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  1. Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Farbe. Farbe would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chose were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack and died. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

    Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

    That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Farbe.​

    ~Current Farbe~

    RED @Jerelin
    ORANGE @Monica Monroe
    YELLOW @HelloBeautifulChild
    GREEN @Hospes
    BLUE @Eon
    PURPLE @Izurich
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]BLACK[/BCOLOR] @Zadok shadows
    [BCOLOR=#000000]WHITE[/BCOLOR] @Minami

    Facility Mechanics (open)

    Each color has their own room. Their room has their own bathroom. Their rooms aren't that big and are very barren since they are allowed one luxury item.

    Members of Farbe can usually wear whatever they want as long as it isn't too revealing and relates to their color for identification purposes. For training, they wear jumpsuits (like below without the nightwingyness) and they also wear outfits relating to their role during the mission.

    Floor Plan.png

    (I sort of got lazy at some parts. Sorry)

    The facility is in a cross shape with a building on the end of each hallway. On the ends of each hallway there is either the rooms for Farbe, cafeteria and the exit, skills building, and the training building. The inside is very bland.

    When you enter the training building you first enter the area where you change into the jumpsuits. Everybody changes in the same room. The United Nations didn’t think that part out. After changing, you will walk into the huge training room used for group trainings. There are multiple doors on the side of the walls and one of the doors leads to a member of Farbe’s room where the equipment for training is already set up.

    The housing building is one hallway with doors on the side each leading to a room.
    The cafeteria is towards the front right before the exit. No one can go through the exit unless you are a scientist/staff member or going on a mission. There is a medical ward but only for scientist. The members of Farbe are expected to build up their constitution.

    The skills building is one big room when you walk in. It’s sectioned off for each category you may train in. The categories are: athletics, arts, academics, and economics. This is it since the only reason for the skills is so that the members of Farbe are well-rounded when they go on a mission which they should do flawlessly.

    There is also an upstairs that is accessed by an elevator. This elevator needs a keycard which is owned by the scientist. No member of Farbe knows what it looks like up there.

    There is also multiple layers of barbwire fence around the outside as well as razors in the grass. It's to keep what's in in and what should be out out.

    Well, the facility has to keep you in check somehow. If you don't comply, punishments are as follows

    • Skip two meals and have half the amount of sleep for extra magic practice
    • Luxury item taken
    • Lecture from head scientist
    • Used for a "Surprise" experiment
    • The last punishment is a target for the other Farbe members to use their magic on but no one has gotten to that point yet.

    The members of Farbe are in the skills area at the desks placed there. It is used as the briefing area because they didn't want to spare the upstairs for the Farbe, but for their other deeds. The head scientist is at the head of the table with a PowerPoint presentation behind him.

    "Farbe, we have been tipped about an upcoming attack in the city of Seattle. Luckily, it's still in the US so it isn't too far." The head scientist started. "The Space Needle is a landmark we need to protect, and represents something valuable to our nation." The scientist continued until her gave the roles to everyone at the table.

    Red- "You will be entering it as a worker. We already made arrangements to allow you to go through since it's for our country, so you will be watching out for any suspicious activity in the areas where you interact with every incoming tourist."

    Orange- "Your job is to accompany Black. Heal him when he is in combat. You will be posing as his cousin that lacked a babysitter and needed to accompany him."

    Yellow- "Consider yourself a greeter. You will greet people when they come in. Your main job is to remember everyone's face as they come in. If one of these people pull something funny, we need you to recall anything on them."

    Green- "You will be watching the outside. Just like a normal visitor. Watch for anything suspicious. If necessary, confront them before they enter the building."

    Blue- "You will be watching the outside. Check on the power supply and any abnormalities that may occur. You are also back-up for Green."

    [BCOLOR=#000000]White[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#000000]Purple[/BCOLOR]- "You are tourist. In this situation, you will be watching every tourist after they enter."

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR]- "You are actually going to be a worker as well. Back up for Red. Unlike Red, you will watching the areas tourist aren't allowed to go. Watch out for the workers. we have no clue who is in on this."

