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    Hidden by the shadows,
    there are those of us who carry a burden no person should ever have.
    The select few control the most important decision there could ever be.
    Who dies.
    We are the Reapers.
    Reapers. A word many in the modern era know, but do not believe. We come to take the souls of those whose time has come. We don't know why we do it, or who made us. All we know is that we have this obligation. This drive. We calculate probabilities which cause someone's death. Then, hand-in-hand, we walk their souls to the door. Reapers don't know what is beyond, only that the soul must enter through before can take another.

    True Reapers, and not Wraiths, were never born. We have no true family. We only exist in the world by implanted memories. Our family and friends remember us being there, always. We, however, do not. One day we just appeared. Some were lucky enough to appear as children, knowing of their purpose. Most of us, however, appeared when we were a teenager, or early adult. Our only purpose is to understand the humans and what is needed. Then we calculate the probabilities of whose death will positively contribute to the greater good.

    Wraiths have a much sadder story. They were real. They were merely humans who died and came back. Not all near-death-experiences create a Wraith, but a few do. These are humans who must now take other lives. Their emotions often get in their way, but in order for them to live, they must take. The balance must be kept.


    Reapers exist, but were never born. They just are. They have few emotions, though the longer they are with humans, the more they feel. They are known to take Enders under their guidance if wanted. They can accurately calculate probabilities which will lead to the targeted death. They are rarely wrong.

    Normal human who has been on Earth since birth. Grew up with a family that they are truly related to. Emotions are valid and normal. They have less calculating abilities than Reapers. They have increased chance of killing the wrong person. Their emotions often cause these issues.

    Enders were once Wraiths or Reapers who have now lost their way. They are rogue, taking at will. Those who refuse to take are also Enders. Reapers and Wraiths must convert them back, or destroy them. Enders receive their name for a reason. Without balance - without control - chaos ensues.

    Human: Need I explain?

    • Reapers/Wraiths can die. People die without a Reaper or Wraith. It's part of the balance. We just help move things along to better the world. Sometimes, that means killing someone who is making a difference. Their death might have a high probability to continue their work and to get it recognized.
    • Swearing is allowed
    • Violence and Drama allowed
    • NO graphic self-harm content allowed
    • Sexual content is limited and to be kept PG-13
    • Reapers and Wraiths can die. We are human with a gift.
    • New Reapers understand the world. We don't know how. We just know how it works. We know what things are.

    Name: Anastasia Sophia Elwood
    Age: 17
    Age of Existence (if Reaper): N/A
    Circumstance of Death (if Wraith): Ana was thirteen when she died. Her family had been normal. Nothing was amiss. Until one day, her elder brother stole a shotgun from a friend's house and opened fire on his family. Ana's father and youngest brother perished. Her mother survived unharmed. Ana made a deal with a mysterious dark figure to come back, as long as she took other lives. Only those whose time was up. Only those whose death would matter. She accepted, knowing that one day when she was able to reach her brother, she would kill someone who truly deserved death.
    Status: Wraith
    Theme Song:

    Name: Trenton "Trent" Dorsor
    Age: 19
    Age of Existence (if Reaper): 19
    Circumstance of Death (if Wraith): N/A
    Status: Reaper
    Theme Song:

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  2. Name: Bob Vurto (prefers to go by his last name)

    Age: 18

    Circumstance of Death: Vurto's life ended by his own hands. He lost his parents at a very young age, and while he was adopted by a single man named Alex, he was suddenly thrust into a family alongside six other children. Vurto tried to carve out his own path by learning how to brawl with knives and joining a number of street gangs, but each time, he never felt like he was being taken seriously or used to his fullest potential. No matter what he did, he never felt like he belonged. In the end, his hopelessness drove him to slit his own throat wide open with one of his knives.

    The decision to become a Wraith was easy. Actually taking a life was much harder. He's only brought one person to the other side so far, and is quite shaken by it.

    Status: Wraith

    Appearance: Vurto has a genetic deficiency that causes him not to grow any hair anywhere on his body. He used to draw in his eyebrows to make him fit in better, but now that he's with the Wraiths, he doesn't bother anymore. He has a short and skinny build, with narrow, sloping shoulders, a thin line of a mouth with worn, chapped lips, and sunken brown eyes with premature wrinkles around the edges. He prefers to dress in dark blues and blacks, and wears a black trench coat when he works.

