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  1. Rules: 1. You can make up to two characters.
    2. If one of your characters dies, you can make a new one, but only if your previous one is permanently dead or turned into a zombie.
    3. You cannot be the cure to the H virus, nobody can!
    4. No superhuman abilities of any kind! This is a kind of story I want to make as realistic as possible!
    5. You have to be on at least once a day! If you reply once and do not notify me that you are going somewhere for a long period of time (ex: days, weeks, months) then I will delete your post or the rest of the participants will continue without you.
    6. Remember to give your characters either a discription of what they look like or a picture of them before you introduce them.


    (Adeline: The first picture)
    (Jennifer: The second picture)
    A white bunny quickly hopped out of his home sticking out of the ground, it was a cold, bright winter where everything was covered in a thick 3 and a half inches of white snow.
    Suddenly, an arrow shot right through the bunny's neck, the tip of the arrow stuck to the ground leaving the creatures body sliding against the metal tip.
    A young girl, around 13 or so walked up to the furry thing and grabbed the arrow, taking the body with it. The girl looked around before ripping the body from the shaft.

    Snowflakes blew gently in the wind and the shuffling sound of the snow was heard from a close distance, the girl gasped and drew another arrow from her Quiver and raised her bow as she drew her arrow.

    Another woman appeared from the snow, she looked older about 16, she was taking deep, heavy breaths. "Slow down Jen." she said.
    The girl lowered her weapon, "sorry Adeline," Jennifer said as she continued scanning the area. "Do you think there are infected in these parts of the woods?" She asked turning to her friend.
    "I don't know, but we better find some shelter before we freeze to death..." Adeline then noticed the bunny in Jennifers hand. "Did you track that all by yourself?"
    The child nodded and handed the body over, "I think i'm getting better at hunting..."
    "You are," Adeline said as she keeled down and opened her back pack. "This is gonna stink to no end, but at least we have dinner now..."
    Jennifer watched as Adeline stuffed her prize catch for the day in the dark green bag.
    The town looked deserted, which was good...there were only two kinds of people the girls have seen for most of their lives when they were born into the apocalypse and that was hunters, which were men that would kill anyone for goods and the infected, humans that have the H virus. When you get bitten there was no going back, first starts the high fever then insanity then finally you die and come back as a flesh eating zombie, infecting anyone else you bite.
    Both girls continued on after their catch to find shelter, in hopes of surviving.
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  2. (Just going to describe what they look like and reveal their names as I introduce them, hope that's okay.)

    Not far from where Jennifer and Adeline were, a young man was trekking through the snow in their direction. He was tall and a bit scrawny and seemed to be about 19, with a thin face, pale skin, and light blond hair that fell into his hazel eyes. He had a few bags flung over his shoulder, though they didn't seem to have much in them. He wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather, and was shivering slightly, though he seemed to be trying to hide it.
    The most likely cause for this was the small form stumbling along behind him, clinging tightly to the back of his shirt. Presumably a child, due to their size, the individual had their head down and was so draped in coats and blankets that it was difficult to tell much else about them.

    They were mostly silent as they moved along, with the only sound being the occasional hushed whisper directed from the boy to the individual following behind him. The individual never spoke back, and would instead simply nod or shake their head weakly.
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  3. untitled.png
    Adriyana (A-Dry-Anna.)

    Finally leaving the dangerous forest crawling with zombies Adriyana pulls out her large pocket knife and ready's it just in case she may have to kill another one. "Damn its cold" as the winter wind penetrates her full cotton jacket she shivers and for a moment she remembers the winters years ago, the ones before the H virus spread. She'd just dyed her hair and her mother was yelling at her for it, The thoughts became to much to bare so she shook them away and continued to walk. Her mother and father turned before her very eyes, Her baby sister turned soon after they bit her and began eating away at her skin. Afraid she ran out and to her boyfriends home, sadly he wasn't there so she grabbed a couple of things such as traveling food, water, and weapons (Pistol with ammo and a knife). After the outbreak people began to kill each other some just for fun, houses were ransacked even hers. They began to call themselves hunters. Thinking about all the past and recent events she almost missed the sight of to people walking together one of them holding something. Her first instinct was to leave; Turn the other way and continue searching for her boyfriend. But she was stubborn and curious she knew the food she had would only carry her but so far. So she began to approach them from behind. Once she was close but still a good length away the figures seemed to be female's.
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  4. (I'll describe their physical appearance later on, if that's fine. What they're wearing I'll reveal now, though.)

