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  1. In a world unknown by humanity, pocketed in a different universe, lay a kingdom of elves named Illea. In that land was a child by elven standards, seemingly 20 years of age.
    Her name is Artemia Lumen...
    Royal princess of Illea of the High House Lumen.
    Unfortunately, the princess committed treason ;
    The murder of her father, King Zuedis. The reason known to only a chosen few.
    Today marks the day that Artemia is forced to leave her home, her kingdom, for the outside lands where dwarves and humans roam. She has been exiled because the people loved her so. They could not bear to kill the young elf, for children are few and far between.
    Now, it is time for Artemia to say goodbye to her twin brother, Apollinius, find a new life, and to learn how to survive without her peoples aid...
    Can she learn to live this new life and survive?


    Are you willing to join a roleplay of mystical creatures? Dragons, dwarves, humans, elves and any other such races you would prefer. Artemia doesn't know a thing about the outside world. Just a few tidbits about the other races. Elves are quite isolated and tend to keep from outside world affairs.
    Just a few rules.
    1. No one-lines.
    2. Please be sure your grammar is well enough that we are able to clearly understand.

    OOC is here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/exiled-ooc.60209/
    Name: Artemia LaVedia
    Occupation: Royal Princess(Exiled.)

    Elf woman.png

    Knock, knock.

    "Come in," spoke Apollinius.
    A click and Artemia knew, without having to look, that the guard had entered. Her nerves were frayed, though she had enough practice over the years of controlling her outward emotions. Her father made sure of that.
    "My lords," she heard a rustle of metal, again knowing without sparing a glance, that the guard had bowed. It was all so predictable. "I come to escort Her Highness. We are ready."
    She could not help but to act like a normal girl for once and sob. Had her father been alive, he would have been appalled.
    "Leave. She will leave in a moment."
    "Yes, my Lord."


    She lifted her her blonde head and gazed up at her taller twin. Their features were the same save for the more manlier aspects, such as his strong jaw and broad shoulders. He watched her with a tenderness he never gave to others. They were the world to one another. Herila, their mother and Queen, and died at their tender young ages of 3, of poison. Their father was a horrible double.
    "You know..." He gently grasped one of her waist length, blonde tresses. "They do not need me to lead. I could... I could go with you."
    "No." She was so absolute, he stepped back, surprised. "I love you far too much to make you suffer for my crimes. Our father deserved what he got, but I did it for us. For our mother and our people. I will suffer alone, for I have done it gladly. You will live... happily. I will find mine own way out of these walls. You need not worry.."
    "I see... But-.."
    She wrapped her arms around her twin, hiding the few bits of tears the managed to escape. "Goodbye, Poly."
    Off she went, briskly walking like a proud Queen to her doors and left her world behind.
    All alone...
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  2. Name: Mast Naral
    Occupation: Rogue Dark Elf, currently away from his House.

    Mast Naral was running through the woods, his bow in his hand glowing it's green color that was enchanted.. On the run he pulled a quiver out of his quiver and put it on the string and pulled back. He was running with it down and opened fire through the woods. The arrow shot true straight through the woods and connected with a tree and it splintered it apart as it kept going to catch a running deer. "HA!" He ran up to the deer the bow now on his back, he pulled out a knife from his belt waist and started skinning it. Several minutes past and he had set up a small fire and the deer was in a sack. The wind blew and Mast stood up, thinking it was a cause of another person. He shrugged. Mast wore a black cloak and normally kept the hood over his head not to show his gray skin.. his true heritage. A dark elf was known as one of the most evil races and his old personality showed that very well. He was sinister at times, and often got bored and would kill a few orcs to claim his blood lust. He had taken a break of his house. the Matron Mothers had gifted him with a bow before he left but he trashed everything they gave him because it all was just magic to track him.

    He sat back down and checked his food. Food for a couple of days and water for weeks. Got to head to town and get rid of this meat to the shop keeper. He checked his equipment next, Twenty nine arrows, and bow is as good as ever. He then looked down at his blades, two enchanted scimitars that increased his hand speed slightly and could cut through a lot more then he realized sometimes. He stood up and threw the bag over his shoulder and started walking.
  3. The Elves of all manner if species were gathered along the edges of the main road, granting passage to one lone figure; Artemia. She stood ram rod straight and walked with dignity despite the eery silence. A few muttering a could be heard to her sharp ears.

