Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Create Your Empire!


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Hello! This rp is the culmination of my experiments with GM style 1x1 rps, here, rather than play one character each, you will work with me to create an entire kingdom from the ground up and have control over it's actions and expansion, while I play as the rest of the world, creating adventures, rival kingdoms and miscellaneous events both good and bad.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in then send me a message and we will begin the process of creating a world, though first, some guidelines:

You must post daily unless something happens to stop you, in which case that's fine, the posts do NOT need to be massive, since depending on what is happening there might be massive events to respond to or absolutely nothing going on.

You can NOT god mod, as GM I will be using dice rolls and logic to decide if an action your kingdom takes is a success, for example, building some houses will always succeed, searching for resources could provide nothing or something amazing depending on roles, and trying to get your ruler to solo a dragon in his underpants is not going to end well no matter what i roll mkay?

Finally many details here are highly changeable, you want more standard rp elements in addition to kingdom managing? Sure! We can have your ruler and/or heroes doing things.
Wanna change the difficulty? Then just ask!

I know I already said finally but if you actually read everything include the word fantasy in your message.