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  1. Engel: Fiat Lux

    Good angels are fallible ... they sin every day and fall from Heaven like flies.
    ANATOLE FRANCE, The Revolt of the Angels


    Roma Æturna, Vernal Equinox:

    The Lord has smiled upon this Consecration Day; the ever-present rain that bathes all of Europe has ceased its fall for a time as God's holy emissary, the Pontifex Maximus Petrus Secundus, delivers his blessing on those servants of His will arrayed below him. The ceremony lasts from dawn's first light until the last weak rays that make it through the ever-present clouds are seen over the roof of the Lateran. The wide courtyard echoes with the pronouncements and blessings in His Holiness' clear and flawless Latin.

    Beneath where the Pontifex stands, heads bowed in quiet prayer as they stand in ordered formation around the plaza, those for whom this supplication is meant try not to shuffle. They have been trained rigorously for years; however even that amount of discipline can wear thin after such a time, and they are nothing if not eager to Serve.

    Dictated by centuries of tradition as unchanging as the child pope himself, the Consecration comes to its inevitable majestic conclusion. As one, the gathered raise their eyes to the heavens. As one, they ascend, and flights of angels fill the dusk-painted skies.


    Alighting in the grand receiving gallery just off the flight deck of the Michaelitin Himmel, the large space is occupied by a multitude of other Engel who have just received the blessing of the Pontifex as you have. The fading light filters through a majestic stained glass window set high in the elegant marble-lined hall. The rainbow colors against the gold leaf which accents various masterful carvings and accents seems to glow, lending an air of festivity to the scene. The rustle of wings and excited conversation fill the air as individuals of different orders are inexplicably drawn to one another to form their Fellowships.

    After a little wandering through the crowd, greeting and being greeted by the fellows of your orders whom you know as well as trading pleasantries with those brothers and sisters of differing orders, you begin to hear something akin to the high clear tolling of a delicate silver bell. It becomes clearer as you move to the center of the room; as you move you know that none of these other Engel are the ones calling to you. As if at once, you are standing in a small knot of Engel when the bell fades, replaced by the mental equivalent of a rush of air; like an airlock being pressurized. And it is in this moment that you know that those gathered around you are your fellowship, for better or worse.

    You have a few precious moments to trade greetings and names when a young monk of the Michaelitin order, clothed in the soft golden tones of the order and very fair of face, presents Tiel with the flight orders for her band. You are to enjoy the festivities of the evening, socialize and partake of the Manna, get to know your fellows and then report to your individual cellae to rest. At first light, you must journey to your assigned town where you will protect and aid the people there. Tomorrow you fly to Frieburg.

    With a low bow, the monk wishes you all well before turning to deliver orders to other Michaelitin. Soft light begins to radiate from the marble walls themselves as the last of the light from outside is extinguished. It is there that you are left to regard your new companions.

  2. From the ballroom like Chaimber aboard the Spaceship class bardge floating in a space of reality not known by mortals, he would stand in the courner, hands in his pockets as he looks around the croud of his fellow Engel members having the time of their lives. Who is this "he" that I speak of? The "he" of which I speak is me, Sheogarial, one of the members of the departing Engels that are orderd to the mud ball the humans we protect call "Earth." I am not one for pleasentry and wish to be out of the equasion, it is not in my nature. On the other hand, I do enjoy watching my fellow race having a good time, dancing and socializing with one another, it's only the healthy thing for us to do. To gain relasionships with one another is the least we can do to survive, or else we wouldn't have anything to fight for, to protect with our heart's conent. A mad man once told me, "Kick logic out and do the impossible." It would be hard for he, the Assistent Librarian of the Order of Ramiel, to kick logic out, it's not what we do on a regular basis. But the mening behind it from what I could understand is that just as long as you believe in your self, believe in the people around you and they believe in you. You can do accomplish meny amazing things...

    Even while thinking about that quote as the rest of my brothers and sisters enjoy them selves, it still confuses me to no end. It's such a human thing to feel, and I don't like it.

    With in the croud of the other Engels, dancing elegantly with such beautiful rythmatic with the classical music being played live by the musicians, I could see the rest of my team, seperated but together at the same time with in their own order. I would think that they were saying their good bye's, but that's not what this felt like. I didn't like it, not one bit.

