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    "We have forgotten the gods."

    "Their temples scatter the land, ancient obelisks to a forgotten time."

    "But the gods had not forgotten us."

    "They watched us from on high, and were, for a time, content to be forgotten."

    "Such was not destined to last."

    "The Raven, The Night, The Bringer of Death, The Changing One, was not content with being forgotten. It wanted to assert its power over the world once more. But it was opposed by the power of its brother."

    "The Hawk, The Day, The Bringer of Life, The Enduring One, would now allow its brother to destroy wanton the life they had guarded for so long. Using its power, it trapped itself and its brother, and ensured that neither of them would be able to touch the world again."

    "But The Raven was not known as The Changing One for nothing, and no bond could hold it eternally. The Raven cast its feathers down to the world, determined to remind the life it had once helped to create that they all belonged to it."

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  2. Fall.png

    "The feathers drifted slowly to the earth, and settled. The people were unaware of the harrowing times that would soon come to them."

    "For now, the feathers are unknown. But their silence will not last for long, and soon the names of the feathers will be spoken in whispered tones, with voices cracked by fear."
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  3. Amavia.png

    Drawn by Peregrine - Don't run off with it without my permission.

    Northern BadlandsA sweeping, hilled plains that covers much of the norther part of Amavia, the Northern Badlands are home to the Barbaric tribes, loose gatherings of people who survive day to day off the land around them. Several streams are fed by the northern reaches of the mountains, but only a few feet away the soil turns thin and rocky, suitable only for the growth of the native grasses. Those who are not accepted in the Nations of Amavia will be able to survive in the Badlands, but, beware, the roving tribes of Barbarians are always looking for more slaves, and those who cannot prove their own strength will quickly find themselves bound to a new master.

    The DeadlandsFar to the north, where the Badlands draw close to touching the sea, the hills fall away and the ground becomes flat and dead. Life has withered here, leaving nothing but cracked soil, and corruption sunk into the land, staining all water that touches it green and deadly. And on the Northernmost peak of Amavia, the ruins of a long forgotten city sit crumbling, and soaked in putrefaction Those who stray too far north from the Badlands will find themselves tainted by this same corruption, and will never return to tell the tale.

    Iron Rock
    Covering almost all of Amavia's range of mountains, the dwarvish country of Iron Rock dug itself into the mountains, building cities out of rock and ice. Spreading all the way from the Southern Jungles to the Northern Badlands, Iron Rock covers almost all of the eastern portion of the world.

    Run by a council of some of the most respected Dwarvish Families in the country, families spread out all across the Nation, Iron Rock prides itself on thriving in some of the most rugged conditions known to Amavia. Carving a living from the very mountain itself, Iron Rock boasts of technologies in smithing and engineering otherwise unheard of in the world. Yet the lack of fertile ground binds Iron Rock to Sarok, who trades food for metals and weaponry.

    Silver FallsThe capital of Iron Rock, Silver Falls rests in the ravine between the two peaks of the tallest mountain in the world. This mighty fortress is the seat of the Council, and was carved from the very mountain itself. Those who live in the high reaches of Silver Falls, where the world falls away below them, are the Lords of their kind, masters in whatever craft they have chosen to pursue. Those who live below complete the city, working on those tasks which the other dwarves do not deign to touch. The path up to Silver Falls, if traversed by foot, is deadly, but a giant gondola transports people and supplies up to the city in safety. But should an antagonistic force somehow work its way up the path without the aid of the gondola, they would find the city surrounded by massive walls, impervious to any attack by man, while the people inside wait for the cold wind to wipe away the force that stands against them.

    Every shop, tavern, and home is carved into the mountain itself, and all of these dwellings are connected by a massive system of pipes, which brings up heat from deep within the earth, and pumps it to the surface.

    Plague's Folly Once known as Snow Fort, this once-grand city overlooked the forests of Elinshire and protected the Midwestern border of Iron Rock. However, long ago, the city fell when a foolish general decided to use it as the front for an attack against the Elvish nation.

    Those who survived the Elvish plague understood that the city was lost, and fled underground in a desperate attempt to survive. Now, Plague’s Folly is home to the tattered denizens of society who prefer to dwell in darkness, and do not mind the sight of a leering skull peering out from the darkness, where a once-mighty soldier met his downfall.

    Wolf Cavern The largest mining town in the world, Wolf Cavern spreads miles underground, and the entire city is buried within the mountains itself. Rick with veins of every metal in the world, the miners of Wolf Cavern are constantly digging deeper and further to uncover more of the untold riches waiting within. The city is tight and dark, with so many winding passageways and tunnels that anyone who is not intimately familiar with the place will certainly become lost in its seemingly neverending passageways. There is a close camaraderie among all of the miners of Wolf Cavern, for the work they do is neither easy nor safe, and sometimes a friendly hand is all that will save an incautious Dwarfl from death. Because of that, outsiders are mostly ignored; accepted as a necessary part of the trade that keeps the city alive, but shunned because they cannot understand life within the Caverns.

    On the peak above the main entrance to Wolf Cavern, a small, secondary cit has grown, which houses the merchants and nobles who thrive making a living off of the labor of the miners. Unlike the Caverns, houses up there are spacious and finely furnished, and those who live there do not have to breathe in the constant pollution of rock dust.

    Storm Port The guardian city of the two massive rivers that flow out of Iron Rock, Storm Port is a harbor town, that spreads up the two rivers and out into the Eastern Bay itself. Due to the difficult nature of travel through the mountain itself, all trade in Iron Rock, either incoming or outgoing, must be shipped along the rivers, either to or from one of the many passes that lead to its hidden cities. Storm Port has become one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and merchants from every country flock to make sure the have a place within it.

    Duke Olinbough, one of the members of the Council, watches over the city with a greedy eye, always ready to cut a deal for the right price. In many ways, Storm Port is outside of the control of Iron Rock, but just as Iron Rock would flounder without Storm Port, so does Storm Port rely upon the goods of Iron Rock to build fortifications, ships, and feed the abundant lifestyles of those who dwell within the city's walls. In exchange for being mostly left alone, and therefore free to make a profit wherever possible, Duke Olinbough has struck many bargains with some of the wealthiest people in the world, making sure that, should they hear rumors about the state of the city, they would choose to discount the information as just that; rumors.

    Marble Cliff Guarding one of the only easy passes to cross from Sarok to the Eastern Bay, almost all trade that comes into Iron Rock from the south passes through its gates. The city spreads all the way up over the pass and down onto the other side, where it boasts the second largest port in the world. The goods that were received from Sarok or Elinshire are then placed onto boats, which travel up through the bay to Storm Port. One of the most inter-racial towns in all of Iron Rock, any person who arrives at the city's walls is free to enter from dawn until dusk, and, for a small fee, any merchant can set up a table from which to sell his wares. Due to this almost complete nutrality, Marble Cliff is a city that is often used as the seat of negotiations between the different countries. However, should the cit ever find itself under attack, do not believe it is without defenses, for the city has its own secret weaponry, as well as a merchant army standing by to defend it.

