Family Doesn't Have to End in Blood.

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  1. Setting

    Day: Saturday
    Time: Morning (8:45 AM)
    Weather: Sunny with a bit of wind blowing.
    Season: Autumn

    (I will do this every time we time-skip.

  2. T'was a beautiful saturday morning. The birds are singing, the sky is blue, Benjamine King frantically running up and down the streets of Rockline, California, running towards the nearest convenient store since he had yet again forgot to buy milk yesterday.

    Poor Ben, he could never start his weekend right without eating a bowl of cereal while watching cartoons with Rhiannon, his daughter. There is something about watching 2D characters tainting a child's innocent mind with mindf**ck logic that somehow energize him during the weekend with the kids (since they don't have classes during weekends and all). Going back to Ben, he can feel the cold autumn wind cutting through his face as if telling him that winter was just right around the corner which only meant winter break and more time with the kids. Yay. All the more reason he had to get that huge jug of milk... And juice boxes as well, let's not forget those wonderful juice boxes.

    As Ben reached the curve he gazed down his wristwatch, calculating the time it'll take for him to reach the convenient store before Adventure Time starts airing and Rhiannon starts watching without him.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Ace King | King's House
    Currently: Eating toast
    Feeling: Upbeat and happy

    "It was the Fourth of July. You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks! That went off too soon. And I miss you in the June gloom, too," Ace sang after swallowing a piece of toast that he had been chewing, the flavor of jelly and butter bursting over his tastebuds. He seemed to be the only one downstairs eating, but he definitely wasn't the only one up. Earlier, he had opened the fridge to see that they didn't have any milk, ruling out the option of cereal for breakfast. Saturday plus no milk equals his father bolting to the nearest convenient store to acquire some. It was a strange, yet normal thing, thinking about his dad running in his pajamas to get milk. It had something to do with Rhiannon and Saturday morning cartoons.

    Shaking his head, he picked up his half-eatened toast, taking big bites out of it. He couldn't understand why he was suddenly eating so fast. It's not like he had anything to do today. Well, not at the moment, at least. The brunet would think about calling up some friends to hang out, but he doubts anyone else is up at this time. Why is he even up at this time? What's the point of a weekend if you get up early like you're about to go to school? Ace sighed. He hoped that someone would wake up soon so he could erase the boredom that was seeping within him.​
  4. Alec Berrington | The Berrington Household
    Currently: Getting dressed to go out.
    Feeling: Prepared.
    Alec smiled as he was changing from his dressing gown and pyjama shorts into a comfortable long sleeved shirt, jeans, and sneakers. His mother, Alexandria, had woken him up because he was needed to go get groceries, considering Alec was very nearly defined by his father as a hikikomori shut-in. He liked the fresh air but despised jocks and those who considered themselves nigh-on godly in intelligence and like to wave it around like a stained golden ticket. As he tied his laces and headed out the door, he peeked into his father's study, the man hard at work on his next screenplay. "Bye, Dad." He spoke, just loud enough for the man to hear him, and yet soft enough so as he would not be disturbed. Next he walked over to the living room, where his mother was watching a re-run of Grey's Anatomy. "Mom, what were the things I needed, again?" He exclaimed, standing at the foot of the door as he waited for her to turn around. "Alec, for god's sake, I told you this already." Alexandria spoke, more angry that he was disturbing her program than his actual presence. "We need milk, bread, some chicken or steak, and nibbles for later." His mother demanded, and Alec nodded with a smile on his face as he gave his mother a quick peck on the cheek. "See you in ten minutes, Mom." he exclaimed as he ran out the door, and into Rocklin.
  5. Shardae King/King Household
    Currently: Waking Up
    Feeling: Grumpy
    *Slam* "What time is it?" said a sleepy Shardae. She looked at the clock, "Right on time, Dad," she thought as she heard the door slam. He must have forgotten milk at the store again. Every single Friday he forgot milk, and every single Saturday in his haste to get back to watch cartoons he slammed the door on his way out. She hit her fists against the bed. "This is crazy, what else is Saturday good for except sleeping late," she thought to herself. Shardae, usually called Charlie, pushed herself up and ran down to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face, and brush her very pink hair. She had just dyed it again, and it was at the peak of vibrancy. She sighed, maybe next time she would go with purple. As Shardae walked back to her room to clean up the dying mess she heard the fridge downstairs. "Sounds like I'm not the only one awake because of dad," she thought to herself.

