Even in death twins are still around private hades and angel

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It had been two years now since her death two years since she was changed into a creature of the night. Feasting and desiring blood that only humans have, the blood of other things will not do. She knew she had a brother but did not remember much of their relationship or memories. Right now she was staying with her master the man that changed her because he did not want to see her die. If he hadn't changed her she would have died and then she would not be able to protect her brother but she was not allowed to be seen by him. Soon she would find out that she would have to keep her brother safe but not to show her face as her master says. If she disobeyed her master he could instantly kill her without a second thought then she would be really gone from this world. Right now she was walking down the streets looking for her next meal she was starving, there weren't any good people around to feed off of.
Suddenly as a shaddow a figure comes to her side.
"Thought night ain't it?" - he asks.
"I am Shawn, master send me to watch over you!" he says before she could answer.
There was something odd about Shawn, he was vampire, but he seems really friendly towards her.
Rolling her eyes she leaned against the wall of an old building and stared at him. "I don't need to be protected." She guessed as long as Master had sent him he should be fine even if he was being really nice to her.
"Yeah, you know a 900 year old vamp doesn't get that old by trusting on people, so when I said watch over I didn't mean protect."
he says smiling, surprising you with his blunt honesty.
"Even so I don't need someone to watch over me." She said eyes glowing red noticing the honesty in his voice but still this was her time to herself. Right now she needed to find someone to feed off of since she was a new vampire she still craved blood.
"Look gorgeous, these streets contain only bums unworthy of satisfying our thirst, come with me and we'll feast on tastefull blood, like you've never experienced! What you say?"
He says grinning.
Rolling her eyes she knew he was right and she was starving her eyes glowing redder. "Alright where is it?" She asked pulling away from the cold concrete wall. Coldness she never felt though as a vampire, she never felt much of anything these days.
"By the way my name is Ron! try to follow!"
He then leaps into the air.

((dunno if you rather play we do long jumps, float or fly?))
(Floating and flying is fun he he we'll do that)
Even though she was new she knew how to fly and followed him into the air. The speed was fast and she almost went to high. "Ron?"
(Lol I read the name wrong here I'll play dumb lol)

"Just putting the name to memory." She said while stopping near him.
"Oh, ok... let's go on then!"
He carries on flying until he lands on a hidden area in a rooftop of abuilding where a party was going on.
The were lots of pretty people, ritch people, drinks and a pool.

(what's your char name? since my char was assigned to watch over her, he should know)
(Trisha sorry. I thought he was telling her about someone lol)
Wouldn't the people notice two people flying up to their rooftop? She landed with a loud thud which made her feel embarrased she would need to learn the technique of flying.
((he lands on a hidden area))
"I can tell you haven't done this for long Trish!" He says reaching her to help her balance herself.
"Let's party!"
He says walking in the area where all people are.
(Lol ok)
"I was just recently changed remember?" Taking his hand she managed to pull herself up to her feet smiling. She followed what if someone recognized her? All of her friends knew she was dead by now but she grabbed a drink from a waitor and started to sip it.
Ron engages in conversation with a relly hot girl.
"Hey Trish over here, Sonya here wants to have a good time with us!" - he yells and winks giving you a smile showing his canines slightly.
She knew exactly what she meant but felt bad about killing someone she still had some of her human instincts. "Coming." Smiling back she followed Ron to wherever he was going. Mmmmm foods he thought to herself.
Ron walks to the stairs on the roof top that lead to the house of the one hosting the party, followed by the hot girl Sonya.
(When is the brother coming in? The one she is supposed to protect maybe he is at the party?)
Smiling she let her fangs down when she got away from the crowd so no one could see them. Her stomach growled and she held it she wanted food and now.
(I was planning that to, lol)
Ron takes the girl to a corner, his back to the wall he pushes her against him grabs her and starts kissing her neck, he raises his eye at you slightly and winks.