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  1. Recap

    A group lunch, intended for meeting a new Final Five member, is interrupted by the untimely arrival of a restrained Abyssal. The highrise highway fight ends in victory with no casualty, and with its defeat, a strange orb is left behind. A practical black box, the orb exhibits little characteristics besides slowly emanating minimal arcane energy. Tian-Gui stowed it away for analysis later on.

    A quick call to the team hacker and resident shut-in lead them down to the lowest depths of Shanhu, where they were to search for the White Coat facility that had imprisoned the now-escaped (and dead) Abyssal. There they were assaulted by a defensive robot, and subsequently found the place abandoned. Security camera footage revealed the White Coats had been inexplicably annihilated by an unknown entity prowling the facility. Soon enough, the same entity attacked them. Though difficult, the thing was eliminated, and the team escaped the facility before it was purged and sunk into the Pacific.

    Returning to their headquarters penthouse, they eventually made for dinner at the Hindenburg cafe. Upon once again returning to the penthouse, the third assault of the day was carried out by none other than the cronies of a certain megacorporation. The Thremont sisters had sent men and hardware to retrieve the Abyssal orb they had collected earlier that day and succeeded in their task. Escaping aboard an unseen flying vessel, the Final Five were left with a dilapidated headquarters and injured personnel.

    So it was that they would retaliate with Operation Cerberus.

    Before that could happen however, a new teammate would be needed after Ling's spontaneous disappearance. That spot was filled with a familiar face; the cyborg known as Jin-Sun. After undergoing several trials, the cybernetic rogue was brought onto the team, fulfilling his last independent mission of rescuing a young girl from the same captivity that had created him.

    While the rest of the four team members underwent group training exercises (otherwise known as camping) in the mountains of Washington state, John compiled information on the Thremonts to facilitate a successful assault.

    Operation Cerberus was just around the corner.


    • Magic is known worldwide, though Shanhu remains the focal point of arcane developments.
    • After the Abyssals were defeated years ago, a grandiose arcane event known as the 'Cartography' occurred in which leylines were generated across the globe. These have been the sites of hurried scientific development to use as renewable energy sources.
    • "Magic" appears in different forms; that of innate magic ability that individuals gain by close proximity to larger magical events, and of learned skill gained by studying magic. Those who learn magic are called Mages.
    • Arcane energy condenses in the upper atmosphere as Aurorum, which can rain down as small solid fragments. Aurorum has changed the game of war: As arcane shielding has been developed, mundane weaponry like guns are rendered useless. Only weaponry utilizing Aurorum can break past them. Aurorum is most often used in melee weaponry which can channel the will of its users to generate an arcane "power" behind its strikes, capable of breaking past arcane defenses. Aurorum projectiles exist, but require particularly pure and dense Aurorum fragments to make, meaning they are extremely rare and thus impossible to have except in the case of governments and megacorporations.

    Final Five Supporting NPC's

    Show Spoiler

    The Driver - Limov "Lee" Goraya

    "More reliable than heavily-paid mercenary that is also son," in his own words. Limov Goraya is the ever-ready transportation service available to the Final Five, able to taxi any number of individuals to any location with incredible efficiency, style, and skill. Though he hides his behind a mask today, many of the Final Five are left to assume he is the "strangely missing" world-famous stunt driver, "Artas".

    Any and everything with a control stick of some sort is his forte, and you can bet your ass he can move it well. Be it an 18-wheeler or a factory forklift, he can get you where you need to be ASAP.

    The Informant - John Cornell

    The most absent of the Final Five supporters, his job nevertheless requires he be out in the field on a constant basis. His phone number is available at all times, however, granting the Final Five access to a wealth of information that he may or may not be able to get within a few seconds. What he doesn't know he sets out immediately to retrieve, with varying degrees of success depending on how guarded the knowledge is.

    Considering his ability, it's frequently assumed he has his own network of underlings and sources, adding to the Final Five resources though John makes a point of saying that he isn't a, "member" of the Final Five and thus has no reason to offer up his own sources. Ultimately, he is moreso a friend than a member, though his availability and responsiveness to Final Five requests is without bounds.

    The Servants - Mason Wick and Amoix Resieulle

    The caretakers of "The Den", Mason and Amoix ensure the available living quarters and facilities for the Final Five are cleanly and welcoming. They can cook, clean, drive, and consult, among a number of other miscellaneous tasks. Though their skills are more highly focused on the domestic, their ability to adapt to new requests is astounding, testament to their natural aptitude for "anything at all".

    The White Coat - Anfisa Yemelin

    Though she is a "White Coat" of the Shanhu metropolis, her services to the Final Five have afforded her a get-out-of-jail-free card, as long as she continues to aid them. Daughter to a line of New Soviet scientists, her vast intelligence and presence within the scientific community affords the Final Five access to a bottomless hole filled with technology and research. Though she has her "standards", there are few things she won't work to make for the Final Five, or otherwise retrieve from her colleagues.

