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    Since I do like the general Idea of this Roleplay, I don't want it to die before it has really had a chance to bloom. I have taken it upon myself, with the permission of the creator to revamp the roleplay and add more depth to the plot and storyline. But, I need everyone's help to do this! Don't let me down guys, you showed an interest in it before, so come join me now to make this an awesome roleplay that WE all have ideas invested into it.


    Luka Crosszeria, heir to all the vampires (high king ruling over the lesser royal families), preceding over the dark chained world of Gothic and black hues, where dark and different is life and where lords and ladies reign. He finds a wolf pup on his journeys through the castle's grounds one day, a snow white wolf puppy whom he names Indie.
    Strange things begin to happen with this pup as she starts to change, shifting into a humanoid form with her wolf tail and ears. Loyal to her master she falls in love with him and becomes jealousy as he deals with his chosen suitors, unable to deal with the face he sees her as a pet. Now she works towards making him fall for her, going through crazy antics to get noticed in the room full of beauties that have been summoned.

    The suitors will arrive a week before the official ball, allowing Luka to get a chance to meet each of the lucky ladies and lords that are competing for his attentions. He however isn't really interested in any of this as he doesn't believe in love and thinks it is a useless emotion that authors and painters have made up. During the week before the actual event, Luka is given the time to meet privately with each suitor (out in the gardens or somewhere where he is still safe from potential harm)((Possible plot option)) to get to know them a bit better, though during the week, those that are unworthy of being his queen, will be sent home and disgraced in they eyes of their family. (Lets face it if your chosen to be the suitor of a prince and your sent home before the ball, you did something wrong).

  2. Aria the current Queen escorted the ladies into the castle. "Now ladies this will be your current and maybe future home so welcome. How ever we have a few rules." She says before going over simple rules of no seeking into Luka's room at what nots.

    Luka looks up at the dark sky as snow falls onto his dark layered fringed banged hair. He was in the garden playing a beautiful song on the violin. His mothers garden which was forbidden to all but a selected few maids to take care of it. Even in the harsh winter you still had beautiful flowers blooming infected by the cold.

    Aria who had forgotten to mention the forbiden garden then walked off. "You have few hours till dinner."
  3. Kira couldn't errase her stupid smile of her face: she was finally thousands of kilometers away from her family. She was free at the moment. The castle was a really big place, where she would surely get lost. That was why she wanted to use those free hours to know a little better the place. She went through many hallways, with many rooms on them, trying to avoid those places that were forbidden. As she expected, she got a little lost, so she just decided to go outside and look back for the main entrance.
    Kira ended in a really beautiful garden, and decided to stay for a while enjoying the place. She heard some violin music but didn't approach.
  4. (OOC: Gonna try a new personality twist with mine; should be fun. Also changed the picture on the profile.)

    Being here was almost more than Ileana could take.

    Surrounded by beautiful women, each one more decorated than the last. They were so well dedicated in fine jewels, furs and silks, her simple black lace dress seemed to fall short. Pulling her black-rose crown farther down over her head.

    Just not happening..oh Mishka, why did you have to already be married?

    Suddenly, the sounds of sweet music began to drift to her ears. One of the other ladies had ventured outside, but didnt' seem to be the source of the music. The girl stepped inside some kind of garden, one that looked like it had received all the care in the world for the lovely flowers blooming. Feeling like it would be an offense to enter, the tentative red-head stopped by the gate, and leaned against a stone pillar.

    "Beautiful..." she whispered.
  5. Luka continued to play his song while walking around the giant fountain. He stepped off into the fountain was was pure ice by then. He was in combat boots and a v neck shirt with a simple black cotton cloak. He didn't seem much of a prince rather a man who made decent money at the moment. He was never the type to dress in nice expensive clothing he was rather happy in simple things such as that.
  6. Indie, white
    Indie sat at Luka's feet listening to the prince play his violin in the garden. He eyes were shut as she rested her head in her paws though with her ears perked forward it was clear she was paying attention to him. She loved when he played, and could listen to it all day. There were times that she would sing with him, her wolf vocal range able to match the pitch of his violin notes.

    When she heard the sounds of women walking near the garden her ears swiveled slightly and she lifted her head up to look in the direction the sound was coming from.
  7. Luka, red
    Luka looked at Indie and wondered what she was looking at. "What is it Indie?" He asks as his song starts to slow to an end. Looking around hr sees to see nothing but sense someone's presence. "Someone is in my mothers garden." He mutters coldly.
  8. The music suddenly stopped, and Ileana felt her blood run cold. Blinking, she peeked inside and saw a black cloaked figure, looking decidedly unhappy. In a sudden shot of fear, she went to run back towards the castle. With a yelp her foot caught her dress and she fell, rather ungraceful, on the cobble tones.