    A teen-aged boy, probably around 17 years old, lies in the snow beneath a tree about a half-mile outside of the town. His olive-drab jacket, khaki cargo pants, and camouflaged boonie hat had little real effect on the snow, but he was used to the cold, having grown up mostly in the frigid Midwest. The teen looked through a pair of high-powered binoculars, scanning the area ahead, looking for any movement or something of interest. The town looked like it had been empty for some time, since he didn't notice the usual shambling of a zed, or the organized pattern of a traveling group.

    To his side, the hand of a girl--perhaps 16, with a white sweatshirt and camouflaged vest--tapped on his shoulder. "Do you see anything?" she whispered. "Нет*. Nothing but snow, snow, and more freakin' snow for miles around." "What about that town down past these woods? Could we take shelter over there, look for some extra supplies?" "I don't know, Carly. I don't see anyone or anything in there, not even zeds. That might not be a good thing." "Joey, we've been out in this crap for the past... I think it's been a week. We can't stay out here forever."

    The boy Joey rolled over onto his side, placed the binoculars into a case, and slipped the case into his backpack, before slowly rising to a kneel. He makes a hand motion, follow me, as Carly removes a small .22-caliber pistol from a holster built into her vest. Holding her pistol at a ready position, the pair starts making their way towards the city, unknowingly passing Jennifer and Adeline within about a hundred yards.

    *Pronounced "Nyet." Russian for "No"
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  5. [​IMG]
    ((Marcus Wilde))

    ((Oliver McClellan))

    As the snow fell down around them, the two young men stood beneath a torn, raggedy awning, clinging to each other in an attempt to stay warm. Both were bundled up in numerous jackets, though the taller of the two had a heavy overcoat on as well.

    "Let's g-go into that lawyer's office across the street," Marcus said, his teeth chattering. "At least it'll be out of this c-cold..."

    Oliver shook his head, his breath puffing out from the cold. "Could have infecteds in there...'sides, the snow looks like it might let up soon...and that's a fish market, not a lawyer's office..." he answered softly, his hand going to the knife at his side. "Maybe there'll be somewhere better closer to the edge of town..."

    Marcus nodded and took Oliver's gloved hand in his own before he led the other towards the edge of town. As they trudged through the snow, a pair of figures soon appeared in the distance. "Shh...get back!" Marcus hissed, pulling him into a nearby alleyway. "Hide...they might be dangerous..."
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  6. As the young couple walked towards the edge of town, Joey notices quick movement in the corner of his eye. He raises his left fist, Hold!, then motioned for Carly to crouch down. The boy fumbles to remove the binoculars from his pack, and looks through them at where he saw the movement. He turned back, keeping his eyes on the spot, and whispered to the girl. "I saw a jerking movement over that way..." He pointed to the small wall where he noticed it. "Keep your pistol on that spot, I'll get closer." Carly nodded, then pulled back the slide on her weapon, the small pistol making a soft *click-tchk* sound. She trained the sights on the suspected movement zone while Joey moved to that particular side of the street.

    After a few steps, he looked back at Carly, kissed his hand, and blew the kiss back at her before flattening himself against a building. She smiled at this, and slowly moved along with Joey. Her heart starting to beat harder inside her chest. What's back there? Is it a zombie? A person? Will he be okay? Oh God I hope it's not anything bad... A train of thoughts runs through her head, though she took several deep breaths to keep from straight-up freaking out.

    As he reached the corner of the wall, he tapped his hatchet against the wall to figure out what was back there. In a loud whisper, he called out to whatever moved. "Hello? Human? Friendly?"
  7. Oliver's hand kept on the knife as the figures came closer. The pair only had one knife between them, and had been able to make it this far. Occasionally, Marcus would find a shovel or a crowbar that he could use, but more often than not they were too heavy or would break. As one of the figures came closer, Marcus held his breath, his brown eyes wide behind his glasses.