    I feel a weird feeling boiling in the pit of his stumech, as if I was being watched. My vision began to grow toggled with blackned white noise, funeling my view as if I was being sufficated. It was a vision, a trait given to my order by our Lord as a gift of protecting the knoladge of the church. This time around, it wasn't a vision of where my missing pencil went off to, but of something alittle more serious. It was of Teil, laughing. She was socializing with a shadowed figure that I couldn't see and from the look of it, she was enjoying his company.

    I sighed... why couldn't it be me talking to her. I turned around, I was about to walk out of the ball room when I was stopped by someone about shoulder hight from me. It was Teil, she had been standing behind me the hole time as I viewed the preminision about her. I couldn't help but blush being in her preasence. My wings couldn't help but twitch open slightly as I took a step back. It took me a moment but I finaly got the words out, " Greetings, Teil... This is such a wonderful gathering the Elders have thrown for us, is it not?"
  3. Tiel couldnt wipe the soft, withdrawn smile off of her face. She wasn't full of herself or anything. Although her cockiness sometims did get the better of her. The feel, of the warm air,the way the light shone through the stain glass window, the crowds of beautiful Engel that filled the room of beautiful scenary, the whole scene was awe inspiring. Truly a celebration blessed by the lord. To top it off Tiel felt like the center of ttention, a star. She was one of the Engel from the order of Micheal that was surrounded by other smiling faces as if it were traditional.

    Tiel' auburn colored hair danced around her face, hiding the embarrassment in her eyes as she socialized with Engel from the orders. She received compliments as well as good faring wishes from everyone that crossed her. The elders could be seen in the farther corners of the room, sitting quietly. Even they seemed cheery and out of they're less dull moods.

    Truthfully Tiel was more excted than maybe she should've been. The feeling of gathering her own team of Engel from each order to fight and protect gods children, man, was overwhelming. Luckily everytime she lost herself in thought a passing fellow would give her a wave or a warm hug. The blush that came with it is what more or less snapped her out of her trance, but it helped either way.

    Even for an Engel and a Michealite, Tiel was remarked as a beautiful sight. Of course upon hearing this, especially from other males in the order of Micheal, she was flustered ou of her mind. All of the Michealites were getting special attention but she felt as she put it" extra special!"

    Tiel needed a break from the constant socializing, she made her way to the front of the room, where less people were gathered, by the entrance. As she took a long, deep breath a familiar face approached. She spoke flustered and had trouble looking him in the face, so her eyes darted around the room instead. "H-Hello Sheo.." That was what she nicknamed Sheogariel of the order of Ramiel in her head. "Yes isn't this just wonderful!?" She felt herself getting excited again.
  4. The wind softly sang the wordless song of nature, with the little bit of greenery there is in the garden dancing along with the flow. Nurnadael breathed in the sweet and crisp smells of the air, lazily lounging on a secluded chair. Absolute silence, she thought blissfully. It was far too noisy inside the room, even though she, as a member of the order of Ramiel, had to attend. She had already escaped from it as soon as she could, to the balcony, where no one ever comes.

    She brushed back a lock of her short, wavy hair that had the color of pine needles. Even for an Engel, there was a natural beauty she possessed. Her face had the feel of a small child, with round and soft features, only betrayed by her wizened light green eyes. Not from age, but most likely experience. Her soft, teal green dress was slightly ruffled from a shift in position, but looked perfect otherwise. She liked having order and peace. The fact that she actually learns in that oh so quiet library that only those of her order can go to suited her perfectly.

    Engels were made to be perfect, at least in terms of physical condition. She was the only exception. Having been born with an inability to speak, she suffered bullying and loneliness since youth. Even with the ability to speak to people when in the other world, she amused herself with her plants. Her whole room was a jungle of wwild and exotic plants she lovingly cared for since she could remember.

    Those who saw her would see a very strong resemblance to Sheogariel, but no one has ever asked yet. Mostly because she acted like she could not hear them. She did, of course. But she listened while swimming in her sea of thoughts and imagination.
  5. "It's all for you, you now..." I told her, turning so that my side would face her as I leaned my back against the wall adjacent to the exit. My wings were tucked neatly so they wouldn't hurt me when I did this, nothing worce then a swore wing when on transit to earth.

