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    Hello! And welcome to Fantasy High! Here you are able to express whoever you want to be! Whether you're monster or witch, sorcerer or sorceress, all are welcome, except mortals. Everyone is a friend, so no being mean! Here are some basic rules! (Please don’t hate, this is my first time doing this >.<)

    -Be nice! Everyone is a friend!
    -You can swear all you like! You don’t have to use *** at all!
    -Have fun!!
    -Just send me a request with a group, if you would like on, in my inbox!
    -No being OP or ‘God Mode’ it’s annoying

    And here are the roles!
    Fantasy Creature (Example: Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragon, ect.)
    If you have any suggestions, please tell me!


    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    Now, here's my character!

    Thane and Rosaline (Goes by Ross)


    Rosaline Thane
    Ross' Outfit Thane's Outfit
    Height: (R) 4'5 (T) 5'9
    Age: 18 1/2
    (R) Left side Right Wrist (Lower) Left Wrist (Upper) Left Wrist
    (T) Back and Right Shoulder
    Weight: (R) 95 Pounds (T) 182 Pounds
    Scars: (R) On her arms, thighs, lower stomach, and back. (T) Across his chest.

    Ross: She would rather be buck hunting with her friends then boy hunting with other girls. She likes to play sports and she hates shopping and dressing up. She would rather be in jeans and a t-shirt than a dress and heels any day. She's very loyal and doesn't take shit from anyone. That being said, she also likes to relax and play pranks on her friends and family whenever she gets the chance.

    Thane: Very outgoing and friendly. He is good at telling if anyone is sad and will just walk up to them and talk to them. He is very spunky and not afraid of what he say’s. Which gets him into trouble. He loves messing with his twin. He’s always asked at if he's jealous of his sister's powers, he never cares. He is just a very carefree guy, who is also very overprotective

    They where abandoned as children, fending on their own for the longest time. They stayed together and where never separated. They've always been alone and used to not get along with people.
    Ross is still hesitant and doesn't trust many, but Thane still sticks with her no matter what and he tries to get her to be social.

    Ross always has a knife on her and so does Thane. (Ross usually carries two)

    Ross: Elemental abilities. She can control weather and it reacts when it she's angry. She's still learning. She can also use plants to her ability. She can grow or kill plants. (I can't believe I forgot that xD) She usually doesn't like to use her powers.

    Thane: He has shape shifting abilities. He has already gotten used to his powers and he can transform into a lot. He can transform into animals, plants, and different objects. It takes him a while to be able to change into and back.

    Ross: She's depressed and doesn't let anyone into her bubble, with the exception of her bubble. She's very secluded and quiet.

    Thane: He's too overprotective of the one's he loves and he would literally do anything for them. Even if he died. His sister is his biggest weakness.

    Ross: She's brave and strong. She's known as the 'strong silent type'. She can be stoic and will do anything a higher up tells her to do.

    Thane: He's strong like his sister and brave. He's good with kids and people and understands them. He's always someone to talk to.

    Ross and Thane are never apart from each other. If they are, you know something is wrong. They even wanted the same room together.

    ((I did use this from another rp that @~\The Talentless/~ Made. It is my own Oc though.))
  2. I'm in~
    I'm kind of looking for a more light RP, since a HUGE advanced placement test is coming up in a month, so I'm studying hardcore for it.
    Reserved for a character!
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