    "Damn it!" she said as she walked into her room. While sleeping she had pushed her stained towel out from under her newly stained locks and managed to stain the sheets....again. "At least I used the old sheets last night," she said to herself. She cleaned up her mess, and headed downstairs in her pajama shorts and tank. "Hey Ace," she said sitting down and waiting for her dad to make it back with milk for cereal.​
  6. Leo Belle | The Belle Household
    Currently:Sitting on the window ledge smoking
    Leo sat on his window sill, the window was open to let in a cool breeze. Autumn had begun but he liked to have fresh air coming in. Plus it was a good way to smoke while still being in the house. He let out a long breath and watched as the smoke went out. He coughed once and put out the cigarette. He could hear some movement in the house now and he didn't feel like getting another lecture. Leo glanced at his phone, he was still in his pajamas, blue sleeping pants and a white t-shirt. He figured that he should probably at least have some breakfast so he swung his legs around and planted them on the ground. He walked to kitchen and started up the stove to make eggs and toast.​
  7. Amari & Jesse
    "Alright if you fall i'm not getting you!"

    Amari and Jesse woke up early, well Jesse woke up Amari because he wanted to go down to the park. "Catch me!" Jesse said while pouting and jumping up and down. Amari jogged up and opened his arms so he could catch him. "Alright, alright jump." he told him followed by Jesse's leap into his arms. The two males laughed instantly before going over to something different. "Push me on the swing! Please, please, please!" Jesse begged before running over and trying to climb up on it. Amari came over soon after and sat him up on the swing before going behind him and pushing, "Higher?" he asked him. Jesse nodded and slid up in the seat more before Amari brung him all the way back then pushed him further and stepped out of the way so he wouldn't get hit. "Weeee!" Jesse said as he giggled and swung his feet back and forth. Amari smiled at his little brother while stuffing his hands into his pockets and watching Jesse swing by himself. He leaned up against the pole and began to get lost in thoughts. Jesse was a great little brother, but he was a spitting image of what Amari was when it came to cursing, tempers, and anything bad. Yet, most of it is pushed back with all the positive things Jesse picked up from his brother. He then began to think about his boyfriend Quincy, instantly smiling in the process. They were going to go meet him, but Jesse wouldn't shut up about going to the park so they did.

    (@Kitsune maybe he could surprise Amari at the park c: )
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  8. Max King- the King Household
    Currently- dragging himself out of bed
    Feeling- drowsy and anxious
    Maxwell would like to say that the slam of the door stirred him awake- that's not quite true. Almost the entire night Maxwell was tossing and turning in his bed, dwelling on that one-godforsaken email. The one from Seattle, named Wilder Theodos. The man who claims to share a father with him. A small grunt escapes Max's lips, and he swings his legs out from under the covers, running his tattoo-covered fingers over his hair. Can't think about that, not now. It might be a scam, it might be a mistake... Those thoughts plague him as he stands up, but he shakes them off, heading towards the kitchen, towards the closest thing to a family he has. "Morning," He mumbles to Shardae and Ace, withholding a yawn. He was on good terms with both of them, he supposes. Unless there's something he doesn't know about. He wraps his fingers around the handle of the fridge, squinting his dark eyes. "We got any milk?"
  9. [​IMG]

    Lilith Belle | Belle Household
    Currently: Waking up
    Feeling: Rejuvenated

    Sunlight infiltrated through the blinds and into Lilith's room. Making a noise of some sort as she stretched, the blonde's eyes fluttered open, crystal blue eyes taking in her mildly lit room. A smile graced her features as she pushed herself up into a sitting position, the cover falling down and pooling around her waist. Not quite sure why, the teenager felt...refreshed. She felt like she could climb a mountain right now, which was unusual. Majority of the time, she was cranky and ready to strangle the world in the mornings. But not today. She wondered if it had something to do with her actually going to bed last night. Shaking her head to clear it, Lily swung her legs out of her bed, hopping to her feet. Feeling energized, she blew through her morning routine before bounding downstairs, still clad in her pajamas.

    Once her feet touched the hardwood floor of downstairs, she directed herself towards the kitchen, smelling the wonderful aroma of food. Smiling softly, she wasn't that surprises to see her brother, Leo, standing in front of the stove, cooking. Slinking up behind him, she placed her chin upon his shoulder, staring at what he was making. "Good morning, my dearest brother. You're making breakfast? Including some for me, I hope?" She said, eyeing the brunet with a sideways glance.