    I wanted her to look at me, just once. I could tell that she was nervous and I didn't need to read her mind to know. That is what a few of the Order of Ramiel can do, we can communicate with one another via very stronge brainwaves that connect to our sences, giving us a holographic view of the person who is talking to us. With this power, we can transmit informasion from one member to the next, allmost like a database. But that's not what I'm thinking about now. I'm thinking about the fair maiden standing before me with disinterest in her eyes, looking at everything but me. Please Teil, just look at me once...

    Even when we were little Engels, I strived to the top of our class, to show off my intellect against any who thought they were greater then me. All the while in the back of my head, I was doing it to win her favor, I don't know why either. Perhaps it was just my ego getting the best of me. Maybe it's just the way about her, that influence about her that draws out the best in people like me. Reguardless, that feeling she gave me when I was a child confussed me, which is probely why I "failed" the test and ended up keeping track of our races knoladge. I personaly think that it's because they fear me too much, but didn't want to get rid of me, so the imprisioned me, making sure I'm under a tight enough leash... But I digress... Listen to me ramble on about nothing like an old man.

    I could feel Nurnadael's preasence from across the room, she was at peace, bringing me peace in return. I couldn't help but look over to Teil, from the courner of my eye as I slipped my hands out of my pockets and crossed them across my chest, my right hand dug between my left arm and pit and tightned as I helt it there.
  6. "All for me?" She pondered the thought of a celebration in her honor. A childish smile blew across her face and her golden tinted wings, lightly fluttered with excitement. Once more, she lost herself in thought. 'What if I became earth's hero? Would they tell stories of me and the other Engel ? Would they sing songs of bravery? Maybe we'd even be praised by the elders' These thoughts flourished in her head.

    Almost as if she had forgotton about the entire situation she acted abruptly. For the first tim she made direct eye contact. Her light scarlet eyes flashed ablaze and she blurted out. "S-Sheo! Can I be a hero? Please!?" She asked as if he could do it for her. Her statement drew a few eyes. Tiel realized that she had grabbed Sheo's arm, pulling it into her stomach as she propped herself up on the tips of her toes to get to eye level with him.

    Quickly gathering herself, Tiel resumed propper posture and let go oh him. She patted down her curvy, wavy, scarlet dress. "Sorry.." She wispered with afrown as her eyes darted to avoid people laughing in the crowd.
  7. I was stunned, from her sudden berst of emosion. I could feel it building up inside of her but I didn't exspect her to do something like she had. She pulled on my arm with enough force to pull my hand out of my pit, pulling me down as she stood on tip toes and staired into my eyes. I was shocked, I seriously didn't exspect this from her, of all people. I couldn't awenser her either, my voice was just swallowed down to the bottom of my throat. I wanted to say , "Yes! Yes of course you can. You can be the greatist hero of all time if you strive for it!"

    ... believe in the me who believes in you...

    I knew it was just from the spure of the moment, I knew that she didn't really mean it to be me. If any one had been here in my stead, in my place and tell what I did she would look into their eye's and say the same thing. I'm not special compaired to her, which didn't surprise me when she apologized for the most touching moment I have had with her for the longist time.

    The feeling of all of the other Engels in the room, their eye's looking me over. I knew what they were looking at, my odd looking wings. I'm the only one in the Engel race known to have blackned wings, and that made me a stranger in their midts. I lowered my head and put my hands in my pockets, blushing greatly as I walked around Teil. I know she didn't mean for this to happen, but it did... I was embaraced...
  8. Tiel laid a palm on her reddened face. It was warm, like really warm. Those words hit home and she was sure he meant them. As sheo paced around her and she was stumped on what to say next another thought entered her head. She immediatey grabbed the boy's arm once more, dragging him to a nearby table. Tiel pulled a chair from the table and plopped down in one of the seats. She hoped Sheo would join her.

    As she waved her palm over the table a shiny golden frame appeared. It was a simple hardcovered notebook. As it was opened it could be seen that the pages were blanks. Tiel then reached back and began to pick a single feather from her wing. Painless. She was the only one that could write in it, so naturally her own wing wa much better writing material than a pen. She took a deep breath before she began scribbling and jotting down information. When she got o the names she spoke aloud.