    Need a freeze ray? Done. What about an extremely small device that can fit into the back of your ear that nevertheless has the power to jam all radio signals in a five mile radius? It'll take some fenagling, but she can do it. Besides technology, Anfisa is also a certified medical doctor, and can deal with wounds the Final Five faces may not be able to naturally heal from.

    The Hacker - Konoe "Yigga" Sakato

    In reality, "Yigga" is two individuals; a pair of Japanese sisters adopting the same online persona, though the Final Five are only familiar in person with the younger sibling, Konoe. To the group as a whole, Yigga serves as the "young perspective" into the online community, able to relay suspicious information retrieved from online discussions to the Final Five. When hacking is needed, Yigga can do their best to try and break in, either to get information or to disable machines foolishly hooked up to the worldwide web. When brought along Konoe tends to be more useful, able to physically mess with hardware that are otherwise unable to be reached.

    Original Five (open)

    Codename: Citadel

    Always the wise-cracker, Citadel livened the original Final Five where his more serious counterparts would make it dreadfully sanitary and socially uneventful. His assery was often times the bane of Gigakill's life, creating a rather big rift in friendship between the two members. Citadel nevertheless maintained a good relationship with the others, who were far more tolerant of the terrible jokes, inappropriate statements, and inconsistent effort. His previous job as a common office worker, as Citadel described it, was, "So utterly boring, he couldn't help but let loose and enjoy the hero lifestyle to its fullest."

    Unifying the arts of psionics with knightly skill, Citadel was the bruiser of the group, unleashing strange psychic attacks with melee swings and in-your-face techniques. Many considered him to be the balance between magic and swordfighting, earning him the title spellsword about as often as he was called Citadel. Many attest his ability to always manage to ruin the situation perfectly with mind-reading, though none have ever managed to confirm if he can truly do as such.

    Codename: Gigakill

    A Japanese mecha developed during the turn of the 22nd century, it was one of the very first to display autonomy compared to its controller-manipulated brethren. Despite its novelty, Gigakill was ultimately a dime a dozen within but weeks as countless other nations and institutions created their own versions; in but months, he was surpassed by bigger and better things. Sold to a rich otaku, his form was "enhanced" to more closely resemble the culturally appropriate mecha of fiction. Nothing more than a cool statue to show off to individuals, Gigakill remained dormant for some time.

    When the first hints of magic welled up from beneath the Pacific, Gigakill began to stir, soon feeling... feelings. His programming slowly became less and less "in command" of his body, and within days he could move as he pleased, confused as he was about doing so.

    Free from the shackles of creation, Gigakill began to take a liking towards heroism and the like. The sheer strength and fortitude of his mystic body drew attention from a few individuals seeking to create a more 'formal' vigilante squad...

    Codename: Majorana

    Originally but a mundane librarian of some still-standing old-century archive, Majorana found herself drawn to the city of Shanhu when the prospects of fortune piqued her interest; in a world of electronic gadgets and easy access, a sense of novelty and uniqueness drew many "hipsters" of the rich Shanhu citizenry towards physical copies. Majorana established a successful bookstore in Shanhu, where she began to feel a sense of strangeness.

    As she read through books, she began to see changes occur around her with every sentence. It took some time to fully understand what was going on, but as it was revealed, she realized how powerful an ability she had at her disposal.

    While finicky, her power essentially revolves around the recounting of statements from physical books to generate changes in the world. Despite the extreme variety of abilities she could thus possess, the fact that she must read the appropriate sentence in a book means she must memorize pages and their contents, as well as have the copies on hand.

    Codename: Black Star

    Like Gigakill, Black Star is a robot, though was made far more recently than the mecha-style warrior. Originally intended to be an espionage machine, Black Star immediately displayed a fondness towards the fine and cultured ways of a certain James Bond described over countless stories stored on the internet. At the same time, he developed a sense of self and sentience, and peacefully disappeared from the factory that had created him. The project, it suffices to say, was a failure.

    Black Star spent his time instead intercepting the more sophisticated and wealthy crime of the world, urged on by his desire to be a suave and skillful "spy", though he was more often simply considered a hero. His connections and the realization that higher crime can be generated or fueled by lower crime spurred Black Star on to create the Final Five, gathering four other individuals to fill as many roles as possible.

    Black Stars powers revolve around the ability to "digitize" himself and enter into a network before appearing through any "terminal" be it a computer or wi-fi router. This invariably leads to the terminal being fried or outright destroyed in a shower of sparks. Even Black Star himself doesn't understand the process.

