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  1. The Civil Rights Movement took place between the years 1954 and 1968.

    African Americans during this time period have been fighting for their rights. They have been known as slaves in earlier years, and even after they have still been mistreated.
    Throughout this time period you could see economic events, political events, and even social events that were influencial in changing Civil Rights in America during the 1950s and 1960s.
    If you were a white American in this time period, you tended to be hateful towards colored people.
    African Americans were not allowed to flirt, touch, or even go near their women. The schools were segrated along with the buses and other public locations.
    You could see more of these racist actions in the south compared to the north.
    If you were colored in the south you would know what to expect form white men and women. You would get beaten for treating white folks with disrepect. Hatred would be shown towards you, and there was nothing you could do about it, due to court always siding with white Americans.
    In the north, it was easier to get jobs as a colored male or female. Easier to live your life. But that doesn't mean you were completely free from racial hatred. You can't completely change a racist man's mind, even if the law tells you to put those thoughts behind you and treat everyone equally.

    The role-play will take place in 1960. Plenty of events has happened before then that helped move the Civil Rights movement along.

    1954: In Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the supreme court rules unanimously against school segregation.

    1954: Death of Emmett Till. A young boy supposedly whistled at a white woman. It angered white men causing them to go after him that night. They said they just wanted to walk, and they have even said that was what they were truly going to do, but they ended up brutally murdering Emmett Till. He found in the river the next day, barely recognizable. His killers were not convicted, angering a lot of African Americans.

    1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white person, resulting in a year-long boycott on the buses in Montgomery, Alabama.

    1957: Martin Luther King, jr founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to work for full equality of African Americans.

    1957: The federal government uses the military to uphold African Americans' civil rights, as soldiers escort nine African American students to desegregate a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Daisy Bates, an NAACP leader, advised and assisted the students and eventually had a state holiday dedicated to her.

    Throughout this role-play there will be more events influencing the Civil Rights in America.
    There will be four main states you could be placed in.

    -Alabama. Known as one of the most racist states, and still is to this day.

    -Washington, DC. Home of the White House in which the president lives.

    -Chicago. Center of antislavery, though city schools, and places of public accommodation were racially segregated.

    -Tennesse. Multiple events that helped push the Civil Rights movement along took place here.

    Rules and Expectations

    -I am allowing words such as "negro" and "nigger". This is taking place in a racist time period and if you can't handle it, this may not be a role-play set for you. Most people were mistreated. Strong language and brutality will be allowed, but if every single sentence holds the "N" word, you will get a warning because even though I am allowing it, it is still offensive and if used too many times, I will find it a immature.

    -I do not want too many biracial characters, those weren't common and I would strongly appreciate it more if you were either black or white. If you really want to be biracial please PM and we will settle it. You would also have to PM for roles on people who are important during this time such as Martin Luther King jr., Dwight D. Eisenhower (president), etc etc.

    -This would be taking place in multiple states in America, I encourage you to play multiple characters, make your own family, or even just make one person in each state of the main states I listed. If you can not handle more than one character, I am perfectly fine with that.

    -As for writing abilities, I would much like it if you were to post as least a paragraph. A paragraph should consist of five sentences. If you can not meet those requirements, I will not hold that against you, as long as you try and that you give more than two sentences. I know not everybody has the same writing abilities and can't type as much as others. I do not mind that, just please give people enough for them to actually be able to reply to your post.

    -Please have respect for others when speaking in the OOC

    Character Sheets:

    Appearance: (real pictures or description)
    State they live in:

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  2. I'll have my CS up today or tomorrow (more probable tomorrow)
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  3. Is it alright if hes an orphan from Canadia Canada who got adopted from a family in Alabama? His family's ancestors would have had alot of slaves. He would want the blacks their rights since hes nice plus his natal country even helped fleeing slaves in the past but then be rejected since his new family would be ancient slave holders.
  4. That could be fine.
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  5. Him: I wanna help D:

    People he wants to help: -sees whose family he's in- No.

