Fantasy HS Role-Play!

Should I open this up as a group rp also?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Absolutely

  • I hate you

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Anything with magic, though I'm open to just about anything.
No interest, just a tip. Your current colors hurt my eyes on the dark background. You might want to do a recolor.

Katy Kat

Name: Kagero
Age: 15
Role: Neko
Likes: Being with close friends, Classical Music, her puppy PomPom.
Dislikes:Being alone, being seen as odd, or annoying. Feeling depressed.

Background Info: Currently Developing. ;u;

Personality: Social Butterfly, can be overly hyper, enjoys having her close rings of friends near by. Enjoys making new friends, doesn't mind who it is, as long as they aren't creepy.

Question! Is this a One on One RP or a Group RP? I'm new here so I have no idea. XD


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Queen of the Black Hearts

Name: Iona Song

Age: 16

Role: Ice Witch

Likes: the snow mountain tops, ice skating, star gazing

Dislikes: the heat

Background Info: Born on a snowy mountain top with other snow witches, Iona was taught the ways of her kind by her mother. She has never encountered others off the mountain before as once the snow witches have become full with child, they let the men go if they so wish as males of any race outside of ice users cannot survive in their home fore more than a few years.

Personality: Iona is very curious about others off the mountains and is willing to make friends

Any Extra Info: She has a pet snow wolf she named Sir Winter.


Normal form

(Couldn't find good pic with dog ears and wings)
Border Collie form

Crow form

Name: Matthew Hunter
Age: 17
Role: Animal shifter (Don't want to go with the normal names for this so just went for a general term)
Likes: People, having fun and flying
Dislikes: Annoying people, being stuck indoors with nothing to do and mushrooms.
Background Info: Matthew was born to an odd family of two animal shifters his mother who was a crow and his father a dog, it was a surprise to most when they saw that he had gained both attributes as mixed families were not uncommon but rarely would an animal shifter would be born with two animal attributes. Matthew grew up other wise the same as most others and eventually went to Fantasy High.
Personality: Matthew is very playful on his dog side and can be a bit mischievous from time to time as he does get bored if people won't do things leading him to pull pranks and other such things so don't be surprised if you end up covered in water from a bucket above the door.
Any Extra Info: An animal shifter is a person who has some animal features in Matthew's case dog ears, keen senses and wings (can't quite fly with them since they are a bit to weak to work while in his normal form, they have special powers that allow them to change form normally to one thing but in Matt was lucky and got two from the mix of his parents being able to become a Border collie and a Crow.
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