Fallen Earth

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  1. jack walked through the survivor camp with his guns strapped to his sides and his aluminum bat in hand wiping the sweat from his forhead. he had hoped to meet some people to make a group so he could safely leave the hot desert of Arizona safely, but it looked as if he wasnt going to find anyone as everyone who had even a small amount of the guts and smarts neccessary to survive out in the wastelands had no supplies whatsoever. He stopped at a bar and went in to get a drink, as there was no legal age for anything anymore he could take his frustrations out with alcohol. He ordered a rum and coke and sat down at the bar waiting for his drink
  2. Liona sat in the ceiling above the bar where her next kill sat. He was an older man with a defined beer belly and stained shirt. He goes to this bar every week on this day. He first entered about an hour ago but she needed him to be pretty drunk by the time she got ready to kill him. She pulled out the gun her boss had given her for this kill- she didn't know why he needed to be killed and she didn't need to know. Liona pointed the gun through one of the larger cracks in the boards and took a deep breath. SHe paused a moment when a new boy entered the bar. ~Great, another witness~ She didn't truly care how many people saw her victim die as long as they did not see her. Once the boy sat down and ordered she took another deep breath then pulled the trigger. The bullet expertly landed right in the man's heart and he fell to the ground, blood pouring from his chest.
  3. "God dammit. Who the hell eats egg and cress anyway?" Molly growled, glaring at the sandwich as if it had personally savaged her. It was an evil little bastard. Maybe she should give it a taste of its own medicine. Yes. Of course. She dropped it on the ground, proceeding to stamp the life out of it, pounding on the thing with such glee that this episode carried on for very close to three minutes. It was an almost criminal waste of energy, but what did that matter? Retribution had been carried out, and so whether Molly lived or died really did not matter.

    The disgraced woman soon moved on, stalking towards what she expected would be an abandoned bar. Most places were all but deserted, save for the odd corpse. She entered the place just in time to hear the gun report. Immediately her own was drawn. She might have been mad, but that didn't dull her reflexes, thank god. "Uh oh, dead guy." Clearly, it had been a targeted kill, which immediately put Molly at ease, oddly enough. It was unlikely that it would be repeated, and so she relaxed, instead intercepting the boy. "You're going to jail, mister." Of course, she had no authority, and who drank what really didn't matter, but to her, saying these words was important.
  4. Liona froze when the new woman entered and drew her own weapon. She knew she couldn't bee seen from her hiding spot in the ceiling but the boards were creaky and old so if she moved too much then the sound of the wood would give away her position. When she relaxed, Liona did also and breathed a silent sigh of relief. If that woman had started shooting then she would have had no choice but to kill her also and she did not need two bodies dead by the same gun. She started to get up and leave but stopped when the woman walked over to the boy who had entered earlier. He seemed to be about the same age as her and looked like he could handle himself. She looked to her way out then back to the people in front of her and decided she had some time to kill before the Boss needed her back. She shrugged then laid back down and simply watched the scene below her.
  5. Anna sat in the bar, studying lab notes about the outbreak, when the man was shot. She jumped away to avoid being hit, and lost interest until the boy near him was framed. "Wait," She said to the person who had accused him. "That boy did nothing, the bullet came through the wall, see?" Anna then looked back to her papers, quite concerned that her own lab had caused this outbreak. It wasn't HER fault the lab workers used the wrong syringe! Those idiots! Newly hired too... A bit suspicious.
  6. Jack wasnt fazed by the death of the fat drunk next to him,he had seen enough death on his way here to no give a shit, pulled his shotgun out of the straps on his pack cocked it and put it under the girls chin "ill drink whenever the fuck i want to" He really just wanted to drink his frustrations away "don't think i wont kill you because i just fought my way through the wastelands to get here, so BACK THE FUCK OFF" the drink slid down the counter and he took a sip without taking his gun away from the girls chin."but other than that can i get you a drink?" he smiled foxily."what brings you to this hellhole of a town?"
  7. Needless to say, Molly also had a gun out, the smaller handgun that was the glock. She placed it to the youngers temple a fraction of a second after the shotgun was at her throat. Had he been more intent on killing, then it would have been far too late, but luckily there was enough clemency in the boy for the time being. "Tetchy. How cute. You do realise that if you're busy vomitting your guts out, you will die with your head in a toilet?" If he bothered to get to one. What was the point in being polite these days? It was far more important to stay alive.