    Lord Edinron, another member of the Iron Rock Council, manages the city with a surprisingly fair hand, settling disputes between wronged parties every day. However, when he dies, his son is posed to inherit, and many view this transition with some fear. Lord Edinron's son was raised with every expense and care, and his greedy heart knows no bounds. Yet the just Lord Edinron will hear no words against his only heir, and the citizens of Marble Rock can only hope that his son will gain some sense in the years to come.

    Elinshire Surrounding one tall mountain, the forests of elinshire spread over much of the middle section of Amamvia. Elinshire is the home of the elves, a nation built within the forest and as a part of the forest itself. Isolated and aloof from its neighbors, Elinshire survives from the bounty of the forest. Even though Elinshire does not possess a large standing army, the other nations are wary of ever offending the elves. Not only would the green mages turn the very forest itself against any invaders, Elinshire is known to possess some of the most skilled assassins in the world, trained in secret over the early years of an elf’s exceptionally long life. In many ways, the assassins of Elinshire have been promoted to more of a legend than a true fighting force, and the fear of them is often more than enough to cow a potential opponent.

    Elinshire is led by the Council of the Wise, a group of elves as ancient as they are knowledgable. The Council makes all decisions for the country, ranging from simple matters of agriculture to complex political and social conflicts. Based in the capital city of Elinshire, the buildings that house the Council of the Wise is the most well-protected place in the country. All assassins within the country are trained at the bequest of the Council, and will spend much of their training in the city of Elinshire. This ensures, when they leave for the real world, the assassins will be bound by loyalty to the Council, and will not be tempted to consider betrayal for coin.

    Elinshire The capital city of Elinshire, named after the forest itself, Elinshire is the hub of all activity in the forest. Soaring up the side of the mountain, clinging to the cliffs like a plant itself, the city of Elinshire is dusted by the mist of the many waterfalls that surround it. At the top of the city rests the home of the Council of the Wise, protected from weather and invasion alike. Just below it the beautiful houses of the city nobels rest in among the trees.

    Only the very lowest portions of Elinshire, at the foot of the mountain and constantly overlooked by the rest of the city, can those who are not citizens of the city reside overnight. Protective of their secrets, any visiting diplomats, no matter how noted, will spend their nights at the foot of the mountain, forced to hike up and down to meet with the Council. Secure in their position, the Council does not worry about offending those who might deserve respect. Anyone who is found in the city proper after nightfall and is not allowed to be there will quickly have an example made of them.

    Simlirr The Northern Temple, Simlirr is the final place of refuge for any traveler before crossing over into the Northern Badlands. Although many do not wish to use that particular service, Simlirr is still visited by many travelers, for it protects one of the last shrines of the Hawk left in the world. Guarded day and night by a retinue of priests trained in both combat and worship, Simlirr has managed to stay strong against barbarian invasions from the north.

    However, the number of travelers has steadily fallen over the years, as anyone who chooses to stay will be drawn into the fight, should a battle break out while they are present. Yet the desire to stand before a shrine of their god tempts many who consider themselves fit enough to survive the attacks. Simlirr survives off of the blessings of the Hawk, and the gold that travelers bring in, which allows the priests to get the food and water even they need to survive.

    Resting on the slopes of Eagle Mountain, Kamisel is one of the most spread out civilian dwelling places present in Elinshire. Because the population allowed to dwell in each location is limited, due to the impact that all people naturally have on the environment, and the elves desire to perfectly preserve the forest they call home, the houses available within the forests quickly began to become limited.

    One genius architect came up with the plan to create the city of Kamisel, which, instead of existing within the forest, would exist above the forest, growing out of the mountain that passed above the forest. At first many rejected the idea, believing that elves belonged in the forest, not above it, but as the available houses grew more and more expensive those who could not afford otherwise began to travel to Kamisel to find a home. They soon found themselves enchanted by its elegant grace, for even though Kamisel resided above the forest it felt like a very extension of the forest itself. With the help of those earliest settlers, the city expanded both in size and beauty, and many elves found their very words stolen from their mouths, as they became enticed by its community, views, and natural grace.

    Now most of the elven population can claim to reside within or have a house in Kamisel. The wealthy have summer homes, picturesque manors that overlook the forest they love, and even some of the members of the Council of the Wise have purchased land within the city. It is one of the only elvish cities that welcomes all settlers, and humans, dwarves, and even orcsi can be found living cohabitant with the elves.

    Arnefel The Port City of Elinshire, Arnefel sits on the banks of the Southern Lake. Much like Storm Port, Arnefel is the major trade city of Elinshire. However, the forest nation is much more secluded from Sarok and Iron Rock than Iron Rock is from Sarok, due to the fact that almost everything the nation needs to flourish can be found within its own borders. However, some trade still occurs between the nations, and this trade, almost exclusively, passes through Arnefel.

    Arnefel, like most cities in Elinshire, dwells in two layers. Those who live off the lake and work among the city live on the forest floor. However, those with the money and influence of the forest city exist high within the branches of the giant trees that grow on the edge of the lake. These tree dwellings are connected by sturdy bridges, with which the branches of the many trees have interwoven, making the whole upper reaches of the city seem a part of the very forest itself.

    Arnefel is also the major fishing town in Elinshire, and every day fleets of boats head out into the lakes to net the fish which swim below the surface. Unlike West Bay, which fishes with abandon, the fleets of Elinshire fish in harmony with nature, ensuring that the precious swimmers will be there for all the generations to come.

    Sarok The Dwarven and Human Empire of Sarok dwells in the small forests and rolling plains between the forests of Elinshire and the Southern Jungle. Thriving in some of the most fertile soil in the land, Sarok is an expansionsit empire, eager to grow without bounds. However, bordered on the north by Elinshire and kept in check with the threat of their assassins, bordered to the East by the high mountains of the southern reaches of Iron Rock, trapped to the West by the ocean, and unable to spread south into the untamable jungle, the people of Sarok have had to grow inward, and the populations within cities have grown drastically. However, the fertile climate and the minds of the greatest human scholars have worked together to ensure that there is enough resources for all.

    But Sarok is burdened by the harshest financial divide in Amavia, and while the rich thrive in lavish wealth, the poor band together in slums, and search through the refuse cast aside by those more fortunate to make a living. As the population continues to grow and the productivity of Sarok skyrockets from the plans of fertile minds, the divide between the rich and poor grows greater. The slums sprawl outwards, forced to contain ever more people, while the rich rise above the grounds in great manors, and forget the plights of those less fortunate.

    Sarok is lead by the great King Sternfire, a human warrior of great renown. Sternfire rose fro peasanthood to claim the throne, and he understands the plights of the poor far better than any of the others in the court. He works to find a way to improve their lives, but is frequently blocked by the most influential nobles, who are happy to thrive above the rest and see their wealth continue to grow. And Sternfire must deal with the need to constantly increase Sarok’s ability to produce food, for not only does his own ever growing population rely on the output, but the weapons and metal used to finance his own army comes from trade with Iron Rock. He must also work to try and find ways to open negotiations with Elinshire, which retreats further into the relative security of its own borders, and something must fall between the cracks.

