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  1. Hello World

    I'm new to this site, but extremely keen for a good Pokemon Trainer Roleplay.

    RP Overview

    This story takes place in the world of Pokemon, there is no set plot at this point. I prefer seeing how things unravel with the characters and their own objectives. If you do have some ideas on a direction you would like to go with, feel free to let me know, I am open to ideas and love creativity.
    Note: I would ultimately like the story to evolve to the point where it also has some light romance to it.

    Rules (Don't worry there aren't to many):

    .Made Up Cities, Gyms and Regions are allowed (Be as Creative as you wish)
    .Sexual content is allowed, but try not to make it too lengthy or overly graphic.
    .Cussing is allowed, but only between characters.

    .Made Up Pokemon are not allowed (However if you want an existing Pokemon to have a slightly different color or marking, that is allowed)

    .No Trainer is allow to have super powers (They have to be human)
    .No Trainer is allowed to own a legendary Pokemon (However you are allowed to see them in the wild)
    .Each Character is allowed to have a set team of Six Pokemon. (You are allowed to catch new Pokemon, but
    will have switch an old one out of your team at Pokemon Centre)

    . Pokemon Battles will be determined by the throw of the dice:
    To Win a battle: 1; 5, 6
    To lose a Battle: 2; 3; 4

    About Me
    I am literate (This doesn't mean that I don't make the occasional mistakes XD )
    I enjoy mid-length to long- length posts; btw no pressure to the roleplayer I'm playing with, just let me know in advance if you have some writers block, then I can understand a short post here and there.

    For my writing style, I prefer to write in third-person which usually means my posts are written in the past tense. When it come to my preferences, I really don't mind if you are a first person writer or third person writer, either is fine with me.

    From myside I would like to use a female character for this Roleplay, My character is Bi-sexual, so looking for either a male or female partner to go with her.
    Thanks Guys! Looking forward to Roleplaying with you!!!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.