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    Plot, darkred
    It is the 8th Fuyuki Holy Grail War, Seven Dead Apostles were chosen to become the Master's for the said war. However, the Dead Apostles made an alliance, they plan on abusing the Grail, using the Servants to try and take over the World.

    The Grail War is suppose to be a secret, meant to fight over the Grail and gain a wish. The Church is furious, but another Seven Masters have been chosen to kill the Dead Apostles before they can cause any damage. After the death of the Dead Apostles, the War is suppose to resume like it normally is, and the alliance between the New Masters will be cancelled and it will be a free for all.

    Rules, blue
    1. No Canon Masters, Canon Servants are allowed. Canon Noble Phantom's are allowed but might be nerfed a bit depending.​
    2. Play nice, no fighting/arguing in the OOC, if you have a disagreement that doesnt have to do with the rp please take it to PM's. If it has to do with the rp please contact me, or my CO-GM @Ornstein, through a PM so we can settle it as adults.​
    3. The age limit on this is undecided until all 7 master/servant spots are filled.​
    4. You can have up to 2 characters but 1 must be a master and the other a servant.​
    5. If you've read these rules please put "Undead" at the top of your CS.​
    6. No Godmoding/Overpowering, some characters are stronger than others, thats the Fate world, but nobody is perfect.​
    7. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.​
    8. Post at least once every 3 days, if you by some reason cant please let us know via OOC. If you haven't posted anything within 5 days or let us know you cant, I'll give you a warning. If I haven't heard from you by the 7th day you will be kicked and your character slot reopened. If you wish to come back after that your character(s) will be reinstated on a trial basis (basically if you leave again after that your out for good).​
    9. Please post a minimum of 1 paragraph (5 sentences) at all times.​
    10. I reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time.​

    Available Slots, yellow
    Saber - Sigmund Volsong ~ @Ornstein
    Archer - Reserved ~ @YuriLucien
    Berserker - Reserved ~ @Crow
    Caster - Reserved ~ @Tatsua Aiisen
    Lancer - St. George ~ @The Silver Paladin
    Assassin - Reserved ~ @Nevvy
    Rider - Fa Mulan ~ Nightjade

    Reserved ~ @YuriLucien
    Reserved ~ @Nevvy
    Yuri Marakov AKA The Death|28|Male ~ @The Silver Paladin
    Soul Quellik|20|Male ~ Nightjade
    Reserved ~ @Divine Rush
    Reserved ~ @Darkstar
    Satomi Ageha|26|Male ~ @Akashi

    Master Assistants (1 available)
    Reserved ~ @NRVNQSR

    Master CS (open)

    Appearance: (Anime only)
    Command Seals: (Appearance/placement)

    Servant: (TBA)

    Circuit Quality:
    Circuit Quantity:

    Abilities: (Healing, Projection, Mystic eyes, ect)
    Belongings: (Any magic based/enhanced items here)

    Servant CS (open)

    Appearance: (Anime only)
    Armor/Weapon(s): (optional)
    Master: (TBA)


    Class Abilities: (Name, Rank and Description)

    Personal Skills: (Name, Rank and Description)

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    Appearance: (optional)
    Maximum Number of Targets:
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  2. Read the group I linked you and the rules I made owo
  3. I dont mind Canon servants. But I will change the rules for yours.
  4. XD I thought you were gonna wait till I was done to make the group or I would of told you the rules ect.

    I just thought making it all OC would give it more creativity. But I guess Canon servants wouldnt be bad.
  5. It depends. Preferably OC, but sometimes Canon is fine. I will fix the rules tomorrow. Also, did you request to join yet?
  6. Whats up with so many Fate RPs nowadays? xD
  7. Well I dropped the other one I was in and decided to make my own with Ornstein
  8. Oh, why the drop?
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Spear, longsword, and armor in the pic above
    Name: Fa Mulan
    Gender: Female
    Class: Rider
    Ethinicity: Chinese
    Height: 5'4
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Master: (TBA)
    To be mortal once more and find the love she never had.
    Witty banter

    Following the rules
    Extreme heat/humidity
    Theme Song(s):

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A
    Prana: B
    Luck: D

    Class Abilities:

    Riding - EX (騎乗, Kijō?, localized as Dragoon) is expertise to ride animals and vehicles.

    Personal Skills:

    Battle Continuation - B (戦闘続行, Sentō Zokkō?, localized as Marshall) is the strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated.

    Bravery - A+ (勇猛, Yūmō?, localized as Fortitude) is the ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement.

    Chinese Martial Arts - B (中国武術, Chūgoku Bujutsu?, localized as Liuhu Quan) is a Chinese rationality. A value that measures one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe as its objective. Its difficulty to learn is of the highest level and, unlike other Skills, it is at A Rank that one is at a level where he is said to have finally "learned it".

    Expert of Many Specializations - A (専科百般, Senka Hyappan?) is access to and use of many expert skills.

    Protection from Arrows - C (矢避けの加護, Ya-Yoke no Kago?) is an increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectiles' trajectories through exceptional means, such as hearing the sound of air being cut, or sensing the killing intent of the enemy.