    Codename: Lotte

    "It's short for Devilotte, because I thought that name was too obvious." Lotte is the youngest of the Final Five, though is nevertheless considered the most physically strong. While not as spectacular as her comrades' lives, Lotte's was still likely the more eventful and dangerous. A runaway child in Shanhu, Lotte got by through sheer luck and tenacity; among the lower classes of Shanhu, Lotte resonates most compared to the other four of the Final Five.

    Initially a low-tier villainess of sorts, Lotte was picked up the Final Five supporter Crane and summarily reprimanded after her first and only loss to the Final Five. Though she lacked any formal training, Lotte displayed a growth rate far exceeding her caretaker's expectations. Fearful of a more dangerous future foe, Lotte was carefully monitored and "raised" to try and remove the lingering 'bad' in her soul. Though she is still considered mischievous, Lotte has proven to have a good heart and a love for the city.

    The 'Hulk' of the group, Lotte has the power of turmoil empowerment. Essentially, the more hectic, violent, dangerous, crazy, or out-of-control things get around her, the stronger and tougher she gets herself.


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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Jin-Sun Takeda
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Confident, sardonic, and slightly aloof, Jin-Sun all but plays the straight man to any overly heroic types. Nonetheless, he has a strong sense of duty and justice, wanting to use his enhanced body to help others. Aggressive in battle, Jin-Sun nevertheless prefers to fight in an organized team, having learned the value of unit tactics during his time as a soldier.

    Despite this, he's still a chuuni piece of shit, eagerly going along with the heroic Kamen Rider schtick that the other members of the Final Five have seemed to adopt. He had always wanted to be a heroic figure since he was a child, and joining the Final Five had been his goal since his escape from the Thremonts.

    Jin-Sun bears a massive grudge against both the Thremonts and Heavyware Corporations in general for the experiments they subjected him to. Even mentioning either of the two in his presence will put him in a surly mood. This homocidal grudge against the Thremonts is the reason why he was initially passed over by the original Final Five as a successor, viewing him as potentially unstable and a liability.

    Biography: Born in Japan to a Japanese father and a Korean mother, Jin-Sun had pretty much an ordinary childhood. He was well-adjusted and had average grades in school, but his fascination with American military movies growing up led him to sign up as a private military contractor straight out of high school, wanting to be a hero like he saw in the movies.

    After completing basic training, Jin-Sun was deployed on a tour of duty working for Heavyware Corporations, but a year into his tour, he pushed one of his squadmates out of the way of a rocket before his body was mangled by the explosion.. He was rushed into intensive care, but after he was stabilized, Heavyware Corporations, as the owners of the PMC, took custody of Jin-Sun. When he awoke, he found one of the famed Thremont triplets watching over him, along with a bevy of researchers and technicians.

    Leaving Jin-Sun with only the statement that he would be Heavyware's greatest weapon yet, Valentine Thremont then commanded her technicians to begin the operation. Piece by piece, his mangled limbs were hacked off and replaced with top of the line, prototype cybernetics. Over the sound of Jin-Sun's screams, the Thremont heiress cheerfully lamented that they weren't able to use anasthetic, since it would interfere with his neural system adapting to the cyberware. Over the next week, Jin-Sun was subjected to unimaginable pain as he was cut apart from the head down.

    When the procedure was finally finished, Jin-Sun played possum, biding his time as he waited for an opportunity to break free with his newly enhanced body. During this time, Valentine Thremont reappeared, explaining that he was to be her pet project: the perfect assassin capable of infiltrating any facility. Thus, he went through a VR training program designed to teach him how to effectively wield a sword and use his stealth and hologram systems. And then his opportunity came. A lazy technician accidentally left one of his restraints loose. In short order, Jin-Sun broke free and seized the prototype high-frequency sword that the virtual reality simulation had been teaching him to use. And then all hell broke loose. An alarm rang through the Heavyware Corporation headquarters as a cyborg ninja carved his way through their security forces.

    The Final Five were called in to deal with the threat, but Jin-Sun stopped himself from attacking Citadel and Black Star as they appeared before him, knowing that this was a battle he couldn't possibly win. Impressed with the rationality displayed by the supposedly homocidal maniac, Black Star performed an inspection of Jin-Sun's cybernetics. After Jin-Sun explained what had happened to him, the Final Five took custody of him. The Thremonts let him go without a fight, citing that he was a failed experiment.

    For the next two years, Jin-Sun trained under the Final Five, specifically Citadel and Black Star, as their talents were the most similar to his own abilities. He wanted nothing more than to join the Final Five to accomplish his original goal of becoming a hero. Unfortunately, his hatred toward the Thremonts and Heavyware marked him as potentially unstable, and so he was passed over as a successor to the Final Five. To his credit, Jin-Sun accepted this gracefully, knowing that their reasoning was correct. So when Iphie approached him to work for her company, he took the job offer, not wanting to just bum around the Final Five's penthouse.