    "Everyone will be communicating through an ear piece, and have permission to confront if necessary. Anything unnecessary will raise suspicion and scare the citizens. We will leave at night for Seattle. Please prepare or do anything you need. Dismiss!" The head scientist spoke.
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  2. White sat next to Purple when the briefing started. The presentation was quite brief. White did understand that she and Purple would have to pretend to be tourists and watch the people around them. It sounded simple enough, and she would have company too. Not bad at all, but there were some questions on her mind, so she raised her hand.
    "Excuse me, but how do we call each other during the mission. I think people would get suspicious when I call someone next to me like a color. Oh! And can I get some allowance? If there is a game store nearby I kind of wanna raid it."
    As usual, she was not aware of how important the mission was. It was a long shot to try getting the permission to get into a game store, but why not try it?
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  3. Black sat in the desk barely paying attention to the presentation given to them. It wasn't like this was their first rodeo. Just give them the instructions and they hop to it like any old soliders. Despite how much he hated it that's all they were now. Though it didn't mean he had to like it. He couldn't help but chuckle. "Come now white you should now by now. People don't care to pay attention to anything outside their universe and their noses are buried either in a mobile device or up their own asses, sometimes both."

    He took a look at everything and nodded. "Got it we are supposed to watch out for anyone who may want to blow up the Seattle penis building and save the day as usual. Should be simple enough."
  4. Purple

    10 minutes ago...

    Today was just like any other day in the quaint little secret facility where a group of young people 'voluntarily' trained as secret agents lived. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary at all... except for one little problem in the kitchen, the jar label for 'Salt' and 'Sugar' were somehow switched, resulting in a rather bizarre breakfast for the staffs and scientists, also there was something about cake frosting being replaced by shampoo. Of course, no one witnessed anything and no doors were tampered. The security cameras were also suspiciously blocked by a piece of dark cloth. Despite all this, the securities knew who to suspect, the infamous Phantom Pain, formally identified as 'Purple', one of the Farbe and a very naughty one at that. All these led to the aforementioned prankster being chased around by two angry guards, their face fuming, their breakfast ruined by sweet ham sandwich and salty coffee.

    "PURPLE, Come back here!" One security guard screamed, closely sprinting behind the elusive teen. "Little shit! You messed with my coffee, no one messes with my coffee!" The other roared as echoes of running footsteps reverberated in the corridor.

    "Sorry, sorry! No time for chit-chat, called for a briefing, Sir! Ahahaha~" Purple guffawed, holding her stomach with both hands, racing these two rabid dogs hell-bent on tearing her apart. She humored them for a few moments before her body and clothes went transparent with a purplish tint, also floating as if she suddenly lost her mass. "Bye-bye~" She gave the guards a wink before the girl literally phased through the wall, rendering all their efforts futile.


    Present Time...

    "Aaah, that was fun~" Purple phased through the Skills Area's wall, heading to her usual sit beside 'Poker Face', her little nickname for White. Her form gained its solidity just before her rump made contact with the chair. Her usual mischievous smirk temporarily gone as she attentively listened to the briefing. One might not expect it from such a prankster, but compared to White, Purple regarded missions with genuine seriousness, especially when it concerned the safety of civilians. "Space Needle, huh?" She put her right hand to her chin, rubbing it. The mission sounded simple enough, protect the landmark and innocents from terrorist threats, just what they were trained for.

    She glanced to White as the lazy girl inquired, "Hah! I think I'll just call you 'Lazybum'." Purple quipped. "You know, White, you can get your games later. If they blow up the place, there won't be any games to buy." She said, half-serious, half-jesting.

    "Pffft!" When Black said that one word, Purple tried her hardest to not cackle like an idiot, "Penis, he... hehe... Hahahahahaha!" It failed though, "Yo Momma so big, she needs Space Nee-... eh... hehe~" Fortunately for Black, the scientist's unapproving glare stopped her offensively corny joke.

