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  1. I'm not sure what to do guys :,c
  2. I would love to join Exiled. If you get to the town I can introduce the character I have in mind. There are other ways for me to introduce her though if you guys don't end up going there.
  3. There's a lot of females in my opinion.
    @Januarius your RP. You decide XD
  4. Sec. On my phone not easy to type on this.
  5. Okay, yeah, females are dominating right now. xD If we could get another male, that would be fine.
  6. Then I can make my character male :) Just need to decide on a new name and looks.
  7. @Venna just notifying you of a ooc thread c:

    Now we need a male to even things out.. I was gonna invite a female character, but I'll wait for two more male CS (one to even with venna's character, another to even out my female character that I'll most likely bring in later if a male appears)
  8. :o Thankies!~ :3

    I sorry, I didn't know about the gender debate, I hadn't seen the ooc ^^'

    P.S., sorry if the intro post was too long!~
  9. PFFFT. I'm not GM. I just think its preferred.

    And I like long posts so whatever :o
  10. It's kind of been girl/boy/girl/boy thing. I just like even numbers. >_>
  11. I can relate~ ^^

    And I'm glad you liked it :3
  12. Gold is supposed to reply. >.>
  13. From the looks he hasn't been online since before I even posted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.