    Reflex Accelerator: A cyberware suite installed into Jin-Sun's brain that greatly enhances his reflexes, allowing him to parry or dodge incoming attacks more easily. Jin-Sun's abilities are increased to the point where he can deflect bullets with his sword, as well as make precision cuts with ease even in the heat of battle if he stays still to concentrate.

    Stealth Cloak: The Stealth Cloak renders the user invisible by bending light around them. This also allows Jin-Sun to pass through security laser grids without a problem, since the laser will pass straight through the cloak. However, the cloaking effect fails if the user moves too rapidly, rendering it diificult to make use of in a straight fight.

    Illusion Drive: The Illusion Drive can generate a hologram over Jin-Sun's entire body, allowing him to disguise himself as anyone he chooses to. In addition, the speakers on his helmet allow him to alter his voice, allowing him to truly appear as whoever he chooses to.

    EM Wave Absorber: For some reason, Jin-Sun's cyborg body absorbs and is powered by electricity. Any sort of electric charge that comes in contact with his body is absorbed and used to power his cybernetic augmentations. Absorbing enough electricity also supercharges Jin-Sun's augmentations, increasing his physical abilities. If there is an upper limit on the amount of electricity Jin-Sun can take, he certainly hasn't found it.


    Prototype High-Frequency Aurorum Blade: An Aurorum sword reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability against mundane objects, and enhances its power against magical defenses as well. When wielded by a skilled swordsman, it can easily deflect bullets with no damage to the actual blade.

    This sword was a one-of-a-kind prototype developed by Heavyware Corporations to complement the mad science experiment that was Jin-Sun. The blueprints for the blade were destroyed during his rampage through the Heavyware Corp. headquarters and no one has been able to replicate the technology since.

    Wire Spears: Tucked away in multiple launchers on Jin-Sun's body are a series of monofilament cables with three-pronged claws at the end of each. Jin-Sun can fire these Wire Spears at high speeds, piercing into an object as the claws latch on. This can be used both as an offensive weapon and a method of movement if the cables are retracted upon attaching to something. There are pairs of Wire Spear launchers on Jin-Sun's wrists, shoulders, and hips.

    Shanhu 'Semi Telecomm Chip: Installed in Jin-Sun's brain during his cybernetic augmentations, this chip allows for telepathic communication with anyone else with the chip installed and tuned in on the same frequency.

    Theme Song(s):
    Hot Wind Blowing
    The New Black Gold
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  3. [​IMG]
    Tian-Gui Jian
    Bearer of the Flamestone

    Tian-Gui Jian is a superpowered tank, having been granted the ability to transform into an armored juggernaut by an enigmatic metal that is now engraved as a golden symbol on his solar plexus. Once just an ordinary do-gooder, he was hit by a small meteorite in Shanhu, and, after somehow surviving, drew the attention of the former Final Five. Under the tutelage of Gigakill, Tian-Gui became a man he could be proud of, and soon had his own set of accomplishments, most note-worthy being the Mage-Eater Incident during the Abyssal Assault.

    After the original Final Five disappeared, he was the first to be recruited, and put out a good word for an arcane spirit that would later be known as the Idol of Destruction. Unfortunately, the Unbreakable Shield and the Unstoppable Spear of the Final Five didn't last too long, as the Idol of Destruction disintegrated after a couple of years, leaving only a fragment of its shell.

    As the Bearer of the Flamestone, Tian-Gui is monstrously durable, capable of withstanding all sorts of punishment, whether physical, magical, or mental. Though incapable of using magic the same way that Mages do, by absorbing damage and converting it into power, Tian-Gui is able to create a multitude of objects out of his Flamestone, from two-handed swords to giant walls to a gargantuan lance, as well as blast out beams of flame, either for a fiery offensive or for a boost in speed.

    He's also practically immune to spicy food.​

  4. Name: Runa Yggdrasil
    Age: 16 (apparently, may actually be younger)
    Gender: Female
    Runa is a teenage girl, standing about average in height and with a lean, athletic build. She has dark skin, and hair that is a dark red, almost as if it's trying very hard to be black or brown, but can't quite manage, particularly when the light catches it. Her eyes are almost reptilian, with golden irises and slitted pupils. While she is asleep or otherwise unconscious, one can occasionally see bones and muscles move beneath her skin in unusual manners. Her hair sometimes moves on its own, particularly the long ahoge, which seems to move around involuntarily in response to her emotional state.

    The tentacles and tendrils of flesh she usually creates tend to be a pale pink rather than sharing any of her usual pigmentation. She also often extends any additional limbs from her back, or from her hair, which tends to function as a prehensile limb as-is, often enough. Her armored form, which she often prefers in heavy combat although it likely isn't really much tougher than she otherwise is, tends to look similar to a knight's armor, if it were constructed of flesh and bone, rather than segmented metal. Usually, her living armor is white and red in color.