    [ @Sashakiki ]


    Quincy Baker | Park
    Currently: Planning a surprise
    Feeling: Giddy and content

    A bit away from Amari and Jesse stood Quincy Baker. He was silent as he kept himself hidden away, a small, content smile on his face. That's what he felt whenever he watched his boyfriend and his little brother - content. They had a beautiful bond. It was obvious for anyone to see. Back to him and why he was hiding, though. You see, Amari and Jesse were suppose to go see him. He was going to wait, but then decided not to. Him, being the man he is, conjured up a plan to surprise them at the park. So, here he was, appearing from his hiding place and silently making his way towards his boyfriend. Upon reaching him, he stretched out his arms, using his hand to cover Amari's eyes.

    "Guess who?" Quinn said, wondering if the other would be able to get it. It shouldn't be that hard, really. Who else would pop up at the park like this? Probably someone who kidnaps people, but that was beside the point. Focusing back on Amari, because his mind was beginning to wander, he waited for his response. In the process, he could only hope that Jesse wouldn't shout out his name or anything. That would definitely ruin the surprise.

    [ @ForgottenBlood ]
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  10. Adette King {Mother of the Kings}

    Adette yawned a shook herself awake. She wasn't much of a morning person-never had been-and yet, she could wake up precisely when she wanted to. She was glad that her job didn't usually require her to be up by a certain time unless she had a deadline. She stomped downstairs, finding three of her children already in the kitchen and no sign of her wonderful, but forgetful husband. "Did your dad forget the milk again?" she questioned with a half-smile and a yawn. She practically glided over to the fridge, pulling out strawberries and some yogurt.

    Abruptly, the phone rang, surprising Adette. She strolled over to her cell on the counter and picked it up, "Hello?"

    Location: The King Household
    Currently: Waking up-Talking to her children
    Feeling: Refreshed-Surprised
    @Poetic_Justic3 @Kitsune @emmalee.dreamer @Grace Tesla

    Brendan King {Uncle to the King Children|Brother of Adette}

    A morning jog was exactly what Brendan needed. He loved the crisp autumn air and the changing of the leaves. With a sigh, Brendan stretched his arms above his head only to see a familiar person running in the same direction as him. "Hey, Ben!" he shouted, speeding up to catch up to his sister's husband. "Forget the milk again?"

    He asked it in good humor, seeing as his brother-in-law had a tendency to forget such a thing. It didn't bug Adette as much as it probably bugged Benjamin. His niece had mentioned something about cartoons once, but that was all Brendan could recall about the situation.

    Location: Outside
    Currently: Out for a morning jog
    Feeling: Exhilarated

    Josephine Delgado {Neighbor to the Kings|Brother to Riley|Friend of Alec}
    To be honest, there was no point to Josephine being up this early. The limit of what she had to do was return her library books, but that would only take a few minutes. She sighed and rolled over, hugging her pillow to her. Then, she proceeded to ungracefully roll off of her bed. She slammed onto the ground with a resounding thump, but it didn't bother her much. Her parents would probably be a bit angry though. She briefly wondered if she should actually get up for a moment, but then decided to just lay there.

    Her hand reached up for her phone, coming in contact with the cool glass of the screen. She yanked it down in front of her, only to pull a pile of books down with it. They all landed on her, much to her aggravation. With no other choice, she stood up and stomped down to the kitchen, her phone gripped tightly in her hand. Now she was pissed. Grumbling, she rubbed the bump on the back of her head and opened the fridge. "Great! Fluffing wonderful! Mom, I'm going to the flipping store because we don't have freaking anything but week old leftovers."

    Her mom responded from the livingroom, but Josie didn't hear her as she grabbed her car keys and stormed up to her brother's room, "Hey, Ri! Wanna come to the store with me?"

    Location: Delgado Household
    Currently: Hating life and everything associated with it
    Feeling: Pissed, very pissed.

    Eleanor Lark {Foster Mother to Adette and Brendan|Mother to Button|Grandmother to the King Children}
    Button Lark {Foster Sister to Adette and Brendan|Aunt to the King Children}
    One of the worst things about being sick was being tired. Ellie could remember when she was energetic enough to jump from tree branch to tree branch without a care in the world. Those days were over now. A little shaky, Ellie forced herself out of her bed and made her way into the hall. "Button! Button, darling?" she called for her daughter quietly through the halls of Button's home. It really was a comfortable place and Ellie adored it. She found Button drinking coffee at her kitchen table as she read something on her laptop. "Button?"

