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  1. FateGuard
    The Siege of Gothenheim
    Theme Song (open)
    I am a Farborn, child of the Pilgrims,
    Seed of my ancestors who crossed the Barren Sea.
    To Gothenheim I pledge my strength,
    To the city alone in a land of winter.
    When all is lost the walls shall lean upon me,
    When gates are breached I shall bar the way.
    I am FateGuard, bound to my brothers and sisters,
    And shall not let the Pilgrim's City fall.

    ~ Oath of the FateGuard

    Welcome to Gothenheim, a city on the edge of the world. A century ago a fleet arrived here from the Old World, bearing monks, colonists and adventurers. They built the Pilgrim's City, a foothold from which they could explore the wilderness awaiting them.
    But they were cursed.
    The land they had found was home to ancient evils, as old as time itself, which rose to swallow them on land and at sea. The fleet was cut off and the pilgrims stranded in their city, beset by monsters, dragons, witches and demons. For a century now, the people have suffered alone in the hostile night.
    And for a century the FateGuard have protected them.
    An elite city watch, the FateGuard are armed with the greatest weapons, magics and blessings that Gothenheim can provide. They are the heroes of their time, sons and daughters of the strongest families, elders and alphas of the embattled community.
    It is by their will alone that the Pilgrim's City stands.
    And every night, they must do their duty, against enemies within and without.

    [parseHTML] <br> <br> <table align=center><tr><td valign=top border=1><FONT family=Franklin Gothic Medium; color=red><U><strong><center>RULES</center></strong></U> <br><p><P><font size=1px> - No going outside the city walls. You will be killed in a heartbeat. <br><p> - Evil creatures only attack at night. This is part of the curse. <br><p> - You are a non-magical human. You are not born a magic user. <br><p> - No angsty loners - you are the protectors and advisors to this city. <br><p> - No angsty rebels - you love this city and want to protect it. <br><p> - You may have three "blessings", which are gifts from the city folk. <br><p> - Use these blessings to represent your special items and abilites. <br><p> - The story will be broken into episodes, for each night of the watch. <br><p> - Domestic drama will be as important as action sequences. <br><p> - Political intrigue will be as important as action sequences. <br><p> - Each player will have a chance to suggest the plot for an episode. <br><p> - Your characters will all know each other from the outset. <br><p> - You must post once a week, or I will take over your character. <br> <p></font> <td valign=top><u><strong><center>CHARACTER SHEET</center></strong></u> <br><p><p> <strong>Name:</strong> <br><p> <strong>Appearance:</strong> <br><p> <strong>Reputation:</strong> <font size=1px>(What do the FateGuard value you for?)</font> <br><p> <strong>Royal Blessing:</strong> <font size=1px>(Something from the king, nobles or artisan guilds)</font> <br><p> <strong>Holy Blessing:</strong> <font size=1px>(A divine ability/item/destiny entwined with your faith)</font> <br><p> <strong>Magic Blessing:</strong> <font size=1px>(A magic item/enchantment given to you by the Mages)</font> <br><p> <strong>Legend:</strong> <font size=1px>(Describe one legend that has sprung up around you - something <br>that the townsfolk gossip about)</font> <br><p> <strong>Off-Duty:</strong> <font size=1px>(What do you do during the day, and what friends/family do you<br> have. You must have a profession, as being a watchman does not give you <br>enough income to survive.)</font><br> <p> <strong>Vet or Wet?:</strong> <font size=1px>(Are you a new recruit? Or just someone who's missed the<br> last few nights?)</font><br><p> </font></table>[/parseHTML]
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    Magic Level (open)
    Magic must be natural, druidic or based on the four elements. The effects must be invisible or subtle, so that anyone who looked at you would not know that you are using magic. The FateGuard are only rumoured to have these powers, and the Mages would not bless you with anything overt.

    Yes, this may seem silly in a world where we are besieged nightly by ancient horrors. Why not just make this straight High Fantasy and have wizards shitting fireballs from the rooftops? Because Game of Thrones, that's why. That's the pitch we're going for.

    The evil of a night could simply be a witch casting a spell in a basement, or someone dying from incubus poison. The public are not exposed to "in-your-face" otherworldliness, and for the most part glimpse these things through shuttered windows or hear them in the background of a midnight mass. By a strict curfew and the efforts of the Night Watch, the cosmic struggle of Gothenheim is kept in the shadows.​

    Prequel Nights (open)
    Night One: The Flames of Darraskun - We meet the current members of the Fateguard, as they defend the city from a pair of hungry dragons. The fight ends when Tahan, a mysterious warrior supplied by the Holy Church, enters the fray. The FateGuard do not take well to this new Legionnaire assigned to their ranks.