    Him: D:
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  6. I was gonna make a family of four in Washington.....I'm gonna have to make someone in Alabama as well xD
  7. Ill have one person in each state. Henry's family (Official name for the helper) will be side characters. Basically all family. His family is also super racist.

    Henry: -leaves door open for his family and a black woman and her child- Have a good day, madam.

    Father/Brother: -gives death stare to Henry-
  8. Still gonna make someone in Alabama, sounds interesting.
    Don't be afraid to have anyone beat a black person for something as simple as staring at "their woman".
    Alabama was a harsh place -3-
    any place in the south actually, but Alabama was worst.
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  9. Henry sees a guy beat up a black person staring at "their woman":

    Henry: -goes to help black person but easily gets put down-

    Henry is weak but has a strong heart.
  10. Name: Kalila Wright
    Age: ten
    Race: biracial (black and white)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    State they live in: Washington DC.
    Personality: Kalila is a sweet young girl that tries to treat everyone with respect. She does get a bit angered easily, due to her young age and lack of understanding. She is a bit niave when it comes to why people are racist. Has a big imagination.
    Bio: Kalila has a twin brother, both of them are biracial. It is difficult for them at school since white people hate colored, and black people don't like them because they have white in them. Of course not everyone is like that. Her mother is white, whereas her father is black. Due to growing up with parents who didn't care for their differences, she didn't find any reason as to why people were so hateful towards each other.

    Name: Kendall Wright
    Age: ten
    Race: Biracial (black and white)
    Gender: Male
    State: Washington DC.
    Personality: Kendall is confident and hates to show weakness. This could get him in some trouble when it comes to anybody white. He has a big mouth and loves to talk.
    Bio: Kendall pretty much has the same bio as his twin sister, except for the fact he does get picked on at school. He tries to stop it, but knows if he does too much then he could get in a lot of trouble. He may have a big mouth and confidence, but he was told of the dangers that those aspects could get him into.

    Name: Richard Wright
    Age: thirty-eight
    Race: African American
    Gender: Male
    State: Washington DC.
    Personality: Treats everyone with respect, regardless their color. Most whites hate him due to marrying a white woman, thinking he must have forced her into marriage. He walks through the streets with confidence.
    Bio: Richard fell in love with a white woman in his late twenties. He knew that - based on what everyone said - it was impossible for him to marry her. They both loved each other and they married anyway. Everyone tends to talk about him and his family behind their backs, the young children even talk about them to their faces, but he makes sure no one in his family cares about what they are saying.
    Extra: Born blind from his left eye.

    Name: Matilda Wright
    Age: thirty-six
    Race: White American
    Gender: female
    Appearance: I don't have a picture for her. She has long black hair and is tall and slender. She wears glasses and keeps her hair tied up.
    State: Washington DC
    Personality: Matilda is a bit sensitve. She doesn't do well when people talk about her or her family. She is easily angered, but tends to back down when someone threatens her.
    Bio: Matilda has know Richard for awhile, and even though they both love each other it took her awhile to build up enough confidence to marry him. She knew her family would end up hating her for her decisions, and she knew she would be looked at differently.
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  11. Now they just need a bird called Pheonix. (Pheonix Wright? Get it?)
  12. I honestly just got the name from an author "Richard Wright" xD he wrote a book called "Black Boy". I had to read it in English a couple months ago.
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  13. Cool. I named Henry after Henry Flemming. Main character in Codename: S.T.E.A.M and war hero of the Civil War
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Henry Tulis (Or Dunman as his adoptive last name)
    Age: 16
    Race: White Canadian
    Gender: Male
    State they live in: Alabama
    Personality: Henry is very kind. Whatever your race, gender or age is, he'll treat you with respect and kindness. Caring for all people and will stand up for people who are being mistreated. Even if this lands him in trouble most of the time. He's a bit oblivious to the fact his adoptive family's ancestors were massive slave holders and will often be shunned by other whites for not being like his family, racist.
    Bio: Henry was an orphan born in Canada. At the age of 11 he was adopted by a family in Alabama. He was a bit confused at first when he got here and saw so many black people getting mistreated. He was always a kind fellow, helping the black people even if he got in trouble for it by his "family". His family is also super racist, his older brother being the worst, always calling the blacks the most offensive things. Henry can't say a word since his brother, like most men, can easily beat him due to Henry being very frail. Each time Henry tries to make black friend he gets rejected due to reasons unknown to him. (He doesnt know his family had a big history with slaves). He did befriend a black girl (against his family's wishes) whom he meets every sunday after church when his parents think hes out playing with his white friends.
    Extras: He loves Marvel Comics, X-Men and Captain America are his favorites.
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  15. DONE!
  16. Acceptance
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  17. The acceptance is real.
  18. ima try 4 people cus well im really bored.
    Okay, three characters.
    yes, canadia.
    i loled at some of these pictures cus all the black guys were crying. GOOGLE WHAT DID YOU DO