    "The names Molly, who's the uptight one?" She spoke as if they were having just a normal conversation, no pandemic, no guns. "Girly, just as pipkin here is taking this whole freedom thing far too seriously, you're just being much too serious. Reading time is over." Molly was nonchalant, teasing, equally as guilty as any of the others. Probably moreso, seeing as she wasn't even thinking about what she was doing.
  8. Jack laughed and downed the rest of his drink "where i die is none of your buisiness sweatheart, now can i buy you a drink or not?" he was the other woman, because well this was where the action was. he also heard some creaks up from the ceiling pulled his berreta out and shot at the source of the noise "just in case right?" then to the bartender "can i get another rum and coke? and a gin and tonic for the lady? thanks"
  9. Liona saw Jack pull out his gun and dodged just time for the bullet to miss her. But, in her haste to get out of the way, she had jumped up and away and because the boards were so old they broke beneath her. "Shit!" She came crashing down through the ceiling right onto the middle of the bar beside them. She rubbed her back where she had fallen and glared at him in childish annoyance, "Ow! Did you really have to do that? I wasn't even going to shoot at you!" She stood back up slowly and crossed her arms, still glaring at the boy.
  10. "Well, at least you've got manners." Molly shrugged, sort of talking to herself, wandering off into her own little world until this one seemed to come crashing down around her. Well, it might only have been a small piece and a girl to boot, but it could still feel like the entire earth shattering. "That's what you think." Molly interrupted, shaking her head and tutting in what could only be described as wholly misplaced derision. "Anyone might shoot anyone, so don't spout lies, little girl." Harsh, but perhaps fair, particularly in these times of doom.

    It was only at this point that the ex-soldier replaced her gun in its holster, taking her place on a stool and finally appearing to relax. She no longer seemed to be on edge, as ifg she might explode at any moment. Now, the woman was seemingly average, though how long this phase might last was anyones guess.
  11. Liona rolled her eyes at the woman, "Listen, I just came here to kill my guy, if I was here to kill anyone else I would have done so right after I shot Mr. Kilbin over there." She told her matter-of-factly then motioned to the man who she had killed earlier. "And I'm not just anyone, Lady."
  12. Jack holstered his weapons as the woman put her pistol away and turned to the girl now on the floor, obviously tipsy."i thought you were a zombie!" he laughed "don't glare at me like that, i was protecting this young lady here!" he gestured toward molly "even though she might not need it" he offered one hand to help the girl up and picked up his newly placed drink up from the bar with the other hand and took a large gulp.
  13. Liona continues to look at him in annoyance then glances to the hand he offered to help her up. After a moment a small smile breaks out on her face and she takes his hand, "Thanks…" she said as she pulled herself up while in the process of pulling him down. Once she had yanked him to the ground and used the momentum to bring herself to a standing position she just smiled childishly down at him.
  14. Jack landed on his back, and since his drink was in his hand, the rest of it flew into the girls face. he laughed from the floor." nice one!" he stood up and held out his hand once more " im Jack, and yourself?" she seemed like an ally worth having in the wastelands.
  15. Liona scrunched up her nose at the liquid which was thrown at her face, "Ew!" She wiped off the drink as much as she could. "What is this stuff anyway…?" She muttered then grabbed a nearby cloth from the counter and wiped the rest off of her. She then looked at his hand then to his face out of the corner of her eye, judging whether or not it was worth it to shake his hand. After a moment she shook his hand, "My name's Liona, nice to meet you Jack." She said with a smile.
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  17. Kaz walked over to the bar and sat down a few stools down from Molly. "Can i get a bottle of whiskey?" She asked the bartender as she set her rucksack and rifle down beside her. She pulled a cigarette out of her pants pocket with a lighter that had a skull with crossed sniper rifles on a shield. She lit the cigarette and took a drag then blew out the smoke.
  18. Anna ignored the comment calling her "uptight." She didn't care. These people didn't know what life-saving information could be on these sheets! Ignorant fools... "Please," She said, interrupting the group. "Do not call me names, this reading could keep you from being turned into a zombie..."
  19. Liona's eyebrows shot up in interest at Anna's words and turned to face the woman curiously. "What kind of information do you have over there?" She asked then walked over to her, looking at her papers of the woman's shoulder.
  20. Kaz looked at Anna and took another drag. "Only thing keeping me from turning.." She thought to herself then pulled out a bullet from her sidearm. "Is this." She blew the smoke out slowly.