    Night Two: The Helm Street Murders - The FateGuard investigate a mysterious, grotesque killing that took place in another part of the city during the dragon attack. In time they realize that one of their own - Ferrick - carries the Werewolf curse. Rather than die at their hands, Ferrick accepts self-exile beyond the Wall and the city assumes him dead.

    Night Three: The Black Birth - The FateGuard attend a banquet at the castle after it is announced that the King has finally impreganted the Queen after years of impotence. But when assassins arrive to collect on a mysterious deal they made with the King, the FateGuard realize there are traitors within their own ranks who serve a darker power known as The Wounded Hand.

    Night Four: The Watching Monolith - With the FateGuard under suspicion and confined to their Chapter House, they decide the only way to track down the traitors within their ranks is to go undercover in the city. Travelling to a dockside tavern, and to the city library, they find the traitors have been corrupted by looking beyond the East Wall at a diabolical symbol that stands on the hillside. The traitors are unmasked and killed, and the spell of the Watching Monolith is broken.

    Night Five: The Sleeping Sepulchre - With the house arrest lifted, Malwin, the FateGuard Poisoner, brings grim news. A great abyss known as the Rove Maw has opened beneath his house. The watchmen descend through the hole and discover a forgotten civilization beneath Gotheheim, and one which awakens to their presence. Hounded by Undead guardians, the FateGuard suffer heavy losses as Malwin reveals himself a puppet of an ancient evil. With divine intervention the heroes prevail, but the spirit of the demonic God-Prince Tamoldes is now at large and plotting its revenge.

    Night Six: Song of the Shadow Weaver - After the events in the catacombs Malwin and his brother, Leonardo, are incarcerated by the Church, along with Kael, last of the Wounded Hand traitors, who was captured the previous night. The FateGuard rush to interrogate the traitor, but are too late. Aided by Arcantos, the infamous rogue Wizard of the Eldritch Guild, Kael breaks free and assassinates the head of the Alchymia Chapter. In their outrage, the church executes Leonardo as a traitor but Malwin escapes before he can suffer the same fate. In the midst of the panic, a witch known as the Shadow Weaver kidnaps several children and the FateGuard venture beyond the walls for the first time. They are almost killed, and only the intervention of the presumed-dead Ferrick saves them.​


    [parsehtml]<table align=center><tr><td align=center width=100px><a href="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/fateguard-the-eldritch-guild.3207/unread" target="_blank"><img src="http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/castle.png" border="0" alt=" photo castle.png"/></a><br>The Eldritch Guild<td align=center width=100px><a href="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/fateguard-the-pilgrim-church.3191/unread" target="_blank"><img src="http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/Stories/bish.png" border="0" alt=" photo bish.png"/></a><br>The Pilgrim Church<td align=center width=100px><a href="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/fateguard-the-court-of-ganthor.3206/unread" target="_blank"><img src="http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/Stories/king-2.png" border="0" alt=" photo king-2.png"/></a><br>King Ganthor<td align=center width=100px><a href="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/fateguard-the-lisyt-heresy.4173/unread" target="_blank"><img src="http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/Stories/queen.png" border="0" alt=" photo queen.png"/></a><br>The Lisyt Heresy<td align=center width=100px><a href="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/fateguard-the-wounded-hand.4174/unread" target="_blank"><img src="http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/Stories/knight.png" border="0" alt=" photo knight.png"/></a><br>The Wounded Hand</tr></table>[/parsehtml]
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  3. Characters and Motivations

    Corben: Marshall of the FateGuard. Corben struggles to hold the night watch together against the threats from without and the scandals from within. He is still reeling from the death of the previous Marshall and the suicide of his best friend. Meanwhile, in the background, his ambitious wife, Amadea, pulls the strings of the political machinery.

    Derek: Heavy infantryman and lieutenant of the FateGuard. Derek serves as a daytime constable for the city, keeping peace within the safer hours or assisting in the training drills. He is a favourite of the king, who prefers Derek's aggressive stance to Corben's conservatism.