    Armored form prototype sketch

    Runa grew up in a lab, and as a result is fairly naive and childlike. She simply doesn’t understand too much about how the real world works, and definitely doesn’t understand that everyday citizens may find her abilities disturbing. To her, growing a tentacle or two if you need an extra set of hands, or walking around covered in blood from what would appear to be grievous wounds are perfectly acceptable behaviors. She’s curious about things she doesn’t understand, and has a sort of youthful bravado when it comes to the same, often at least pretending she knows what others are talking about. She is friendly, energetic, and outgoing, and feels that it’s her responsibility to help and protect others.

    She insists she’s an adult, and tries to do adult-like things. It's pretty easy to bribe or distract her with food, particularly sweets or instant ramen. She can become easily frustrated or annoyed when things don't go her way, and like many teenagers is all too happy to engage in acts of petty rebellion or revenge when she can. She seems to limit herself to "harmless" pranks, when it comes to harassing her friends or fellow team members in such a fashion, at least. Alternatively, if she figures out something she does specifically annoys someone, she'll keep doing it to keep annoying them. Worse yet, if asked to stop, if she can find a way to technically obey the request without actually doing so, she will.

    Runa is the result of a black project to create an ultimate living weapon, using advanced biological engineering applications. A number of old, (and possibly now rare) samples of alien genetic material left over from the Alien Wars were used to create her, and are likely responsible for most of her abilities. Her creator is something of a mad scientist who, in the aftermath of the recent events, believes that humanity must adapt itself and take control of its own biological destiny, as a species. While his transhuman intentions are, in a way, good, they are extreme enough to make him a threat. The F5 eventually had to take him down, only to discover his rather innocent creation. They’ve kept an eye on her ever since, and while her residence has moved, she’s still been rather sheltered.

    Runa eventually begged her way into active duty, and her abilities have rapidly evolved in response to the pressures of combat. She’s fairly handy in a fight, even if she’s...not as useful elsewhere. Her body naturally draws in and absorbs ambient particles of Arcane energy, which powers most of her monstrous abilities. In essence, she is some form of natural arcane energy accumulator and converter. She also emits some sort of radiation to which Abyssals and her other inhuman relatives are sensitive, which often will draw them towards her, and thus, to Shanhu. While she can be a useful member of the team, it goes without saying that her overtly inhuman nature is likely to make others uneasy, particularly if they have bad memories from the past upheavals.

    Shapeshifting horror - Runa isn’t human. She’s...altogether something else. She can look human enough, if she wants to, but it doesn’t change that she’s mostly composed of some sort of resilient, easily altered proto-flesh. If you’ve ever seen The Thing, she can easily accomplish similar feats of terrifying body alterations, and...generally does so. She grows tentacles if she needs extra reach or extra limbs. She just grows whatever claws or other melee weapons she might need at the time. And, she usually grows her own armor. She can pretty easily produce enough biomass to feed a few people daily, but...don’t ask where the food’s coming from.

    Alien Resilience - Runa’s body is incredibly adaptable, and incredibly hardy. She regenerates quickly, even regrowing limbs with little problem. She can still be hurt, of course, and still feels pain. However, what constitutes an inconveniencing injury to her may be considerably...more than it would be for most. And even then, she recovers quickly. More than just that, she is immune to poisons and diseases, hardly seems to age, and can survive in any environment, from extreme heat to extreme cold, to the near-total darkness and extreme pressures of the deep ocean, even in deep space, although she’s never been there. She probably doesn’t need to eat, drink, or breathe, but she enjoys doing all three.

    Energy-patterning organs - Runa is capable of manipulating gravity and warping space around herself. She can use this ability to fly with ease, and can also generate powerful gravity blasts if she needs a ranged attack. If she needs an edge in melee, she has sometimes essentially combined a gravity "bullet" with a close-combat strike. Of course, such an increased impact tends to lead to destroying the limb used in the attack. When she flies, small bits of debris are usually carried along with her. Just about all of her gravitational manipulations are accompanied by rings or flashes of multicolored light, with rainbow rings often appearing ahead of her or around her as she flies.

    Tentacle Frenzy - Tendrils of flesh explode out of Runa’s body in all directions, flaying apart unprotected flesh. Just about anything within a 20 foot radius is in danger from the attack, and although her tentacles will flow over armor they cannot punch through in an attempt to find a crack and force their way in, they have a harder time punching through armor, so hardened targets are less likely to be damaged.

    • Clothes
    • Stuffed animals
    • A cell phone or its current equivalent.
    • A beaten-up lab notebook which she uses as a journal, in emulation of her "father". The first half or so contains his own notes on his work.
    • She fights unarmed, and most of what she needs, she grows, so most of her possessions are just those of a teenage girl.