    Dragon's Gate The capital city of Sarok, Dragon’s Gate is a city that towers above the plains that surround it. Resting in the junction of the two mighty rivers that flow through the Sarok plains, one coming from the Southern Lake in Elinshire, the other from the mountains of Iron Rock, Dragon’s Gate truly is the heart of the plains nation.

    Here is the seat of King Sternfire, and his fortress rests at the height of the city, holding not only himself and his council, but the military base of Sarok as well. And from the fortress people span out in all directions, covering so great an area that it is near impossible to cross the whole city in one day. While order to the streets may be sustained in the paths around the fortress, any remains of order is quickly lost the farther away from the hub of the city you travel. And, on the outskirts of town, the slums live in close huddles, and the pathways between them constantly shift as new temporary dwellings rise and fall.

    Just as the fortress of Dragon’s Gate is one of the greatest buildings known to mankind, so is the slums of Dragon’s Gate the worst known. People huddle together in misery, attempting to survive in any way they can, and can only ever dream of the opulence that surrounds the wealthy every moment of their waking lives.

    Oak Village A relatively small village compared to the massive homes of humanity that can be found on the plains of Sarok, Oak Village survives off of the lumber that surrounds it, and the patronage of the people who pass through its city. Here it is impossible to travel ten feet without encountering a merchant, either set up in an established shop, or briefly residing in one of the street vendor’s stalls, and many taverns gleam invitingly from street corners, inviting the weary traveler to rest his head and partake in some of the fine, or not so fine, ale and wine that can, for the right price, be purchased.

    This humble city is where our grand adventure shall begin.

    West Bay A magnificent port city, West Bay, as its name would imply, rests on the western coast of Sarok, overlooking one of the great bays. Here the fleets of Sarok wait in silence for when they will be called upon, and countless fishing vessels head far out into the sea, bringing back massive catches of some of the seafood considered the greatest delicacies in the world. Occasionally, a venturer, determined he will be the first to find success, will embark out into the empty ocean, destined to return empty hearted and broke, or to be crushed by the sea waves and to never return at all.

    Almost all who live here make their living from the sea in one way or another. The greatest shipwrights in the world are certain to be found within the walls of West Bay, as are all those who make their living bringing seafood to those who do not wish to go and acquire it themselves. Bound to the edges of the ocean, West Bay is long and low, protected from the raging storms that sometimes come in from the water and attempt to blow the whole city away.

    West Bay is one of the only cities in the world that can enter into trade negotiations with Elinshire, for the elves, limited to their rivers and the Southern Lake, consider any type of fish a great delicacy.

    Rosewall Once upon a time, the village of Rosewall was a grand Elvish town, Claitas. However, as the forest slowly retreated from the plains, the city was left exposed at the edge of the forest. Even as the forest retreated the elves who inhabited the city fled, leaving it abandoned. The citizens of Sarok, always eager to find a new start, and create for themselves a better life, swarmed to the city, taking over the old buildings, and rebuilding them in a fashion traditional to the slums of Sarok. Anything that could be found that was of use was put to use. The grand trees that still stood around the village were put to the axe, and soon the city sat in a clearing among the trees.

    Now, Rosewall is a city like almost every other in the nation. Those who dwell there rise early in the morning to tend to their fields or other crafts, returning when the sun sets for a little bit of evening revelry before going to sleep and repeating the process the next day. However, the city of Rosewall is still somewhat contested by the Council of the Wise, and is a point of bitterness between the two nations. But the citizens of Rosewall are uncaring of the problems they create, and do their best not to bother the elvish graves that can still be found around the city.

    White Valley Fort One of the largest military establishments in Sarok except for Dragon’s Gate itself, White Valley Fort is a military city, a place where soldiers who are not needed on the field come for basic training, and the middle ranking generals, not influential enough to make a home in Dragon’s Gate, plan their strategies.

    Surrounded by some of the sturdiest walls in the plains, and crafted from many tons of stone quarried deep within Iron Rock mountains, White Valley Fort is an almost unbreachable garrison. Sitting on a rise, its many watchtowers can see for countless miles in all directions, and should the gates that allow entry to the city be locked down, it would take great mechanical behemoths to break through. Add that to the archer’s slits that pepper the walls, and the pots of burning pitch which can be readily prepared should the fort come under siege, and the city is well protected from any invaders. Add that to the massive amounts of space within the walls, and the copious supplies of food stored away within it, and White Valley Fort is ready to garrison all of the villages south of the river.

    All who dwell within the walls of the Fort during peacetime are, in one way or another, connected to the operations of the Sarok military. Be they cooks, blacksmiths, generals, or soldiers, all serve a useful purpose within the walls, and all are ready at a moments notice to pick up blades and defend their home.

    Highdale Bridge One of the stranger cities within the kingdom of Sarok, the city of Highdale Bridge was originally exactly what its name implies; a bridge. However, as more and more people found it necessary to cross the river with massive caravans, taking supplies to be traded in the city of Marble Cliff, the bridge became more and more commonly used.

    As is natural in any place where people frequently pass, a city began to grow up around Highdale Bridge, shops, taverns, inns, and other vendors arising both on the Iron Rock and Dragon’s Gate side of the bridge. But as the bridge continued to expand to meet the needs of the ever increasing caravans, the city began to spread onto the bridge itself, where all travelers would be forced to listen to the cries of the sellers. Responding to the new clutter on the bridge, the supports were spread out once more, nearly doubling the width of the bridge. But as the space available on the bridge grew, so did the number of shops present on it.

    Now it is almost impossible to distinguish where the shore ends and the bridge begins in many places, except for the change of the sound as wagon wheels pass from solid earth to stone with empty space beneath it. The massive bridge, so wide across a traveler would be hard pressed to see from one side to the other even without the shops blocking the view, needs constant maintenance to make sure that the bridge stays aloft when the old supports are gradually worn away by the neverending flow of the river.

    Southern Jungles The mighty southern jungle bursts suddenly from the plains of Sarok, and spreads as an untamable force over the entirely of the southern peninsula of Amavia. Even the ever-growing nature of Sarok cannot plumb its depths. The Southern Jungles is the home of the orcs, who live in many tribes joined together under their current High Chief, Iron Tusk.

    The forests pose many dangers to those who would dare wander into the jungle unprepared. Even the Fallen Feathers have chosen to stay away from these lands, for they are wild and untamed. The orcs are a natural reflection of the land they inhabit, for even though the jungle is rich with everything a person would need to survive, that same richness allows everything to grow, and most of it does not wish to share.

    Fang Root Cave The temple of the Raven Worshippers, and the last true stronghold of their religion, the buildings of the Fang Root Cave soar high above the forest floor in jagged steps. But the true marvel of this ancient city lies not above the ground but below it, in the massive, naturally formed caverns, eroded by millennia into caverns that even the dwarves would not dare touch, for fear of destroying its perfect beauty.

    But the dwarves, nor any other species other than those who choose to worship the long forgotten Raven, will ever be allowed to see these marvels of natural beauty, for it is a certain death sentence for any who are unwelcome to set foot into these caves. Prisoners will be held for a few days, before being executed in various methods. However, the Fang Root Cave has many exits, many of which are guarded, but just as many of which are not.

