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These are just some of the things I'm proud of, and would love to hear feed back on. Critique is highly appreciated although keep in mind that I'm a pretty much self taught artist so my stuff looks amateur for that reason. >.< So try not to use fancy terms on me or anything. I have yet to take some extensive classes on how to draw. This is just stuff I do on my free time.





1st one was done with acrylic on canvas, the second with acrylic and watercolor, also on canvas. Third is acrylic on canvas, and the last one is pencil on paper.
-compliment confirmation.-
*blushes* Thank you! *still blushing*
These are some amazing masterpieces. Especially since these are by the hands of someone self-taught, I am quite impressed. I love the third one best. It's very pretty and I love the sky. :3

Do share more, will you? <3
The dimensions and shapes are good on the dragon.
I really like the way that the clouds turned out on the third one.
I think the second one could improve if you work on perspective a little, but it's still good.
Yeah the second one was the first painting I ever did on canvas, and it was done rather quickly. >.< But thank you for the critique.

Thought I post another one I'm proud of. This was an anniversary present for my boyfriend, hence the bunnies.


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A montage I made for an rp I'm running. I may make more depending if that rp keeps going or another one inspires me to do so.

This is a picture of my friend's great danes. Both are grown up now. I'm not very happy with the eyes on the bigger one but overall I'm impressed I was able to get their bodies down.


You can call yourself an amateur all you want, but when I saw this, I instantly thought of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

And I am definitely not someone who knows very much about art or artists, but I do happen to remember things I've seen. (it took me about five minutes to google 'famous stars moon tree painting' before I figured out it was Van Gogh's. So that explains that haha. xD)

This is just my way of saying, for someone who is self-taught, I see some talent!

If there was eloquence in painting, this would be it :] In my eyes, anyways.
Good job figuring that out. ^^ I don't know what is about that painting but I've done several renditions of Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. For some reason the painting works in cool and warm colors as well. The painting really does strike a chord in me for whatever reason that is.
I am also a big fan of Van Gogh's. Nice homage. :]
:O Self taught!? Are you kidding me?! I can't even draw a stick figure right! You're amazing!! :D
These two drawings I did about two years and the idea for them isn't mine. For some reason, I never took a good photo of either for people to look at... I took the idea from another artist, Heise Jinyao and changed certain aspects of them to fit the characters for a roleplay. Here are the original drawings.

HeiseJinyaoRed.jpg 02_170301_zwp415.jpg

Mine are not that awesome. I'm not completely happy with the body proportions but I'm still happy that I got both done. Also they're both done with colored pencils and since I didn't have a large enough piece of paper, I ended up taping several pieces together.

Attempt at drawing Keira Knightly.

A comic that I've been working on whenever I feel like.


Thanks Illiana! ^^

Definitely not something to look at when you're at work.
Name: Yaara Sudran "Ancient Mother"

Age: As old as the forest itself.

Species: Sentient Tree

Family: All of the trees in the forest are her children.

Personality & History: Caring, nurturing, and very protective of her children. She is wise and learned of the ways of both forest and man. She will always do what is best for her family, though at times she has taken pity on the race of man and has aided them in their times of struggle. She lives for the purpose of balance, so that man may never tip the scales and upset the balance of nature and technology. This task she lovingly and loyaly forever is responsible for upholding, as charged by the goddess of creation. From the moment she was planted in fresh soil at the beginning of time, she has strived to understand all that there is to understand and to become the medium for both progress and simplicity. She is the stand upon which the scales balance, though should they ever begin to tip in human's favor, she must interject for the sake of the true natives of this world: nature. Yaara Sudran has many agents, both wild and human and she speaks both tongues. She is the only sentient plantlife, as her children are far more simple, but this also makes it easier for her to maintain peace in nature. Her human agents are magical folk who value the earth they walk upon as she believes all humans should.

Current Goal/Purpose: There have been two great wars between nature and man. Yaara Sudran fears a third may be brewing. Humans have grown insensitive and ungrateful for all that nature has provided them. They are encroaching on her forest, needlessly chopping down her children, according to her most trusted human agent. She understands that sacrifices are a necessity; that the humans need use of her children and those in her kingdom for shelter and food and warmth as much as they all need the dead of the humans to nurish the soil. But taking without cause can not go unpunished. She will begin the assemblage of her warriors...

Appearance: A thirty-foot thick, too-tall-to-climb, mighty tree with roots lifting above ground and reaching far down into the soil, bark rough and lightly coated in moss. Her top spiders into many large branches that are always in bloom with leaves and blossoms, regardless of year. Her branches show her age, crooked and lumpy like an old woman hunched with arthritis. She sits on an island surrounded by a spring with the purest of waters. Looking into the spring is like gazing at a star-filled sky.

Was bored one day so I went through the Create a Character challenges and choose Dawn's character for this drawing. Very happy with the way it turned out.

I like it ^__^ Good job <3
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