    Theme Song(s):
    Going On (non-battle theme)

  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Iphigenia Courtlandt
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female


    For a product of old world wealth, Iphigenia is a surprisingly personable individual. She demonstrates understanding, high empathy, and good humor. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, is self-aware of her flaws, and likes to make self-deprecating jokes poking fun at them. For an upper-class girl, she has always been unafraid to dive headfirst into the gritty and grimy aspects of both society and simple mundane things, and Iphie genuinely lacks the haughty demeanor that can be found in others in her social class.

    But if somebody wants to get to know her, they shouldn’t be fooled by her amicability or down-to-earth nature, or they’ll be taken advantage of. Succinctly described as an exceptionally self-controlled, marginally narcissistic, high-functioning sociopath, Iphigenia is a cold, calculating and manipulative person under a well-crafted social veneer. Lacking any innate empathy, she emulates her behavior through sheer intelligence and perception. Although she surrounds herself with many friends, she only considers less than a half-dozen individuals her true friends. Though unlikely, sometimes cracks in her facade can show through or even be absent completely, although the latter is observed only in the presence of her closest inner circle.

    Certain aspects of her personality can be quite fleeting and mercurial, depending on the environment she’s in and the company she’s entertaining. She often alternates from being reserved and polite to outgoing and energetic, the latter of which she has a predilection for and is her true nature.

    Driven and motivated, crossing Iphigenia or gaining her ire is not a pleasant experience on account of her vindictiveness. It is difficult to draw her to genuine, open anger, but god have mercy their soul should somebody fall under her angered eye; for once she has a goal set, she will attempt to bulldoze everything that stands in its way.


    Iphigenia was born a single child to an old family lineage that hails from sunny England. Formerly a textbook wealthy, white Anglo-Saxon protestant family with noble roots, the spread of globalization has diversified the family line in the past 150 years such that Iphie is a mixing of different ethnicities, being Anglo-Saxon, Japanese, and Chinese. Brought into the world by a family of unfathomably large wealth, she was a quite pampered and comfortable kid.

    Despite her comfort, she was never one to be idle as a child. With a majority owner of an inherited multi-billion-dollar technology conglomerate for a father and the Japanese minister of MLIT for a mother, she had quite a few expectations to live up to, both publically and personally.

    This task was a challenge that the young British girl quickly rose up to, if only to at least maintain the status quo: to be the next generational head of the company her forefathers wrought with tears and sweat for three centuries in the making. Excelling in computer sciences, she was mildly notable enough in her earlier years to be well known within certain circles. Her abilities culminated in her taking an engineering position as in intern at her family’s own company, a milestone that would be unusually significant only a merely a year after starting there.

    The first sign of something amiss in her daily life was rather mundane; while working with a laptop computer, the device suddenly turned on, shocking her her as electrical arcs from the laptop connected with her fingers. This event, having no lasting effects and with the device continuing to function, was dismissed and quickly forgotten.

    It was on a mellow, slightly breezy day with blue skies that a broadcasting and telecommunications spire on a high-rise building suffered a communications failure. The failure was large enough such that an entire team of engineers were summoned to the observation deck to remedy the issue. While not part of this team, Iphigenia attached herself to this crew to learn more about it. It was a minor decision that quickly became life changing when a lightning strike unexpectedly struck the spire, destroying it instantly in an impressive display of pyrotechnics. For a few moments, her life was fire and brimstone before everything went black.

    Iphigenia awoke from her coma just under a week later, in the presence of her father and childhood maid, who was hoveringly uncomfortably close to her. From them she learned that the spire had collapsed, sending the oversized noodle to the streets below, and the skyscraper had burned for three days. Much of the engineering team had been killed, and she was pulled unconscious by the surviving members. While not immediately related, the events now known as ‘The Surge’ happened a mere few days later, throwing the family into further disarray. While recovering from the aftermath of the incidents over the course of the following weeks, Iphie discovered she had become able to manipulate electricity from the fiasco in the towering inferno.

    The stress of the abyssal attack and the damage it wrought brought her father to an early grave with a heart attack at age 66. With his early passing, the majority shareholder of Courtlandt Holdings became the recently-of-age Iphie, and with her ownership, the majority of the board seats of the corporation. Naturally, being only 20, she couldn’t very well run the company by herself, preferring to maintain the status quo with trusted appointees to the board. One of her few decisions as owner, however, was to offer support to the fledgling organization of the Final Five.

    With a hands-off involvement with the business, Iphigenia was able to spend time to further understand her newly acquired abilities. During this period of time, she was able to make even more of a name for herself, culminating in her transition from a supporting member to one of the Final Five.


    Super Electrician Girl

    Iphigenia possesses an ability that gives her near comprehensive control over electricity. Lightning bolt from the heavens? Snap! Electrical surge from the hand? Crackle! Toaster not hot enough to toast those strudels well? Pop! There’s wide variety of uses, including an ability to induce electromagnetic properties. Furthermore, it’s exceedingly difficult for her to be electrocuted. Hell, you can probably use Iphie as a temporary replacement for a section of high-voltage transmission wire if you somehow persuaded her to do such a thing. Don’t try to have her power a city block, though. That kills the rich girl.