    "Ow..." she muttered, pushing herself back up. "Oh dear..."

    She looked over her shoulder and, no one seemed to see that. She swallowed hard and tried to push herself back up.
  9. "It really is" she said, answering to the woman's whisper. Anyways, when she turned around to see her, she was already gone. Besides, the music had stopped. She just thought that it was really weird and started to slowly walk back to the castle.
  10. Luka, red
    Luka saw a girl run away and went after her. Once she fell on a cob stone he picked her up off the ground. "What are you doing here?" He hissed as his venom touched her skin and pain filled the girls body. "This garden is forbidden to everyone except me and the three maids that helped create it" He suddenly drops the girl. "Enter here again and that pretty head of yours will be taken from your body."

    Turned to his side he saw another girl. "Fucking Intruders in the Queens garden!" He hissed fierously.
  11. Instant pain seared through Ileana's skin, eliciting a shriek. She stared, wide-eyed, and horrified at the man...yes, the prince. She recognized it now. Finally he let her go, and she fell back again to the cold stone. There were red-streaks from tears down her pale cheeks, but the girl tried so hard to keep it from scrucnhing down. But, eventually, she gave in, and began to bawl.

    "...I was just listening..." she whimpered plaintively. Still sobbing, the red-head picked herself up and ran back into the castle.
  12. She just rolled her eyes at that man warning, and deeply hoped he was not the prince she was there to marry. How on earth did he expect them to know that they shouldn't get in there if nobody told them?She approached the other suitor and helped her getting up, but she had already left. Kira sighed.
  13. Indie, white
    Indie didn't say anything as she stood up and followed Luka as he moved through the garden. She looked at the woman that fell and thought she was rather pretty. Of course she also could smell another in the area. As Luka spoke to the red headed woman she let out a small whimper. She could smell a bit of fear on some of the women and while it was known to those in the castle that this place was off limits, the queen was forgetful in some situations. That didn't excuse the fact that she should have informed them of the special meaning of this garden.

    Indie leaned against Luka slightly before sticking her nose into his hand trying to calm him slightly.
  14. Luka, red
    Luka snapped back into reality. He stirred wide eyed in the direction in which the girl ran off in. "Wh-what did I just do?" He muttered "I'm a monster." Walking back inside he goes up to his room.

    Aria was walking in the halls when a teary eyed red headed suitor rand right into her nearly knocking her down. "What's wrong sweetheart?" She asks the sobbing girl gently.
  15. Indie, white
    Indie followed behind her master and entered his room by nudging his door open with her nose. When she was completely in his room she nudged the door shut before she shifted her form.

    "Luka, your not a monster. Your mother's garden is special and should only allow a few to enter. As for what you did, you threatened one of the suitors and she was rather frightened. I am sure if you give her a chance to see the sweet side, she will come to see your not a monster. Another female had witnessed it as well." She said softly going up to her master and attempting to comfort him.
  16. Luka, red
    "I guest your right Indie. We better get ready to go down for dinner. Do you wish to eat by me tonight?" He asks her referring to sitting at the table. Luka takes off his coat and shirt before pulling on a black button up shirt that was left to show some chest. He was now in solid black except his silver eyes and pale skin.
  17. Indie, green
    "I would love do eat next to you. Though will that be allowed? I believed this dinner was to see the suitors, and I don't want to interrupt any plans the queen has." She said not only that but would she be there as the wolf or the girl? It didn't matter what she was when she was with Luka, just being with him made her happy.

    "I do hope that things go well and there are no issues." She stated after a moment looking at her master already wishing that this event was over. She didn't like that Luka was being paraded before beautiful women, after all, most seemed to see her as just a pet of his.
  18. "Your a suitor too Indie." He laughs lightly before walking out. "Plus your my best friend you are always aloud by my side " he smiles to her before walking away. He enters the dinning room and tasks his seat.
  19. Indie, green
    Indie looked at Luka clearly surprised as her ears flitted from being forward to the sides and back again. Since she wanted to at least eat with the others properly she found clothing and dressed to match Luka before she followed him and sat near him. As she sat closest to the prince she looked down the table to view the women that were also to eat with them.
  20. Kira went down to dinner. She sat next to some other suitors, and saw the same man that had threaten that poor girl not so long ago. So he did was the prince. She sighed, she escaped from one crazy family to be a part of another. Kira curiously watched the girl next to Luka, was she another suitor? She seemed to know him. Anyways, she smiled at her when she realized she was staring.
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