    Arias: Youngest initiate of the FateGuard. Arias is valued as a tactical advisor, with a precise knowledge of the town's layout and a voice enchanted to ring out in the heaviest dins of combat. He has received recent honour by defeating the enchantments of the Shadow Weaver witch.

    Sawyer: The FateGuard's lead archer. Since the treachery of Kael, the death of Sayra, the troubles of Alyss and the retirement of Ryste, a new man has risen to prominence as the greatest archer of the Night Watch. Time will tell if the same fate awaits him as the other archers.

    Lynerin: Heavy infantryman of the FateGuard. Lynerin has inherited the berserker mantle from retired heroes such as Arkavenn, Bjeorn and Alexander. He is now the foremost tank of the Night Watch, guaranteed to be found at the front line of any conflict.

    Alwyn: A FateGuard archer with a calm and steady hand. Alwyn is ridiculed for many parts of his nature, but never for his aim.
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  4. Name: Corben Reimar

    Reputation: Leader of the FateGuard and respected speaker at the Stone Circle

    Royal Blessing: Badge of the Lord Marshall, awarded by the King. Corben grew up with King Isalt and was his brawling-friend and drinking-buddy, the straight-laced foil to the garrulous Ganthor. When the last Marshall resigned due to mysterious medical reasons, Ganthor was quick to give Corben the job.

    Holy Blessing: Witch Wound, a series of geometric scars running from his left hand, up his arm and across part of his chest. Corben received these when striking down the Shadow Weaver Witch. They have since being treated by the apothecaries of the Church and imbued with divine oils. When raised in a position of faith, the Marshall's left arm emits a fine incense that wards away the undead.

    Magic Blessing: Sword of Dragonfire, said to burn and cauterize the wounds it makes. This sword has been passed down through generations of the Reimar family, and was originally a gift from one of the seven mages who defended the arriving Pilgrim Fleets.

    Legend: Rumours abound that Corben is not the true father of his child. No one has ever said this to his face. His wife, Amadea, is a notorious political schemer who will take any means to manipulate the power structure of Gothenheim.

    Off-Duty: Corben is one of the city's blacksmiths, running a busy shop where he makes small repairs and farming implements. He is helped by his daughter, Clara, who has been specially apprenticed to him. His wife, Amadea, is a weaver but also has a keen and ruthless political mind. By her scheming the Reimar family have taken over the noble house of Elayna Adriaca, a woman recently exposed as a traitor of the Wounded Hand.

  5. Tweaked the off duty section to better represent the current state of affairs in Gothenheim.

    Derek Vermillion

    Unarmored (open)


    Armored (open)


    Reputation: The second in command of the FateGuard. Derek is a melee juggernaut. By combining his own strength and high defenses with a refined sword technique he creates a versatility in his fighting styles that allows him to be placed on the front lines to wreak havoc or to protect more tactically significant locations. However this comes at the cost of mobility, only able to run full speed for half a kilometer without tiring himself.

    Royal Blessing: The Mark of the Divine is a badge made of pure gold and platinum. Given to him by the town jeweler after rescuing his child (See "Legend" below).

    Holy Blessing: The Regalia of Ancient Kings is a large suit of armor forged of adamantite. Due to the nature of the materials used to craft them the armor has an extremely high resistance to physical attacks. It is warded against magical attacks to a much lesser extent.

    Magic Blessing: The blessed sword Alondite is a two handed sword that increases Derek's physical strength. With its power he can swing the blade with one hand and wear the Regalia of Ancient Kings with reduced effort, though running with the two items is still a physical strain.

    Legend: One night as the monstrosities of the walls attacked a large group of people were evacuating a building when the support beam broke, but the building did not fall. Through the dust and debris came Derek's voice telling the people to finish the evacuation. It is said he used Alondite's power and the Regalia of Ancient King's durability to fill the gap left by the support beam until the people were out.

    Off-Duty: Despite the nightmares across the walls as an ever present threat human beings will still be human beings who will lie to, cheat, and murder one another. As such, Derek works across town as one of the town constables and is one of the better known ones as a result of being in the FateGuard. In the past if it was a slow day, he would help Eric with training other guards and any up and coming FateGuard. However, following Eric's heroic sacrifice in the Rove Maw he has taken to training these people himself paying special attention to potential FateGuard to replace the ranks of their now rapidly perishing allies. When doing neither of these things Derek is most often at home in the business district with his little sister Annette.

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  6. Name: Arias Rauvghan

    Appearance without Armor as he gets older.