    So, she'll be paired up with White, just like usual. Purple stretched with a yawn after the scientist dismissed them, putting her hands behind her head, "Wonder what should I do until then...? Wonder, wonder..." she muttered to herself out loud.
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  5. Blue rocked back and forth in his seat as he listened to the briefing. After it was over, he frowned for the briefest of moments. The director had neglected to give any information about whoever it was they might have to fight. Blue's rocking was a funny thing to see, such an enormous man rocking like an eight year old. "Wait, doesn't that needle thing turn into a giant fighting robot? It sure looks like it does, I bet Seattle will be fine," he said jokingly with a wave of his hand, a grin spreading across his face. "Jokes aside, what are we going to run into? They don't exactly call us to deal with mooks," he said, sliding his glasses up his nose. "I'm just not particularly partial to the concept of one of use being made out and mowed down by some loony with an assault rifle, is all," he added. He always hated going in without all the information, plus, Farbe tended to keep secrets, which made pushing for information a little thing he could do to upset the institution. There wasn't any lost love between Blue and Farbe, he felt like a caged bird, desperate to spread his wings and fly. Upon some thought, lab rat would probably be more accurate, as he had literally had to run mazes for them to take notes on his cognitive abilities. Blue also gave Black and Purple a vaguely serious look, "C'mon you two, leave the comedy to the professionals, please,"
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  6. Yellow

    I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
    I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
    I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
    And don't it feel good? Hey! Alright.

    Yellow danced lightly in her seat, listening to the briefing but playing 'Walking on Sunshine' in her head. She tapped her feet, wearing white converse that day, and doodled notes in her journal/homework notes/diary. That was the great thing about remembering everything, you didn't really have to pay attention.

    Oh White had the right idea, "Oh yes!" Yellow exclaimed, "And can I get some too? I wanna get some new stationary and clothes. Oh oh oh and I can go by 'Madonna' if you want!" She grinned brightly, and if they didn't live with people that could actually control emotions they would say her smile was contagious. She almost stuck her tongue out at Black, he was just such a bummer. "Oh come on Black, we get to go outside today, I bet it's beautiful, I'll have to take some more pictures for my wall, you can have some if you want. Wouldn't it be soooo cool to see the sun every morning?"

    She watched as Purple laughed over Black's penis joke and grinned, Purple'd been up to her usual antics today and so Yellow wasn't surprised when the scientist basically told her to shut up. Blue spoke then, and Yellow nodded, he was simply worried about their safety. He took missions much more seriously than Yellow, who just loved to go different places and see different people. See different people do different things - and then she could do different things!

    "C'mon Blue, we'll be fine," Yellow said, walking to him after they were dismissed. "Blacks super badass with his shadow thingy, and if anyone trys to hurt Red she'll just make 'em love her. Orange is just too cute for anyone to want to hurt anyway, Green can manipulate life force, and Purple can basically turn herself into a ghost. White can control gravity, you can control electricity, and I can do anything anyone tries to do to me so we'll be fine." She gave a sincere smile before hugging him and jogging to Purple before she started blushing.

    "Hey, Purple, what'd'you wanna do until we have to leave?" Yellow asked, "We can help each other pick out outfits or try to figure out what all I can get away with bringing in a purse."​
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  7. The head scientist was about to leave, but Farbe started to ask questions. "Assistant Christina, take care of them." He said annoyed to the assistant standing in the corner. After commanding them, he left through the door, ready to use the elevator to go back upstairs.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]White[/BCOLOR], you can call each other regular names. You guys can figure out your own or contact me if you need help. 'Madonna' isn't an everyday name. Also you are NOT allowed to go anywhere to shop. We are leaving tonight for the mission. You will stay in a hotel for the night, ONLY to sleep. In the morning, you head straight to the space needle. After the mission, we head straight back here. So Yellow, no stationary for you." The assistant spoke addressing White's question. She then turned her head towards Black to address the next matter of business.