    Name: Amber Lee (I looked at Berlin, there we go. )
    Age: Twenty-Nine
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: I TRIED
    [​IMG]better not be katy freaking perry
    State they live in: Chicago
    Personality: Ever since her husband left her, she's been dark and lonely. She isolates herself, and sometimes takes her anger out on her children. However, once she realizes that she's yelling at them, she apologizes and blames it on stress. Before, she used to be kind, cheerful and caring, but with a sense of mystery to her. Now, she seeks her children for salvation, even if she sometimes harms them.
    Bio: Her husband, Vector met in grade school when they were working on a project together. Soon, the began dating and married. Amber found that she actually liked blacks (but felt a little racist), while Vector hated the blacks for all they were worth. When they had Manson, it was clear to Vector that she like blacks whenever she spoke to them, and he left her.
    Extras: She's... a great writer?

    Name: Anthony Lee (adopted)
    Age: 10
    Race: Black
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: TRIED AGAIN
    State they live in: Chicago
    Personality: He's a hard worker, not very smart because he hates learning, but he often works voluntarily on the farm. He loves his white friends because they treat him nicely. He sometimes calms Amber Lee down, and helps her kids with their troubles as well.
    Bio: Anthony's mother died of cancer when he was about three, and his father couldn't handle the four of his siblings alone, so he disowned him and his sister. He became an orphan, and soon enough, the Lee's adopted him.
    Extras: He actually likes cooking.

    Name: Manson Lee
    Age: 10
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: TRIED
    State they live in: Chicago
    Personality: She's strict and smart, always paying attention to lessons in the classroom. Since Amber doesn't want to risk Anthony going to schools and being humiliated, she allows Manson to educate him. She doesn't put up a good fight, especially since she's only ten.
    Bio: When she grew up, Vector wanted her to be as smart as all of his professors. He pushed her hard in school and rarely helped her with her studies. Because of that, she learned to study on her own and be independent. Yet, she doesn't like team work at all. That all changed when Anthony came to the house. He enjoyed working with others, and soon, she learned to like it to.
    Extras: She had a weakness for babies much like her younger brother. Manson also likes music and wants to get a musical instrument some day.

    Name: Isaiah (rock) Lee
    Age: Four
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: honestly idk anymore
    State they live in: Chicago
    Personality: Isaiah is playful, often wanting to be help by his older siblings. He wants to grow up to be as helpful as Anthony, yet Isaiah is very weak. He stays inside a lot and tries to decipher the words in books. He's already reading above what he should be!
    Bio: As a baby, he was born weak and frail unlike his sister. They were careful picking him up, play with him, doing anything with him! He hated that so much. His only outlet was reading and drawing. He drew pictures every day (and I could make some of them for visuals -_- ) and even tried becoming an author himself! Although, he does have band handwriting, spelling... and Grammar, he's got some pretty good ideas!
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  19. Ohio isn't one of the states you can be in.
    I have four listed.
  20. Sorry! I skimmed over that because it looked as if it was with the events that happened to contribute to the Civil War. I knew most of them, so that's why I skimmed. I'll change it right now!