    Button looked over, surprised, "You're up, Mom?"

    Ellie rolled her eyes and sat down across from her daughter. She was starting chemo in a week, she knew that was when the sleepiness would really set in. "Are we still going over to Adette's house tonight?"

    "That's the plan," Button nodded and stood up. "You hungry?"

    "No, dear. Just some orange juice, please."

    Button nodded and reached into the fridge. She set a glass in front of Ellie and for a few minutes, everything seemed normal as they talked about Button's new client and laughed about nothing.

    Location: Lark Household
    Currently: Talking
    Feeling: Normal
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  11. ((Is there a reason you didn't include Max in with the others?))
  12. ♥ Rhiannon 'Rocket' King ♥
    Location: King House > Kitchen
    Currently: Regretting her life choices
    Feeling: Mortified​
    When Rhiannon woke up she was filled to the brim with excitement. Today was Saturday, which meant cartoon day, which meant watching cartoons with her dad! And no matter how many times they did it, Rhiannon was always excited. She loved watching tv with her dad, and she liked demanding he explain why he had laughed at that thing that Jake said that she didn't understand. It was fun and it was their tradition.

    "Adventure time!" Rhiannon sung as she burst out of her room and ducked into the bathroom. "Come on grab your frie-e-nds! We'll go to very distant lands--" She paused abruptly in the middle of her belting out the lyrics of the popular show, when she spotted the soap.

    Now normally, Rhiannon would just wash her face and brush her teeth. But, the other day she had seen a cartoon where one of the characters had eaten soap and belched out bubbles. Now why would she waste her time squeezing the toothpaste out on her tooth brush when she could just eat something to clean her teeth! Plus she would be belching bubbles and her dad would be so jelly, it was going to be awesome!

    Grabbing the soap, Rhiannon scratched off a sizable piece, popped it into her mouth, and immediately regretted everything. "Aaah! Bleh! Bluh! Auughh!!" She gasped, gagging and retching, but for some reason she didn't spit out the soap. Instead she turned on the sink and filled a cup with water before gulping it down and effectively swallowing the soap. She stared into the mirror in horror and her horrified face stared right back at her.​

    "M..M...MOOO-OOM!" She screamed, flinging the bathroom door open and dashing down the steps and into the kitchen. She immediately collided with Max who was standing in front of the fridge. "I s-swallowed the soap! I swallowed the soap!" She spluttered, whipping around and staring at her mother, with wide eyes.
    @Felilla @Grace Tesla @emmalee.dreamer @Kitsune

    ♠ Candace King ♠
    Location: In King House Driveway
    Currently: Getting dumped
    Feeling: Enraged
    "Ex-cuse me?" Candace roared into her phone and the guy on the other end stammered before mumbling, "You're too aggressive and assertive, we should break up." Candace resisted the urge to launch her phone out of the window of her car, but she didn't want to get pulled over like last time. "I'm too assertive? Well excuse me Harold, I didn't realize we lived in fucking 1692! You know what? You're a piece of crap!" Candace snarled as she turned onto the street where her brother and sister in law lived. "And you know what else? Your mother's macaroni casserole taste like a rat dropped a turd directly on my tongue because she's a horrid bitch that can't cook for shit! SCREW YOU HAROLD!" And with that Candace threw her phone in the backseat so hard, it cracked against the back windshield. She pulled into the King's driveway and glared at her steering wheel, needing a moment before she surrounded herself with children who shouldn't have their heads bitten off because Candace couldn't find a decent guy to date.

    ♫ Isabella Turpin ♫
    Location: Turpin House
    Currently: Picking out Abigail's school outfits
    Feeling: Giddy

    Some people would say that choosing outfits for your eight year old was unnecessary. To that, Isabella Turpin would serve them a punch to the jaw. It was never too late to pick out your kids outfits. Never. Okay well, when your kids were over twelve, then it was too late. And when your kids were as responsible as Maddie, it was also too late. But Isabella still had Abigail! And it wasn't like she was making the kid wear a sailor suit every Monday and tacky overalls on Fridays. She just liked being able to pick out her daughter's outfits. And she knew what Abby liked, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

    "Sporty outfit or prim and casual for Monday...Hm..Or maybe sporty for Wednesday to give off the impression of an unwavering thirst for education! But I don't want those teachers to think she's an unstoppable ball of energy. Maybe I'm reading to into it. Alright, sporty for Tuesday, and prim/casual for Monday." Isabella saved the outfits on her tablet, because she was not one of those parents who disturbed their child's precious sleep. And instead she was the type of parent, that cataloged everything she bought for her daughter on a fashion showcase computer program, because she was awesome.