    Iron Tusk Fortress An ancient fortress, created by an unknown people, Iron Tusk Fortress was settled by High Chief Iron Tusk, and named in his honor.

    Now the fortress once more rings with the war chants of the orcs, who use it as a base for all of their many operations. When Iron Tusk is defeated by a younger orc it is almost certain that the new High Chief will take over the temple and name it in his own honor, as was done by Iron Tusk himself.

    Once, however, the orcs would not have dared approach this ancient temple. It was believed to be cursed, and deadly to all who drew near. One young orc, determined to prove his worth to the tribes that shunned them, came to the fortress and was said to have defeated the monster that dwelled within. Upon his successful return from the Fortress, he was named the first High Chief, and ruled until he was defeated by a new young orc. And so the cycle continues until the Fortress is finally completely eroded away by the plant life that slowly consumes it.
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  4. Races.png

    HumansOne of the most varied races present in Amavia, humans are also one of the most versatile and adaptable of the races. Humans can have almost any skin, hair, and eye color, as well as being a wide range of heights. This versatility has allowed humanity to establish itself in every corner of the continent, and become one of the most heavily represented races. The characteristic human versatility also allows them to interbreed with almost every other race. With the right training, humans can become almost any type of fighter, adventurer, or worker. Humans live, on average, 100 years.

    ElvesThe elusive race of forest people; the natural longevity of their race meant that change came slowly, and it took many centuries for the elves to step out of their forest home and start connecting with the outside world. Elves are a taller and lighter-built people, naturally capable of greater stealth and fluidity of movement than the more heavily-built races, and keen eyesight and hearing make them talented archers. However, this same build also makes it much harder for an elf to learn disciplines that rely on strength. All elves are characterized by their long, slender, pointed ears. Having lived most of their lives under the forest leaves, elves do not have the range of tones that a human has, and are generally limited to paler skin and hair colors, with their eyes mirroring the natural colors of the earth. For their first fifteen years of life, elves age at a 2:1 rate to humans. After their fifteenth year, they age at approximately 20:1.

    DwarvesA hardy race originating from the mountains, dwarves are a solid, unchanging race. Familiar with the deep caves of the mountains, dwarves are a short, stocky race, capable of enduring great hardship. All dwarves are capable of growing massive quantities of hair, with many male dwarves measuring their masculine prowess by the size and length of their beard. The natural great strength of the dwarves lends the race naturally to tasks involving strength, and their heritage with mining means that the best smiths of the world are dwarven. While most dwarves have paler skin and eyes, they are known for wild and bright colors of hair. Dwarves live, on average, about fifty years longer than a human.

    OrcsThe giant race of the rainforest, orcs are a ferocious people, prided for their strength, bravery, and determination in combat. Orcs are a giant race compared to the others that populate Amavia, often standing seven feet tall. Their skin ranges through shades of brown and green, while their eyes and hair are almost always dark. All orcs have fangs, but only on some orcs do they protrude out of the mouth. Because of their natural strength and size, orcs often rely upon the strength of their own hands, or weapons fitting for their own size. Despite their large size and often ferocious attitudes, orcs are not any less intelligent than any of the other races, even if they are willing to take advantage of the natural assumptions about their species. While most orcs are warriors, mages and shamans are often honored in their tribe for the unique skillset they bring. Orcs live an equivalent number of years as humans, but many orcs die younger in battle, as that is a more honorable way to pass from this world.

    FeyA race long thought lost to the continent of Amavia, the fey fled to the wild places of the continent as the other races continued to expand, before finding a way to leave the continent altogether. However, some fey remained in their ancestral homeland, and they have been working to establish their own place in the world. Receptive to both nature and magic, fey are gifted wizards and mages, but their light form often makes them more vulnerable to hand-to-hand combat. Most fey are smaller than a human, but are comparable in height or slightly taller than a dwarf. In their natural forms, fey have limited to no resemblance to humans, however they are very capable of concealing themselves through illusion magic to look like a human, or other races that have a comparable height. Once a fey reaches a mature age of 40 years they cease to age, and will live on unaffected by old age.

    ChangelingsAn uncertain race born long ago from tamperings with magic, changelings are a race that has mostly been forgotten. Changelings are uniquely able to shift their body at will using their own physical ability, rather than magic. Thus, changelings can adapt to any situation, and thrive there as a local. So long as a changeling has the required energy reserves, they are capable of shifting from any humanoid appearance to another. However, their same adaptability means that it is rare for a changeling to ever find a place or group to call home, because they themselves truly belong nowhere. Changelings are able to shift at any time, but shifting without enough resources puts them in great danger and can quickly lead to death. While changelings may adopt an appearance younger than their years, their bodies do continue to age, and will eventually die of natural causes.

    DrowDrow tend to live underground, within mountain caverns, like the Dwarves. It is believed that Drow came from Elves that moved underground long ago, and over time their skin turned dark, their hair white from what little sun they got, if any. They have the ability to see in infrared, and it automatically activates whenever they are in dark areas. However, they can only see in infrared when there is little to no other source of light. When they are in sunlight or have a lantern their eyes adjust for colors instead. Although many Drow who have lived underground for a long period of time are sensitive to light they can adjust to the brightness of surface life. Drow age the same as Elves and their eyes are almost always a bright red or blue. Drow are nimble, athletic, stealthy, and naturally strong in Magic, like their Elven counterparts. However, like the elves, it is impossible for a Drow to become as physically bulky as a human, dwarf, or orc.

    At this point, most Drow live within deep underground cities in the northern mountains which border Iron Rock and the Badlands. Their social customs are often considered vulgar by the other races, because they are taught to value blood, and have little regard for the taking or enslaving of another life. This leads to natural discrimination whenever a Drow surfaces, and further keeps them to their own cities.

    AviansA long time ago, the Avians were believed to be the direct descendants of the Hawk, and were held in great regard. Quickly becoming proud and vain creatures, they retreated high in their mountain abodes where the wingless could not reach and built grand temples to their own honor. But as time passed people forgot about the gods, and they forgot about the status of the Avians. The Avians too forgot why they considered themselves so great, and while the egoistic attitude never changed, they believed themselves superior over the wingless for just that reason, no other mortal species could fly.

    It is rare for the Avians to now descend from their high homes, and when they do they are often treated with disdain because of their attitudes towards other people. However, some Avians, banished from their homes for various reasons, are able to find a home in the “lowlands.” Once they come to see themselves as equals an Avian is one of the most loyal and trustworthy of allies, because they hold themselves to the highest standards of morality.
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    Magic BasicsMagic in Amavia is the ability of a person to project their will into the world without necessarily first impacting it with his or her physical body, thorugh the use of a caster’s energy. However, willpower alone is not enough for magic to happen. All magic is an amplification of something in the world that already exists. The most common examples of these are the elemental magics, taking a flame or a rock and altering or amplifying it to serve the will of the caster. However, with the correct creativity and focus, magic can be expanded far beyond the limits of elemental magic.

    Definition of TermsMagic- The act of causing a change on something within Amavia that already exists, either enhancing or altering it.

    Will- A measure of the casters desire to have a change happen.