    "[BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR], watch your language. I have no clue how you got penis from space needle. You too, Purple. It's like you guys are begging for punishment." The assistant said. She made sure to sound extra hesitant when letting the word penis of of her mouth and extra stern when saying the last sentence. She knew the people on the CCTV were watching. She personally knew that the people who work there wouldn't hesitate to contact the head scientist about anything she did. Every other scientist wanted to get to her position after all. Being allowed to interact with Farbe means a higher pay rate.

    "Blue, we have no clue who we are dealing with. They may be regular henchmen or be people like yourselves. That's why we are on watch. The person on the inside can only give us so much with their position." The assistant had always felt like a mother when ordered to deal with them, but she can't care for them since she is a scientist.
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  8. Orange was sitting in her seat humming a song to herself. She didn't pay much attention during these meetings. She was usually hanging on one of the other colors. She did perk up at the sound of her being paired up with black. She ran over to him and began ti hug him. She wanted to keep black safe. Despite him always acting gloomy he would always smile for her and green.

    Orange didn't really understand the joke made by black, but laughed anyways. She looked worried when the assistant threatened him with punishment. "You better not. Black is funny and cool. If you hurt him I will hurt you." She tried to come off as threatening, but only ended up being adorable.
  9. RedRed had her elbows on the desk, the tips of her teeth clicking against a fingernail as she listened to the head scientist. An actual mission, huh? Seems like forever since we've been out. She leaned back in her chair and allowed herself to sink lower into it. Her knuckles brushed the hard floor underneath as her head rested on the back of her chair. Her green eyes studied the ceiling as a deep calmness spread over her body. Shouldn't I be a tad bit more excited? She felt a small 'meh' come from her mouth in response and sat up, shaking her hair back into place.

    Sudden, obnoxious laughter startled Red from her intense state of calm and she immediately looked around to find the culprit. Of course it was Purple. The girl could barely hold herself together. Her green eyes rolled with annoyance as she realized that the laughter was in response to a joke that she had missed from [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR]. Thank goodness. Start becoming comfortable with missions, you start to not take them seriously. When you do that, you die. Red held herself back from saying anything, but she felt her temper flare. Having little Orange stick up for the boy didn't make anything better. She held her tongue, attempting to keep her anger in check. There were plenty of things she wanted to say, but not right here. Not right now.

    Red got up and took her leave, clenching her fists as she walked from the room and keeping her eyes on the door. If anyone needed her, she would be training.
  10. Black sat back with a smirk on his face. "It's quite simple Christina. The great city of Seattle is trying to compensate. Much like paris, Chicago and New York City. As for punishment well..." black pinched himself and activated his powers. He made sure orange couldn't hear what he was about to say. "If it's you that does the punishing then that could be fun. I could get into that kind of stuff. You know you shold never let me anywhere near a wireless connection. The internet is a dirty place. Tell me how hard is it to know that your bosses are always watching you. Or are you actually satisfied with yourself in being an over glorified babysitter." The other colors knew that this was all just a show. He was never this much of an ass. At least not on purpose. He was kind to a couple of colors and the rest he would just usually leave alone. Though purple seemed to make it her job to bug him, but he didn't mind. He would get her back every once in a while.
  11. Green's unnaturally vibrant eyes watched the presentation like a hawk as the scientists went through what tasks would be needed of them. Admittedly, she felt very.. Uneasy, about missions. Not just this one; but all of them. It was a weird thing to say, but it was how she felt. After all, Green may as well have been the embodiment of life... And these missions often didn't involve taking prisoners. Instead, they were more often than not expected to kill: something Green wasn't made for.

    Nervously, as the presentation went on, the sixteen-year-old swirled a couple of marbles in her hand. They glowed and swirled with a radiant green light around them, and the action seemed to soothe Green's nerves a little. The two little marbles worked for Green like something of a stress ball.. Though, really, it wasn't right to call the little things 'marbles', because they weren't marbles at all. The odd little balls, in truth, were small pieces of her life force that she'd manifested, that could be put back into her at will.