    She was just rummaging around in the virtual closet for Abby's Wednesday outfit when her husband called out to her from his study across from the kitchen where she was currently multitasking between planning her daughter's outfits and baking a quiche.

    ♣ Jackson Turpin ♣
    Location: Turpin House
    Currently: Doing paperwork
    Feeling: Conflicted
    "Honey, if a kid accidentally set a roll of toilet paper on fire in the bathroom, do you think I should suspend them for two days or a week?" Jackson called to his wife from his study. He was currently filling out paper work and he had a frighteningly large amount of pending consequences for this one particular kid who shall never be named because every time Jackson hears the kid's name his heart fills with dread. Honestly, the kid didn't seem like the terrible little shit that he apparently was. He even seemed polite and sweet. But then again, most potential psychopaths usually are, sweet and polite. Jackson wished he could just boot the kid out sometimes, but the kid's family had some serious lawyers that made the superintendent tinkle in his pants every time the family 'subtly' threatens a lawsuit. So Jackson had to deal with the kid.

    "No one accidentally sets anything on fire, Jacks. That kid did it on purpose and needs to be arrested." His wife called back from the kitchen.

    "I know, but it's The Kid. I can't have him arrested no matter how much I dream of the privilege." He groaned.

    "Fine, a week then." Was the only response.

    Jackson quickly stamped the paper with 'Suspension Time: One Week' (yes, he even had to get a special stamp for the animal) and practically flew through the other papers because they involved normal incidents and were therefore easy to fill out. Letting out a relieved sigh, Jackson stretched and cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck.

    He sauntered into the kitchen and pecked his wife on the cheek, before going to...The Wall of Chains. Well, really it was the wall of leashes, but same dif. As soon as he touched one, the Turpin family's literal pack of five dogs swarmed the kitchen, yipping and barking and for a few of them, whining with excitement. There was Captain, a yorkie, Ducky, a pomeranian, Dog Grylls, a rottweiler, Siren, a basset hound and Milady, a corgi and probably the most ruthless, fluffy, short legged dog in the world. Milady was the front runner of the pack and kept everyone in line. If you pissed her off, you found yourself being harassed for the rest of your life.

    Jackson struggled to get the leashes untangled, while Isabella snickered at him from the corner. Yesterday had been her day to walk the pack, so she got to watch him suffer today. He stuck his tongue out at her as he finally got the leashes untangled and clipped on to each dog's collar, and then they were off and headed to the local park.

    "Be back in a few, hon!" Jackson called before the dogs surged forwards.

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  13. Max grins slightly at Adette- how she looks so at ease and elegant this early in the morning, he has no idea. "Nah." He chuckles softly under his breath. He wasn't the biggest fan of cereal anyway. Shutting the door of the fridge (and cutting off the arctic blow to his face as well), he leans against the cold machine, contemplating his options. God, he's so grateful to the Kings- he may not have appreciated them during his relatively rebellious teenage years, but he sure does now. They have enough on their hands, and to still take Maxwell in, after all the shit he put them through when he stayed here... He doesn't know how he'll be able to pay them back. His thoughts drift towards the Special K Granola bars but before he can, Rhiannon runs into him.

    Maxwell's always had a bit of a soft spot for the little one, both of them being orphans and all- she was a tiny little thing when he first came here, and that's still how he sees her. Like the little sister he's never had. "Woah!" He exclaims before whirling around, putting his hands on her shoulder. "Did you just say you swallowed the soap?...Why?" His amber eyes widen drastically, and he turns to both his foster siblings and his foster mother, unsure of what to do.
    Max King- Kitchen
    Currently- Thinking about food
    Feeling- Extremely confused.
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  14. Amari & Jesse
    Amari and Jesse were now having fun on the slide...well Jesse was having fun on the slide and Amari would tickle him whenever he slid down. "Can I play with the other kids?" he asked looking up at his big brother. Amari nodded, "Alright, but don't go too far ok?" he told him. Jesse nodded and went over to where a lot of kids were playing on the see-saw and jungle gym. He kept a watchful eye on him while he went over to a stand to get something to warm him up. As he was about to sip his beverage, hands covered his eyes as a familiar voice spoke up right behind the action. He smiled widely, "Hmm, is it my sexy knight here to save me, the prince?" he asked giggling. Amari and Quinn were almost the same height, but to be exact Quinn was a few inches taller than Amari. They've been together for almost five years now and everyday, at least to Amari, felt like it was the first time meeting eachother. The best thing about it was that Jesse adored Quincy even though Jesse hated him at first, things change right? Of course they do, why else would he love going over his house?
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  15. Abigail Turpin | Turpin Household
    Currently: Waking up
    Feeling: Sleepy still