    Energy- A measure of the caster’s ability to complete a change. This is usually a far more finite resource than Will.

    Use and Limits of Magic So long as a person is of suitable intelligence and is able to maintain focus for a period of time, it is possible for anyone in Amavia to use basic magics. All magic starts with the element or object that the caster intends to change. After that, the energy of the caster will be used to create a temporary change on something. Most of the effort in using magic comes from the initial change. Once the change has been made, it takes a negligible amount of energy to maintain it.

    The will of the caster does not affect how much of a change can be made to the starting object. That is entirely dependant upon the caster’s energy. Willpower affects how much energy needs to be used to make a change. The greater the caster’s will, the less energy a certain change will take. So long as a caster’s will remains constant, so will the amount of energy needed remain constant. Should a caster enhance a candle flame to the size of a campfire and then leave it for three days, the energy needed to double the size of that camp fire would be the exact same as the amount needed to enhance the flame to the size of a campfire. In other words, it would have taken the same amount of energy to take it immediately to double the size of the campfire right at the beginning as it does to break it up. The difference is that the caster has time to regain energy if the casting is broken into two pieces. It is also possible that the caster may have a greater will to complete the second half of the spell after the break, and the second half of the spell would then take less energy. The longer a spell takes the less of an impact it will have on the caster.

    The primary limitation to magic, assuming that the caster has enough will and energy to complete the magic, is that any amplification or change is always directly connected to the object from which it was based. Therefore, even if a massive fire spell was burning down the town, as soon as the candle from which it was based was blown out, all of the magiced fire would vanish. The burn damage would still remain, but any flame would be gone. This would include any heat within coals created from the fire. Only the charcoal would remain. However, under the right circumstances, this can prove to be a benefit. Should it start to rain over that flaming town, the magiced fire would be unaffected so long as the original candle flame was unaffected. No magic can affect the original object from which it came. While the fire from a candle flame will be amplified, the same flame will remain on the candle. It will not leave the candle. However, other magic can affect the object from which a different spell originated.

    All magic is able to affect other magic. So while natural rain may not affect a magicked fire, should someone take a cup of water and flood it over the town, the fire would be affected. Whose magic remains is directly dependant upon the will and energy of the two casters. Where the water meets the fire both fire and water will vanish. However, the fire and water that remains can once more be amplified to cover the lost magic. Therefore, the caster with the greater will does not need to use as much energy to recreate the lost magic. Ultimately, though, the magic that permanently vanishes belongs to the caster who runs out of energy first.

    Be warned. The body needs energy to continue to function. It is possible to drain it really low and still be able to eventually recover. However, should all energy vanish from the body, the caster will be killed.

    Luckily, it is possible for one person to “transfer” their energy to another caster. This is not a direct transfer, but is rather one caster amplifying the energy of another caster using their own energy. The first caster can then use this amplified energy as though it was their own energy, and, when the amplification of the second caster comes to an end, the energy with which they began will still remain. The amplification of someone’s energy works just as any other magic would, and it follows the same rules of will and energy. Only scholars ever really explain this, though, and most people just think of it as a “transfer.”

    ~NOTES~There can be some alteration to magic, but it always retains its base identity. Water magic can be made to look like a square or a sphere, but it can never be a rock. It can be made as hard or dense as a rock, but it will still be water.

    When magic is initially being cast, the caster needs to be within site of the base object from which the magic is being created. However, once the magic reaches a state where it will be constant, and therefore only using negligible energy, it is possible for the caster to leave their magic and have it still exist, even if they go to the far side of the continent. All they need is enough will to maintain the spell, because providing that small, small amount of energy takes conscious effort. A very small conscious effort, but conscious effort none the less.

    Creative Uses of Magic Elemental magic may be the most common form of magic, but it most certainly is not the only form of magic. So long as something exists, it can be used as magic. This can be less thought of concepts like light, weather, or heat, but can also be things from the body like movement, sight, sound, pain, or even appearance. The only limit to magic is the creativity of the caster.

    However! It is not possible for a single caster to use every, or even many, types of magic. Just like everything done in the world, magic is a skill that must be trained from practice. Otherwise, the attempt will be abstract at best, entirely uncontrollable at worst. A person who dedicates their life to magic may be able to learn advanced control over two or three types. But it would take a real genius to master more. It may be possible to be able to grasp the basics of many forms of magic, but the time required to do that would mean that none of these types could ever reach mastery.

    Addressing a Few Specific Types of MagicHealing: Because all of the effects of magic are temporary, healing magics are quite rare, and are very misunderstood. A healer does not need a large supply of energy, because the change affected is very small, relegated to the wounded person’s body. However, a healer must have a massive will, because until the wound has time to heal naturally the healer must maintain the magic. Should they lose the spell, the effects of the magic would vanish, leaving the person once more wounded. However, as the true flesh of a person replaces the magicked flesh, the healer will need to maintain less and less of their spell.

    Illusion: A magic entirely based upon the sight of its caster, illusion magics take a base from the sight of the caster, and then manipulate that vision so that others can see it, and believe it is there. However, illusion magics are very hard to work without extensive practice. Because so many people rely on sight in everyday life, even a small inconsistency will cause people to stop believing in the illusion. Therefore, all illusions must contain a great deal of detail. While it is nearly impossible to run out of energy due to illusion magic because most changes are minor, willpower may come in short supply. The other thing is, should the sight of a caster be blocked for more than a couple seconds, be it sleep, a blindfold, or all light sources suddenly vanishing, any and all illusion spells will be dispersed just as fire magic would be if the candle was blown out. It is not possible to cast illusion magic from the sight of another, it must come from the caster.

    Shapeshifting: A very tricky form of magic, it basically involves duplicating the body of something else, and then inhabiting that body. However, the main danger of this is that it leaves the true body unguarded and unattended. It will continue to function so long as it is cared for, but the owner of the body is not there to care for it. Should the body that the magic was based upon be killed, the magicked body would fail, and the will of the caster would return to its own body. Should the caster’s body have died between the time of the shift to the time of the return of the caster, the will is left without a home, resulting in death. Some people have been known to use shapeshifting to escape for death for a time, but the caster will be unable to create a new body from someone else without first returning to their true body, which is dead and can no longer accept their will.

    Necromancy: A relatively easy form of magic, all necromancy needs to work is a deceased body. Massive armies of the dead can be assembled with very little use of energy, because, unless they are “killed” and need to be put back together, they are only ever maintained. However, each undead is a new piece of magic, so therefore a large army will require a massive will to maintain. What makes necromancy so feared is the ease of changing it into something that can control the living. The general principle is the same, the only difference is that the necromancer needs to be able to overpower the will of the one being controlled.

    “Good” and “Evil”: Magic is neutral. It is only ever the caster who determines whether it is good or evil. Someone could use light magic to kill, while another could use shadow magic to protect. However, it is generally accepted that any magic that manipulates or impacts another person without their permission is “evil.”

    “Hexes”: A rare and tricky form of magic, hexes take both will and energy to maintain, because they are constantly enacting a change, if only a small change. Shaping the magic into some sort of apparently normal object, the magic none the less continues to enact a change, which is the “hex” itself. The caster can also not stray too far from the hex, for while the object will continue to exist, if the caster goes too far the change will cease to happen, rendering the “hex” itself nonexistent.