    And, when the presentation closed... They were.

    Rather abruptly, Green closed her palm around them, and they phased right back into her. As quietly as possible, the ravenette stood up, eyes downcast. "Yes, sir," came her soft, quiet response. The girl had always been very obedient, if only out of fear of the organization. Or, more accurately; Out of fear of being killed by them for disobeying, or being tortured beyond repair.

    But, the thing was: Green didn't care if she got hurt. The reason she didn't want to misbehave was that the other colors needed her around. More often than not, Green watched over them, and helped out wherever she could. Hell, some of them had her life literally in them; had been saved by it. Yeah, maybe she wasn't good at talking or making friends because of her timid and shy nature.. But the fact that she needed to keep them all safe would never, ever change.

    Maybe that was why Green went against her pacifist nature that had been forged by her deep connection with life and nature, and went on these missions without a complaint. But, who knew?

    While the other colors made jokes and asked their questions, the softspoken girl with the bright green eyes and the curly black hair simply turned and started to leave. Her head was down, as per usual, which lead to her hair forming something of a curtain to her face. She didn't exactly have much she needed to take with her, so.. The girl simply waited.​
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  12. Orange looked around in the silence she was in as black continued to talk. Though she couldn't hear. She thought black was saying something important and that she couldn't know. This made her frown a little until she saw green leave. Orange knew that green hated these missions and that she cared about the others like she did. Orange admired green and wanted to be like her.

    Orange ran to green before she got to her room. She stopped green and gave her a hug. "Please cheer up green. Things will be fine... I don't like seeing you when your sad."
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  13. "Oh, wonderful. I just love going in blind. What's got everybody so worried? Don't they have SWAT for this? Or like, CIA? From what you've told us this seems like something state authorities can handle," he said. This was more an excuse to get out of the mission than anything else, as any mission had the possibility to get rather violent, and Blue hated violence. He was damn good at it, but he always felt sick, right down in the pit of his stomach after he killed someone, like he wanted to throw up. He did, the first time he was in the field. The electric teen leaned back in his chair, turning his mind to the mission at hand. Blue liked to think of himself as the field-tactician of the group. Sure, the director and his goons called the shots, but they'd been wrong before. He had a scar to remind him of that.

    If things go wrong in this Op, we'll be pretty far apart. I'm going to be too far off to assist anyone in a fight with my power, and if something goes wrong inside the building, all of our heavy-hitters are going to be outside. White could provide a quick way inside, just 'fall' up and break through a window. Still, I don't like it. Not to mention that something feels off about this hole operation. There's too much we don't know. Why would we get called in for something like this, it seems so...overkill. There's something the boss isn't telling us. Blue had a nagging feeling, like there was something he was missing, something he'd neglected to think about.
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  14. So much for White's idea to get some new games. It may seem easy for normal people to get them, but for someone with internet access restricted to sites that had no way option of her posting something, it was near impossible. Reviews counted too. The only occasion when she could get games was when the head scientist felt in the mood for it and ordered someone to get her something. Most games were either outdated or not her genre. A real mood killer on many occasions.
    The rest of the talking seemed uninteresting, so she did what she always did when bored. Getting out of the chair and get out. Maybe if she phrased it different, she could convince either the head scientist or Christina to get her something from a list she made. With that thought in mind, she left to try again.
  15. Yellow

    Yellow felt damn near close to pouting. They were going to be there anyway, she didn't see the harm in stopping at one store to pick up stationary. That was just it though, how would she know? She had no real idea about how the real world worked, and she knew that they weren't giving them all of the information on the mission, they never did. That was the only thing that ever really bugged her about this place- they expected them to act and react as if they knew things that they were denied knowledge of.