    Yips. Barks. Whining. Scrunching up her face in slight annoyance, Abigail couldn't stop the familiar noises of her family's dogs from drifting into her ears, disturbing her sleep. Shuffling in her bed, trying to get comfortable and slip back to sleep, the brunette realized it was a lost cause when she heard the noises in the first place. Once she was up, it was quite difficult for her to go back to sleep, unless she was very tired. Yawning loudly, the eight year old rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hands. Rolling out of bed, she made her way to the bathroom to take care of her morning business. Her parents' voices drifted to her ears, causing her to smile softly, still half-asleep. After exiting the bathroom, she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, immediately gliding towards her mother and attaching herself to her side.

    "Good morning, Mommy," Abby said as a greeting, turning her gaze upward so she could look at her mother. It would seem that she was the only child that was up. Everyone else was still sound asleep. "Did Daddy take out the doggies? Oh, and what's for breakfast?" She questioned, rambling.


    Ace King | King Household
    Currently: Staring at his sister, Rhiannon
    Feeling: Amused and slightly worried

    Ace went from being alone to the kitchen being full of his family members. Smiling softly, he greeted everyone that appeared in the kitchen. It seemed that everyone had planned on eating cereal today. Too bad that Dad wasn't back yet with the much needed milk. The brunet had finished his toast a long time ago, though. Now, he was sitting in his seat, watching everyone else. His thoughts wandered, wondering what he would do today. Maybe they'll do something as a family or some people will come visit. If he remembered correctly, Aunt Candace, Aunt Button, and Grandma Eleanor was suppose to be coming over. I wonder if I'm the only one who remembered, he thought briefly. His mind went blank when Rhiannon came bolting down the stairs, though, crashing into Max.

    At her blubbering, Ace was able to hear what she was saying. She swallowed...soap? His first reaction was to try his best to stifle the laughter that was bubbling up inside of him. One had to admit, though, that it was quite amusing, thinking of their sibling swallowing soap. On the downside, he was worried for the young girl's health...and sanity. What drove her to swallow soap in the first place? Deciding to ask, the brunet cleared his throat before speaking. "Rhiannon, love, what made you swallow soap in the first place?" He questioned, still holding back laughter and trying to look serious, but there wasn't any way to remove the mirth from his eyes.

    [ @Polystical ]

    Quincy Baker | Park
    Currently: Talking to Amari
    Feeling: Loved and warm

    "Why, yes, it is," Quincy responded, letting his hands fall away from Amari's eyes. "Here to sweep you away and ride off into the sunset." As he said this, he made a show of actually sweeping the other male up, holding him bridal style and spinning around for a moment, before setting him back down on the ground. By the end of it, the brunet was beaming as bright as the Sun, feeling tingly and fuzzy and warm inside. It was like this every time he spent time with Amari, for the last five years. And yet, he hasn't gotten used to the feeling. It was like their first date, their first kiss, their first everything all over again. The feeling of butterflies in his stomach never seemed to get old, or go away. Honestly, he wouldn't have it any other way.

    [ @ForgottenBlood

    I would've wrote more, but I was at a lost >.<]
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  16. [​IMG]
    Sasha Wallis| Police Station
    Currently: Standing outside
    Feeling: Exhausted and bored

    Sasha stood outside the police station, her arms crossed as she waited for her social worker. So far she has been through hell with the foster system, and deep inside she wished she could have a perminent home, somewhere she could finally not be worried that the carpet could be swept from underneath her, so far she had been through fourteen foster homes, only one she felt she belonged at, and that was...Not good.

