Fandom Royale - A Battle Royale Inspired Survival RP with Fandom Characters

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    You've woken up in an unfamiliar place. Your head feels groggy and your body feels tense. You reach out with your hands to get a better grasp of where you lay and come upon dirt and grass, which immediately register inside your head as weird. Confused, your eyes slowly open and you try to sit up. Your breath catches in your throat once you realize where you apparently fell asleep last night: a forest. Absentmindedly, you touch at yourself, making sure all your limbs were intact.

    You feel fine, now that the grogginess has subsided, but you know something was wrong.

    Turning to your left, you see a small pamphlet beside you. Hesitating for only a moment, you grab it and begin reading its contents...

    ... And nothing was ever the same again.


    In this game, players will play fandom characters that have been kidnapped from their home worlds and placed on a deserted island. There, they will be forced to participate in a death game, where only the last person standing has any hope of returning home.

    The exact mechanics and style of the game is heavily influenced by Battle Royale, though no knowledge of the original novel/movie/manga is required to play or join.

    If you're interested, go ahead and check it out as everyone of any writing level is welcome!
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  2. Just a note here that this RP will officially be starting March 31st.​
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