    She smiled when Orange spoke, defending [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black [/BCOLOR]in her adorable way. Quite frankly, not that Yellow would ever say it out loud, any of the children here could overpower the scientists one-on-one. Thing was, there were a lot of them and the Farbe knew nothing of the outside world, had no connections. They needed this place. Red hadn't said anything the entire time, and Yellow wondered what she was thinking. With Red she could never tell, and that was okay. They deserved secrets here. Some fake semblance of privacy was needed for their sanity - else they'd end up like [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR]. Though, it was arguable that his power was a big part of why [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black [/BCOLOR]was [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR]. Sarcastic and making inappropriate sex jokes, yuck. As if he'd ever even had sex, Yellow sure hadn't and they were the same age.

    Green didn't say much of anything and Yellow wondered if she was thinking the same as what Red was thinking. The two were less... loud than Yellow, and the ability to keep their mouth shut was a skill she'd always envied. Of course, she wasn't the only one who kept on talking. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black [/BCOLOR]did, and with that thought Yellow was once again squirming thinking of his weird tangent on punishment.

    Yellow was finished with people watching, watching Blue point out the dangers and continually question the Scientists and Assistants got old after a while. Why couldn't he just accept it? It wasn't like they were mistreated, and plus with all of the physical work and the like they weren't overweight like so many of the people they saw on missions. Besides, they had super powers. Which - wait. That wasn't a half bad idea.

    Despite the fact that she had just spoken to Purple, Yellow wandered off.
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  16. Green was more than a little surprised when she found herself being confronted by Orange, and she froze up a little when she hugged her. Friendly physical contact wasn't exactly something you got a lot of at Farbe, so the ravenette wasn't exactly used to it.. But, slowly, the girl relaxed.. And even smiled a bit, before returning the embrace. "I know things will be alright.. So don't worry," she responded with a small trace of cheer laced through her soft and gentle voice. "And.. I'm not sad. I promise," the girl assured, even making the motion of crossing her heart.​
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  17. Orange gave her another smile. She liked the cheer in Greens voice. Looking up at her role model she could see a hint of joy. "Good. I can tell that Black doesn't like to see you upset." Orange whispered. "I see him smile at you when you don't look, but don't tell him I told you that or he might not let me ride on his back."

    Orange gave her one last hug. "I guess I should pack a stuffy for the trip. I'll see you in a bit green." Orange ran off to her room.
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  18. When purple saw that green was leaving she decided to head back to her room as well. The important parts of the briefing were over anyways, all they were doing now was asking about whether or not they could buy stuff, or go places and see sights. She already knew the answer would be no. None of these high class scientists or assistants cared about the individual wants of the team. She could see it in their eyes, the children of Farbe were nothing but a liability to them. She envied little Orange, ignorance is bliss as they say. "No use worrying about it too much." She mumbled to herself.

    As she approached her room, she noticed Green and Orange in the hall. Little Orange was clung tightly to Green in a hug. Purple smiled in their direction before ducking into her room. She closed the door and sat on her bed, looking at a small fish tank that sat on her desk. The fish tank contained one goldfish with swirls of white and orange, one of the few things Farbe had provided her. She chuckled a little bit, knowing the only reason Farbe had allowed her to have the animal was to train her abilities. She concentrated slightly and made the fish do a little spin in the water. She sighed heavily and fell back onto her back. "This is a simple job," she reassured herself. "Everything will go smoothly." She knew it most likely would too. She shook her head, afraid that one day that wouldn't be the case.
  19. Yellow

    Yellow was in her room, laying on her small bed and looking at her walls. She had no window in her room, but it was still bright. SHe'd gotten a black marker one time and drawn all over the room. On the wall opposite the entrance she'd drawn a basic frame of a window, and she had filled that frame with pictures of the outside. She'd filled it with pictures of the sun, the moon, and the grass that she'd never see freely. She grinned, there was just enough space for 2 or three more pictures in her 'window' and she planned on getting some more on her trip. I just have to get my camera out, she thought to herself. I'm sure I can, I have in the past. She nodded determined, to herself. She rolled off of her bed, face down in the floor with a thump.

