Fantasy HS Role-Play!

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Should I open this up as a group rp also?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Absolutely

  4. I hate you

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  1. [​IMG]

    (Here is the Group Role-Play Version~)

    Hello! And welcome to Fantasy High! Here you are able to express whoever you want to be! Whether you're monster or witch, sorcerer or sorceress, all are welcome, except mortals. Everyone is a friend, so no being mean! Here are some basic rules! (Please don’t hate, this is my first time doing this >.<)

    -Be nice! Everyone is a friend!
    -You can swear all you like! You don’t have to use *** at all!
    -Have fun!!
    -Just send me a request with a group, if you would like on, in my inbox!
    -No being OP or ‘God Mode’ it’s annoying

    And here are the roles!
    Fantasy Creature (Example: Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragon, ect.)
    If you have any suggestions, please tell me!


    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    Now, here's my character!

    Name: Erin BlackWood
    Age: 16
    Role: Sorceress
    Likes: Reading, Writing, singing, art, creativity.
    Dislikes: Mean people, doing a spell/potion wrong, talking.
    Background Info: She was transferred here after her parents abandoned her as a child. She's basically lived and grown up in the halls.
    Personality: She has major trust issues, but when you gain her trust, you find out that she's a kind, gentle, hard working,soft kind of person. She's extremely loyal and would do anything to save the ones she loves.
    Any Extra Info: She's a bit mentally unstable after an accident that happened as a child.
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  2. Such a great idea you have here!
  3. Aww! Thanks!! It's my first time doing one!! >U<
  4. Picture:

    Name: Yami

    Age: 16

    Role: Demon

    Likes: Sleeping and Messing with people

    Dislikes: Getting attached to things and bright lights

    Background Info: Born a Demon and raised by demons however they abandoned him after a few years and left him to grow up alone, he has been in the school since living out his daily life...

    Personality: He acts all dark and rude however this is due to him trying to fit in as a demon, he hates getting attached to things because he's scared of losing them so he generally pushes people aside unless he's going to mess with them...
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  5. You didn't finish
  6. I know that :D
  7. EDIT: Oh i didnt see that this was a 1 on 1 and just saw the banner. Posted a form here but took it out xD Just saying tho this would really be a really cool group RP cx
  8. That's what I think :D
  9. upload_2015-8-20_13-21-11.jpeg
    Age: 16
    Role: Dragoness
    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    (I'll finish after work.)
  10. We can do a group Rp if you have some people in mind you would like to do it with, I wouldn't mind x3
  11. Yay! I vote yes on group :D
  12. :D
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  13. Ideas like this are best as a group. You get more variety and adventure and overall fun.
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  14. Everyone who wants a group go Here~
  15. (psssst are you still accepting qwq

    sorry if i interrupted anything)
  16. Yes I am~~~~
  17. Picture:
    Show Spoiler
    Human Form:
    Fox form:

    Name: Ko Fujishiro
    Age: 17
    Role: Kisune
    Likes: Fortune Telling, Traditional Japanese Music, Reading, Any form of art, etc.
    Dislikes: Pushy people, any of his tails being grabbed, being touched in general, etc.
    Background Info: TBRPD
    Personality: Very conservative and normally keeps to himself. Although, he can contradict himself and rather enjoys company. His quiet disposition is often looked passed, and he can be brutally honest and rude.
    Any Extra Info: If one of his tails are grabbed, he'll go into an unconscious rage and lay a curse upon the one who grabbed his tail

    (is this okay???)
  18. Yuppppppp~ Acceptedddd!!!
  19. okok thanks qwq
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