    "Nurna.. Akiel.. Sheo..Serefaal." At this moment Teil hadn't noticed the serious expression she hadon or the curious bystanders. She begn to mumble on something about weapons.

    "Sheo!" She called out his name without even bothering to look up at him. "Your my close combat specialists. The daggers right?" She had done abit of studying up on the rest of her party in small intervals. "That means your the second enforcer and you lead the charge if I don't." She paused. "This also means your the one who had my back. If I were to fall it'd be on you." She looked up and flashed him a smirk before beginning to jot again.

    Tiel continued on with her rant calling ou vague formations and instructions. "I'm thinking of putting Nurna as mid range support. I'm sure the two of us could buy her enough time to fire off those darts of hers." Then Tiel remembered that Nurna was Sheo's sister and hoped that wouldn't make for a bad situation on the battlefeild. "Hmm.. Then I want Serefaal to switch up with me from time to time.. Just like me he can vary between close and long range combat. He'll be my 3rd enforcer and a vital key in the formations. Then she paused remembering his name. Se-re-faal. She mouthed the words and gave a nervous smile unknowingly. Tiel somewhat admired those stron silent types. She got back to writing. She then got to the last person on the list, Akiel. The girl that she couldn't get too much information on. Tiel couldn't figure off what she had to offer in a battle, but all Engels could fight rght? And every team needs a scout.

    Tiel then took a deep breath and placed her feather on the counter. She took a few seconds to marvel at her work. A good amoun of pages in the book had just been finished. Her hair danced over her eyes once more as she glanced up to Sheo, wearing her normal cheery expression. "S-Sorry did I ramble Sheo?"
  9. What do I see in this girl. Her tactics of analysing informasion on the group based off of their weapons isn't going to help us survive as much as she would like to imagin. There are things down there that would give a sain Engel nightmares for the rest of his life. Atleast, thats what I read in the Holy text of the Ramiel Library. There are Daemonic beasts that could tear the wings off any one of us with out a single sliver of remourse. And from looking at this girl taking notes as if she was performing a pet project made me sick for some reason. I could of done a better job at it...

    I do respect the fact that if she were to fall in the line of battle, she has given me the power of taking over the group as we continue in our mission. What I don't like is the fact that while she is acting leader of the group, the groupsmen from the Order of Gabriel will be acting as subsitute leader in times of her time of leave. Why trust the safety of our members to the hands of a Gabrielite? The only thing's they are good at are performing violant acts in missions of diar descresion. Such physical brutes are not widely used in matters such as these and as a member of Ramiel, I would of ill-advised her to make it someone else, but alast... I couldn't

    Oh wait, she asked me something while I was lost in my own thoughts, what did she ask? I didn't know fully but I took a shot in the dark and spoke, "... No, of course not." from her smile I knew I spoke the right awenser.

    Thats it, that's the reason why. It's her smile, her smile is the one of the reasons why I have fallen for her. Even from a young age it was her smile that wormed my soul.
  10. Serefaal stood in the crowd. He held a strangely cold silence around him, though he never meant harm unless that person deserved it. Most of the people in the crowd gave him a respectful eye, though fear was mixed into it as well. They couldn't help it; Serefaal was from the order of Gabriel. His job was to punish those with judgement from the Lord. He was a holy killer. Serefaal didn't mind the fact that very few spoke to him and the few that did only said a few brief words. Serefaal felt words were simply noises. The language of the body and spirit were much stronger in meaning.

    An owl hooted from nearby, a sign of Serefaal's presence. Some caught the sight of an owl flying fast before gliding out of view. They knew Serefaal was somewhere near. Serefaal continued walking through the crowd, his ebony wings brushing against people as he passed. An owl landed daintily on his shoulder, preened itself, and then flew away again. Serefaal walked near Nurnadael and stopped, standing near the fellow Engel. This wasn't intentional; Serefaal simply stopped at a place that suited him. He stood silent, holding out his arm for an owl to land on.

    "Hoo hoo." The little bird sang to Serefaal.

