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  1. So, just joined and am really interested in get some onexone stuff done. I tend to have some spare time, so might as well throw it into something that I'm interested in! xD

    Anyways, I am looking for partners for 1x1 rps right now. I can do generic roleplays, roleplays based off of historical events, roleplays based off of anime, video games... Basically, I will at least think about any and all offers that comes my way just as long as I understand what I'm getting myself into. I always have some ideas marinating in the top of my head, and I'll write them down here to see if anyone is interested. About me? Well, I tend to post anywhere between one and three paragraphs with ease. I can post more, but it might not be as easy for me to just simply come up with. Basic grammar is greatly appreciated, and talking in OOC is greatly appreciated. I always feel as if I'm more comfortable within an RP when I am free to talk to you back and forth about... well, things. Maybe not even about how the rp is going.

    Now, for preferences: I tend to do a lot of MxF stuff, me being the male. But I am willing to do anything just as long as I'm in the mood for it. So, MxM, FxF, taking the female role of a MxF relationship are all things that I'm cool with. I do a lot of romance stuff, but I particularly love action roleplays. Things with a lot of fighting and conflict. I also like doubling up on characters- it doesn't mean that you have to do it, but it is just to let you know. I do a lot of OCxOC stuff, I'm cool with doing CanonxCanon or OCxCanon stuff if that's what you wish. Hm... I think that'll be it for the time being. Below will be some popular games, anime, and some ideas that I have. Don't take this to be the be all end all, though. If you're wondering if I have any interest in a game or an anime, just send me a PM anyways. ^^ Same if you have an idea or you want to help develop an idea that I have written down here already.

    * I already have an idea
    <3 I am really interested in rping this topic

    Pokemon *
    Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts *
    Fire Emblem
    Dragon Age

    Anime/TV Shows
    Gundam/Valvrave *
    Naruto *
    Teen Titans
    Tiger and Bunny
    Log Horizon
    Sword Art Online

    Pirates of Caribbean

    Comic Books (only have basic knowledge, but I find these to be interesting)
    Civil War (Marvel)

    Generic RPs
    Arranged Marriage

    I am drawing a blank right now... ^^;; I'll better update this later.

    RP Ideas

    1. 'It doesn't blossom. It's there from the beginning.' - Fandom/Generic RP
    Two teenagers have always been together ever since they were young. But it was more by accident: they were part of the same circles, and had the same friends. If one had to define it, they were always in each other's space, and were 'childhood friends,' but were never close. However, as they aged, their friends began to drift further away from the group and as a result, the two of them began to get closer to another. What exactly made the two of them come back day after day...? Before they can get an answer to this, fate takes control and as a result, the two are forced together. (I'm more thinking of this being combined with something else, like a fandom or another RP Idea.)

    2. 'Magic brings misfortune...' - Magic roleplay
    Our characters live in a town that hides a dark, shrouded secret. That secret is a never-ending war between the shadows of the night and people with magical abilities that they prey after. Shortly after entering high school they encounter the Shadows while walking home late one night, awakening to their powers and the world hidden in the shadows...

    3. 'A hero will rise just before the strike of midnight...' - Fantasy war story
    'It is the war to end all wars...' The war has gone on for the past four years, and divine intervention is running rampant. With the humans so self-absorbed in their conflict, what they are not noticing is that the gods themselves are on the edge of war, and bringing an end to the world. Ragnarok is rapidly approaching, but what does two people fighting on the front lines have anything to do with this? On the verge of death, they are blessed with the grace of Odin, charged with finding a way to bring an end to the conflict before the gods' relations deteriorate to the point of no return...

    4. 'Protect those who cannot protect themselves...' - Superhero/Power Rangers-like epic
    For the past two years, they were to never venture outside of the walls of their city. Why? Because of the monsters that lied just outside of the city walls. Known as the Daeva, they prey on the life-energy of all living beings. Because of this, no one ever ventures outside of the doors of the city. All this time, isolated from the outside world... there is only way for them to fight back. Known as the BRAVE System, it is a mechanical frame that attaches to its user and allows it to take control of any weapon and use it as their own. A group of four is originally chosen to fight against the Daeva, but the fight against the Daeva is brutal. The battle has carried on for the past two years... and now a pair have been chosen to be the ninth and tenth users BRAVE System- more appropriately, they will be known in history as the ninth and tenth Braves.
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  2. I'm really interested in the Dragon Age or Avatar ones! And I'd like to hear what ideas you have for the Naruto since many of these options you have up are interesting to me! I'd also be willing to do the KnightxPrince and/or VampirexHuman
  3. Oh, I'd definitely be interested in roleplaying the Pokemon genre with you. (:
    What are the ideas you have for it?
  4. I would love to do either the Dragon Age or Avatar ones with you! To be honest, I just recently got into Dragon Age so I know the basics, but nothing beyond that. Avatar, I've watched most of the series up until the second half of Korra season 2. KnightxPrince and VampirexHuman I have done both once- the VampirexHuman one being a modern roleplay.

