Favorite Race Names

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  1. Race names! They can be complex (Vriblicrians, Gnivesias, or Buxagees) or simple (Hunters, Fortmen, Demis), but they all carry the weight of what they are behind their name in some way.

    What are your favorite race names you've come up with?

    I like the name "Quiet Men" for a race of giant, tusked creatures that are a mix of feline and WoW orc: heavy-built and very muscular, but possessing short, fine fur across their bodies, tusks, and slitted eyes. They don't speak often, and they're a very shamanistic race, though few pursue that sort of magic and lifestyle anymore.
  2. The "Havn'ts", a term used to describe a group of humanoids that live on the misty swamp lands 'where men go to die'.

    The land was always a swampy flooded place where it was thought none could make a home. So, finding the area more or less useless, no man could conquer it and frankly no one wanted to. What good was a marsh with virtually no resources? The sun almost never shined there, a constant thick fog enveloped all, and anyone would be hard pressed to find anything that wasn't wet. No useable crops could be grown, and the wood was too damp to work with. Never mind the dangerous creatures that made such a desolate place their own.
    However, some did find their way here. As the land was leaderless and without government, many desperate and pathetic people with no where else to go came here. These people at first came to popularly be called the "Have-nots", as in the saying"The haves, and the have-nots", referring to their status as having nothing left and choosing to come to a place with nothing still. It was thought these people would all eventually dwindle because of the natural in-habitability of the land.

    Over time though, death would never find a foothold in these lands. Without any serious reputation and lack of representation, these people grew to prosper within the swamp apart from the watchful gaze of all who might see them. Word of these swamp people had only barely clung on, over time delving into fantastical stories of those who supposedly had been in the misty swamp and met people living there. They were described as pale, as if the sun had never touched their skin, with white damp hair and shriveled skin from spending all their time in the water. They spoke a dialect unrecognizable, and they lived like animals; becoming just as putrid and monstrous as the beasts around them. Though constant retelling, the name became simplified. Have-nots, to Have-none, to Haven'ts, to Havn'ts. While the stories change with time, the central themes of these swamp people do not, and it is said that they still exist in the darkest reaches of the murky waters to this day.
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