    The carpet was terrible, and as she got up she wondered absentmindedly if anyone had died on it in the past. It was possible, she wasn't the first Yellow and the yellow walls in her room indicated that this very room, this very bed, was where the previous Yellow's had resided. She grabbed her notebook and pulled it out, the composition book was filled with notes and pictures. Like a diary and scientific lab book smashed together in an unholy conglomeration of glue and pen ink. She found a pen and began writing her back to the base of her bed and her eyes focused.

    We've got a mission today, protecting a space needle or something. We get to stay in a hotel! I'm so excited, if I can get my camera out with me then I'll make sure and get some pictures. Sun, stars, people. If not I'll just have to draw them, though that's never the same. Still, it's something. I think Blue's beginning to break down more like Black. Except he doesn't seem to have given up. He just questions EVERYTHING and it makes me wonder if any of them realize that we're saving lives. Yes, we live in a compound. Yes we're just as likely to be killed by those 'taking care of' us as we are on a mission but isn't it worth it?

    Maybe it's not, to them, but it wasn't like I was heading to such a great life before this anyway.

    Not sure what else to say she grabbed her yellow backpack and put in her yellow dress and white sandals to wear. She threw in her yoga shorts and a yellow top on top of that, just to be sure she had pajamas. She threw in her camera then and her small bag of toiletries she kept simply for missions. She sighed, happy she was alone in the melancholy mood. She knew she couldn't let it fester, but how could she stop it?

    She threw her bag on the bed and walked out, hoping to run into someone, anyone, on her way to the training room. Might as well put this time to good use.
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  20. Blue sighed, "I suppose I should put on my people clothes," he said, heading off to his room. He came to stand by his bedside table, picking up his personal item. He always took it with him on missions, though he never told anyone. The tiny stuffed cat was barely any bigger than his hand now, but he'd had it for as long as he could remember. It was small, a grey stuffed tabby with black stripes. One of the ears was torn, and it had long since lost it's fuzziness. Still, it was his. The tiny stuffed cat had been in his first memory, and he was going to make sure it was in his last. He quickly switched into a plain blue t-shirt and slipped the animal into his pocket before heading back out to see what equipment he'd need. Being undercover, he'd be surprised if he was going to get more than a sidearm and a communicator, but he moved to be the first in line at the small requisitions door about ten feet from the plane before taking a seat against the wall, his legs crossed. What am I not considering? He thought, trying to figure out what it was about this mission that had left him with such a nagging feeling, It's right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't quite get it...Why might they hide information from us? Is this a test? A suicide mission? Or is there another option that's got city officials scared, but isn't actually likely. The idea of a suicide mission haunted Blue, and he couldn't shake the memory...

    It had been years ago, he'd been four at the time. As one of the older members of Farbe, he wasn't sure how well the others remembered what happened back then.

    His memory of the event was foggy, but he remembered it well enough. There had been three kids, all eighteen, the oldest Farbe would allow you to get. Silver, Gold, and Copper the metallic colors had stopped being used since then, Blue didn't know why. But he did remember the colors themselves. Silver had taken a liking to him, and Blue remembered him as something of a caretaker. It was from Silver that blue got his love of learning, mainly because he associated learning with the older agent. Silver had been smart, smarter than anyone he'd ever met, even Yellow. Blue thought it had something to do with the boy's power, something about a passive intellect increase. Gold had been playful, and would always carry the young Blue around on his shoulders. Blue wasn't sure about Gold's power either, but he vaguely remembered the blonde girl's power as some form of pyrokinesis. Copper was always quiet, but whereas the other members of the group seemed to fade in and out from his memory, something Copper said as the three of them were heading on their final mission always stuck with him. "This is when we fall, like the last autumn leaves from the trees. We're heading off into impossible odds to die, so that way one day, just maybe you won't have to. Don't let Farbe define you kiddo, we're nothing more than a fancy gun to them. They'll keep you in storage until they need you, only to whip you out to do their dirty work. And when you're out of date, they throw you away. Do what I couldn't, and make sure your team gets to live a real life,"
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