    The Appearance with Armor is as followed.
    http://www.artbylowis.com/arts/3d/armor_templar.jpg (The Red Part of the battle skirt is a deep midnight blue.

    Reputation: Since the Arias joned with the Fateguard, he has been mostly dead weight, That was until the night of the Shadow Weaver, where he broke free from her spell long enough for Corben and the Fateguard to find and save their children. A sense of gratitude found in his allies, and a feeling of belonging for himself. Arias is now -known as the hardest working "apprentice" of the Fateguard. Arias will give his all to become better in combat, and further his usefullness. The fateguard is his family, his friends, and he will protect and help them until his last breath.

    Holy Blessing: Arias since a young age has been one to invoke an incredibly brilliant mind, and strategy and problem solving. While he works best with a little time to plan, he has focussed more upon restricting himself with time-limits. A brilliant tactician at a young age he hopes to stand with Corben as an advisor. His time in the field has only helped that purpose. His ability to have absolute clarity and command attention like a voice of the Gods itself. When Arias speaks with this power he will be heard by those he wishes to be heard by. No matter what hell might consume them This was a gift granted onto Arias only recently when he was made official with the Fateguard and the Church recognized him. They had Arias drink from a flask of blessed wine as the heralds sung over him. They knew all too well that the boys strategic prowess and the holy blessing he had been given would be the perfect support to the Fateguard in their times of most voracious peril.

    Royal Blessing: A very old man with a grey beard, one day sought out Arias, only for a chess match, for old times. Unlike before however. the old man played harder than he ever had before, and ended up defeated Arias at his own game. Upon beating him, he teased, but then with a heavy sigh brought out an object clothed. When Arias removed the cloth, he found a shimmering sword, Long and sharp upon either side. It had a black tinge to the base part of the blade, with golden script. the name "Rauvghan" was written upon its base. The man revealed how he had known and played and participated with The Rauvghan family for a very long time. The sword one of a Past knights, but he believed that Arias would use the weapon for the better of the city, he did not demand any answers, merely left the weapon and its sheathe as a gift and wandered away. ( The Sword is made of an extremely light metal, which makes it easier to wield with the general scrawny body type of the Rauvghan family.)

    Magic Blessing: +The Crest of the Duelist+ This Crest is recieved by Arias as an actual magical mark upon his chest. A symbol of a Sword Made Cross over his heart. The magic enhances the boys reaction time, making him swift, and though it will not do all the work for him, it allows him to make up for his lack in strength with swift precision and with a bit of training; expert skill. And inate ability that in time could allow him to dance with the best of Swordsman, and weave in an out of crowds like a shadow death. (It is not all right then, it enchances his ability to maneuver, but is useless without training.)

    Legend: Durring the Night of the Shadow Weaver Arias is remembered to have been caught and partially tainted by the witch. This has arisen some doubt in the mind of his allies. Arias himself is not all too aware of this yet, but time will tell as whispers grow louder, about the possibility of him betraying them, among other things.

    Off-Duty: Arias tries his best to never be off duty, since the time everything went down, he has only strived to consistently better himself. In his little down time that he allows, he eats, drinks, and sleeps, with the occasion of discreetly watching one of his allies from the shadows. Occasionally Arias will try to persuade his allies to meet him in a game of chess, which to some could be considered part of his Child like behavior, and to others is a nice breath of fresh air from the normal bullshit of the day. For Arias, all things he does have a reason.

    Vet or Wet?: White fairly new, Arias has also bled with his family and friends, and so considered himself a part of them. He may have some doubts in himself, but heartache, guilt, experience, and loss have force him to realize he IS one of the Fateguard.

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  7. Name: Allen Sawyer

    [​IMG] Allen is in his early twenties, and nearly six feet tall. He has broad shoulders and would be considered muscular. He has light brown hair and tries to maintain a well-shaven face.

    Reputation: Allen is valued for his marksmanship with the longbow. He's very athletic, and observant. Allen pays attention to the entire battlefield, and gives aid where it's most needed. He isn't a prideful man, and takes orders well. He has no interest in being a leader, he is only there to help out his fellow man.

    Royal Blessing: After proving his skills, he was given an iron longbow, engraved with werewolves and demons screaming in anguish. It was named "Devil's Bane".

    Holy Blessing: He was given a black cloak, blessed with concealment, so that he may strike from the unknown and deliver holy judgement to the enemies of Gothenheim.