    "What d'you think it is...?" he whispered, squinting in an attempt to see it clearer. After his last set of contacts got rips in both lenses, he had been struggling to find a pair of glasses that matched his prescription, and this latest pair was a little bit off of the mark.

    "It's not moving like one of the infected," Oliver said, his eyes narrowed.

    Soon, the figure was closer, and Oliver could see that whoever it was held a hatchet. He tensed up, and was about to jump out and attack when he heard the sound of the hatchet on the wall and a man's voice.

    "Hello? Human? Friend?"

    "Both," Oliver said, trying to keep his teeth from chattering. "As long as you are also...."
  8. Adeline smiled as she noticed an old, and what looked abandoned log cabin. "Hey Jen, come take a look at this..."
    Shuffling was heard in the distance, as Jennifer adjusted her body to look where her partner was. The cabin did indeed look abandoned, and only a little worn out, which was unusual.
    "Do you think anyone lives there?" Jen asked, looking at Adeline now.
    "If anyone does, we are going to shoot them..."
    "Thats always your answer..." Jen mumbled.
    The cold wind blew just a tad harder than usual. It was getting late and with that said, Adeline moved forward.
    Inside the cabin was two beds, a bathroom and a small cabinet.
    "Jen, you know the drill..." Adeline said before walking towards the dresser next to the beds while Jennifer walked into the bathroom and opened every drawer.
  9. After following and watching the two females cautiously, she watched as they came upon a house of the sort and Adriyana moved closer. When they realized the house was empty the two females moved unknowingly followed by Adriyana and searched around. Pulling the BREN PS1 pistol from her bag she clicked the safety off and signed quietly, Raising it she aimed it at the younger one by the name of Jen. "Now I want you to turn around slowly and drop any weapon you have." Fixing her stance with one hand she pushed the hoodie off her head and exposed her short dyed purple hair. "And tell the other girl to do the same." Licking her chapped lips Adriyana blinked her eyes slowly and relaxed her muscles, just incase she would have to shoot them.
  10. "Friendlies. Carly! Safety the pistol, come here!" Joey turned around the corner to see two other humans huddled in the alley, bundled up in numerous jackets. They looked as though they were not used to the cold. "What are they? Are they people?" She flicked the safety catch, but still kept the weapon out and ready. "Yeah. Cold people, too."

    Joey switched the hatchet to his left hand, and offered his right hand out to shake. "Name's Joey. Let's all find somewhere out of this snow, you don't look like you're used to it."
  11. Jen closed her eyes and cussed under her breath before she turned to the girl and dropped her knife.
    "Adeline, hurry...we got company!"
    There was a shuffling in the room, "where!"
    Footsteps were heard running a little faster. A young teen appeared before them and glanced at the purple-haired girl before she pulled out her gun and pointed it at her; "what the hell?"
    Jen looked at Adeline, "she says to drop the weapons! Do it!"
    Adeline glared at the strange woman before she dropped the weapon "what do you want?"
  12. Nodding her head as Jen obeyed her orders she listened as she called the other girl over to where they were, she could hear moving around and then suddenly the girl going by the name Adeline appearing before her. Just as she thought the girl pulled out her gun and pointed it at her. Adriyana turned her head slightly and narrowed her eyes. 'Does she really wanna do this?.... I've shot more Z's than I can even count. I never killed a human before but hey its kill or be killed right now.' She thought to herself. The younger one had some sense cause she warned Adeline and she dropped the weapon. "Smart move, I really didnt wanna have to kill you both." Her British accent sounded as she's spoke. 'Not only because you'd be the first humans I killed but also because these Z's would be on my ass before I could even collect anything of value they had.' Shaking her head of the thought she bit her lip and sighed. "I didn't come to kill you....honestly I needed somewhere to rest its getten dark and Z's are usually more active. "
  13. "I'm Oliver, that's Marcus," the redhead stated, his hand still on the knife. "And...we were going to the edge of town, see if there's somewhere we can stay, at least until the snow lets up." He led Marcus out of the alley, making sure that he didn't trip on anything.

