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  1. Here in Spira, the same thing happens over and over: A summoner goes on a Pilgrimage to pray at every single dang temple around the world to acquire the Final Summon and have an epic battle with Sin and bring The Calm to all across Spira. This has gone on for years and years and years for reasons we all know: We were terrible people for going against the teachings of Yevon, now we are cursed, yada yada yada.​
    Some of the people today believe that Sin is our consequence for using Al'Bhed Machina, but others believe that it is just a mere coincidence that we are constantly plagued with the terrible creature known as Sin. Whatever the belief, the real truth is still here: Sin is here, will always come back, but can still be defeated, if only for a little while.​
    We now tell the story of our most current Summoner and their group of Guardians as they travel throughout Spira and working to save the world.​
    1. Takes place LONG LONG before the actual FFX, so there will be no relation at all to any of the game.​
    2. Be nice, we don't want to have bad blood between us while we rp, and please no acting all high and mighty like you are better than everyone else.​
    3. Romance is okay, but we don't do explicit. Take it somewhere else for that. Yaoi/Yuri is allowed. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it. If you don't want to or you don't want your character to do romance, then that's perfectly fine. This is just for those who wish to.​
    4. No god-moding, No unbeatable character or all-powerful strength.​
    5. No killing another person's character without their okay and letting me know.​
    6. If you are going to leave for a certain period of time, please let me know or I will assume you dropped out and get rid of your character and open that spot for someone else. Sorry if this sounds mean, I don't like it when my fellow RPers drop out with no warning. It irks me.​
    7. All Iwaku rules apply.​
    Link to the IC Thread
    Character Sheets
    Class: (No more than one of each, please.)​
    How long they have been a Guardian: (for everyone except for andilyn)​
    Gender Preference: (Optional, even for the ones who want romance)​

    Class Reservations
    Summoner: andilyn (You may take a minor sub-class, please try to keep it magic related)​
    Black Mage: ForeverPurity
    White Mage/Monk: Boss Frost
    Ninja: Me
    Black Belt: Lusterless Nova​
    My Character
    Name: Aldred Attwood​
    Age: 19
    Race: Human​
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A calm and quiet person who doesn't like to speak to very many people, but is the most loyal person you will ever meet. He will be the first to jump to defend his Summoner, though. He has a strong sense of justice that is shown in his actions more than his words, considering his non-talkative personality.​
    Biography: Kokierra hasn't revealed much of himself other than the need-to-know stuff. He lived a fairly normal life, but his family was killed during an attack by Sin. He then began training to become a Guardian. He never wanted someone else to have to go through that, so he decided that he would go an assist the nearest Summoner on their Pilgrimage and see through it the whole way, even if he was the only Guardian there.​
    Class: Ninja​
    How long they have been a Guardian: He was he first Guardian to the Summoner because of his loyalty and, hey, not every team has an awesome Ninja working with them, right?​
    Gender Preference: Never elaborates on the matter​
    Weapon: In Appearance​
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  2. Name: Xio Ronso
    Age: 22
    Race: Ronso
    Appearance: A ronso 'runt', still impressively muscled and tall by human or even guado standards. Grey fur covers his entire body, which he makes no effort to really conceal - his mage's robes are open to expose his powerful chest, which he's quite proud of. His horn is unique: a two-pronged spire. His robes are white, with the red triangles that mark him as an obvious practitioner of white magic. He wears a simple pair of breeches under his robes, to allow for proper kicks or jumps.
    Personality: Adaptive and curious, Xio was markedly hard to raise. He was constantly in trouble (or injured) for being places he shouldn't be or doing things he really shouldn't. He asked questions and pushed boundaries that made the warriors rather cross, but never failed to make the elders smile. He possesses a clever tongue and a wisdom beyond his years. He's perceptive, and picks up social cues very quickly. He's quick to laugh, and quite quick to drink. He's got a fantastic tolerance for alcohol, and his boisterous tales has made him quite a few friends. He seems to enjoy fighting - not only does it give him something to do, but it helps him gauge someone's personality. He's often the first to speak up when something doesn't seem right, and nothing riles him up like evil-doers... or anyone who dares to mistreat someone else. It's easy to forget he's a ronso until those moments, and the mage's strength comes out in times like that. It's easy to mistake the ronso as a boisterous idiot - this is a mistake his opponents rarely get the opportunity to make twice. He's a gentle soul at heart, and seems to enjoy fixing good people as much as he enjoys roughing up bad people.
    Biography: Xio doesn't get into while he left Mount Gagazet, but he has a lot to say about what he's done since then. His travels have taken him through a lot of Spira, and he doesn't feel he's fought as much as he'd like to. He's quite proud of his dual-horn, but he gets extremely nervous around other ronso. It's easy to see rage flare up in his features when he spots someone being mistreated - which might be a hint as to why he's out and about.
    Class: White Mage
    How long they have been a Guardian: Xio's been a guardian for a small amount of time - after seeing Aldred, Xio shows his intent to fight him (to Xio, the black-garbed Aldred looked like an absolute villain). After fighting against him for a while, Xio laughed it off and determined that Aldred couldn't be a villain. As an apology, the ronso healed his opponent's wounds and decided to make himself useful by tagging along, regardless of whether or not he was invited. He hasn't made a nuisance of himself, and his white magic is quite helpful.
    Gender Preference: Female.
    Weapon: Fist Weaponry.
  3. Name: Sia Thoth
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Personality: Sweet, adorable and loving. Cares possibly too much about people, even those she's only met. Very gullible and agreeing. This gets her into a lot of trouble, as she typically seems to see the good in people, and isn't very cautious. Her parents think these pilgrimages will teach her to be more untrusting of others.
    Biography: Born into a long line of Black Mage witches, who've also acted as guardians, she has grown up learning her skils. She first became a guardian at the age of 18, where she went on her first pilgrimage with a Summoner. She was afraid then, and she's still afraid, but she's slowly hardening against the fear. Though she really does wish they could find Calm.
    Class: Black Mage
    How long they have been a Guardian: Five years.
    Gender Preference: Female
    Weapon: can I do the plushies?? tell me I can do the plushies. XD
  4. bpth sound awesome accepted and yes you can use the plushies lol