    "What did Sasha do now?" One of the officers asked. "Nothing Eric, the foster parents just..Didn't want her anymore-" Eric chuckled. "Don't blame her, have you seen her record Sara?" Sara got angry. "Shut up Eric, she's been through a lot, i'd like to see you in her shoes." Eric was shocked, but then awkwardly smiled. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Sara shook her head and walked out into her office, then thought 'there maybe someone out there after all.' Sara sat down and dialed a number.

    "Hello Adette, it's officer Mcniel, i have a question, would you be able to foster somebody? This girl, Sasha, she doesn't have anyone else, so maybe for a few weeks till we can find another home?"


    Riley Delgado|Delgado Home
    Currently: Getting ready for the day.
    Feeling: Tired and bored.

    Riley slept for a while, he somehow would get up early in the morning on Saturdays when he wanted to sleep in, like his sister waking him up or just woke up for some weird reason, this time he forgot to set his alarm for noon and woke up early. "Not again!" Riley mumbled and dropped his hand on the alarm clock stopping the noise. "Why does this always happen." Riley then got out of bed and walked to his closet, he got on his outfit for Saturday's. "Yup now I'm good." Riley smiled then walked to his mirror and combed his hair. "And now I'm perfect." Riley smiled and went to open his bedrooms door when his sister opened it a second before him. "Oh sure, may as well since i got up early, again."

    Charley Turpin|Turpin Home
    Currently: Writing lyrics
    Feeling: Stressed

    Charley sat on his bench in the garage, there he and his band would practice their music and write lyrics, but today most of his band mates were busy or out of town and now he could just do his own things, Charley started playing notes on the piano, all week he had been trying to find a beat for his song, but has had writers bloke that week, that was new to Charley so he has had a hard time trying to find the perfect song, so he would need to fin a way to get out of his writers bloke. "Da da duh-, No that's not good, ugh" Charley through yet another crumpled paper paper on to the cold floor. "Why am i struggling so badly." Charley breathed and decided that he needed a break from his music right now.

    Charley walked inside the house and walked to the kitchen, he saw his dad leaving. "Leaving so early dad?" Charley then walked over to his mother and his sister. "So what are you doing Mads?" His sister smiled at Charley. "Nothing, hey did you find that 'perfect' song you wanted yet?" Charley shook his sister. "Not yet i think i just need a break from that Garage for today."

    Maddie Turpin|Turpin Home
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    Maddie woke up early for some weird reason, usually she would sleep in till the afternoon or even later, but Maddie was always energetic and hyper when she first wakes up, Maddie got on her outfit from the closet and ran down the stairs in the morning, she then saw her sister and her mother talking. "Hey ma what's for breakfast, is it eggs?" Maddie ran to the fridge and got out some orange juice then poured it into a glace. "Didn't think you would be up this early Abby." Maddie poured her glace of orange juice. "Do you want some? If you want it's on the counter." Maddie walked over to the table and checked the time on her ipod. "Hey mom can i go to Rhiannon's house today Please!?"

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  17. Adette King
    Once Adette heard the officer's familiar voice, she was a lot less confused. "Sure thing, Officer. She can stay as long as she needs to. Lord knows we've got enough room. I-"

    Before she could finish her sentence, a frantic Rocket ran down the stairs. "I gotta go, Officer. Bring her by anytime."