    Magic Blessing: The mages enchanted his bow, the Devil's Bane to be uneffected by nature. It doesn't rust nor wear, and the bowstring doesn't rot or break.

    Legend: During night one: The Flames of Darraskun, Allen's flurry of arrows had been a major help with the battle. Him, and his fellow archers were on of the only things that could damage the dragons and force them to land. People say that as long at he has arrows, he cannot be overtaken.

    Off-Duty: Allen is a woodcutter by family tradition. Now that his family is gone, he has continued on with the business.

    Vet or Wet?: Allen's been with the FateGuard for a few years now.

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  8. Name: Alwyn Singh

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Reputation: A somewhat clumsy night watchman of the walls with a distinct skill in archery, even in panic situations.

    Royal Blessing: A plain looking arming sword delivered to him from the armory of the king’s palace about five months after he joined. Exceptionally well made and in good condition, Alwyn is not sure why he was given it.

    Holy Blessing: Malorn’s Whistle. A simple wooden whistle tied to a leather cord. It produces a surprisingly clear and distinct, if perhaps shrill note when blown. It was stated by church priests that said whistle was blessed by Malorn himself, and would shield the wearer from the servants of evil.

    Magic Blessing: Ring of Savil. This is a small tarnished silver band with a sparkling blue crystal. Has a minor effect on calming the wearer down and steadying their hands. Although, the mages could have just lied, either way it seems to help Alwyn calm down in panic situations.

    Legend: Rumored to be a ridiculous lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and ridiculed for his somewhat abysmal skill at hand to hand fighting.

    Off-Duty: He lives in a world where dragons, demons, and other assorted evils assault the city on a near nightly basis. Skills in carpentry and masonry are prized and sought after for rebuilding. Alwyn has no distinct skill in either, but he does assist in any possible way he can with rebuilding efforts with his brother.

    Vet or Wet?: Wetish Veteran, he’s only been in the FateGuard for about a year.

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  9. Name: Janus Casterse


    Reputation: He's the new "liaison" of the Eldritch Guild to the FateGuard. He was assigned this position by the Guild primarily because of their constant frustration with having to expend so much energy into the Guard; Janus, though technically a member of the Guild, finances himself in his magical exploits. He has skills in magic, medicine, and lore, but practically no skills in combat. Do note that though Janus is known to be affiliated with the Guild, the true depth of his affiliations are not fully known to the Guard: all the Guard knows about this is that he worked with the Guild once or twice, with most of his magical knowledge coming from fully independent research.

    Royal Blessing: Rich and Connected - As was said, he finances himself in his magical exploits; his father, a rich merchant with a lot of connections, left him with a big inheritance and plenty of friends to ask favors from. (Unfortunately, Janus concerns himself so much with the academic arts that he doesn't seem to understand how favors actually work - that is, he's not very good at keeping the intrigues at bay)

    Holy Blessing: Icon of St. George - A little, rather mundane-looking token of gold with one primary function: to very rarely alter the luck of its user to its user's benefit. Essentially a "deus ex machina in a locket". Do take note that by very rarely, it means very rarely - this little luck-changer only works about once every night. Also note that said function is unknown to any of the characters, even the church; its presumed function is to protect its wielder from magical harm.

    Magic Blessing: Natural Philosophy - Having been trained in the magical arts by the Eldritch Guild, Janus is a very capable magician, with access to resources owned by the Guild. His knowledge of magic, however, is not as deep as that of the highest-ranking philosophers within the Guild, as he himself has not yet been inducted into the Guild's deeper mysteries; at the same time, his access to Guild records is fairly restricted, for the same reason.
    For a more specific magic blessing, we can consider the spellbook one of the Guild doctors gave Janus. The spellbook's title is "A Treatise on the Natural Philosophy of Solomon", and it contains a brief but important summary of the core aspects of the Guild's system of magic, a glossary of magical spirits and their legends, and a "cookbook" of spells and medical treatments. Janus does have other spellbooks, however; these spellbooks he left at one of his homes, for the sake of unburdening.

    Legend: Some people say Janus followed in his father's heretical footsteps; that is, they suspect him to be a worshiper of the Old God. This rumor is firmly denied by both Janus and the Church, but some higher clergymen continue to have their suspicions.