    Summary:Serefaal walks through the crowd then stands near Nurnadeal while an owl lands on arm.
  11. "Heh, that's good. I do that sometimes" She muttered nervously. The boy in front of her looked as if he was in his own world aswell. Knowing someone with his intellect it was probably a pressing matter. Tiel began to wonder.. It's true that from an impressionable age she was taught how to slay and enemy, how to decipher its weakpoints, how to formulate strategies mid swing. Being a tactician an abundance of battle ready knowlege was thrusted upon her. Even something like taking down buildings based on pure structure was in her grasp with the right tools. Her confidence was a weapon itself.

    Even so they're was one thing she wasn't prepared for. Death... Not the usual demon killing, ogre slaying death but the death of a fellow Engel. From a tender age Tiel was taught that effective strategies were like a chess game. It was drilled into her head. She was the highly protected queen, able to move wherever or do anything. That is.. As long as a few pawns were sacrificed in the process. That's what all her strategies were based on. Tiel thought she could make up for it by putting herself on the frontlines in every conflict. It still didn't make her feel any better, she still knew that death was a possibilty at all times. As a Michealite death was something she wasn't allowed to dwell on. Even so it troubled her. Of course A Gabrielite like Serefaal would hold the frontline. He would be the anchor right? But what if it failed? What if the frontline broke? Someone was defeated and the whole formation crumbled. Tiel's stomach turned at the thought. She knew what would happen, what they would be facing.

    Tiel glanced down at her book. She gave it a frustrated looking before grabbing a sizable chunk of pages and ripped out everything she had just written. "I wished Caccio was here.. he'd fix everything" she whispered to herself as the pages turned to dust in her hand. She rememberd Caccio saying something like" The best strategies a formed after a bond is formed in your party and.. and something else" But doing so on the fly was plain reckless. Tiel could never be as smart or cunning as him. Feeling abit doubtful she slumped down in her seat and eyes her lap. Without looking up she spoke directly to the boy in front of her. "Sheo.. Are you... Afraid to die?" She asked with a soft voice. Tiel angled her hair over her eyes as this was a question she couldn't ask to his face.
  12. As if waking up from a trance, her head snapped up at the sound of an owl and closeby footsteps. Observing eyes stared at the figure intently, recognizing him to be another fellow engel, whose name was said to be Serephaal. Still, the air was tense. She stood up, in greeting, simply because of obligation. All Engels had to greet those of higher rank than them.

    Not sure what to do, she walked towards him slowly with a natural grace, her eyes setting sight upon the owl. It was a beautiful thing, and she simply couldn't resist trying to pet it. She laid a hand on its feathery head, and soothingly ruffled it's feathers. Only then did she notice that the owl's was his and she had rudely made contact with it without his permission.

    Flustered, she frantically used sign language to apologize, not even sure if he understood her. How could she forget her ranking? And recklessly do something like that? This wasn't like her at all!
  13. To me, she looked to be flusterd, as if she isn't use to this much work under a short amount of time. I closed my eyes and smerked lightly when she ripped her own notes out of her notebook, it's what I would of done with innaccurate informasion. It would appear that the stress of the evening was getting to her as she sits ther pondering infront of me. I again didn't need to read her mind to see what she was thinking about. She pritty much wore her emosions on her sleaves, and from the way she frowned, I could tell she was on the verge of tears. It made me feel sad, not because of the situasion, but for her. I felt sad for her because of the fact that she was thrown into a leadership role without proper training or practice. I know of her tactics, I've heard of them through the library halls in the Order of Ramiel, she sacrifices pawns so that the king and queen could survive. In a game of chess, it is only natural to, but not in this game, not with the lives of your fellow Engels on the line. That's not how a leader should act...

    She said something under her breath and I couldn't comprehend it. She spoke too softly for me to understand the words coming from her lips. I remained silent, making sure I look like I was deep in thought like she was. But honestly, after she spoke I couldn't help but look up at her, stairing at her as she was deep in thought. So this is what I look like to her when in my own little world, I look serious, somewhat frightening...

    When she asked me if I was afraid to die, it shook me to my core. Not because of the topic of death, but because of the fact that I didn't have an awenser. I never really gave death, my own and of another's, much thought before. I sat there pondering her question and finaly came up with my honest awenser, "Yes, I am afraid to die. But I don't let my fear interfear with my work. To me, death is only the begining of our quest to serve the Lord. As our souls trensend the bounderies of these plains, our minds will be at peace in the luminecint glow of the Golden Gates before Heaven it's self. The question I now ask you is, are you afraid to die?"
  14. The Himmel of the Michaelitin certainly was grand; the gold leaf and glowing marble was fitting of the golden order and its place in the holy city of Roma Aeturna. The Himmel of Uriel in Mont Savage was much more rustic in comparison, and Demoloth felt that his home was warmer for it. Less formal.