    She set her phone down and faced her youngest daughter, more than a bit concerned. "How many times do I have to tell you? You can't always do what you see on T.V., sweetie." She grabbed a bottle of water from the pantry and handed it to Rhiannon. "Drink all of it. We'll get you some milk when Dad gets home and you should be fine." Needless to say, this wasn't the first time this had happened. She remembered when her oldest daughter, Emilia, had done the same thing. That was when Adette had panicked. After learning it wasn't a huge deal, she was fine, but it still drilled it into her mind to only buy non-toxic soap. "You'll be fine after you eat, Rocket," she told her in an attempt to calm her down.
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    Josephine Delgado
    "Good. I don't want to go by myself." She honestly didn't care that she was still in her pajamas. She hurried back downstairs and pulled on her favorite boots before racing out the door and climbing into her car. Once Riley had got in, she turned her key and sped away. Josie prided herself in her driving abilities. Sometimes, she would even borrow her dad's Mustang go to abandoned places in town to practice. But even she shouldn't have been driving angry. Someone walked in front of her car and she nearly ran them over as she pulled to an abrupt stop. "Hey, asshole! No jaywalking!" she paused when she saw it was Alec. "Dumbass! What the heck do you think you're doing?"
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  18. Amari & Jesse
    Amari smiled and turned around then hugged his love before he was picked up and spun around. He chuckled and giggled, "You're gonna make me spill my drink." he said still smiling before he was sat down. He quickly took a sip of it before the whole thing went to waste. After closing the top, Amari walked up and stole a kiss from Quincy before ending it, "What are you doing here? I thought you wanted us to meet you..." he said before taking a bite of the doughnut he had. He had then turned back around and kept his eye on Jesse again who started to argue with someone. He rolled his eyes and was about to go after him, "Ugh, just when everything was going well." he said and puffed out his cheeks. "Well, come on before he starts hitting." he told Quincy before going over to where Jesse was. He grabbed Jesse away from the argument and sat him down further away from it. "Jess, what happened?' he asked looking at him. Jesse crossed his arms and kicked his feet violently before speaking. "That girl tried to push me off the see saw!" he told him. Amari rolled his eyes then sighed, "Alright, you can just take turns on the see-saw... Or just come and tell me instead of trying to fight her." he explained. Jesse nodded then looked down on the ground before he saw Quinn come up and talk. "Quinn!" he said and hugged the male's leg then giggled. Amari smiled at the sight and ate the rest of his doughnut then sat down on the bench.
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  19. Ben was at his wits end when Brandan had suddenly called out to him, desolating all thoughts he had acquired while speedinh down the streets of Rockline.

    "Brandan." Ben began,


    "...Good morning." He greeted his young brother-in-law. Ah, Brandan, such a fine young lad he is, so young and energetic, the complete opposite to his sister, his wife, whom despite her unusual way of thinking, he still loves her to bits.

    "Forgot the milk?" Brandan asked.

    Ha! Like he could forget something as important as milk during the weekends. There is something about milk in the household which could never be available during the weekend and he can't seem to know why. He'd understand Rhiannon needing milk for her to growth and other baby needs but what of the other four in the King household? For the past twenty-six wonderful years of being married to his wonderful wife, Adette, he has yet to see her bake anything--or maybe she does but the kids always beat him to it and he is left with nothing but an empty jar or cookies. Sad. Then there's his two big boys, Maxwell and Ace. Surely enough they don't need milk, right? Or do they? Then there her hormone infested teenage girl, Shardae and her pink hair. Why pink, he wondered. Surely there are other colors out there besides pink. Now what was he thinking about again? Ah! Yes. Milk. Brandan asked him a question if he had "forgotten" to buy milk again.

    "I did not 'forget' it, Brandan." Ben began as the two of them did not stop running nor slowed down their pace. "You see, I woke up early this morning thinking about how nice the weather was outside for a jog around the block. And it just so happened we ran out of milk. And since I am going outside for a jog and all, I decided why don't I get some milk as well." he explained.

    "I know what you're thinking. If I was already planning to go for a run this morning, why am I in my pajamas? Simple. I am starting a fad. It's more aero dynamic. Makes you run faster." He's sure as hell wasn't going to admit that he was getting older and starting to become forgetful.

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  20. Shardae/King Kitchen
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    Shardae burst out laughing. "You swallowed soap?" she said trying hard to keep in her laughter. Then she realized she was the only one with this reaction and tried to tone it down. "Um, Rocket soap is sort of for outside, not in," she said though there were tears in her eyes from trying to keep in the laughs.

    Once everyone had calmed down, she looked at Adette. "It never ceases to amaze me how little I look like anyone else in this house," she thought to herself. "Hey, Ade-....I mean mom," she still wasn't used to calling or thinking of anyone in the house as family. "Did I hear you talking to an officer?" she asked subtly. "Who's coming over? Is it another kid?" she asked quickly without letting her mom answer.

    She remembered quite clearly the first time she had stepped into this home, she was angry, and more depressed than she was now. Of course then her hair was black, funny Ben..Dad didn't seem happier that her hue had changed to a brighter color. That's ok, he doesn't have to live with it looking him in the mirror each day.

    In her head she started going through her insecurities. There hadn't been another foster kid in the house since she had started living there and while she was glad that she now had a home, she partially wondered if it would last after the new person got here. What if they liked this new kid more than her and decided to go back on the adoption. While it didn't seem plausible it was still a concern. It these two seconds of thought her mood dropped drastically. Had she been remembering to take her anti-depression meds? She didn't want to think about it, the last thing she needed was a lecture about responsibility, but maybe it wasn't the meds, maybe she was just insecure, and what if she had a reason to be?

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