    "Do you know if there's an optometrist's store nearby...?" Oliver asked Joey. "This one's practically blind, and those glasses he's got on give him headaches..." As if to corroborate his story, Marcus was squinting at the other pair, trying to see their faces.

    "We should get going," he said to Oliver, squeezing his hand as he looked up at him.
  14. Leon Coleman (open)

    Alaska (open)

    A loud noise was heard all over the woods and the bullet went directly through the zombie's brain. The body dropped into the floor and the dog stayed petrified in fear next to it. Normally, Leon would use his ax instead of the gun, because it was obviously less noisy, but that time Alaska's life was in risk, and there wasn't enough time to take his ax out. She was a lost pup when the outbreak took place, and he was a lonely boy that believed he would turn crazy without any company, so they both needed each other. Luckily, they both learned together how to survive in that world, so they became an amazing team.

    It didn't take long for the other dead ones to approach after hearing the shot. "Crap" the 24 years old muttered before turning around to leave quickly. He was good slaying those creatures, but he had no idea how many may appear, so running was smarter. "Move, silly!" screamed to his dog and she rushed to catch on him. Alaska knew they would need somewhere to hide, so she took advantage of her speed and went ahead to find something. Leon followed her track for what seemed to be an eternity until he saw her. She was looking at some old log cabin and the young man smiled, still gasping. "I love you, girl." said as he turned around to check on the zombies. They had lost them, but they better get quickly inside that house in case they manage to find them. Besides, it would be nice to spend the night somewhere warm. He approached quietly just in case there was someone inside.
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  15. The young man paused at the sound of the gunshot, putting his arm out to stop the person following behind him. Scanning the area, his expression turned into that of a deep scowl. It was too close for his liking. Not only would the sound likely draw the infected towards them, but it meant there was someone else in the area - someone armed. Though both thoughts were bad, the latter was particularly disconcerting. Neither him nor his traveling companion were in good health at the moment, and they had little weapons. He wasn't sure he'd be able to keep them both safe if they were to come across a hostile.

    He turned to face the figure behind him, crouching down slightly so he was at their level. "Alright Cat," He said, putting an arm on the girl's shoulder. "We're going to keep moving. We have to be quiet though, just in case there's a hunter in the area. As long as you do that and stay close we shouldn't be noticed. Got it?"
    The small girl nodded slightly, though it was barely visible under all the blankets.

    The young man sighed, straightening back up and going to walk again. After a while, a cabin came into view, and upon farther inspection, a man and a dog. Putting his hand to the knife he had sheathed at his side, he glanced over at the girl behind him. Just as he was about to remind her to be quiet, she suddenly broke into a violent fit of coughing that was sure to alert the others of their presence.
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  16. Leon approached to a small window of the cabin, looking through it to see if there was someone - alive or dead - inside. He saw some movement, but couldn't see what it was before something else called his attention. A noise that sounded as a... cough? So it was another human? He cursed on a low voice, it seemed that his day would be more complex than sleeping on that wooden warm structure. Alaska slowly approached towards the direction of the sound, with a very low growl and showing her fangs. It always surprised Leon how could she look that fierce when she was only a cute pet with him.

    He took his gun out and joined her, ready to back her up in case those humans weren't friendly. It wouldn't be the first time he would need to shoot someone to prevent them to eat his dog. He was seriously disappointed on what humanity had turned, but he still knew there were more people like him out there. He hoped there would be. After spotting a figure a few meters ahead, he pointed his gun at it. "Who's there? Why are you after us?" said and made a sign to Alaska to stay behind him. As the chances that person casually happened to be walking through that path were really low, he assumed whomever was out there was following them. It took him a few more seconds to notice another thing behind the figure, but it didn't look much as a person from that distance. Leon just waited for an answer.
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  17. At the sight of the dog, Caterina whimpered slightly, pulling her blankets around herself tighter - as if this could protect her if the animal were to attack. "M-Mason..." She stammered in a small voice, shuffling backwards a few steps. "I don't... don't w-wanna get bit..."