    Off-Duty: Janus, having an inheritance fair enough to suit his needs for a lifetime, does not work any income-generating jobs during the day; instead, he either spends his daylight partying with his high-society friends, researching certain mysteries of the arcane, developing an even deeper knowledge of his faith, helping the local health-houses with some of their patients, or most commonly sleeping. As for friends and family, he has plenty of friends in the artisan, merchant, and lesser nobleman populations of the city, but no more family of direct blood. He is planning on starting one though; a certain baron's daughter has lately caught his delicate fancy.

    Vet or Wet?: Janus is new to the Guard, but not to the city. He's yet to experience the truly dark side of the city though, so he's a bit anxious about this new job of his. He's also very eager to learn, especially with respect to his skills in combat, which he knows he shall need to improve in order to survive.

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  10. Name:
    Bruce Lynerin

    in armour (open)

    out of armour (face) (open)

    Bruce is known as the "brick wall" within the FateGuard for his astounding ability to take physical damage; however his latest night out caused him a serious injury that required a leave of absence.

    Royal Blessing:
    A warhammer given to him from the royal armoury after he broke nearly ten weapons in service to the King.

    Holy Blessing:
    He was blessed with the Bane of Darkness after having stood guard for the church for three nights in a row alone; whenever a source of light is in his presence it glows just that much brighter.

    Magic Blessing:
    Amulet of Warriors - an amulet given to him recently by a friend of his, who happens to be part of the Eldritch Guild, which absorbs a minute amount of the damage done to him and after a while, the energy within the amulet is transformed and reabsorbed by Bruce returning a small amount of his strength.

    It's said that there's seldom anyone who could out drink Bruce in a drinking contest

    Outside of the FateGuard, Bruce is a carpenter.

    Vet or Wet?:
    Bruce has been with the FateGuard for several years, but due to a recent injury, he has been bed ridden for the past six nights​

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    Name: Althera Levania'Semart.
    Alt: Althera the Swift.
    Insult: Althera the Feet.
    Appearance (open)
    For the most part, Althera owns only her mothers traveling gear. Her armor collection is a set of very light leather padding on her elbows and knees, primary for protection while running about the land. She has a light chain of steel plates about her waist, (primarily defending the city) as she has a deep fear of being wounded in the stomach, as she won't be able to run away like usual.
    She has black hair, and dark chocolate brown eyes. Reaching the average man's nose in height.


    Reputation: The FateGuard value her for her surprising speed and agility, capable of scaling the FateGuard's main Barracks within minutes, and sprinting the distance in half the time. She is famed for her stealth, capable of escaping from sight just as soon as she turns a corner.

    Her weak point however, is her skill with in combat. She is terrible at hand-to-hand, and would likely be cleaved in half before scratching her foe. Her skill with the bow is common, about the same as the average soldier, but praised nevertheless.

    Royal Blessing: A pardon from the king, clearing her of her previous crimes and allowing her total freedom. She was once a thief, barely gaining enough to get by, and was recognized for her talent for 'Almost' getting away with stealing a horse from the FateGuard, who instead of punishing her, offered her training.

    Holy Blessing (Item): The Pilgrim Church granted her a rare relic. A talisman made purely of interlinked gemstones, folded together in blue mithril. It provides its user with increased peripheral vision and awareness, a grand addition based on her skills.

    Magic Blessing: A bow said to have its edges tipped in the blood of the Greater Demon, Haewadeay. "HAweay-deeay-ha" It links with the soul of the wielder using it, and practically guides their hand in combat. Its influence is subtle, and takes a extreme concentration for one to learn its affect. Althera knows of its guiding hand, and silently thanks the demon she fears.

    Legend: It is whispered that she was once a witch of The Wounded Hand, who went rouge and joined the FateGuard out of guilt. Though this is unconfirmed, not only to mention she posses no known magical attribute.

    Off-Duty: Is known for her skill as a lute player, and vocalist. Capable of very difficult notes and pitches, and able to hold them longer than some men shouting their 'Cries of War.'

    Off-Duty (Continued): Her family is for the most part; deceased. She has a sister named Reana, whom she sees scarcely once a month.

    Vet or Wet?: Fairly close to the 'Wet' status, just above your average talented commoner, and if best left out of large battles, and in the shadows.

    Miscellaneous (open)

    Personality: Often bubbly and assertive, though will draw back into a isolated shell after being in a large battle or a FateGuard's sudden death. Tends to be a complete moron when settled into relaxed mood, both clumsy and gullible.

    Side info: Tends to practically stick to her fellow FateGuard, following any of them almost constantly, so finding her can be both very difficult, or very easy.