    They would never understand the sacrifice she paid, but that was fine with her. She did not do things to be recognized, she had done them to protect them. The ones who had gone missing throughout her father's reign, the ones who suffered under his iron fist. He was of course a noble and loving king to those outside the castle walls, so of course... They would never understand.
    At the end of the long road were the large, giant sized and thirty men long doors carved from enchanted white willow trees. She had never seen the doors up close before before the size was astounding. Awed despite the circumstances, she shook her blonde mane and turned, giving one last glance to the home she had known through the last hundred years. Born and raised. A golden haired shape had appeared at the balcony. Goodbye, brother...
    The young elf stepped through the wide open doors and faced the thick forest beyond, armed and hopefully ready.
    Not surprisingly, after just a few hours of traveling through the forest in seemingly endless circles, Artemia decided to settle herself down in a small clearing, exhausted at the waning light. Royals. What a useless title in the wild.
    As soon as she found herself comfortable enough, she fell into a deep sleep..
  4. Mask moved around the forest, he realized he was extremely close to the elves sanctuary. "Crap." He looked around and tied the sack around him and pulled out his bow. He listen for sharp noises, he hated fighting his twin race. Unlike the humans and dwarves dark elves had more trouble fighting one on one with their counter parts. He moved quietly as his foot hit a dry leaf it made no noise, he stepped silently and came across a woman elf, sleeping soundly. He pondered, and saw she slept comfortably. He moved around the area and didn't see any elves scouting the area. He put his hand on his chin and shrugged. He moved out to her and awkwardly set down in front of her. He put his sack with the deer meat on the ground. "Hey?" He said casually.
  5. Dreams of her life in the castle wracked her brain. Her father reading over piles of papers, alone in his room for once. The young elf entering his room without a second's hesitation. Her father blatantly ignoring her entrance. And then the blood... Oh, the blood...
    Her father's dead eyes as he said...
    Her pale blue eyes slowly opened. After blinking a few times, confusion swept over her. Why was she in the forest? Ah. R-...
    "Ah!!!" She yelled, scrambling back. Though there was really nowhere to go when you're fighting up against a tree.
    A male, she guessed, judging by his features, was sitting just in front of her.
    She fought to maintain control of her emotions, and finally managed to make herself seem as calm as her upbringing had taught her. Though she kept her back against the tree, she kept her hand against her side, near her dagger holstered at the waistband.
    "Who might you be, sir?" She asked, expression schooled into serenity.
  6. He removed his cloak. Showing his dark gray face, his pointy ears, and his handsome elvish features. The dark elf smiled at her, as he saw her motion toward the dagger. He continued sitting, being as calm as ever, looking her over. She was rather young, one hundred years... maybe. She was attractive, but what elf wasn't? He was confused, she seemed more of royalty then a traveler but appearances are sometimes flaw. He smiled at her, "Mast Naral, The Fourth House." He exclaimed, giving his name and title of his dark elf ranking within the dark elf community, the top eight houses being the most important. "You seem to be lost, my dear." He looked to the side, "And without protection besides that little dagger." He grinned, viciously, but then stopped and went to blank expression, his old personality of his race trying to come out.
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  7. Her eyes widened in surprise and then returned to normalcy. The royal was kept within castle walls and so has very limited experiences with the other races. She could, however, remember meeting a young dark elf when she was but a child. Long story short; it was not a pleasant experience.
    "Mast Naral. My name... My name is Artemia... Although my current circumstances say otherwise..." Deliberately avoiding any mention of House, she dipped her head in respect. "It is good to make your acquaintance." She glanced at her hand that held firmly to the handle of her dagger. "Perhaps just a dagger, but it is my choice of weapon. I can do more with it than I look, Sir Naral."
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  8. Eloá | The Nymph
    Occupation: - - -
    { Currently roaming through forest towards the 'elf territory' or kingdom. }
    A slender yet quite curvaceous female seemed to be walking through the woods alone, towards the elf territory which was a distance away. How troublesome to see a fair young and rather attractive looking maiden roam the woods alone, she looked like she didn't know combat at all. Her faint ash brown hair reached slightly passed her thigh and she wore a light blue gown which had some diamonds and jewels in the front .