    Shapeshifting - C (変化, Henge?, localized as Transformation) refers to both borrowing bodies and appearance change. A method used by the millenary spirits of foxes and badgers of China that are put on par with Tamamo-no-Mae.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    Name: Jiānhùrén "Jia" (Chinese for Guardian)
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Unit/Flight
    Range: 0-25
    Maximum Number of Targets: 150
    Description: After calling on her Ancestors, the spirit guardian Jiānhùrén from the Fa house history comes to her aid. Acting as Mulan's steed and partner, Jia has an ethereal look to him since hes still a spirit which gives him the advantage of stealth when high enough in the sky. With jaws of steel and razor sharp claws, hes a formidable foe as well as a swift steed. No normal weapons can strike Jia, they merely just pass through him like hes not even there, only Noble Phantasms can land a blow. Jia can breathe blue fire but this as at a steep cost to both Mulan's and her Master's prana.

    Name: Shīwù Zhāolǐng (Chinese for Lost and Found)
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Personal
    Range: 0-1
    Maximum Number of Targets: 2
    Description: These twin Chinese broadswords are the very same ones that led Mulan to victory in the battle against The Huns. Shīwù zhāolǐng have a unique ability, they can pass through any object at Mulan's will. But this is a double edged sword cuz if one "fazes" the other one must so it can leave her defenseless until they materialize once more.

    Name: Dragon Rocket
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1-45
    Maximum Number of Targets: 300
    Description: The famous Dragon Rocket Mulan used to cause the avalanche that nearly wiped out The Huns platoon. This rocket packs quite the punch, unfortunately she still has to use fire of some sort to ignite it. The impact from this rocket is the equivalent of 10 Bazooka's. Mulan can only use this 3 times before having a minimum cooling off period of 4 hours.​
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  10. I thought you were going to be Archer owo
  11. Rider fits Mulan better
  12. I'm posting my Character in the group, but I suppose other people can see it.

    Name: Sigmund Volsong
    Master: (Blank)
    Class: Saber
    Ethnicity: Scandinavian
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 73kg
    Armament: Armor, Gram
    Likes: Signy, Ruling, Small Things in life
    Dislikes: Siggeir, Odin, Lycans
    Wish: For his Brothers and Father to live once more

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B+
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Class Abilities:
    Magic Resistance - B

    Riding - B

    God's Grace - B
    Odin watched over Sigmund and even bestowed upon him the sword, Gram to use. He gains one rank up to everything besides Mana and Luck

    Eternal Arm's Mastership - A
    Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

    Noble Phantasms:

    Name: Gram
    Quote: "I will avenge the death of my Father and Brothers, starting with you!"
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Maximum Targets: 1
    Description: In the legend of Sigmund Volsung, he was the son of King Volsung, along with nine other brothers and a sister. When his sister was wed to Siggeir, Odin appeared before the guests and planted the sword Gram into a tree and said only one could draw the sword from the tree. After many attempts of the guests, Sigmund was the one that was able to pull it free, the sword Gram was his. Siggeir tried to buy the sword but Sigmund wouldn't allow it and 3 months later, his family was invited to Siggeir's kingdom. His Father was killed and he was captured, along with his brothers and they were tortured and slowly killed, one by one. Gram is capable of piercing or slicing through any material, no matter the Magic Resistance or the Armor. However, only Sigmund is allowed to use the sword, if stolen, the sword will be useless scrap metal.

    Name: Skin of the Wolf
    Quote: "I shall finish you with my new found gift"
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets: 1
    Description: In Sigmund's legend, he comes across a group of sleeping men with his son/nephew. They murder the men in their sleep and steal the wolf skins that they wore, upon stealing and wearing these hides. They were granted the ability of lycanthropy (turning into a werewolf). When they put the hide on and activate it, they turn into a 'monster' gaining a rank to Strength, Endurance, and Agility. Gram will disappear for the time being, growing claws instead that deal A-Rank Physical damage. His Magic Resistance is discarded, but the werewolves hide is strong enough to ignore physical attacks B rank or lower. This Noble Phantasm is a high-risk reward if used against the right opponent.
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  13. I sure hope you told the GM this, or that would be very rood!
  14. I did tell Phantom
  15. Alright then, good to see proper usage of etiquette around here, even when abandoning threads~

    I might throw my hat in for this, maybe try my hand at a Caster-class Servant for once. Oh, and you misspelled "Berserker" in the opening post~
  16. Eh, I'll bite with this as well if we can be canon servants. Maybe be Lancer St George.
    If not, I have a few Biblical characters ready.
  17. I'd like to get in on this too! It'd be fun rping an Archer class! :3
  18. I suppose I'll meander over for fun. Just give me a serious to trolling scale desired.
  19. I have nothing against Phantom's rp or him in general we just dont see eye to eye completely.

    Oops XD my bad, I made the opening post at like 3am so I was a bit tired. We'd love to have you with us! =) Want me to reserve Caster for ya?

    Canon servants are allowed, just not Canon masters. Would you like me to reserve Lancer?

    Yay more peoples! Would you like me to reserve Archer for you then?
    Lol oh admit it, you just cant resist my roleplays Nevvy-kun~ Erm...Serious to trolling? I's confused XD
  20. If you did some other stuff, I probably wouldn't bother. I do like RPing with you but I like Fate as a series and have far more ideas than I could ever pump into one RP. Hence, result. Serious to trolling meter tells me what the heck I'd do. Serious would be like asking me to actually try to win the war (Not by being overpowered but by performing to the best of my ability. I'd choose characters appropriately) whereas borderline trolling results in ridiculous bs like Hitler (whose wish would eventually change to saving an imaginary magical girl) as a servant or making a parody of Viewtiful Joe. Its like the scale between hard line strategic war and everything being done for the lulz. Scale from 1-10. 1 being serious, 10 being troll. I often put out feelers for this and adjust to the taste of the GM accordingly as opposed to asking outright.
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