking at the girl and then the boy with the attitude problem. "Are we the only ones here?"
  12. Angie considered that if it was his heart than sticking him in an outlet but she figured that would do more harm than good. She heard what Nick had managed to say and she added "yeah of course" Angie shaken up looked at Jake and said "Yeah i think so at the moment, theres another girl somewhere..." her voice trailed off thinking about the girl who she originally thought was the kidnappers child.
  13. Nicks eyes were closed he couldnt hear them speak he was still alive but he was uconscious. Before his eyes closed he though if he was going to se the sun again to see peoples to be with his family he didnt know what will happen
  14. Angie turned her attention to nick again, he seemed better now, not so much in pain. Though of course she wouldnt have known the diffrence. Seeing as her only experiance in life came from t.v. series and her not so eventful school life.
  15. (10 minutes latter) Nick woke up he slightly stood up, he rubed his head and said "ahh what happen?" Nick asked confused he looked around seeing a girl and some dude looking me with a bad look on his face. He looked at the girl she was holding my shirt he asked "Who are you?... What is going on?... Why are you holding my shirt?" he said it not able to remember anything
  16. Angie laughed "Whats with all the questions?" but then looked excedingly confused seeing he was being serious and handed him his shirt, "Well i guess i'll have to introduce myself again im Angie... i'm glad your feeling better, Are you feeling better? So you dont remember anything? At all?" Angie asked wanting to throw even more questions at him like dose he usually collapse and pass out from chest pain?
  17. Nick grabed his shirt and then put it on he sat infront of Angie and asked her " what do you mean by introducing again?... And if im feeling better whats wrong with me, nothing happened i think" he then looked around this place and saw that he is not at his home, he was in a room with two other strangers everything was wrong "And where are we"he said with a confusion
  18. Angie said "Well we will take this one question at a time, first off by introducing again i mean not long ago you were awake and we were talking, you suddenly collapsed and passed out" She then laughed and said "I was considering shocking you just incase you needed it to get your heart reguated but i thought better of it. to be honest i dont know where we are, at first i thought we were all kidnapped but wouldn't the kidnapper taken fewer people and made an appearance by now?" She put a hand on her chin thinking deeply.
  19. Nick listen to her very good, he was still confused "I collapsed.. i dont remember anithing" Nick said it and then he rubed his head trying to remember what has happened then he said "So we dont know where we are no one has come yet and is the door locked if its not what are we still doing here lets go" Nick then stood up and gave his hand at Angie trying to help her to stand
  20. Logan had been out the longest. He blinked his eyes awake. "What the fuck was that?" he shook his head. He jumped up frightened by the others. "Stay the fuck away from me!" he pulled a switchblade from the pocket of his AEROPOSTLE hoodie and waved around, pinning himself in the corner. He remembered now. He was the exorcist. "Oh, shit." He put his knife in his pocket again. "Hmph, He produced from his seemingly endless poskets 4 small viles of holy water, tossing one to each of the others, keeping the last for himself. "If those spirits try to attack you, pour that shit on your bodies."