    Something OOC you should read (open)
    At first glimpse, this magic system may seem really complicated, but if that is the case, please PM me. I’ll be glad to answer your individual questions. I did this to keep magic from becoming the “end all, be all.” If we are stuck underground in a cave with no light, a roleplay with normal magic would have someone cast a light spell, and now there is light. Great. Problem solved. However, in this story there cannot be light unless there is already even a tiny bit of light. So now you have to get creative.

    However, I did not want to have someone have a unique and brilliant idea for a magic ability, and then have it crushed by this system. Or be apparently crushed. So I’ll work with you on this, and together I am sure we can come up with a way to get your idea to fit into what I’ve made. Just PM me and ask. I don’t bite. At least, not out of character.
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  6. Alignments.png

    Trial for Orc-Hood

    Granted by the Chief of the Orc Forests, it consists of a series of harsh trials to prove a non-orc’s right to enter into the land of the tribes and be treated with the same courtesy as a pure-blooded Orc. It is the only way for an enslaved person to once more become a free person. Those who bear the mark of success are bound by the laws of orc custom when on orcish territory, but are also protected by its laws.

    The trials can continue past the point of freedom for a slave, to the point where a non-orc can command immediate respect from lower ranking Orcs. These trials are often deadly if failed, yet once won they need never be repeated. It is possible to attain a rank only a few steps below the High Chief himself, although those who have succeeded can be counted on one hand.

    The Lords

    The Lords is one of the largest crime syndicates in the world, run by dwarven leaders and spreading over both the territories of Sarok and Iron Rock, and through the Elinshire so as to maintain a connection between the two countries. The Lords are the leaders of the underworld, and have been using chaos and disputes between people and countriesl to spread their influence. They are working to find a way to control the leaders of the world, or, if they cannot find a way to control them, replace them.
    While their tactics are underhanded, The Lords are very handy ally to have, as high ranking members in their organization can command respect from almost any underground organization that has managed to spring up in the cracks and gaps they left behind.

    The Guild

    An underground organization of mages, dedicated to some of the more... dangerous and esoteric forms of magic. It is said that, for the right cost, the Guild can do anything. But the costs are as dangerous as the rewards are great, since the Guild does not accept physical forms of currency.

    The Guild has been divided up into many factions, all of which have only a little to do with each other. There have been many times where the Guild has come very close to breaking up into countless different groups, but the threat against them from all of the legal forms of law enforcement keep them banded together, as one part of the Guild can call upon another part should they come under threat. Should they actually fall apart, the many different portions of the Guild would almost certainly be crushed within a year.

    Knights Errant

    A group of knights, warriors, and other combatants who have decided to dedicate their lives to the fight for the good of the world in general, rather than their own person country. They roam the land in large groups, dispensing aid wherever it is needed, and living primarily off of the generosity of the local people. Their numbers are constantly in flux as they frequently gain new members, but their job is also incredibly risky and has a high death toll. However, the Knights struggle often with the reality of their task, and find that in saving one people, it is entirely possible that they may create problems for others. The Knights often have to live with the moral dilemmas of their actions.

    The Craftsmen

    A loose organization that is responsible for maintaining the different craftsmen across the civilized countries. It does not really have much power, but is rather a support system for all forms of craftsmen. However, you need to be able to demonstrate “mastery” in your skill before you will be able to join. The marks of the Craftsmen is a fairly powerful symbol for a shop, as it means your craft is the top of its group.

    The Road

    A traveling band of entertainers, comprised of all the races present in the world. Like Earth Gypsies, they are a close-knit band, and always take care of each other. Unlike Gypsies, the Road is also has a network of homes, healers, craftsmen, and the like, who will take in, supply, or care for anyone who is also a member of the Road. The Road is generally frowned upon by most regular forms of government, so it is hidden from those who do not know about it. After all, the Road is perfectly in place to get anyone out of any situation without being detected. The Road does not align with any government or religion, and is therefore a threat. The only way for someone who is not born into it to become a member is for that person to save the life of someone who is a member. This binds the two of them together, whether the saved person likes it or not, and the debt can either be repaid by returning that person a service equal to twice their life, or bringing them into the Road. However, the punishment for breaking the rules of the Road (related to secrecy and hospitality) is very harsh, and can be acted out by any other member. That is why it is a very rare occasion for those who are not born into it to enter the Road, because, without the indoctrination from childhood, the potential to break the rules is a lot greater, and that terrifies those who have grown up in the culture.

    Warriors of the Damned

    A cult that originated in the Barbaric Northlands, and has been growing in power simply through the force of fear. A small group of med and women, after facing a horrific defeat at the hands of an opposing tribe, decided that rules and law could no longer save their people, and they turned to chaos and destruction. Over the generations the Warriors of the Damned have perfected their technique, and now they rampage across the Northern Badlands, destroying anyone who gets in the way. Those who do not submit and join their cult are tortured to death, as practice for the new acolytes. So far, the governments in all three of the Civilized States have been ignoring the plight steadily growing to the north, not believing that it will ever pose a threat. However, the Damned fully intend to gain enough manpower to invade the southern states, and continue their rampage of terror.

    The Warriors of the Damned have a very harsh induction process, often involving the torture and subsequent death of a loved one. However, their expectations on their own members are just as stringent, and no one who is a long-term member of the cult will come away without signs of self-inflicted torture.

    the Widows

    A large all female assassin group, the Widows, also know as the Black Widows, hide in the shadows of all the lands. Founded by a mysterious woman, the Widows see most men as evil and brutish monsters, and decided to eradicate them, one man at a time. The woman take up positions all around the continent, as bar hostesses, private "entertainers" and some even seeking refuge in other groups. They gain they contracts through a secret channel of messages, and kill their target quickly and efficiently, but in their down time choose which man they want to kill weekly.
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  7. So Far.png
    In the Forest of Oak HavenThe town of Oak Haven, located in Northern Sarok, has been under threat from an army of undead. So far the city's guard has managed to hold off the invading army, but the situation is becoming desperate, and the fate of the city is not looking good. The mayor of Oak Haven sends a request to King Sternfire, ruler of Sarok, begging for military aid. Sternfire, however, turns down her request, far more concerned about maintaining control along the borders of his kingdom and within the capital city of Dragon's Gate than he is about aiding a small, northern village.

    Desperate to find a way to eliminate the army of undead, the mayor opens the towns treasury, and promises a massive reward to any individual or group that can find the source of the undead and put a stop to the invasion. Fighters, mages, and thieves from all over the country begin to gather in the land around Oak Haven, competing against each other and the seemingly endless lines of undead to find the source of the invasion and be the one to claim the reward.
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  8. Know.png

    While there are no open spots at the moment, there is a good chance one will be opening soon. Fallen Feathers needs new people, so please submit characters!