    It was clear that she was a nymph. Nymphs were known to be creatures similar to deers, they're shy, and run if frightened the slightest bit or intimidated. Few were like 'warriors' or 'tough' girls, but other then that they were known to be submissive. Most of them were female, and lived amongst the woods for the most part--And who did they fear the most? Men, or The male elves the most, who were much like satyrs as the men of elves were mostly the ones who bothered them more then any other species. And satyr-like men were no-gos to nymphs, especially if you're always bothered by them, you lose the whole species trust really. However This nymph wasn't afraid on the other hand -or Atleast not as afraid as the other nymphs- and she looked around the woods.

    Her name was Eloa. A more known nymph unlike the others and she was simply just going to the elf territory for an adventure rather then hang out with the other female -nymphs-. She had a tan cloak over her head, covering her face. Seeing as she was known -almost like a 'fable'-- men would say stories about her/this particular nymph- she didn't want to be seen, despite already looking practically suspecious. Seriously, a fancy and beautiful gown with a cloak! Nope, but it's something that would do for her slightly far journey to the elf kingdom or territory.

    But upon walking for a few more minutes, she noticed from afar, another female. And since her curiosity kicked in, she decided to slowly and quietly get a closer look before crouching low, and squatting behind the bushes.the female only saw the other blonde female elf, and heard another voice, however didn't see or know for sure if it was a man as she ignored the voice and her blue eyes from behind the lush green bushes watched the female as quietly as she could.

    Things to know:

    • Eloá loves adventure despite being a 'prize' to others for her beauty. Therefore she is slightly more different and 'braver' then other nymphs. However she is still easily frightened by things depending on the situation. Men especially.
    • She is a vegetarian. (But later in the RP if offered or she sees meat I'm going to let her try it and become obsessed XD... So she can look like a charmer but eat like a pig.)
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  9. He smiled at her, as he looked her over, though it didn't seem as if he was looking at her attractive features but judging her as a fighter. He smiled, "No last name? So I'm guessing you left.. or you were exiled." He put a certain tone on that last word to get a reaction. As she put her hand on his weapon, he smirked, and put his hands on his lap and revealed his two scimitars, he was a confident fighter being the ex-Weapon Master of his House and always edged for a fight if challenged. "Th-" He stopped, his overly sensitive senses kicking in as he heard the person. He smiled, thinking it was a farce like the last time but realized this one stopped more dramatically rather then in a single motion. He ignored it for now, and looked back at the Elf that was grasping at her knife, he smirked. "The pleasure is all mine, I assure you." He bowed his head slightly as he sat.
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  10. She glimpsed his weaponry and sighed, shoulders drooping as if a great weight had fallen upon her. Her pale blue optics raised up to meet his own without an ounce of shame. A fierce, rebellious look she attained through her ordeals in the castle. "I have been Exiled." She grimaced at those words, feeling her hope was so very low. "But I will not feel shamed for it. I did what I had to... I did..." she murmured, suddenly feeling very vulnerable. Perhaps he knows, she thought. Perhaps he is here to kill me. The dark ones could care less. The young woman straightened her spine and sat regally. If this was her time of death, she would die a royal. An exiled royal, but a royal nonetheless. She was not a coward.
  11. The nymph remained in her hiding spot adjusting herself to sit on her knees. When she heard the other person's voice she ever so slightly rised from her crouching and peeked her head out of the side as she was near a tree. It was a man, who had stopped saying what he was about to say almost immediately once she moved to see him. This ultimately startled her, But thankfully even just a tiny glimpse was enough and she had noted most definitely seeing elf-like ears. A man who was an elf, just great and now was the time to run.

    But Eloa remained still in her spot. Creeping back down to her knees in a crouching position. She was thinking to hard, it was most likely pure coincidence that he stopped when she moved... Or atleast, that was what Eloa forced herself to believe and she looked around seeing some small critters around her who seemed to be rather energetic today. It was because the small animals sensed her, to her slight dismay. It was like those stories that had descripted of how to find out Eloa, or her location. The small birds will be chirpier -if not musically or rythematically- than usual, and The preys and predators will be calmer (Like squirrels for example who will sit still rather then constantly travel). The female utterly hated herself and spotted a fox before quickly yet silently grabbing it.