    Theme Song:

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  3. The Forgotten, darkred Name: Dorian Emiliano Felice
    Age: 23

    Circumstance of Death: Dorian had a most curious death, a death that was remarked as being simply unlucky. He was struck by lightning. He would have died, but he made a deal. One life for two weeks of his own. It was the balance he struck, simply because he didn't care to die.
    Status: Wraith
    Theme Song:

  4. I would like at least one more to begin. Girl or guy.
  5. ill take that spot if thats ok
  6. Name: Yukimura Youske
    Age: 18
    Age of Existence (if Reaper): 13
    Status: Reaper
    Theme Song:
  7. Accepted. Req is welcome to make another character still, as I am still accepting bios.

    However, I will be making the starting post tomorrow.
  8. ok awesome im happy i am not going have to wait long on this role play to start
  9. The Living, Darkgreen Name: Aleria
    Age: 17
    Status: Human
    Theme Song
    (Will Fill In When I Find Something)
  10. Maybe I put in too much about the dead part but I found it important. And a question. Are the souls taken in the same way as in 'dead like me' or do we also have to kill them?
    Name: Kaiya Amnese
    Age: 21
    Age of Existence (if Reaper): N/A
    Circumstance of Death (if Wraith): Kaiya was abused at home, phisically as mentally. But no matter what would happen she would always smile. That is what she promised herself. At the age of twentyone she was still not allowed to move out of the house. She stayed, hoping it would all turn for the better. Only it did not, it got worse. Her father was in a bad mood and beat her up. She slowly died from a headtrauma. While she was slowly dying her hatred for her father grew. She made the deal to be brought back just to get revenge. Because of the headtrauma she had forgotten her last name so she took a variation on amnesia. This is why she couldn't find her father, she knew she forgot more than just her last name. After taking a few lives she realised two things. One, her revenge was worthless. Two, knowing that she couldn't handle taking more lives. No matter how peacefull or violent their dead. She would see herself in them, since then she refused to take more.

    Everything she did or happened to her she faced with a smile, sometimes happy sometimes sad.
    Status: Ender
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song:
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  11. I haven't seen that show. However, to take a soul, it is just that we create a series of events that leads to their death. Sometimes it may be peaceful, other times it could be someone murdering them or a car wreck. As they begin to die, we lay our hands upon them and their soul leaves. We don't see them or talk to them. We just feel their soul is gone afterward.

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  12. In that show it's the same except that you take the soul before the accidents. That way they feel no harm but you can talk to them. But thanks for explaining otherwise I would have done it wrong.
  13. question, since my character is already a reaper during this time what do you want me to do with that gift?
  14. @shinakawolf I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. All Reapers are still Reapers, no matter how short or long their existence.
  15. no no you stated before that you guys would explain your deaths and i was asking if you wanted me to cooperate my character into those deaths.
  16. @shinakawolf I don't think that would work if you are a reaper, since they rarely make mistakes. A soul is taken to create a better world. If the humans died with a reaper by their side than it would be useless to bring them back as wraiths. Maybe if a wraith was by their side than it would be possible, since they make mistakes more often. That is the case if you mean that you helped the humans/wraiths to an end. If you mean the lives that they will take when they are already wraiths and you help them, than nevermind. ^^

    @sincere_and_silent I have 3 small questions. What is the season, I assume summer. And do the Reapers, Wraiths and Enders know what the others are? As in just walking somewhere can make them feel the presence of someone else if they are close by (not that they excatly know wich of the three the other is), or something like that. And are we going to keep a posting order or can you post as long as it is no double post?Thanks already for the anwsers.
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  17. @loviebeest , you said that wonderfully! Thank you.

    Summer is fine.

    Ah good question about that! We can sometimes sense someone is 'different' but we don't know if they are a Reaper, Wraith, or Ender. We can't always pinpoint who in the room it is, though. So yes, you're right on that one, too.

    I despise posting orders. So post freely, please! Just keep in mind to not leave the rest of us behind in the story.
  18. @loviebeest thank you for explaining that for me
  19. You're both welcome ^^

    A bit about my posts; they are a bit on the long side, both of them, but after the first 2-3 or so they get shorter. I love describing things it's easy filler material but it doesn't add much to the plot. So I lessen it always a bit after a while. Don't worry about having to read too much everytime ^^
  20. Actually, I enjoy so-called 'fillers'. It's exactly how it would be if you were reading a book; which is how I see my roleplays.
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