    “That Computer Genius Girl”
    Since data is all 0s and 1s in the form of a digital signal, with enough finesse the next logical step is the remote control of unsecured networked computer systems. Iphie can literally do anything she can do at a computer if a piece of metal she touches has a direct connection with a network cable with the targeted computer in question. This can’t be used with the next skill unless the device is very close or the connection very persistent, because that would also kill the rich girl.

    “That Actual Computer Girl”
    Since the brain is essentially just electric pulses, the final logical step is directly interfacing with a computer by directly touching it. In this manner she can penetrate some secure systems or take control of them. That shoreline battery? Yeah, she can control that. The caveat of this ability is if the connection is severed unexpectedly, the interfaced device is destroyed, or an unexpected backward surge of voltage occurs, Iphie would be rendered braindead as she’s literally transferred her consciousness over to the target device. In other words, cover the fuck out of this girl if she’s doing this shit, because this too, will likely kill the rich girl. In theory, however, if the processing power, memory speed, and storage capacity are sufficient, she might be able to persist in the device even though her body is deaderinos.

    The Girl with an Electric Personality
    What’s an electric girl in the Final Five without the ability to conduct electronic warfare? In this regard, Iphie is like a walking equivalent of a modern US, Chinese, or Japanese destroyer, at least in regards to EM attack and electronic countermeasures. Essentially, she can jam radio signals, spoof missiles, and disable radar. Anything the electronics suite of a warship can do, she can do it. Exceptional in that it’s pretty hard to kill the rich girl with any of this.

    Iphigenia has several tools at her disposal, being massive, small, and everything in between.

    -Courtlandt Holdings, Inc. – One of the few ‘megacorporations’ in the world still privately held, the conglomerate Iphie possesses is home to three influential players in the international market. Under the umbrella of the Courtlandt name is the Shanhu-based semiconductor foundry and electronics manufacturer Shanhu Semiconductor, the energy company Standard Electric, and the industrial company Applied Engineering.

    -Aurorum Handgun – Truly a testament to the arrogance of mankind. Really the only exceptionally valuable thing Iphie carries around, she has 18 rounds for this ungodly expensive weapon.

    -Phone, laptop, watch, etc.

    Theme Song
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    Age: 15
    Gender: Female


    There are two kind of people in the world. The good ones and baddies. The good ones can do whatever the fuck they want, well, as long as they stay good, and the baddies deserve to be punished. Now, who decides who'sgood and bad? The answer is pretty obvious: Kyouko Hiruma. And who punishes those baddies? Kyouko Hiruma.

    Kyouko sees herself, and hopefully everyone else too, as a hero. She doesn’t lie, keeps promises, babbles on about honour, is pretty self-absorbed, over-confident, a small hypocrite and so on. Failure is something she doesn’t even know how to spell.

    While she may seem a little bit arrogant and like a jerk to some, especially with her age, she hasn’t lost sight of what’s right for the most part. Even if putting up a tough front, she cares about others who follow the path of righteousness and does everything possible to protect them, especially the weak. If someone innocent had to die, and Kyouko is still well and alive, she considers it a failure. Furthermore, when not being a tiny jerk, she always carries an aura of activity and joy around her. And being a master of denying reality by pure willpower, she doesn’t give up in the direst of situations either.

    Below that tough and happy front though, lies a rather lonely and gloomy girl. Fearing for some bad events to repeat themselves, she makes sure to not care really too deeply about anyone, putting her friendship counter pretty much onto a zero. And having no friends sucks just as much as it sounds, so, if not wasting time being silly around the streets, Kyouko actually spends a lot of time alone. And what is a nice hobby when being all alone? That’s right, gaming!


    Born as the single-daughter of an asshole that was a master of lies and deception especially towards his daughter heroic Gentlemen that was the most super awesome dad in the world, and also not poor, Kyouko’s childhood was rather nice for the majority of it. She had a cool dad and lotsa free-time to spend doing whatever the fuck she wanted to do.

    Though, when the Abyssal emerged life changed. Thanks to her father running away kicking ass and the Final Five getting the situation quickly under control, the girl knew that since then, she wanted to become a hero! Over were the days of being lazy as fuck and doing whatever she felt like doing, and instead days of heroic adventures and creating trouble that she didn’t have to clean up followed - so all in all she still did whatever the fuck she felt like doing.

    One such great adventure was with her best friend Miku, or to be more precise, with Miku AND her father! Unlike Kyouko's dad, Miku's was a researcher and said adventure was accompanying him at work, more or less. Sure, it was in the middle of the night, sure, no one else was at the research center at this moment and yes, he probably broke over 9000 security clauses. But with her best friend Miku ensuring that everything was alright, Kyouko pressed on regardless. Seeing all that sick secret stuff in some research laboratory was tempting after all.