    Likes: High-up view points. Has a fancy for anything cute and red.

    Dislikes: Damp fur, or anything that smells like a wet dog.

    Deadly Fears: The Wounded Hand. Dragons. Demons.

    Idols: Corben and Derek, even though she was shouted to tears in training, on her first day.
    Is a complete sucker for Honey.

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  12. Name: Eos Granger

    Appearance: (open)

    Reputation:She is a skilled fencer that specializes in accurate, mobile strikes rather than sustained, drawn out combat. She is a highly mobile but with no durability, therefore she tends to be behind the heavily armored men in intense combat.

    Royal Blessing: Silver Day A rapier with an intricately made hilt. It bears the mark of a minor noble. She won the blade from her first fighting tournament. She's been with the blade ever since.

    Holy Blessing: Luminescence A sash with small charms and pendants adorning the cloth. It was given to her by the Church to ward off the darkness and evil. It was actually more of a literal meaning. She's found that in darkness it emits a small glow from the charms.

    Magic Blessing: Tough Skin Her light cloth armor is enchanted so that it strong as he toughest leather, despite the soft appearance.

    Eos is a regular in fighting tournaments and arenas. It was a surprise that it was a woman with no reputation or nobility. Despite that, she made quite the name for herself when she won a tournament held by a minor noble. She hasn't won grand tournaments, but she has become a regular and fan favorite in the arenas.

    Off-Duty: She's an arena combatant and seamstress on the days she doesn't fight.

    Vet or Wet?: Wet, a completely new recruit

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  13. Name: Refia
    Show Spoiler

    Reputation: She's known for her speed and skill with short blades. She has brought down foes that towered above her when they underestimated her, but she's quick to run when her opponent gets the upper hand.
    Royal Blessing: A fine short sword, given to her by a famous blacksmith she has known for many years after she joined the watch.
    Holy Blessing: Her armor is blessed to be much more resilient than normal, while remaining lightweight.
    Magic Blessing: Her boots have been enchanted to give her a slight boost in speed.
    Legend: Said to be one of the fastest runners in the watch.
    Off-Duty: She is a seamstress in her off hours, making fine clothes for nobles.
    Wet or Vet: She is rather new to the watch, but she has proven her skills in a few minor missions.

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  14. Name: Tahan

    Appearance (open)



    Reputation: Mixed. You would have to ask everyone individually.

    Royal Blessing: A strong loyalty, that lets Tahan stand unusual amounts of punishment and hardship.

    Holy Blessing: Leonidic fabric: a garment stitched from the skin, bones, and sinew of vanquished monsters. Imbued with unholy strength, yet turned to devout purpose, the living armour serves anew under a different master.

    Magic Blessing: Second nose, an affinity to sense the creatures of the dark.

    Legend: No one remembers actually seeing Tahan out of uniform. Some say he is but a ghost inhabiting the armoured shell that paces the town - an ancient saint, plucked from heaven and coerced into helping the Bishop with his holy mission.

    Off-Duty: Permanent sigil over Gothenheim's gates.

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  15. Okay.

    The entire last chapter was the grandmother telling a false tale of the FateGuard. The end of chapter six was the true conclusion to chapter five when we went beyond the wall. The grandma telling the story was one of the witches. So basically we just charged outside the wall, saved the kids, and the hole in the wall they dug is sealed.

    Basically go re-read the end of chapter five, but then read the end of chapter six. That was the continuity we're in now. We were never stripped of our relics, we never disbanded, and I'd dare say the FateGuard earned quite the victory for once.
  16. Yes, all those traumatized children and terrified parents = victory.

    We'd have probably been more popular if all the kids had vanished.
  17. I disappeared from Iwaku! I might remake Gordon, but make him better. I wasn't happy with how he turned out in his bio. Or maybe I can make a new character all together, but I still like the concept of gordon. That is, of course, if I'm welcome to jump back in given my recent inactivity. A friend dragged me here, then I vanished, and now he's dragging me back. Let me know if that's ok
  18. Are you guys talking about a previous role play regarding FateGuard, or has this one started and I not know about it? And, if it hasn't started, when do you think it will?
  19. Oh, so... we get Ferrick sneaking back into Gothenheim again?
  20. *Sigh* When am I going to learn to just keep my fucking mouth closed....

    And yes Bard, this is building of a pre-existing story, but I think we're doing this in such a way that you won't need to know the specific events that occurred, just key details like our active enemies.
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