    He moved through the crowd, sharp eyes scanning each face quickly. He had been there, briefly, as the sound in his mind drew him to the other members of his fellowship. He could make introductions later- he rarely forgot a face and would recognize his band when he met them- but there was something more pressing that the olive-skinned youth needed to tend to. Grinning, he moved among his brothers and sisters, occasionally murmuring to those of his order whom he knew well. It was indeed a treat to socialize like this. He almost felt guilty for seeking out a familiar face rather than trying to win the admiration of the assemblage at large.

    The music was making things tough for him, but soon enough he was able to pick out her voice. Changing direction, Demoloth made his way to a large dais upon which the Abs, Archbishops, and a few Nonnae were gathered. His Nonnus was among them: Sister Meryn. She was young as far as most Nonnae went, probably no more than 26 years, and beautiful. At least to Demoloth, anyway. She was the one who had raised and taught and trained him. She was strict, yet tender and he loved her for it. Lately those feelings had become confusing, but he was determined to show her his loyalty and appreciation. Determined to prove that her care had made him the very best an Engel of Uriel could be.

    Catching the woman's attention, he smiled as she came nearer. The familiar expression of amused exasperation lit her dusky features; Meryn was dark of skin and eye, but her close-cropped hair was white as wool and downy soft. She was slight, appearing delicate although the young Urielite knew better. Meryn was fast. She had trained him, after all.

    "Demoloth, what are you doing here? You should be out getting to know your new fellowship," The woman chastised gently, a smile tugging the corners of her full lips. The Engel in question could only grin back, taking one of her hands in both of his.

    "So eager to be rid of me, Nonnus?" He raised an eyebrow in mock-surprise, "It could be the last time I see you. I just want to express my gratitude for the service you have done me." At his words, her expression faltered for a moment. She pulled her hands back as the smile returned to her lips, but not her eyes. Demoloth felt a pang of regret at the change.

    "I appreciate that. It won't be the last time we meet, Demoloth. Hold on to the faith, God will guide you to glory before you come back home to be Purified and return to His side." Meryn spoke softly before glancing over her shoulder. "I must go, Ab Reclaire wanted to speak with me. Go with Grace, Demoloth." As she turned, his heart sank. He would do anything it took to make her proud. With a small measure of surprise, Demoloth unclenched his fists, allowing his typical expression of amusement to once more wash over his features. He moved back though the crowd, sparing a glance at the Michaelite and male Ramielite. It looked like they had history, oddly enough.

    Somewhat distractedly, Demoloth made his way to the balcony on the flight deck. It might be nice to stretch his wings.
  15. A petite Engel sat at the edge of the flight deck, swinging her legs, admiring the darkening sky. The night was truly beautiful! It was always rather depressing to fly about during the daytime, what with the seemingly endless rain. But at night, from the height of the Himmel, the tiny lights of the inhabitants below flickered in and out, as if the entire city was dancing.

    Akiel sighed in contentment, leaning back and stretching out her rather small, pristine white wings. The gray-tipped primary flight feathers trembled with the effort. She knew she had to return to the party, but decided to stay just a few more minutes to enjoy the relaxing quiet. She wiggled her toes, smirking a bit as she noticed the bottoms of her feet were almost completely black.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a male Engel with impressive brown wings. She turned her head to investigate, causing her long blonde ponytail to be swept up in the wind. Impossibly large blue eyes peeked up at Demoloth, a small smile dimpling her cheeks. "Aren't you a part of Tiel's fellowship?" She stood, extending her hand to him, around which a leather bracelet wove. " I am Akiel, the Raphaelite."
  16. Folding his wings against his back once more, Demoloth looked at the tiny Raphaelite with wry amusement. He took her tiny hand, giving it a firm shake as a chuckle bubbled from his bared chest. "And I see that you're one of hers as well. Demoloth, Order of Uriel," He spoke proudly before pacing around the petite female. "You're no bigger than a fledgeling, sister. Are you ready for the big bad world?" He grinned rakishly, arms akimbo as he rested his hands on his narrow hips. She was a pretty little thing, but those wings would get her nowhere slowly.