    "Just stay calm Cat," Mason snapped, narrowing his eyes. "It'll be fine, I won't let anything happen."
    Cursing under his breath, he turned back around, only to see that the man had a gun pointed at them. Letting go of his knife, he slowly raised his arms up towards his shoulders, and took a step to the side - completely blocking Caterina from view. There wasn't much he could do about the gun, and he knew if the man was hostile they were screwed; but at the very least he could try and act as a human shield for Caterina.

    "After you?!" Mason yelled. There was obvious annoyance in his voice, though if you listened close enough you could detect something like fear underneath it. "You're the one pointing your gun at me for no reason! I'm just passing through! I'm not trying to cause you any trouble!"
  18. "I'm Oliver, that's Marcus," the redhead stated, his hand still on the knife. "And...we were going to the edge of town, see if there's somewhere we can stay, at least until the snow lets up." He led Marcus out of the alley, making sure that he didn't trip on anything.

    "We were moving through here for the same reason. Place looked empty from the outside."

    "Do you know if there's an optometrist's store nearby...?" Oliver asked Joey. "This one's practically blind, and those glasses he's got on give him headaches..." As if to corroborate his story, Marcus was squinting at the other pair, trying to see their faces.

    Joey gives a confused look. "What is an..." "An eye doctor." Carly taps her own eyeglasses. "I have no idea. We just got here a few minutes ago, and--"

    A distant gunshot rang out, faint but distinct. Carly whirled around and snapped her pistol up, while Joey turned and knocked a door open. "Inside! Come on!"
  19. As he saw the boy raising his hands, he took a few more steps towards his direction. Alaska was closely following him and still keeping her hostile expression. Anyway, a few meters away from him, Leon lowered his gun, but still kept it on his hand. Even if the boy looked harmless, he wouldn't completely lower his guard. With curiosity, he moved slowly to a side to take a look at whatever was behind the one who spoke. After taking a quick glance at it and realizing it was only a child wrapped in sheets, he focused once again on the boy.

    Unless he was faking it, he looked cold, a bit scared and without any significant weapons. He saw the knife next to him on the floor, and realized someone would never try to hurt a man with an ax and a gun with that thing. So he just had to believe him. Leon sighed before glancing once again to Alaska. "Easy, girl. They don't look as bad people, don't you think?" said, and the dog relaxed, fixing her sigh on the stranger. Leon did the same thing and, only after it, he answered to him.

    "Hey, don't yell at me. And do you really think I have no reasons? I don't know if you've looked around, buddy, but I have plenty of reasons to point a gun at anything that moves." told him, raising his eyebrows, with a tone a lot quieter than the stranger's. He laid his back on a tree, still a bit tired from his running. "And you should do the same... I hope you have something better than that. Seems you have someone to protect, so find a real weapon, man." said, talking about his knife. He was kind of frustrated thinking how easily it seemed that child could be killed.
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  20. Mason seemed to relax slightly when the man lowered the gun, though he kept his hands raised slightly, and his eyes narrowed. Though the man didn't seem to want to cause them harm, you could never be sure nowadays, and he wasn't going to give him a good reason to do so by moving too quickly.

    He cast a glance at his knife when the man made the comment about finding a real weapon, before glancing back over at him. "You think I haven't tried?" He asked. "Everything's picked over! It's hard enough to find essentials like food and clothes, yet alone weapons!"

    Though he hadn't meant for it, he came across sounding angry and indignant. Part of the reason was to try and mask how nervous he was, and hopefully come across as tough. Mainly though, it was because he knew the man was right; and he didn't appreciate him pointing it out. They had had better weapons in the past, but they had all been lost one way or another. Left with nothing more than a knife for the moment, it was surprising they hadn't run into more trouble then they already had. Small and sickly her entire life, Caterina had really only survived this long by relying on the right people. Although she could be quite the burden, Mason had always considered her as a little sister; and after the recent death of the others in their group he was the only one left to care for her. He wanted to do right by her, but was barely confident in his ability to take care of himself - yet alone someone so utterly useless. This didn't mean that he needed to be reminded of it, however. He certainly worried about it enough on his own.
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