    Fallen Feathers is an adventure fantasy story, which is going to be tailored to the actions of all of the participating characters. It is therefore neither a sandbox world nor a quest story, because, while characters are allowed to explore the world fully, they are going to be limited in events and places by the things that are intuitively created within the story. Naturally, our character's quests are going to be guided by the mystery of the Fallen Feathers, which will be better explained in the first arc of this story. Throughout the story there will be pieces of information, and gradually it will all build up to a complete picture. There are going to be points where you have to be very attentive to find the hints, and other times where they are blatantly obvious.

    Your characters won't have any clear-cut path to follow. Because of that, there are going to be many opportunities to explore this world in ways that do not appear to be directly connected to the Fallen Feathers. This will allow for player-created events that personally intrigue you. Ones that relate to your characters past, or to their future, or to their desire to stay with or separate from the group. But it would all be tied together by the growing menace of the Fallen Feathers, even if the characters or the setting change. This story is going to be created by you and your characters.

    Because this story is going to be driven as much by you as it is by me, there are going to be intermediate posting expectations for this story. Make sure that you do not write posts that are purely reactionary, but rather drive the scene forward in some way. It does not always have to be a particularly meaningful way, but it needs to offer something for the next person to respond to. An occasional post that is purely reactionary is, naturally, completely acceptable, but if it is a repeated occurrence we will have a conversation.

    I am also going to ask that you do not write posts that involve the Fallen Feathers unless they have already been introduced in a scene, or I give you permission. This is simply because the Fallen Feathers are the key plot piece in this story, and I am going to be trying to convey a particular meaning with them.

    You are free, however, to create lore, events, people, and places, so long as they fit into the world. Don't go against what anyone else has already said, or what makes no sense for the story, and you are golden.

    Likewise, the NPC's of this world are yours to use as you please. If you use them in a bad way, I will abuse you. If you use them in a way that works really well for the story, your character very well may find themselves with an extra-special reward. If you use them in a way that permanently impacts any of your fellow characters without first talking to me, there will be bad consequences.

    That is a lot of potential freedom. Use it responsibly.

    Fallen Feathers is going to have a rotating cast of characters. This is because the characters that are submitted are allowed to be completely different people. They do not need to have the same goal. They do not all need to get along. It is perfectly acceptable for a character to leave the group, if that is what they would naturally do. If you really like that character and are a good writer, they may even have a special, tailor-crafted adventure to go on. Likewise, characters may join the party at any moment, and stay with the group for varying amounts of time. Some characters may come and go as they encounter the party. Player characters may vanish and reappear at a later date as their paths cross once more. But the story is going to revolve around the primary group of characters. That is another reason why this world is not sandbox.

    Sometimes, a character may be rotated out because they die. Character death can add a great deal of meaning to a story, and can add a lot of drama to particularly meaningful events. I promise you, right here and now, I will never kill your character without your permission. That does not mean that I won't encourage it with all of my persuasive abilities, but a character's life and death ultimately resides in your hands.

    Because of this, multiple characters are most certainly going to be allowed. However, more often than not, all of your characters will not be in use at the same time. Characters might leave because they have their own tasks, duties, or responsibilities to follow, only to resurface later. You are free to create as many characters as you like, but to keep the party size reasonable no more than two characters from one roleplayer will be allowed in the party at one time, unless I grant special permission otherwise.

    You will find that I can be very liberal in granting special permissions. I like to make things happen. But I only grant special permissions, I only do interesting things and create specially tailored plots, and hand out fancy, handy-dandy weapons when you people talk to me. So do it! Talk to me! I don't care if it is here in the OOC, or through a conversation, or even on my profile page. Talk to me. You'll probably like what happens.

    By submitting a character sheet you are giving me, your GM, complete permission to hijack your character as needed to move the plot forward. There are going to be scenes where actions from multiple characters are necessary to create the event that needs to happen. Although it probably won't be a regular occurrence, this is going to happen, and I don't need your permission. Please understand that I will use every talent I possess as a writer to portray your character accurately, believably, and to your satisfaction.

    The final rule: Don't be stupid. Don't piss people off. That really should be enough, shouldn't it?
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  9. OMG! Finally!

    Name: (No modern names, please.)

    Age: (If your character does not age like a human, please put both age by years, and age by appearance.)


    Race: (Please pick from the list of available races. If the story has not already started, you may submit a Player Created Race, as long as you give me a paragraph of general information and three pictures. If the story has already started I may accept another race, but only if you are very persuasive.)

    Class: (Pick a standard Fantasy class that would describe how your character fights opponents.)

    Appearance: (Pictures are preferred, but not necessary. If you use a picture, please keep it 500 px or less in width.)

    Personality: (Loner characters are not going to fit in as well in this story. If you really think you can pull it off... sure. I don't encourage characters that can't cooperate, though.)

    History: (I'm all for long, elaborate backstories. If you want to write one out, go for it. But try and be as efficient as possible with your words. If you don't want a long backstory, please make sure you give me something.)

    Magic: (I'm going to be moderately picky about making sure that any magic matches the established rules. But I want to get you the magic you want. So talk to me if you need help.)

    Notable Skills: (Maximum of four.)

    Possessions: (What is your character carrying? This should include weapons, armor, and notable items. It is assumed that all characters will have basic survival gear.)

    Alignments: (Does your character have attachments with any of the aforementioned alignments?)

  10. Accepted.png

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  11. Name: Ayiem Renari
    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Class: Bard

    Ayiem stands 5"7' tall, with dirty blonde hair. His smiles are quick and pleasing, but his gray eyes tell of bitter tales.

    Personality: Upon first encounter, one may see Ayiem as a likable fellow. He'll laugh with people, tell jokes, and even lend them a bit of coin when they're in need. However, once they start to know him, traveled with him for couple months. They'll begin to notice some oddities. His jokes becomes more pessimistic and even morbid at times. Often he will be seen gazing off in to the distance, or perhaps he'll forget the current conversation and excuse himself. Then the next day he'll be full of smiles and charm, and they'll forget these oddities. But one will remember that they don't really know much about him. He travels, plays and brings joy, but no one seems to know where he came from, why he does the what he does. It also seems like he doesn't travel with the same group often. So much of these quirks are merely dismissed. Perhaps the only time his smiles are true are when the weaves of his music fill the night time skies.

    History: Ayiem lived among The Road as long as he could remember. He was told his parent's had fought and died to protect one of their members, thus he was admitted in the family. Although he sometimes pondered on who his parents were, he didn't ponder long as there was always work to be done for the family. The constant state of movement and change was exciting for a young child growing up. The new places he went always fascinated him, but what gathered all his attention were the wonderful sounds the world made. From the bustling sounds of West Bay to the serene calm of Elinshire's forests. Being a strange child who saw the threads of color from these sounds, Ayiem knew he had to weave something beautiful. Years of practice with the lute allowed him to discover his magical potential. With this he became a bit renowned for his music, but it would be cut short. Simply told, he loved. He fought. He was betrayed. After much time he continued to travel, but without the enthusiasm of his youth. He played, but only in order to eat. He never stopped traveling as if he was running away. Perhaps his life will change in a small village of oak.