    "Have you met the others yet? I had some business to take care of and didn't get to say hello when we..." He trailed off, as if searching for the word, "Bonded." He finished with a wicked smile. From what he knew of Raphaelites, they were soft. Compassionate healers, kind caretakers... He almost worried for the little thing who seemed to embody this. Did they even train for combat? He hoped the little slip of a thing had more up her sleeves than gentle hands.
  17. "Good answer.." Tiel regained her feminine and elegant posture. She looked at him directly before speaking softly. "I am... very. I don't even like the thought of it. I don't. View myself the way the elders do. Teil of the order of Micheal. I'm the one the supposed to excell. So I don't view death as an option. Neither should you Sheo.." Their was a certain spark in her eyes when she spoke. It was obvious she felt strongly about those words. "If things get rough, we will always have the lord on our side. So how could we possibly die..right?"

    That was probably as serious as she had been since her last feid training. It was good to get that off of her chest though.
  18. "I see..." The way she spoke thoughs words, I could tell that she believed in them. 'So how could we possibly die?' With the lord watching over us, bistowing apon us the blessing of the Divine Church, how could we fail against our advisaries? Our enemies do not know what comes with the rising of the sun tomarrow morning, for when that time comes, the heritics and the sinners down where the humans live shail parish under our hand. Is that what she wants me to believe?

    I smiled twards her, making it look like I agreed with her statement. Right now, all I wanted to do was get some air. This feeling I get when near her is driving me insain. I need to get away and be my self for atleast a moment. Perhaps I should meet with the others of our group, they are going to be by our side from here on out entill we die, are they not? I didn't want to seem rude infront of Teil so I stood and respectible told her, "You are a wise women, I am glad that you are our leader, sister. No one else could possibly perform this job besides you, I am honored to work underneath you in this operasion. Now if you escuse me, I would much rather get to know our other members of our faction." I bowed to her, placing my right hand onto my chest as I lowered my shoulders a bit, my wings flinched alittle as I did this. I turned from her and began to walk though the croud, I could feel the other members spread out across the area as if they were the only ones in the room, another gift given to me, a hightened sence of awareness.

    Because I allready know of Nurna, and do not wish to commune with the Gabrielite, I deside to walk out twards the outer reaches of the flight deck, where two of my allies stood, conversing between one another. I first stood out of the picture, next to the door way out to the platform, just observing their conversasion between one another. I didn't want to be rude so I waited for a breack between their voices, for a long enough pause.

    My wings flintched once again and I walked out to them, hands in my pockets like allways as I call out to them, "Well met, Brother. Sister." nodding twards them as I called to them.
  19. Serefaal watched, out of the corner of his eye, as Nurnadael greeted him through sign language. He simply nodded back, saying nothing. To be completely honest, Nurnadael's silence always intrigued him. He was a man of few words unless needed, but she was a woman of complete action. He watched her as she stepped forward. A gentle hand caressed the owl perched on his arm. The animal hooted in content in reply. Quickly the other Engel apologized. Serefaal said simply in reply,

    "Owls. Quite charming, aren't they? Graceful yet powerful."
    His deep voice made the owl turn its head from Nurnadael to him, almost all the way around. It looked at him with large, dark eyes. Curiosity mingled in its eye before it turned its attention towards the female Engel again. It hooted, waiting for another pet. Then it began to bob its head quickly, staring intensely at her.

    "She wants to perch on your shoulder. If you'll let her."
    Serefaal said. No one could read his expression, for his face was hidden in the darkness of his large hood. One might see a slight glint of two pale and cold eyes peering back at them.
  20. Akiel brushed her hair forward, fidgeting with a long golden lock, eyes following him as he wound his way around her. She met his wicked smirk with a small smile of her own. "Looks can be deceiving, brother. I assure you, I am." The smile widened slightly, appearing a little unnatural.

    She took her time looking at him, admiring his obvious confidence and strength, studying the way he moved. "I have not met the others yet. I was actually about to head back-" She peered over at the green-haired Engel, her expression softening a bit. She nodded at him, "Hello! You must be... Sheogariel, yes?"
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