Even in death twins are still around private hades and angel

She followed Ron not knowing what they actually will do with her. Now this was her home and she knew it she was tired maybe she should get some sleep. A yawn escaped her pale lips.
As they arrive and land on the roof top, there are some dudes in suits guarding the door that leads to the inside.
"What the hell happened Ron?" one of them asks.
"Not much..." he replies - "Feed her to the dogs." he says handing over the body and walking inside.
The poor thing was going to be really eaten by the dogs but what could she do or say to them to stop. Silently she moved passed the guards and followed Ron inside. "I think I'm going to go into my room and rest if that's ok." She said leaning aginst the door to her room for a response from him.
Ron appears sorta pissed.
"Do as you please..." he says as he walks away.

(Ron is like an NPC, my main char is actually jack, I shall make other NPC vamps to interact with you, the aim here is to eventually you and Jack are reunited right?)
(Yes well I don't know she will be protecting him but I'll think about reuiniting him. It might mess him up lol)
"Thank you." She said and went into her room closing the door behind her. Laying on the bed she felt so bad not being able to show herself to her twin.
Meanwhile Ron is called out by the high counsil.
"You were exposed our insides on the police report you assaulted an human, the sktech artist drew your face."
A old looking vampire says.
"Worry not the sketch won't see the sun light..." awkward silence - irony ((lol))
A vampire who looks like a 12 year old girl says, before Ron has time to reply.
"But the human who saw you must die! Why didn he survive in the first place?"
The old one says.
"I was with the new girl, Trisha, she stoped me, it happens that the dude is her twin brother..."
Ron answers.
"Even better..."
A charming evil looking male vamp who had been silent so far says.
"She will prove us her loyalty by being the one to drink his blood..."
He continues.
(that is the guy who turned her)
(Nice plot line. Hmmm she could change him)
Most of the memories now were gone from her head but she knew her brother and now she could not stop thinking about him. Turning over she closed her eyes letting the tears flow from seeing her brother almost get hurt. Why did she have to die and then get turned into a vampire? Right now she was destined to be alone away from her brother she thought of how he must feel.
(you're free to surprise me anyway you want!)
Jack had barely been able to sleep, the images of the fight, are on his head, his mind then focus on Sonyas dead body the bite marks in her neck, he now associates, when he went to the morgue to identify his sister dead body it had the same marks (before she was reborn as a vampire she was dead for a short time, just so they don't file the person as missing and can close the case, since the vamps are infiltrated in the police.) He goes online and tries to find more about dead bodies with bite marks.
Closing her eyes and concentrating on her brother she tried something that they used to be able to do. Talk with each other in their minds but maybe it will not work now that she was dead. It rarely happened when she was alive and hoped she did not loose the ability to do so. "Jack?" She whispered keeping her eyes closed and concentrating hard on sending the message from her to his mind.
Jack was looking in google about the bite marks, he thought vampires and werewolves were only fiction, he was disregarding all the crap google trows at him about that, then something in his mind made him click a link about vampires, it contained an article that caputed his interest and lead him to start to suspect something related to that might actually have happened.
"Jack?" She tried saying it a litte louder but kept it quiet so that no one would hear. The walls were not that thick and vampires have insane hearing. If they found out she was trying to contact her brother who knew what they would do to her. Please answer. Sh thought to herself thinking he might be asleep or to wound up with what happened today to concentrate.
Jack could not sense her like before but ech time she tried calling him his eyes would glance the right link on the internet getting him to find more and more about the reallity of vampires.
Come on please answer. Somehow she knew she was getting to him or helping him so she said his name a little louder then before. She turned over on his side wanting to go to sleep but her brain was on overloapd with what happened.
This last call made him open the right link, Jack jacked in (had to make that joke) a website maintained by young vampires where they film the hunt and the murder of the prey, people who see this don't realize it's real, but for Jack who had just been confronted with the dark reality of vampires it all seemed to familiar.
He needs to do something, tomorrow morning he'll go to gym that will help him keep his head straight.
Sighing she gave up on trying to contact her brother and started drifting off to sleep she really needed it. So much had happened today and normally her brother would have not gone to a party. Something was different about him probably he was trying to forget what hpapened.