    Magic: Ayiem's potential for magic is unique. He can't really perform magic without the help his lute or voice. The melodies he plays provides a focus for his will and through that focus he is able to cast simple spells. He mainly does small illusions with light in order to enhance his performances such as light shows or small illusionary figures to act out plays. With more effort he is able to do some primal magic such as creating great fire from a small flames or increase the magnitude of winds. Such elemental magic requires him to weave intricate musical patterns for him to fully act them with his will. His best use of his magic is the alteration of sound. He can make his music roar through the bustling crowds of a stage. One of the more common usages is making mimicry of voices which helps his little shadow plays. If he needs to do something quickly and small, he could whistle.

    Notable Skills: (Maximum of four.)
    • Ayiem is quite proficient at playing his lute.
    • He can juggle, throw, and react quickly.
    • He is surprisingly good with hand to hand combat.
    • He has chromesthesia which allows him to see sound as colorful shapes and patterns.
    Possessions: Ayiem carries a simple shortsword, his lute, and his bag of tricks for entertainment. Within the bag are juggling balls, throwing knives, flashpowder, colored cloths, and various knickknacks. He generally wears a brightly colored clothing for traveling and his profession.

    Alignments: The Road
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  12. I applaud you on your quick application skills. You have a good character, there are only a couple of things I'd like to note.

    There is already a performer character from the Road accepted into this story. If that does not bother you, wonderful. I just know some people really don't like repeats, so I figured I'd let you know.

    Your magic looks good for the most part, as the fact that your character can only gather will when playing some sort of music balances out the very broad variety of magic it is possible for him to use. However, a fire from a spark isn't really feasible, as the spark won't last for more than a split second, and any magic from the spark would vanish when the spark vanishes. I get what you intended, I just want to make that clear. A candle would probably be a better word choice, because a candle flame will last.

    Also, I'm not sure if it is possible to silence noise through more noise. Sound magic cannot make sound cease to be, unless you are suggesting that he has such a refined ear that he can completely cancel out all noise by creating the exact opposite vibration. That would probably take a greater level of will than can be produced from a single note, from what I have gathered from what you wrote.

    As long as all of that makes sense to you and is acceptable, go ahead and make the necessary edits. I'll start working on how I want to lay out the accepted characters page. If it is not, please talk to me, and we can work through things, either here or in a separate conversation.
  13. @Peregrine

    You had mentioned you something about a spot being open. Did you have something in mind?
  14. Nothing in particular. You just asked me to keep you updated, so I wanted to let you know that the applications were open if you wanted to submit a character. Most of the spots for this story are already taken.
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  15. Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Iuitl

    Age: 40

    Gender: Female

    Race: Fey

    Class: Healer (Priest)

    4'2" in Height (open)

    Personality: A forgiving soul, Iuitl finds joy in other people's joy. Her youth shines through all her years, and there is nothing more Iuitl enjoys than good company. She prides herself on her guidance and advice however, and gets tetchy when people do not listen to her. Despite her avian look, Iuitl is bold, refusing to abandon those she trusts.

    History: Iuitl was born in a time when the Fey were as abundant as the blades of grass in the Northern Badlands. The world was younger then, more innocent, more bright. When she wasn't praying at the temples of the Hawk, Iuitl found herself exploring the land in her youth. The golden years soon passed by and it was a few years after Iuitl had hit 40, the final year for the Fey, when she had her first real experience with war. Although she was reluctant to fight, Iuitl wished to protect those she loved so turned to the only other option - healing. In this way she could help the Fey without injuring others.

    As the years went by, Iuitl began to realize that the Fey were not the people they were before. The other races of Amavia began to develop, slowly pushing them out through violence or ignorance. Healing or not, her Fey village decided Amavia was not theirs any longer. When her brethren decided it was time to leave the land, she found she loved Amavia too much to leave. To protect herself, Iuitl hid in the forests of Elinshire for centuries, riding out the conflicts that rocked Amavia in peace. It was only recently, around ten years before current events, that she decided to come out to the world once more.

    Iuitl wandered the land aimlessly since, performing good deeds for weary travelers. In this way, she hopes that the other races may see the nature of the Fey making the land safe for her peoples' return. Oak Haven's dilemma is a great opportunity for her to move up from healing warts to grander things.

    Magic: Healing: From siphoning blisters to stitching up large cuts, not to the extent of reattaching limbs although teeth may be a possibility. Can help speed up the healing process of illnesses, but cannot remove them.
    Illusion: Like other Fey, Iuitl can disguise herself as other humanoids within her sight.

    Notable Skills: Iuitl has a natural affinity for nature, being able to calm and speak to most of the fauna/flora of Amavia. She specializes in birds. Iuitl knows which plants are good for medical purposes.

    Possessions: A simple leather harness with ceremonial dagger attached to it. Her feathers protect her from the elements just as well as any clothes. She has a pouch full of natural ointments, salves and potions for well-being. (Basic survival gear there without question).

    Alignments: Although not officially aligned with the Knights Errant, she enjoys helping out those she meets. She thinks their cause is just and deserves all the support it can get.

    Maybe the age is going to be a problem, but I can fix that easily. Let me knooow if anything else needs touching up on.
  16. @mahigan

    Eh... no. I'm sorry. I have five reasons to reject your character.

    1) Your character cannot have been alive when the Temples of the Hawk were present. For that she'd need to be nearly 2,000 years old. Maybe more. I haven't exactly decided yet. Any character that knows about the past, knows about the gods at all, is going to seriously throw the plot off. Part of the mystery of this story is that everyone has forgotten about the gods. No one knows what these ancient ruins are.

    2) Any fey that reveals themselves is going to be incredibly, incredibly judged by other people. If your character walks around as a fey, she would have been imprisoned and enslaved by some noble looking for an exotic pet. Why do you think most of the fey fled?

    3) From the way you described it, I really feel like you did not read what I wrote about healing magic. It was one of they types of magic I specifically addressed.

    4) There are multiple inconsistencies in your character's age in relation to her backstory. You say she's only 40, but then you say she hid in Elinshire for centuries, just as a single example.

    5) A character as innocent as yours is going to be severely scarred by this story. It is not going to be light and happy, and I worry about her ability to survive the events that are going to come.
  17. That's ok.

    1) Ok. I kinda suspected the age would be a problem.

    2) Oh. So she'd have to use illusion magic most/all of the time?

    3) I misinterpreted it but having read through it again I see what you meant.
    Kinda like a channel.

    4) I misinterpreted this "Once a fey reaches a mature age of 40 years they cease to age, and will live on unaffected by old age." Sorry.

    5) This I already knew but I'd change her to a more toughened up character if you'd like. I just like playing through those scarring moments :P

    Would it be alright for me to try again? I might make a regular human instead of a Fey, seeing how I've messed things up already.
  18. You are certainly free to try again. :heart:

    Unfortunately, I've only got two open spaces right now, because I have another four people (who have yet to post) who followed me through to this thread. That means that either you, WarriorHeart, or Zeraj is going to have to sit out, at least until I get a sense for how active everyone is in posting, and whether or not it makes sense to bring in another person. I still highly encourage you to make the sheet, though, because I get the impression people are going to be coming and going a fair bit.
  19. Say my char ends upacross the map from everyone else. Will there be some kind of GM inspired shift to bring the characters together? I only ask because the world is massive.
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