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  1. How many of you got it/Are getting it? Which version did/will you get? Did you stick with/are you sticking with the default class for your main character?
  2. I'll likely wait for it to be out for a few months first.
    Not cause of pricing, but because with Awakening I found although it was solid in story, and the gameplay was fun and expansive... It also didn't have any comprehension of balance.

    So I'd want to wait and make sure the Fate games don't fall for the same issues.

    Balance Issues Mini Rant
    The Dual System was OP as hell, you lose so many features without it, and the amount of grinding available if you're the kind to chase all the quests gives you way too many levels, making you choose between an easy as hell game or skipping content (unless if Lunatic. But I shouldn't need to go to "Everyone's on steroids cause lol" difficulty to feel even some challenge).

    Then there's a child system, which had two main issues. Their effectiveness is hugely dependent on parents, meaning support grinding and pre-planning. And even regardless they're almost always better than the Parents, outright forcing people to need to train a ton of Gen 2 units if they want to keep up (likely why there's so much xp to be gained from exploring).

    And then lastly, the first 5 chapters of the game should not be the hardest in the game.
    It's insanely disappointing to find out the first few packs of undead are going to be more challenging than any end boss.
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  3. I feel ya. The things you mentioned are still things. I will say though, I'm like 13 or 14 chapters in and I haven't yet felt like it's getting easier as I progress, especially with the return of zone defense objectives and missions that are just swarming with enemies. The starting chapters before you choose a side [If you have the other paths] are definitely easier than the later ones. I dunno if that's just Conquest or not though, 'cause from what I've read Birthright is supposed to be easier/have more opportunities to grind.
  4. So there's still the Dual System? >.<

    Glad to hear the levels are more balanced compared to one another though.
    This is exactly why I plan to grab Black/Conquest if I do end up buying it.
  5. My wife got both versions in some Nintendo deal after using a gift card she got by doing surveys.

    Likes it so far. Nothing else to comment on it other than shame on them for removing stuff again.
  6. Again? What happened other than the roofie incident?
  7. As far as I know the 'petting' minigame (like Pokemon X/Ys), outfits, and other things.

    About to head to work but there are plenty of sites covering what's been altered. Including one that says an employee was fired for talking on a podcast and giving away something about a Nintendo Policy.
  8. It looks great, I'm just pissed off about how they're cutting content from the Western release because people in 'Murica are special snowflakes who get as easily offended about stupid shit as a wolf in the pen eats the baby lamb.

    Really tired of having content cut from my games because companies are concerned with not offending said special snowflakes
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  9. I bought Conquest on its opening release.
    I am not disappointed.
  10. I'd argue that different audiences, different cultures, even different pop culture jokes probably require extensive re-writing on the localization teams end to make it relevant to the target audience. Yo-Kai watch being notorious for changing a lot of straight up Japanese things into American ones (example being doughnuts and some similar Japanese treat).

    It's really crappy that the localization team basically goes "that's sexist, oh that's racist, uh oh X might be offended" and have to re-write entire scenes into some nonsensical mess really rubs me wrong. Give it to me how they had it. Just in my language.

    My wife had to show me earlier one of the characters going "Banana-Slamma!" As his cheesy-weeb style shout-before-attack. It was terribly cringy and cheesy all at once.
  11. Buying Birthright *shrug* It looks cooler.

    And then the Neutral DLC, because I want to feel like Switzerland when playing.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. They were sold out here. ಠ_ಠ But I'm going to get all of them sooner or later.

    And as much as I like waifu petting as the next person, I really don't care for it in a game like Fire Emblem.
    If people want weird fanservice face touching, play Conception 2 or something...
  14. I think it's safe to say that Nintendo is a white knight when it comes to censoring their own games.
  15. Except when it comes to marrying blood relatives. Cause that's totally a thing that slipped through.
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  16. Spoiler (open)
    Except you're not blood relatives, technically.
  17. Spoiler (open)
    Which siblings are you talking about? Cause, yeah the Norh siblings aren't blood related (but its still creepy as fuck seeing as you grew up together like you were.) but the Hoshido siblings? As far as I know, and I will freely admit that I haven't finished the whole game, they are definitely blood related.
  18. Show Spoiler
    Nope. Talking about Hoshido crew here. I got really curious about how that was handled. When you get an S support (this at least goes for Sakura, who I tested with) she says she has a note her mother left. Mikoto is your mother, but Sumeragi wasn't actually your father. He just pretty much claimed you as his own. I imagine it's similar with the other three. In fact, it seemed like the only reason this was there was to prevent it for if you wanted to romance one of them. It wasn't mentioned at any other point during Birthright. Although I wouldn't be too surprised if it does show up in Revelations. Unfortunately I can't find any online videos of an S support. You can test it yourself, but it still a bit squickish if that bothers you.

    I'm guessing this is also the case in the Japanese version, however, and not just NoA censoring since Corrin and Azura are reverse parallels and she isn't (as far as I can tell) related to the Nohr siblings. (I haven't tested an S support with her and one of them yet).
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    Okay, but that still makes you blood related. Cause Mikoto is their mother as well. Half siblings, but still very much blood related siblings. And that's still not really okay with me? Incest is one of those things that aren't okay with me, and I don't really get the appeal some people have with it.
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    Mikoto isn't their mother, either. Sakura starts by saying something along the lines of "I know we're half-siblings but ... what if we weren't?" And then she brings up the letter. She also makes it pretty clear that Ryoma (and Hinoka?) was already born when Mikoto came into the picture. I can honestly say I have no idea what is going on with ages in this game (but that might be its own topic for another day). This seemed as out-of-nowhere in-game as it probably does right now. Quoting from the Wiki (final paragraph under "profile") -

    They're not blood siblings.

    Hopefully I didn't come off as hostile at any point or anything. Just trying to clarify that Nintendo did not in fact let that get through to their game. ^^
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