    With the fox in her lap she had an idea. Perhaps the fox can help by running across and past the two people to make things seem more 'normal'. But then again, it wouldnt make sense as foxes dont randomy go near the slightest bit towards humanoids. So, Eloa grabbed a nearby rabbit. She could only hope for the best and she pointed at the two elves before the rabbit quickly took off right between them, being chased by the fox from behind. It was an act and Eloa remained to feed the 'curious demon' that was in her.
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  12. Mask laughed like she had just told a joke, "Excellent!" His upperbody leaned in and he cocked his head to the smile, a huge smirk across his face. "So, an elf that is exiled. That's simply perfect!" His face was more twisted then it should have been, and he seemed intoxicated by the thought of her. "What did you do?! Did you murder several people? Fight someone one on one to the death for retribution but you went overboard?" He eyed her dagger, gaining more pleasure every second, and he realized it but he didn't care at this point. He wanted to know what would cause an exile in their elves' community. His smirk was mischievous and only got more scary as he thought more about it.

    He paused and watched as a rabbit and fox came in the middle of them, his reflexes were so keen he grabbed the fox by the tail and it made a yelp like sound and went to bite his arm. The fox was unlucky as he already had one of his arrows in his other hand and he shoved it through the fox's head. He looked up at Artemia, "More food." He grinned, and noticed something... A Smell. He knew that smell very well. Dark elves loved torturing these creatures, and as he remembered they were normally drawn in by the female dark elves. He remembered that nymphs loved being around women but not men. If only they could have put around their head that female dark elves are the most sinister beings ever created under the sky. He did not look to the bush this time, he stared at Artemia, wanting to know everything about her exile. He'd deal with the Nymph later.
  13. Although disgusted by the murder of a poor animal, Artemia placed that feeling in the very back of her head. She gripped the handle of her dagger and remembered all too well of the crime she committed. She simply shook her head, and glared defiantly at the dark elf. His expression was grotesque in that way his species was apparently famous for. Frightening. He watched her as he might a particularly delicious dinner.
    "Why the curiosity?" the female asked. "It is simply none of your concern, Sir Naral. We are just elves who have happened to run into one another in a forest... or rather, 'snuck up on'. Go back to your House and find out. I am sure no one would hide the information. It's all over the kingdom by now." She turned her head away as if dismissing him. Perhaps asking for swift death in the movement or the chance to live. Although the Royal knew naught what she preferred most at the moment. He knew and she knew that he could easily overpower her, so as of this moment, it was certainly her life in his hands...
  14. He stood down clapping enthusiastically, "My, my. A touchy subject, something personal then! Even better then I imagined." He chuckled, "I did not sneak up on you, my dear. I walked up and sat down. And I'm not he most dangerous thing in these woods. Though I'd like to think anything that is more dangerous then me I could still kill." He chuckled at her statement of going back to his house, "I rather dislike my elven community. The women are too strict," He said that as an understatement, "And the males just like to stab you in the back. And I don't mean that figuratively either." She turned away from him, he smiled even more greater at the defiance. He was intoxicated by this young elf, and he wasn't sure why. Maybe because even the most powerful females in the dark elf society were scared to turn their backs on him, though he didn't care much for the rivalry of his House or the other houses. "I will accompany you, Exile Artemia." He bowed, not mocking her title, but embracing it as a good thing.
  15. Silently Eloa watched as the fox was roughly grabbed and killed. She nearly twitched the second when Naral had forced the arrow to go through the foxes head. On the bright side it was painless and a quick death, she understood meat eaters, it was a way of some life forms and if she were to have the features of a canine, surely her tail would be down between her legs with ears folded back to let out a whimper of sadness. Up close the girl was indeed familiar, Eloa knew her when she was just a toddler for a while. It was artemia, a female who has known Eloa as '-Fairy- God mother' despite trying to tell her she was a nymph and not a fairy.