    As it turned out though, her dad wasn't the sanest, and neither was Miku. While her dad babbled about stuff like having a breakthrough, human experiments being the best, having a great daughter that supports him and so on, Miku kept on about giving Kyouko the power she desired to become a hero. After all, the two girls were a classic case of one protecting the other melodrama. So, despite her bestest of efforts to not go into the tank, Kyouko was forced into the tank. Miku on the other hand moved voluntary into another one. After this there wasn't too much the girl remembered, after all, she was busy not drowning into the sticky watery mass that was poured into the tank and made her lose consciousness.

    Now, not knowing if she was still alive, Kyouko had a boring dream. About floating in space while some entity that was at least 10 times bigger than the earth kept on talking and talking, and considering she kinda forgot about the dream, she also forgot about whatever this being talked about.

    Regardless, sooner or later Kyouko woke up to the sounds of fire and a destroyed laboratory. Apparently something has gone wrong (or right?) with whatever Miku's dad tried to do. Being the self-proclaimed survival expert she was and thanks to luck, Kyouko made it out of there alive. Soon after however she did learn that Miku got some kickass power. Which would have been awesome if not for the fact that Miku also turned kinda mad, infected by some ancient eldritch morphing entity or similar. Apparently gifted with the power to create nothingness in place of something, it wasn't really hard for evil Miku to make it into the news!

    Nonetheless, Kyouko, much like many others, took it upon herself to stop her. Where others just saw some evil monster doing its evil monster stuff, Kyouko still saw her best friend. And she would be damn sure to turn her best friend back on a proper path. That Miku was still part herself sure helped, and ultimately led, with the help of Kyouko, to Miku regaining most of her senses for long enough to kill herself.

    So all she the heroine did in the end was use her power of friendship and love to appeal to Miku’s feelings; who did all the dirty work herself. And while this may be the true version, the version everyone else is aware of goes something along the lines of this: Some sick half-mutated monster girl emerged out of nowhere and did its evil destruction stuff until some unimportant teenage girl came around and kicked its ass, making her important all of a sudden. And building on that lie, Kyouko also managed to get herself a place among the Final Five. A long-awaited dream finally coming true, built on a lie and the death of her best friend.


    Luck favours the Bold
    Kyouko is pretty lucky, not always, but enough that it can be considered abnormal. She's the kid that everyone hates because luck decides to give her the exact result the brat wanted in 11 out of 10 tries.

    Maybe she was born like that, maybe it’s her natural talent or maybe some bored otherworldly being decided to watch over her small self. The fact remains unchanged, Kyouko is very damn lucky. In the more shady casinos of Shanhu, that allow participation of illegal age, she is also feared as the RNGod and entry to said establishments is strictly forbidden for her.
    Unbreakable Will
    What do you do when you fail in a task? You try again. You try again and again until you succeed, simply as that. And for Kyouko, it works, it works in fact so well that there is a huge enough difference that it is easily visible between the first and second (and any attempt after) this.

    It basically means that if Kyouko fails at something and tries again, her chances for success become higher. If she fails again, they become even higher and so on until she succeeds.
    Also called “SUPER HERO PUNCH”. It’s not really a punch, or a kick, or anything, really. She could throw a bottle of mayonnaise at someone and yell that attack out loud. What counts is that every hero needs a heroic super move that scales off their heroic Heroism. Really, any hero without a heroic hero attack is just some cheap fake that taints the heroic title of a Hero. And exactly because of that Kyouko has an entire slot wasted on a heroic super attack that she can obviously only use if appropriate.
    Neuanfang - The Restored World
    The power Kyouko was gifted with but has no clue about. Apart from putting her, and Miku’s, natural powers onto the peak of humanity, each of them were gifted with one of the Seven Keys of Creation. Where Miku had the Third Key with the Power of Chaos, Kyouko bears the Second Key with the Power of Recreation. In its purest form it simply means take any entity that has existed or currently exist and turn its state back to an earlier point, including the state of never having existed in the first place.

    Now, this may sound all awesome and overpowered and so on, but there is the slight problem that Kyouko wasn’t as cool as Miku. While Miku figured her powers out pretty quickly and could have been a once in a Millennia prodigy, Kyouko doesn’t even know of her hidden power. And even if she started to figure stuff out, she probably would need to stick to repair broken things for the start. And while this is most likely not relevant for a long time, overuse of a Key of Creation, as Miku did it, attracts rather unwanted attention and could turn out badly… .


    • A heroic red scarf that always flows in the wind, mandatory equipment.
    • Apart from that, just really mundane stuff like a wallet with a picture of Miku and Kyouko.
    • Seriously, armors and weapons are for the weak! At least until she got her hands on some freebies!