    The idea for the Naruto RP is more of a future roleplay. Essentially, the Fourth Ninja War ends with a massive genjutsu that essentially turns the Naruto world into a living hell. Many of the nations are destroyed or left hanging in the balance, and its up to our characters (which ever ones we decide to use) to formulate a new worldwide ninja alliance with the left over ninja. Essentially, it would begin more as a rebellion, something small, and maybe even lead to the founding of a new ninja village before expanding out further. I was thinking that this would be either a few years ahead of the current story to a decade-plus.
  5. Your first plot sounds very interesting, and I wouldn't mimd doing it in a Naruto setting. Perhaps fate would decide that the two would end up on the same team?
  6. The Pokemon story is more of like... a jumble of ideas than anything else. I was originally thinking that the story would take place in Sinnoh. The story is essentially that Team Plasma, after getting defeated in Unova, has had some migrate to Sinnoh. Still believing in a distorted form of N's vision, when they run across the lingering information of the Red Chain, they hatch a plan to begin a conflict once again between Dialga and Palkia, hoping to draw out Arceus to help them reform the world from its core. Our characters essentially do what the main characters do. I was thinking that they would be experienced trainers who have had at least minimal success in the Pokemon League, and that beating Team Plasma would be enough to launch them towards another part of the story.
  7. That was actually one of the things that I was thinking of when I thought up of that story. Great minds think alike, I guess. xD
  8. I actually really like that idea, and I could definitely see a lot of things coming into play with things.
    How would our characters find out about Team Plasma though? Maybe perhaps they have already done something to disrupt Dialga and Palkia that causes things to happen around the region?

    I don't know though. I'm just saying things. (:
  9. Yes, I believe they do, lol.
    Would you prefer for this to take place in an alternate storyline, where the events of the manga don't happen, or in the past or future?
  10. Hmm It's cool with me if you only know the basics and well if you want to do the Dragon Age one we could have it take place during another Blight perhaps? Or during the events of the next game which tie into the Mage rebellion and the veil tearing. But the Blight would be simpler I think to do.
    We don't have to do the vampirexhuman or knightxprince one then if you've already done it!

    The Naruto one is interesting although I'm not entirely certain about how I'd go about role playing it.
    Also do you have anything in mind you'd like to do for the Avatar one if we chose that one?
  11. Hm... I hadn't thought about that yet... I think that your idea is sound, though.
  12. I was thinking alternate storyline.
  13. Avatar would be an alternate timeline or maybe one even further in the future. Essentially, what would happen is that the previous Avatar would have obtained high levels of political power and prowess but got involved with the wrong kinds of people. Eventually, things end up going down to the part where they are forced into conflict with said Avatar. As a result, the Avatar was put down and killed by their own people, setting into motion the next cycle... But now everyone is afraid of the Avatar. The new Avatar, from their young age, is put into hiding and really left to themselves to protect them from assassination attempts. Shortly before they turn of age and finish their training, however, the Avatar is found and chased away from their home. It is during this time that they learn that the previous Avatar had encountered a group known as the 'Hidden Kings,' who have in one way or another had some tie to the major events that have formed the Avatar world. I'm not sure if I would personally want them to fight against them... But it is one deviation, I guess.
  14. Would you rather discuss characters in a PM, or here? I think that's all we need to cover, really.
  15. Yeah sure. I'll just shoot you one myself.
  16. I'm pretty interested in these:

    Arranged Marriage
    Plot #2
  17. Hm... Then how about a KnightxPrince(ss) one then. ^^ Which character would you like to be?
  18. I prefer to play female characters. So the princess?
  19. Alrighty then. ^^ Oh, and post length. What kind of post length are you good with?
  20. I'm interested in the VampirexHuman or the Arranged Marriage. ^^
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