Even in death twins are still around private hades and angel

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She would wait until he had his fill her stomach growling and kind of felt bad for the girl she smiled at the two holding back. She could hear the blood pusling through her neck calling her.
Ron then dives his fangs in her neck and starts to suck the blood out of the girl. He's used to doing this, he grabed her mouth just in time so she didn't scream, he bite in a way that he doesn't make a big mess like vamps usually do. He raises his head putting his hand over teh bite so blood won't splash around, he licks a lil blood around his mouth, not as much as vampires usualy have, he there was no blood dripping from his chin, just a lil bit around his lips.
"Come Trish drink a lil!" he says with some excitment in his voice, drinking blood gives then sucha rush it was hard not talking this way when they had just drank.
When she watched him drink her stomach turned a bit she was still not used to this whole blood thing. The girl looked scared and she wished that she didn't have to be the one to get killed. When he offered her some blood she could not help but go over to the side and when he moved she bit down hard on her neck. She had not learned to be gentle yet and she knew it would hurt the girl. Soon after she drank the girl was dry and she let the body crumple to the floor by their feet. "That was good."
Suddenly some one knocks on the door.
"Were kinda busy here!" Ron yells almost laughing.
"Sorry!" - a familiar voice says from the other side.
"Is Sonya there?" - the voice asks
"She can't talk right now" - Ron says allmost laughing again."Hey Sonya, it's Jack, thanks for bringining me here, I needed to cheer up after what happened to Trisha, but it's not working just wanna tell you I am leaving. See you later!"
The words echoed through her mind almost as if a memory came through the thick fog in her mind. "I know that person." She said quietly not wanting him to hear but she felt sorry for her brother and what he had to go through. Leaning against the wall she sighed looking at the door and watching it as if expecting it to open. When Ron was messing with him she laughed to probably making him think that he was having sex with her.
"Hey jack why don't you come in and tell her that, she couldn't listen!" Ron yells with a grin smile.
Then the door knob turns...
"Ron no." She whispered using her speed she went into a closet after whispering. "Don't let him see that please." Now she was gone and hidden from her brother's view.
It's to late Jack steps in Ron grabs him fast against the wall closing the door and grabbing his mouth so he can't yell.
Ron pulls his head back ready to carve his fangs...
"Ron stop it." She hoped that he would not notice her vocie so she lowered it and hoped the light was dark enough. Moments later she was right beside Ron trying to pull him off her brother. Why was Ron being like this he had already eaten today.
Jack kicks Rons nuts and shoves him off,
Ron trips on Trisha who was pulling him and falls on top of her so Jack can't see who the mysterious helper is,
he then grabs the coat hanger that was near the door and swings it at Rons head.
Grabbing it she stopped her brother from hitting Ron over the head she then stumbled off him. "Go now." She said to Jack then glared at Ron he shouldn't have done that. Little did she know that was the start of a war of saving her brother from other vampires now.
Jack Runs up the stairs.
"Call 911!!!" he yells, but the music is high no one listens.
Meanwhile Ron get's up.
"What was that for?" - He asks at Trisha sounding mad.
Finally the brother was gone she wanted so much to hug him and tell him it was her but she couldn't. She was dead now. "That's my twin brother. Do not touch him."
"Oh, I didn't knew, you should lern to let go things of your past life, we gotta run, he's probably gonna call for back up."
Meanwhile jack manages to call 911 from his cell phone, he tells that he saw a dead girl and was attacked by a man, and escaped with help from a girl.
"Look I cannot forget about him he's my brother." She opens the window in the room knowing that they could not go downstairs since Jack would be there. The lights would be on and he would for sure notice her there. She managed to get up in the air with her new found powers and started flying back to where her new home was now.
Ron follows her dargging the body of Sonya.
"A lil help here!"
Meanwhile Jack ends up going to the police station.
"Shouldn't we leave her here there's no way of them tracing her to us." She said landing back into the room that wasn't such a good idea.
"You're new, you can't tell this, but the reason most humans don't belive we exist is becouse we don't want to them to, so we can't let a body with bite marks and dna on it, evidence of our existence must be allways erased."
Mean while Jack files a police complain against Ron, a tells a sketch artist how he looks, he couldn't take a good look at his sister, but he saw Ron well enough.
When she helped Ron with carrying her she flew out the window again waiting for him. "Where are we going to drop the body?" She asked turning towards him and watching him fly with the girl on his back. She also knew Ron will have to stay low for a bit because her brother would soon be filing a police report. They would also be coming out and looking for the man that had killed someone in the room.
"We are gonna feed her to the Dogs!"
Soon then arrive in a tall buiding where the vampire clan resides.
Mean while Jack arrives home and tries to sleep off the events of this night.