    woo, I'm excited!
  6. Name: Saya Kirisame
    Age: 24
    Race: Al-Bhed
    Appearance (open)

    Personality: Saya is a bright and cheerful young lady who doesn't back down from any challenge. She's also witty and seems to enjoy fighting, as she is constantly smiling while doing battle.
    Saya is little headstrong, forceful, a optimist and reckless, so her plans are usually only thought through the next few moments.
    However, she has shown that she uses her head sometimes. Saya has shown herself to be somewhat irresponsible and impulsive.
    Biography: Saya grew up with the Al-Bhed, where she became a Engineer. She found out late that she had a knack for learning material arts, and even enjoyed it. Thanks to that she became great at close ranged combat. To further increase her power, she created her own weapon Ember Celica, which allows her to increase her striking power or launch herself at enemies.
    She currently travels through the world of Spira with no real goal. Whenever she finds something interesting though, she reports it to the Al-Bhed.
    Class: Engineer/Black Belt​
    How long they have been a Guardian: She has to be employed yet.​
    Gender Preference: Both​
    Ember Celica (open)

    [​IMG]They appear as bracelets at first, but when activated, they cover Saya's hands and forearm as gauntlets.

    The gauntlets offensive function seem to be rooted in creating pulses of raw kinetic energy. They emit flashes of light resembling explosions or flames, and are capable of knocking enemies back great distances. However no solid projectiles are ever fired as evidenced by enemies being knocked back, but lacking exit or entrance wounds that would be characteristic of being shot with a solid object.
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  7. Accepted. From her description of close-range fist fighting, I would consider her a Black Belt: Black Belts are powerhouses when it comes to raw physical attack power, but, like Monks have limited armour selection, sometimes giving them lowered defense and magic defense. Black Belts make up for this flaw with high strength, vitality, and moderate agility.
  8. That sounds exactly like her. Edited.
    Mind if i ask when this all will start?
  9. is there still room for one more or no ^^;
  10. [MENTION=4265]Lusterless Nova[/MENTION]: We will start when we get all of our characters posted up

    [MENTION=2808]The~Cry~Of~Demon~Lord~Chi[/MENTION]: Sure! The more the merrier!!
  11. How many more do we need?
    I forget the size of Yuna's group, wasn't it like 6 or 7? XD
  12. After Cry posts their character and after andilyn posts the Summoner, we'll start. We'll have six if my math isn't wrong from just counting.

    (I'm halfway sick so don't judge me if I can't count)
  13. It was 7.
    Tidus, Wakka, Yuna, Khimari, Lulu, Auron, Rikku.
  14. XD I wasn't counting Yuna. LOL But aight! *waits impatiently* lol
  15. We will have six with our Summoner lol
  16. If i may ask, what about limit attacks and skills? Can we make them up as long as they are not overpowered?
  17. Figure the point of a Limit Break is that it IS overpowered, but you could only use it, like... once per chapter. <_<
  18. Yes, Here are a list of the skills that the classes we have do and you can make your own Limit Break BUT I will say when the Limit Breaks can be used. It won't be to often, but I will let them be used occasionally. Of course, these skills won't happen every time so make sure that you are generous with the usage of them.

    Monk: Retaliate - counter-attack if hit by a Physical Attack
    White and Black Mage: Increased Magic Evade-they naturally have a higher dodge rate against all magic
    Black Belt: Boost-Boost allows them to charge up power for your next attack and can be used successively to boost your next attack further, but can damage your character if you use it too many times in a row. (Please, no spamming every fight. It makes the RP boring if you one-shot everything)
    Ninja: Throw-throws an item or weapon at the enemy for massive damage (I will not spam this, my Ninja will be a more close up fighter; rarely using this skill)

    All taken from the link in the Interest Check thread except for the White and Black Mage, I had to make that up.

    reall form​
    but she looks like this in frount of everyone:​
    Name: Chi mononoko (real name: Dark Skydrim)
    Age: 18
    Race: Human but really is an Elf
    Personality: sweet but can be dark. she has a thing about rude people and bullies so watch it
    Biography: Chi is not her real name her real name is Dark skydrim she been on the runn for a while. there been times she wished she could tell them who she is. the lagadry Dark. she hated her but sometimes she missed it but she has to many people that want her dead. she tries to hid it but sometimes its hard to hide the fact of who she is. she hides with an Ami

    Class: ranger​
    How long they have been a Guardian: 8 years.​
    Gender Preference: Female and Male​
    Weapon: the bow and arrow in my pic​
    other thing:​
    this is the amulet of her form nothing more​
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  20. LOL She refuse to use her magic and i ponit out if she use to much he real form would show XD
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