    But how can it be? What has she done to be exiled? Eloa pondered mentally, then a thought stuck in mind, and she finally knew through common sense whenever she visited artemia as a child. Something happened to her father maybe? The female shook her head and decided to leave... But she couldn't cross over, hell, if she shape shifted she would terribly die the same way certainly as that fox she released -Not to mention, elf men were still quite terribly scary-. She proceeded to crawl her way around the perimeter of the bushes. She knew that the male elf was aware of her presense, as he seemed more on the 'special elf' side then the regular ones she often saw and Eloa had hoped he would leave her alone.

    It's been quite a while since she last actually saw Artemis. But now wouldn't be a good time, and for every reason it would be because if Naral there. Maybe she'll see artemia another time later on in the future and the birds who were chirping endlessly, soon came slowly down to a silence as they flew away. The animals being 'normal' now.
  16. Slowly, the blonde elf turned her head to face the other, surprised by his answer. "Accompany?" she asked. "But.. But you don't know who I am! Perhaps I'm... someone absolutely dreadful!" Realizing he bowed she began to fluster, cheeks flaming. "Please, please. None of that." She covered her face with her delicate hands. "I thought I would never see that again," she muttered nearly inaudibly, for no one but herself to hear.
    Slowly, she stood, keeping herself as far against the tree as possible as if trying to become one with it. Never had she spoken with someone or been this close in proximity to someone other than her twin. The servants and the guards kept a good distance. When she realized that -at least for the moment- she was safe, she began to become more aware of herself.
    It was almost... refreshing. Not to have to keep up a charade of nobility to anyone. Now was... it was her chance to actually live.
    As long as the dark elf seemed inclined to have her around. A small, glowing light of hope was beginning to bud within her chest.
  17. The dark elf realized how it was. He never really knew anything outside of the treachery, killing, and torturing that was accustomed in the dark elf society. When he figured that there was something more it had felt good. He had never known what good was exactly, but once he felt it he clung onto it and tried to be different from them. The Matron Mother found out and sent him away but gave him the option to come back. Only because she didn't have the power to kill him, and she didn't want to waste so many soldiers or his sisters to try and kill him. He laughed as she blushed, and stood as well. "We'll have to remedy that battle sooner or later but it'll be nice having elf company around." He smiled a warm smile, "Though you probably know little about anything. I shall attempt to teach you some things that will help you in the wilderness." He walked up to her, uncomfortably close and took her hand and kissed it. "I look forward to traveling with you, Exile Artemia." He turned away and picked up his sack and slung it over his shoulder and carried the fox under his arm pit after removing the arrow and putting it back in his quiver.
  18. As soon as the male elf turned away, Eloa poked out from her hiding spot -assuming he had already left/is afar- and put the hood of her cloak down. Quietly she walked towards Artemia, leaning forward and tapping her shoulder gently with a finger. She then retreated her hand back, crossing them behind her arms before giving a small wave smiling then wrapping her arms behind her own back again."Hello.--You've seem to grow up beautifully." Complimented the nymph letting out a small giggle as she smiled.

    "Sorry its been years." Apologized the female as she swayed her body side to side, arms weapped behind her back."Do you by lucky chance--still remember me?" She asked tilting her head and losing her smile, only to form a gentle and curious expression as she blinked her round blue eyes.
  19. The woman stood dumbfounded and silent for a moment. "No way..." she whispered. Flashbacks of meetings by the gardens. Of chains and healing. Of a kind and beautiful woman who often visited the twins until of course... her father ruined it all. "It's you!" She grabbed the nymph and hugged her tightly, laughing with merriment. "You came back to me!" She could not hold the feeling of happiness behind. What odd, good things happens after exile. "I cannot believe you are here, God Mother."
  20. Upon being hugged, Eloa smiled looking down at Artemia and wrapped a arm around her, the other hand playing with her golden hair."And i cannot believe you've been exiled." She commented."I guess fate finds it amusing when we're together." Added Eloa hugging Artemia back for as long as the elven girl would latch onto her. Then Eloa sighed."Ah--but then again, Im quite happy that you're not mad, but rather understanding as I had hoped." Eloa giggled again then placed her fingers around artemia's wrapped arms which binded around her waist and gently made her release her figure."Seems like for your uncanny luck, I'll be here most likely forever." Eloa inferred then looked over artemia's shoulder to see if the male elf was around and crouched her head down to level with Artemia's ear."And maybe your new friend too perhaps." She added, hinting that she had been around since their meeting which had just taken place.
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